The View from the Inside: Conclusion


I swallowed hard. My throat was parched from my rapid breathing. I needed to speak, but words seemed to have deserted me. I knew that at some point in the future, I would be able to look back on this moment, and rationalize. But right now, I didn’t give a damn about anything except this man. I lifted my hand until it was between us, and we could both see the condom clutched between my fingers. Our eyes met and I felt my heart turn over when he gave me that tiny little smile of his. Surely he had to know how seductive that smile of his was!

William took the condom from my fingers. The ripping sound seemed loud, but I knew it was only because of my heightened senses and anticipation. I was lying on the floor of our company elevator, nearly naked. I had revealed intimate secrets to William I’d never told anyone before. And now, I was eagerly awaiting him to enter my body. I couldn’t stop the bubble of laughter that burst forth as the silliest of thoughts popped into my head.

“What’s so funny?” William asked me, and I felt stillness in him suddenly.

I lifted one hand to caress the side of his face. I knew my lips were turning up into a smile of sheer joy. “I’d bet no one would ever think me capable of using a single one of those condoms, let alone in an elevator!”

I stopped as I saw the uncertainly on his face and I curled my hand to the back of his neck and pulled his face to mine. My whisper was against his lips. “This is turning into the best damned birthday I’ve ever had, William.” I kissed him, hard. “I’m no expert mind you, but I might even say this is better than chocolate!”

I could feel his cock poised, pressing against my lips. I needed him, which I realized with a start of surprise. This was more than just want. I needed him like I needed to take another breath of air. I lifted my hips and my hands slid down to his hips. I pulled him to me.

“Dear God, Will! Don’t make me wait another second! Take me… Fuck me!” *** Her urgency of voice and the look in her eyes combined to send me thrusting forward. It was like being poured into liquid velvet, a warmness which sent my eyes back into my head as I felt my mind dissolve into a creature whose only need was the fulfillment of it’s own lust. From the way Madeline’s mouth had opened and her back had arched, I knew she too must have been experiencing the same. Üçyol travesti We were like two animals reverting back to the most primitive of mating rituals.

The temperature in the confined space combined with the heat of the passion that was emanating from our two bodies and my sweat dripped from my forehead, splashing on her breasts like raindrops. Part of me felt like a voyeur, looking down from above at this incredible woman whose body was responding to me like no one had ever before. She rode the peaks and valleys of her own pleasure like a wave from the deepest ocean and I smiled knowing that I was providing her with the emotions that she was engulfed within.

As I had known, I could feel my need rising rapidly. It had been too long and I had never experienced such bliss. I could no more stop the inevitable than keep the sun from rising in the east each day. We were now moving in complete unison, our bodies matching each other’s rhythm at a more than frenetic like pace. Just as I began to reach the point of no return, the lights came back on and the elevator lurched. *** “No! Please, God… NO!”

We both were frozen in time for a moment, but elevator didn’t move down or up. I looked up at William, and saw the strain on his face. “Go on, please…” My eyelids fluttered down as I felt him flex his hips and move within me. “Yes… yes…”

I looked back up as I felt William start to move more quickly, his strokes shorter and coming rapidly. I breathed in deeply as I felt it starting once more. Was this real? Could I have hit my head and be dreaming? I knew the next moment it was real as my orgasm swamped my senses and I pulled William closer into my embrace. His spine stiffened, and I felt him coming inside of me, with my cunt muscles coaxing and urging him on. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him hotly, fiercely, my tongue needed to mimic his actions inside of me. I needed him. I realized with a start of surprise that this was stronger than just wanting him.

William slowly lowered himself to rest lightly against me for a moment. It was my voice that cried out “no” as he pulled free of body. And a second later I blushed at the sound of his cock leaving the tight security of my body. I turned my head and saw that he was smiling at me.

“Come on, honey. We probably don’t have much time until the doors Alanya Travesti open. I’m sure that was a warning signal that they are close to having the problem solved.”

