Ned stared at the tube of chapstick. As the beach waves casually lapped up against the sand he smiled and rolled it around in his hands. He tried to remember the old man that handed it to him but his memory grew fuzzier the harder he tried to concentrate on the man’s face.

“You look like a man wanting love,” Ned said, repeating what the old man said. “Or perhaps something a little more primal.”

Ned recalled his initial reluctance to give the old man any of his time. He was here for a beach CPR course. And after he saw the bronzed god of a man giving the CPR course, Ned wanted to make sure he paid attention. Full attention.

The man teaching the course looked like he stepped out of a comic book. The fact he only wore red trunks, leaving his chiseled, glistening form to admire did not help. His name was Carl, and he was every wet dream Ned had about an older man wrapped into a single form. Ned just turned nineteen and the fact Carl looked at least thirty-five only fueled more lust inside of his stomach.

Ned contemplated how he should find a place to masturbate these feelings away, and chiding himself for going days without release when the old man showed up out of nowhere. Ned tried to ignore the old man to listen to Carl giving instructions. But, something about the old man compelled him to listen.

Disturbingly, Ned noticed how the old man saw the arousal Ned had for Carl right away. After Ned did not answer the old man’s statement, the old man chuckled and handed him a thing of chapstick. Told him to put it on and let the sun have its way. The old man said Carl would be captivated by it, and once the chapstick entered Carl’s lips, Ned would be able to have fun. The way the old man chuckled unnerved him but the way he disappeared into the beach crowd made Ned question if the entire conversation happened.

Then, he looked at his hand and saw the tube of chapstick.

Part of him wanted to throw it away. An old man handing him a random tube of chapstick did not sound like a hygienic idea.

Then, he lifted his eyes back to Carl. Those sparkling blue eyes. Ned felt the tube in his hand.

“Aw, fuck it,” Ned said. As he moved closer to Carl talking, he put the chapstick on his lips. It felt cool and minty. Ned smacked his lips. He liked it.

Carl continued to talk about CPR. Ned looked at Carl’s mouth, his mind wandering to how it would feel against his neck. His lips.

Or wrapped around his cock.

Ned groaned, shuffling his legs to cover his erection. A few people around him looked at him with amused expressions. Ned shook his head and tried to clear his mind.

As Carl talked, Ned noticed something peculiar happen. A few glances directly at Ned. Even Carl looked confused. As Carl continued to talk, those few glances turned into a few more. And more. Soon, Carl shifted his body and faced Ned. And stared at him while he talked.

The connection felt undeniable. Ned glanced to his sides to see if it could be anyone else Carl looked at. He saw no other candidates. He felt in a spotlight.

“Young man, what is your name?”

Ned gulped. He saw Carl’s kind eyes and smile directed at him.

“Uh, Ned, sir.”

“Would you come up here just for a minute?”

Ned heard a little bit of chuckling as he approached the front. Ned realized he did not pay attention to any of what Carl said, so he had no idea where in the seminar they were.

“Ned you said, right?” Carl said, wrapping his massive arm around Ned.

Ned tried to keep composure. “Uh, yes sir.”

“Carl, please,” Carl said with a smile. “Okay, Ned here is going to İstanbul Escort be my volunteer on the proper way to perform mouth-to-mouth.”

Ned’s eyes grew wide. His lips tingled.

“Please, lie down on this table,” Carl said.

Ned gulped. He felt hot and his throat dry. He complied, too stunned to realize what was being asked. He hoped his erection subsided enough as he lay down on the table.

Carl continued to talk but the blood pounded in Ned’s ears. He could only look up at the man and his well-defined body and sparkling smile. He could only envision that man mounting him as he lay there. The feeling of his hard cock slipping into his ass. The moans. The groans.

“You ready?”

Ned blinked and looked at Carl. “Uh, sure?”

“Now, I hear giggling out there. But, remember. In a life-and-death situation, you have to take care of a person, no matter who they are. This isn’t for the ones with a weak stomach.”

Carl turned back to Ned. Ned saw the start of a few wrinkles around Carl’s eyes as he smiled. “You find with this, Ned?”

Ned nodded. He noticed Carl starting at his lips. As he dipped down, Ned swore he saw Carl lick his own lips.

Ned lay there as Carl’s lips touched his. That tingling, minty feeling on his lips only increased. Ned could feel Carl’s professionalism slipping. Ned lay there, wrapped up in the mixed feelings of having mouth-to-mouth performed on him even as Carl moaned softly into his mouth.

