The Window Watcher


Jay and his family had made friends with the Foster family across the street when they first moved in 2 months previously. Jay had only seen Mr and Mrs Foster’s younger daughter and their son who was 19, just like him. So, it was surprising when one day Jay looked out of his bedroom window and spotted her. She was nothing like any girl Jay had seen before. He watched as she carried shopping into the house from the family car and skipped back out to retrieve more. Not only was the girl absolutely stunning, but she seemed mysterious and exotic with her waist length dark hair. He planned to find out who she was and didn’t have to wait long when the Foster’s son Aaron came over to hang out that night. “I’m so glad to get out of that house it’s so hectic!” Aaron exclaimed as he settled himself on Jay’s bed and opened a can of beer. Jay asked why and Aaron replied that his sister, Chloe had decided to leave university and brought all her stuff. “Mum was fuming – said it’s like she’s wasted a year of her life…” Jay let Aaron talk. It’s not that he didn’t care about who Chloe was but the fact that he now knew her name and knew she was there to stay sent jolts and butterflies into his stomach.

Jay woke up with a start the following day when he heard a noise from outside. He sat up in his bed trying to focus his eyes on the light that was streaming in from his bedroom window. As he looked up he noticed that the noise had come from a lawn mower that belonged to the Foster’s. Jay quickly scrambled out of bed to find out who was making the noise and was thrilled see Chloe pushing the lawn mower up and down the front garden in a pair of denim shorts and a black tank top. He stood watching for almost a full five minutes before he decided that he had to talk to her.

He showered and dressed and ran his fingers through his dark hair before picking up a game that he said he’s give back to Aaron weeks ago. As he left the house his heart started pounding hard in his chest; he never usually got nervous talking to girls but there was something about Chloe that he couldn’t put his finger on. As she saw him approach she turned off the mower and looked at him with a puzzled look. “Hi, I’m Jay your neighbour and I’m friends with Aaron.” Jay declared. He was so nervous. To his astonishment, Chloe flashed a pearl white smile at him that left dimples Lara Travesti in her cheeks which sent pangs into Jay’s stomach.

She was divine. Her dark hair today was in a messy plait that she fiddled with as she smiled. Her face was pretty and round and had a smattering of freckles on her nose. Her eyes were extraordinary, Jay had seen nothing like them. They were beautiful amber with a dark rim and were framed by lengthy curly lashes. Jay managed to drag his eyes away from her face to stare at the soft smooth curves her body presented and admire the softness of her creamy skin. She was stunning.

She introduced herself and joked about how annoying her brother was and how Jay was a good friend to be able to cope with him. They laughed about him until Jay said that he should go as he had a lot of work to do. He handed Chloe the game and felt a shock of electricity course through his body from the tip of the finger that she had brushed.

That night Jay’s parents arranged to go out for a meal with the Foster’s but he had to stay behind to finish an essay that was due in days later. He sat at his desk overlooking the window and saw as the Foster car reversed out of the driveway. At the same time he noticed someone enter the bedroom on the second floor. They turned the light on and Jay recognised the someone to be Chloe. Why had she not gone to the meal? He watched her, his pen poised in its last position on the page and his mouth gawking as he watched her move. She changed a few things round in the room and then stopped in front of the window. She began to remove her clothes. Jay gasped. I shouldn’t watch this he thought, but his head was no longer in control as he felt something begin to stir below his navel. Chloe started by unzipping her shorts and slowly pulling them over her rounded backside, slipped them from round her ankles and flung them on the bed. She stood in a pair of simple white cotton panties that barely covered her cheeks. Jay felt his member begin to harden in his jeans. He felt wrong for watching her but he could not stop, she entranced him. Chloe turned her back to the window giving Jay a full view of her half exposed ass. He felt his groin tingle as he watched her ease the black tank top over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Jay waited with baited breath for her to turn around Manavgat travesti and reveal herself to him. She did turn round, but not the way Jay had intended. Her head whipped round and quizzically stared right through the window right at him. Jay did nothing. What could he do? He just stared at her face as she struggled to hold her breast without exposing them to Jay. Then, she moved quickly and the light was off and Jay was left in utter darkness.