I watched him kneel and readjust his clothing. I knew I should move, do something, but I was frozen. I lay there half naked, my boobs shoved up by my bra, my skirt shoved up to my hips and wetness on my upper thighs. Suddenly, like a rubber band, I sat up. I struggled to my knees while trying to shove my skirt down. I saw one of my high heels in the far corner of the elevator; surprised I had kicked them off. And almost as if on cue, the elevator lurched again and this time it started moving downwards. Jerking my head around, I saw I only had a few floors to go to be presentable. I tugged my shirt together, and reached for my suit jacket. I stood and took the shoe William was holding out to me.

And then the elevator doors were sliding open. I quickly buttoned my jacket and realized I was only wearing one shoe. William had gathered up my files and papers and was holding my other shoe. As I watched, William turned and looked at the two repairmen. Before I could say anything, William was thanking them graciously and passing me the other shoe. As if in a fog, I heard one of the repairmen explaining about the power surge shorting out some of the circuits. Grabbing my purse, I was relieved that nothing was falling out. I murmured thanks also and hurried out of the elevator.

I was walking towards the front doors when my upper arm was grabbed. I turned and saw William was holding all my files and I knew a flush stained my cheeks. I felt unsure of myself once again, and of the situation. And then I heard William whisper to me.

“Come with me. My car is here and I’ll give you a ride home.” *** The garage below our office building was nearly deserted. We walked in silence over to his midsize gray car. William was unlocking the doors, opening the front passenger side one for me. I knew I had a couple of options here. Get in the car like a good girl and let him take me home. Or, she could take a walk on the wild side…

William was climbing into the front seat when he realized that I was not on the seat already. His head jerked around as he heard the back door open, passenger side. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he watched me sit on Konyaaltı travesti the back seat and close the door. I proceeded to open my purse and deliberately remove one condom. Holding the packet between my lips, I began unbuttoning my jacket. I tossed it over the seat, and then leaned forward to slip my heels off. Those landed on the front seat beside him, bouncing a little. He turned back and saw that I was now semi-reclining on the seat, and he noticed for the first time that I had not righted my bra and my nipples were poking tents into my shirt. I watched as William swallowed hard, and almost vaulted over the seat back.

He landed clumsily on top of me, but I was already laughing at his antics. It was easy for William to part my shirt, since the buttons were still scattered on the floor of the elevator. I saw his eyes move over me once again. Almost instantly, his head was lowering to worship once again at the large naked tits before him. He lavished long wet kisses over my breasts before settling on one nipple. It became his mission to suck on the nipple until it was as aroused and distended as it could possibly get. Lifting his head, he saw the condom packet was lying beside me on the seat. He grinned as he reached for it.

“I feel like a randy teenager, scrambling in the backseat like this.” William told me as he sat up to unfasten his trousers. His cock was already hard and eager to go for round 2. Suddenly, I was taking the condom away and opening the package.

I looked up and met William’s gaze. “I may be a little slow at this, and fumble some…”

William grinned. “Fumble and take all the time you like.”

I nervously fitted the condom and unrolled it slowly. As soon as it was on, William moved so fast my head spun. The next moment I was flat on my back on the seat. His hands were up under my skirt, expecting to pull my panties down.

“I don’t know what happened to them,” I told him softly, and I could feel a flush stealing up my chest and across my cheeks.

William laughed as he remembered. He had grabbed them from the floor and shoved them into his pocket. He shrugged, deciding to admit to that a bit later. For now, William had more serious thoughts on his mind. He rearranged my legs and a moment later he thrust inside of me. I felt my breath sighing out as I felt my flesh stretching to accommodate him. A moment later, I heard myself whisper to William, “How about you come to my place and we’ll see how many of my birthday presents we can use up in a weekend?”

The End

Fantasywriter and I hope you enjoyed our first effort at writing a story together.

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