It felt like an eternity of bliss and confusing arousal. All too soon, however, the lips left his. Carl continued to use Ned’s body to show proper CPR. Ned continued to enjoy the tingling sensation.

“I, uh, said you are done, son,” Carl said.

Ned blinked. He sat up and smiled. Carl returned that smile too easily.

“You were good. A good volunteer, I mean,” Carl said.

Ned nodded. “Yeah, you were good too,” he said quietly.

Unable to look into his eyes, he stared at the ground. On the way to that spot, his eyes glanced at Carl’s bulge between his legs.

Ned hopped off the table, feeling his world spinning. He melted back into the crowd feeling his cheeks burning. A few people giggled once more but after a few minutes of Carl talking, no one paid him any attention.

Carl looked flustered to Ned. For the rest of the seminar he seemed to pace, twitch and wipe his brow of sweat. More than once he locked eyes with Ned and gave him a deep, intense stare. Ned felt like Carl spoke only to him, although Ned did not pay attention to any of the words.

“Okay, okay, I think that’s enough for today. Uh, I’ll pass you off to my assistant after lunch and we’ll, uh, you’ll practice. On dummies. Dummies,” Carl said, wiping a hand through his hair and looking distracted. “Have a good lunch,” he said without looking at anyone.

Ned felt a rush of something primal deep inside of his stomach. As the crowd dispersed to take in the beautiful day at the beach, Ned could only focus on Carl. He quickly departed into a small office under a large set of umbrellas. Ned followed, slightly in a trance. The offices were far enough from the crowds that it gave the illusion of privacy. Ned walked up to the door without a plan or a thought.

He waited outside of the door. He noticed it ajar, tapping against the lock as a slight ocean breeze slammed into it.

Ned shook his head. He felt under the influence of something powerful. Now, with a moment of clear thought, he wondered why he stood here.

“Do I expect him to…what, invite me in?” Ned muttered to himself. His mind took that idea and ran with it. Escort Bayan Invited him in, asked him to sit down, made out with him, touch his cock…

Ned shook his head. “I need to go dump my head in the water.”

As Ned walked from the door he heard a soft moan. He froze.

He heard another.

“No fucking way,” Ned whispered. His heart hammered in his chest. He crept up to the door and peeked through the small slit exposed.

He saw Carl sitting on a couch. His hand down his shorts. His eyes glazed and staring at the ceiling. And that hand clearly stroked something large and hard.

Ned’s knees turned weak. He felt his own erection growing by the second as he watched the older man stroke his cock. Carl bit his bottom lip and then took a moment to lick his lips.

“Mmm, what did he say his name was? Ned?” Carl whispered to himself. He stroked harder. “Yeah, Ned. Mmm, Ned.”

Ned’s hand started to fondle his own erection. He breathed through his mouth, unable to think or move. Need and desire raged inside of his mind. He watched the older man continue to lose himself to his desire.

Without thinking, Ned grabbed the tube of chapstick. Rubbed ridiculous amounts on his lips, feeling the minty and tingling sensations settle deep into his lips. His erection tightened his shorts.

Ned slipped inside the door and closed it. The small click woke Carl from his fantasy. He stammered and attempted to stop his self-pleasure.

“What are you–you shouldn’t–” Carl stammered.

Ned felt possessed. His lips tingled. Carl stared at them as they glistened in the sunlight. Ned walked over to Carl. He stood in between his legs.

“I wanted for you to personally tell me how I’m doing on my mouth-to-mouth technique,” Ned said, leaning down and kissing Carl on the lips.

He did not put up any resistance. Carl grabbed Ned with expert hands and pushed him closer. Ned stumbled into Carl’s arms. Their topless bodies pressed against one another. Carl wrapped up Ned like a stuffed animal in his arms.

Ned felt everything exploding out of control in a delicious manner. His throbbing erection pressed against the older man’s erection. Neither one of them hid the arousal or need from the other. Ned ran his hands through Carl’s hair. Their tongues met and licked one another. Both men tried to find a release for the arousal inside of their bodies and could not find it by only touching each other’s bodies.

Carl reached without looking to a desk beside him. Fumbled open a drawer. Ned caught the words “Lost and found” on it before turning back to kissing Carl.

Carl grabbed a bottle. Brought it over. Ned saw the bottle and smiled.

“Found it from a group that was–well, you know,” Carl said, breathless.