Jay was still in shock at what had just happened. His pen had left meagre scratches on his page in anticipation and his cock was straining in his jeans. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Jay knew it would be Chloe before he got there and saw her shape through the frosted glass. She didn’t look angry or upset; in fact there was no emotion on her face. She simply asked if she could come in and Jay could do nothing but say yes.

“Could you sit down please?” Chloe asked. Jay thought nothing of being asked to sit down in his own house but sat on the coach as he was told. Chloe stood in front of him.

“You were watching me?” She enquired.

“No…ye…yes I mean…not intentionally I didn’t mean to – “

“You liked what you saw.” It wasn’t a question but a statement that was inclined to the clear bulge that was straining to come out. Jay nodded and felt blood flood his face in embarrassment.

“What can we do about this then?” She asked.

“I…I don’t know. You can tell my parents if you want I deserve to be punished…”

“Yes you do.” And she allowed a smirk to play on her perfect pouty lips. “Drop your jeans.”

Jay didn’t know if he heard correctly. “Pardon?”

She repeated herself. Jay hesitantly undid his belt and took down his jeans. His cock tented in his boxers. He watched Chloe’s expression but it didn’t change much.

When his jeans were completely off she suddenly marched over to Jay, knelt down and began to rub his cock over his boxers making Jay issue a pleasurable hiss. “You like that?” She asked. All Jay could do was nod. He couldn’t believe this was happening. The most incredible girl he had ever met was touching his cock. She slowly removed his boxers and Jay’s long and thick cock sprang out with a glistening of pre-cum on the head.

To Jay’s surprise, Chloe lent forward and licked it up and then clamped Side travesti her mouth as far as she could around Jay’s huge cock. She gagged slightly as she worked her way up and down his shaft, twirling her tongue and causing Jay to groan uncontrollably. He found himself holding her head and pushing her further onto him as he felt more and more aroused. Jay did not know how much longer he could last. “I want to fuck you.” Jay whispered and relieved his hands from Chloe’s head. She sat up and removed her top and skirt with which she wore no panties or bra. She reached over and gently kissed Jay. Where was this coming from? Jay thought. She was being so gentle and loving which confused Jay as he didn’t know whether he wanted to fuck her or make love to her. He tenderly squeezed her breasts in his hands and flicked and tweaked her nipples which made her gasp in-between their kisses.

Chloe moved back and began to mount Jay. He watched as his cock disappeared inside her juicy wet pussy. She groaned at the size of him and began to bounce up and down on him making her large and firm breasts leap in front of Jay’s face. He enjoyed the view. Jay felt Chloe’s rhythm change and she began to grind hard on his groin. He looked up at her face and saw her head was thrown back and her mouth was wide open and she panted and moaned. Jay used his thumb to play with her clit and used his other hand to grab her ass and driver himself deeper into her. As she rode him, he suddenly felt her pussy clamp onto his cock as she let out a cry of bliss and shivered her way through the wave of her powerful climax. Jay could feel her juices dripping down his cock and feeling the sensations of Chloe’s orgasm pushed him over the edge. He in turn thrust his cock into her as hard as he could as her climax began to subside making her gasp from the aftershock. He grabbed he ass with both hands and drove himself deeper still watching her breasts bounce infront of him and listened to Chloe’s torn gasps. Jay felt himself explode inside Chloe and heard himself moan and struggle for breath in ecstasy as his cum mixed with her juices and dribbled down his cock.

Chloe flopped forward onto Jay and he held her in a sweaty, breathless, tangled mess as they recovered from their satisfaction. Then Chloe pulled away and kissed Jay lightly on the lips. She climbed off him, picked up her clothes and dressed before leaving the house without a word. Jay was left sitting on the couch, his cock slowly wilting and thought about how mysterious Chloe Foster had seemed and how much he could not wait to catch her undressing at her window again.

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