The Walk


You had heard the rumours that the girl from number 12 has been seen arround the village in the middle of the night completely naked but of course you did not believe them. She is such a nice girl you say to yourself. Well you did not believe it until this one night anyway.

It was the night of 10 November and all seemed still in the world, but for some reason on that particular night you could not sleep. You were up pretty much all night watching late night telly and pacing around trying to get tired enough to go to sleep. (perhaps for you lucky you didn’t)

Well shortly after 2am you hear a noise outside and so go to investigate. You open the curtains a touch and really cannot believe your eyes. Right there bold as brass is her from number 12 and sure enough she is completely naked, not even shoes on to protect her feet. Incredibly the first thing to come to mind is “man she must be cold out there like that”.

She is only in front of your house for a moment or two and then carries on down the road. You watch her and see her enter the car park for the club. You are truly intrigued and want to find out what is going on. You decide to go out and follow her to see what else she is doing.

You creep out the back of your house – dont want to disturb your neighbours and be talked about now do you – and cross the road to the club. You keep your eyes wide open to see if you can see her. Slowly and quietly you walk into the car park and just catch sight of her walking around the back of the club towards the tennis Bornova travesti court. You carry on and follow her there. As you get around the back you see her sitting on a bench with a blindfold on and her fingers playing in her most intimate of places.

You see her head turn towards you and you jump back out of sight in case she heard you. After a few minutes when you hear a soft moan come from her lips you put your head back around. Her hands are really moving now over hre body. She is touching her breasts and running her hand down her belly into her pussy.

You get very excited at this and feel your cock swell with arousal.

Your cock seems to take over. You must get that cock in her. You walk over to her. She hears you coming and goes to jump up and take off the blindfold. You say “Dont move. I have a knife and will use it on you” She sits there and begs please to let her go.

You reach out and touch her skin, grabbing her breast in your hand and feeling her hard nipples – is she excited or just cold you wonder. Your mind settles on excited.

You tell her to get on her knees and you take your cock out of your pants. She automatically opens her mouth for the invading member and you think to yourself “man she is loving this” She runs her tongue along your cock in her mouth, sucking it in and out. You grab the back of her head in case she tries to get away. No risk of that though as she is really going at it on your cock, she is obviously enjoying this invasion of her mouth.

You Buca travesti push her away so she falls backwards onto the soft grass, spreading her legs in the process and you can see all her most intimate of places. You think to yourself “lucky there is a full moon tonight”.

You kneel down and put your head between her spread legs and give her a lick over her pussy. mmm she tastes so wonderful. You lick and suck and nibble all around and you can hear her gasps in the cool silent night air. She starts to lift her pussy up and down on your face and you stick a couple of fingers inside her feeling just how wet she is. She is so ready for your cock to slip into her and so this is what you do with relish.

The joining is so intense and fast as you are both so hot by this time that you both climax almost immediately – her writhing and groaning under you and you on top thrusting hard and deep. You collapse on top of her for a moment or two and you feel her panting under you.

She starts to talk but you cover her mouth with yours to silence her. This moment is too amazing to break it with paltry words. You take your mouth from hers and cover her nipple with it. Its still rock hard and you suckle on it. Your hips are again moving and your cock is sliding in and out of her moist pussy. She is moaning and gasping in pleasure.

You lift yourself up and start thrusting into her again and again. Harder and faster. Deeper and stronger with each stroke.

You pull out and tell her to turn over onto Konak travesti her knees and you enter her from behind. You feel her pussy clenching on your cock sucking it in deeper. She is pushing herself back onto you, wanting you deeper and deeper. You grab her hips and force your cock in deep and hard. Again after a few moments you climax.

Rather exhausted you sit on the bench. You tell her to turn over and play with herself. You watch as her fingers go into her pussy and rub and play with her clitoris. She is rubbing it back and forth and she is pulling on her breast and nipples. She is cumming again for you. This whole show has got your cock hard again. You go over her face and you stick your cock in her mouth.

She starts to suckle on your cock. Masterbating it with her tongue and sucking it into her mouth. You move your cock in and out of her mouth. Her fingers are still at her pussy. Her mouth even feels better than her pussy you think to yourself. She can do amazing things and within moments she has you cumming again down her throat.

You watch her climax once more and then get up to leave. You tell her to stay there and count to 100. You tell her that you know where she lives and that if she does move you will do something really bad to her husband.

You leave and go back to your house. Watching from behind the curtain you see her walking back down the road naked and laugh as she hides behind bushes to avoid being seen by passing cars.

A few days later you see her in the local shop. You walk by her a few times and know that she does not recognise you from that night.

You walk over towards where she is and pick up a can of cherries and say “Same time next monday night!” You hear her soft intake of breath, put down the cherries and walk out the shop.

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