Ned grabbed the bottle of lube. He scooted off his shorts. The older man’s eyes grew wide seeing the young, thick, throbbing cock pointed at him.

“This is–too fast–” Carl said.

“I need this. I need your cock inside of my ass. Please,” Ned said, rubbing lube against his ass. Seeing the older man’s reluctance, he sank down between Carl’s legs. Put his mouth against the erection poking through his shorts. Then, he looked right up into Carl’s eyes. “Maybe I can convince you of this.”

Carl gulped but did not stop the younger man from pulling his shorts down. A large uncircumcised cock greeted Ned. Ned licked the head of his cock and felt a shudder of pleasure. Eager for more, Ned started to suck and lick the cock while lubing up his own asshole. It felt needy and wanting. Ned moaned into Carl’s cock as he stuck a finger Eskort of his own around his asshole.

Carl rubbed Ned’s head as his moaning increased. “Good boy.”

Ned felt his cock throb in appreciation. He continued to suck and lick away Carl’s resistance. Soon he felt Carl’s hands around his head, pushing him slightly further down his cock. Ned took it eagerly.

Ned removed his mouth from his cock, leaving a thick trail of saliva from his mouth. He looked up at Carl’s eyes and slid up his body.

This time Carl had no reservations. His strong arms held Ned as he positioned himself over Carl’s cock. Ned put his feet on either side of Carl and slowly lowered himself. Carl let go of Ned and helped guide his cock into Ned’s ass. Both men gasped and moaned as the tip of his cock penetrated Ned’s ass. Ned felt his cheeks rush with a deep red.

Soon, the younger man felt the pressure of Carl’s cock inside of his ass. The two men moaned at the same time. Carl kissed Ned’s neck like a hungry hunter. Ned used his experience to massage and stroke his cock from inside his ass.

Carl grabbed Ned’s cock. Started to stroke it. Ned moved up and down Carl’s cock. Both men competed against the other trying to bring overwhelming pleasure to the other. Ned moved his hips so that Carl could stroke his cock easier. Ned felt Carl’s cock throb inside of him, pressing him against his prostate as he also jerked Ned’s cock.

“Oh god, I wanted your cock inside of me since I saw you, please please cum in my ass,” Ned begged. “Oh god, I want to feel your cock release inside of me, please!”

“Fuck!” Carl cried out. “I don’t know what’s–I’m not usually–“

“Don’t think. Just fuck me. Oh god, I love older men!” Ned cried out, confessing something deep inside of his soul.

Carl looked at him, astonished. “I…”

“You want me? This young ass, this young cock?” Ned said, licking his lips and reveling in the minty, tingling feeling. “Fuck my young ass, come on!”

Carl roared a primal, possessive thing, and grabbed the younger man by the hips. He turned him over, pressing his back into the couch. Carl mounted Ned, fucking him hard and fast. The expression in the older man’s face looked crazed with lust.

“You want me to own that ass?” Carl growled.

Ned’s eyes went wide. This felt new. He meekly nodded.

Carl swatted Ned’s ass as he fucked him deeper. Carl used his other hand to jerk off Ned’s cock. “You cum for me, you cum for me right the fuck now!”

Ned cried out, surprised by the sudden intensity of Carl’s voice. Ned let loose with a powerful orgasm, his cock spraying out of control. As his cum splashed over the two men’s bodies, Ned felt Carl’s cock press against his prostate. Felt it throb. Heard Carl cry out in intense pleasure as Carl came inside of Ned’s ass.

Both men cried out and fell off the couch. Carl’s cock slipped out of Ned, covered in cum and lube. Ned tried to catch his breath. Both men lay there, seeing stars.

Many, many minutes later Carl grunted and groaned. He rubbed his forehead.

“Couldn’t stop staring at your lips…” he whispered.

“Old man gave a thing of chapstick to me, said it would..would…” Ned snuggled up to Carl instead of finishing the reply.

“Hell of a tube of chapstick,” Carl said. “I, uh, have never been with a young man before.”

“I always wanted to be with an older man,” Ned said.

“I have a boyfriend,” Carl said.

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not. We’ve, uh, been looking for a third. Do you mind two older men?”

Ned lifted his head to look at the smiling Carl. “Fuck no.”

“I need to get back out there and help supervise the afternoon,” Carl said, grunting. “When I can move again.”

“Yeah, when you can,” Ned said, snuggling closer to Carl. “Then tonight the two of you can show me how good I am at mouth-to-mouth.”

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