I Spy


There he was again. I could see him clearly from my garage loft on the hill. A man vacuum pumping his cock out on the back patio of his home. Quite a sight to see. A large greased up dick slowly filling up a plastic tube. It was straight up total chance and luck I started watching this guy about a month ago. When the spring weather hit allowing this guy to sit outside in the sun. He sits at a table on a patio behind large arborvitae trees ” in private ” with a beach towel for modesty, a couple day a week ritual. I have a powerful telescope with a limited vantage point. This was the day I decided I needed to find out who he was and if he might be willing to play around with another guy.

So began search mode. I looked at the color of his house and for any distinct features. His neighbor’s have weeping cherry trees in bloom. I counted the number of roof tops from what appeared to be the corner of his block. But what street was it? Judging the distance was tough. It took me days of reconnaissance and research to narrow it down. But I knew I was getting close.

I would spy on this guy pumping when I could and then walk the neighborhood I believe he lived in on the days in between. Then one day I spotted him out. So after a few carefully asked questions. I had a last name and mobile number of my mystery man.

I was eager to try and make contact. Since it had been about 2 months since my first glimpse of him vacuum pumping himself. The excitement was getting me horny. Thinking of getting a chance to play with such a large penis. But now what? I decided to just be straight forward with the man. So on the very next time I saw him sitting out working on his tan and pumping his cock I telephoned him. I let the phone ring. I saw him look at it and then put the phone down without answering. Next I texted the same number. I got a reply. So happy to have finally made contact. He immediately demanded to know who I was. I answered I am the guy watching what your currently doing. He pulled a towel over his lap and began looking around to see if any one was around. My next words were I have been admiring your pumped up cock for weeks. He stared bewildered at the phone not sure of what to do. He looked panicked and was about to get up and go indoors. When I reminded him it was probably time to squeeze the air trigger on his right hand side some more. Now he knew for sure I was watching in real time. He remained covered by the towel but slipped off his tube and set it next to him. My next text read i will call you pick up this time.

The phone rang. He accepted the call. In a stern voice he asked who is this and what do you want? I made fun telling him I was a first time caller long time admirer. Still watching him from afar. I explained that I wanted Bostancı Escort to speak to the man with the big vacuum pumped dick. That I have been watching him for some time so don’t deny it.

He sat there and said nothing but I was encouraged when he didn’t not storm off and hang up on me. I asked him if he had time to play? Still he said nothing. I lowered my phone and let him hear me unzip my pants. I then told him I am going to stroke myself while we talked. I told him put me on speaker phone so he had his hands free, and he did. I asked him not to be shy because I had seen his stuff before. Then instructed him to pull the towel away so I could see his cock and balls. He hesitated briefly then rolled the towel off of his thighs. He leaned back in his chair I heard it slid on the patio cement. Then he slowly spread his legs open. Just as the sunshine came out from behind the clouds and warmed up his bloated package.

Good I encouraged him. Stroke your dick some for me. I want to see you play with it. He did so. He slowly cranked his shaft in his left hand and scratched and tugged on his loose scrotum. I was enjoying the show.

He was still nervous. He wanted to know who I was and how I found out about him. I explained I was nearby and a fan of his work. I asked if he would ever let another guy play with his beautiful pumped up dick? He said he was not sure. He said he and a buddy of his did some experimenting back in the day but he had not been with a guy since then. I asked him if he thought about it at all? He did not answer. I told him put the tube back on. I wanted to see it get big again. All this time I continued stroking myself. It didn’t take him long. He pumped the squeeze trigger a couple of times and within minutes his cock was snaking it’s way back up the length of the tube.

I questioned him how big he can go. In the 2 inch tube he was in he said he has worked it up filling out the tube at 8 inches. trying my hardest to convince him, I asked him doesn’t that make you horny. Wouldn’t you like it if someone was there right now to suck that big thing and help get you off. I told him I would love to grease that up and sit on it for you.

Now I was not telling him what to do. He went about working the pump trigger on his own. He wanted it to get bigger harder more enlarged. Again I prodded him for an invitation. I told him wouldn’t you love right now a warm wet mouth wrapped around that huge cock of yours? Wouldn’t you like to shoot a big load deep inside of me? I told him I could be there in less then 10 mins. All I needed was a yes and the address to confirm I had the right house. I went silent and waited for him to make the next move. I heard the noise of the trigger continued to be worked. Ümraniye Escort I watched him through my telescope. He was rocking in his chair struggling to decide. It took some time then I saw him shaking his head yes. Then he spoke. he gave me the 4 digit address and street name. He told me come around back. Side gate will be unlocked right side of the driveway. I hung up. Tucked my hard dick back in my pants and ran out the door.

It only took me a couple minutes to find the house. I parked out front on the street. Casually walked up the driveway. Worked my way to the backyard found the gate ajar and quickly ducked in so as to not draw attention to myself. Hello I announced my presence, over here he said.

My host had dressed putting on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. I was kind of surprised because I expected to find him pumped and primed. He had questions, so we sat and talked. He wanted to know who I was. How I was watching him. Where I got his phone number. where I lived. I told him I spotted him a couple weeks ago. That I lived over that way, generally pointing to my house which I could see but he didn’t need to know right this minute. And that until he answered the phone earlier I was not even sure I had the right number. That I had been secretly watching him a few days a week sit out here with his tube on and was intrigued.

I told him how handsome he was. Then I asked to see him put his tube back on. He asked me if I was gay? I told him I was. Then he invited me into the house for a cold drink. It was still mid morning. He poured us a couple glasses of fruit juice. He then told me I don’t want you talking about this with anyone as he slipped off his shorts. He revealed a big dangling cock and balls. I watched his smooth hairless ass walk over and grab his vacuum tube. He slipped it on and applied the needed air pressure.

A big smile broke across my face. He flopped down on a nearby couch. I got to see him pumping this time only an arms length away. He was big to start with but inside the tube he grew red and larger.

He told me to go ahead and get comfortable. I took that as my que to strip down. I took everything except my underwear off and knelt down beside him. He grew by the minute. I stretched out my hand with no resistance I began to touch and prod him. One hand reached for the tube and began to simulate me masturbating him. The other hand pushed up the t shirt he eventually took off while I massaged his chest He told me he was married and that his wife worked a few days a week as a nurse. That he pumped on the mornings she was not home. That she didn’t like to see it. But he loved the feeling of pumping up large and then going to work afternoons free balling. I wiggled the tube around tapping Kartal Escort my fingers on the outside of it causing it to vibrate. He even let me work the trigger. Showing me how to take the air pressure up and down.

I kissed and licked the outside plastic of the tube. It was a pretty hot scene. He took two fingers and released the air pressure at the base of the tube. Which signaled to me my new friend was aroused enough and ready to play. I sat amazed as he slowly slid the tube off. He engorged junk flopped out of the tube. He grabbed the base of his cock stiff holding up the fattest dick I have ever seen. A good 7 inches of circumference. He held it upright and I immediately did as promised. A few mouth watering licks to moisten it up and I put the head of it in my mouth. He groaned in pleasure as I began taking more and more of this prize worthy cock into my warm mouth. I am vey practiced at this but even this took some adjusting to. Things got wetter and wetter. My mouth was watering. I was finally getting the pumped up dick I have been drooling over for weeks.

My friend got over his shyness quickly. His hips began thrusting to meet my downward action. His hands on my head indicated he wanted me to go as deep as possible. I slurped and made some gagging noises while feeding my craving for this masterpiece of cock. On my end my cock was hard and beginning to leak a bit. I worked off my underwear and rubbed my hardness on his hairy leg. I was ready to sit on this hard fat cock. removing his cock from my wanting mouth. I asked him to fuck my ass with this tool of his. I asked him if he had condoms to fit that. He reached into a drawer and instead produced a rubber cock ring. He said he hated condoms and wanted to feel it all. So bareback it was.

Never been with something as hot and large as this. Slowly I lowered myself on to it. We could have used some lube but in the heat of the moment you forget. His spit covered head penetrated me. I gasped in pleasure. He sat perfectly still and allowed me all the time I needed. Little by little I opened up and lowered down on it. A rhythm developed. I grunted as he filled my hole with more cock then it has ever experienced .

We rolled onto the couch he fucked me from the side. We dropped down to the floor. He went balls deep fucking me doggie style. I begged him to shoot his load in me. I also tried to get him to promise me more of this in the future. We worked up quite a sweat. His skin bucking against mine. He pile drove me into the floor. Then with a forceful growl he came. I felt his heated semen pour into me. He drove it in deep with 6 deliberate and hard strokes until he collapsed on top of me. Our bodies hot from all the action. we laid there for a while until his cock shrank down and popped out of me followed by plenty of ooze. His first words were Oh my God. He thanked me. And then yes invited me back. Since that first day. We traded names cell numbers. We have since explored all those male on male pleasures he thought did not interest him.

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