My Oral Fantasy becomes a Reality


This happened four years after my introduction to gay sex as I wrote about in “Seduced with my First m2m Kiss.” I had always thought of myself as a straight man with a kink for crossdressing and crossdressers, but I was sure that was the end of the road on my walk on the wild side. Then an older man surprised me with a kiss and I surprised myself by kissing him right back.

We had two incredibly sexy and rewarding meetings where he introduced me to the pleasures of man to man sex and passion. His kiss released my hidden gay side and I quickly learned that my natural gay role was being a cock sucking bottom. Unfortunately for both him and me, my first gay relationship ended after those two life changing meetings. It ended because he wouldn’t agree to have safe anal sex and would not allow me to dress up for him or even wear panties. I met a couple of men after that but never quite captured the rush and passion that I felt with my first male lover and I returned to my pursuit of t-girls and females.

One night I was at a bar with a live band and noticed a woman on the dance floor who stood out from the crowd with her beauty, style, sex appeal and dance moves. She noticed me noticing her while she was dancing and gave me a sexy smile behind her dance partner’s back. She might have been smiling at someone behind me but it made my bulge grow regardless. The song ended and the band took a break and as she strutted her hot stuff on the way to the Ladies room she touched my forearm and smiled at me as she passed.

A regular at the bar saw that interaction and made the comment that “she was not born a female.” I guess one man’s red flag is another man’s green light. By the end of the night I was the lucky man who was her dance partner. Some people have gaydar, I think I must have t-girl radar.

We ended up back at her place and neither of us had yet brought up her gender bending identity. We had slow danced at the bar and my erection was the only one pressed between us, I figured her shecock was safely tucked away for later. I was fantasizing about how whe would reveal it to me, would it be like in a porn movie where she surprises me with it by sticking it in my mouth, I sure hoped so. She gave me a quick tour of her place and showed me a picture of her wearing a crown and a sash from a beauty pageant. I asked her what pagent the picture was from and she told me it was a Ladyboy pagent somewhere in Asia. If she was looking for me to flinch she would have had to look at my crotch.

I feigned being surprised but not shocked, I tried to hide my happiness that the warning I received, but did not heed, was true. I had always wondered how one should react to the news that your soon to be sex partner is trans. Saying “I thought so” may be true but sounds cruel. Saying “I hoped so” may also be true but doesn’t sound right. I just told her that I thought she was the prettiest and sexiest woman at the bar and that I had been with girls like her before. She said “I doubt you have been with one like me” and I told her she was correct, I had never been with a girl so beautiful and sexy. That’s when she told me that she was a post-op transsexual. Well I must admit that I was more than a little disappointed that I wouldn’t get to suck her shecock or have her fuck me, but I got over that since I was with a beautiful and sexy woman and she could suck my cock and I could fuck her and lick her pussy.

Besides having a cock, I always enjoyed being with t-girls for their passion, lust, beauty, femininity, and desire to suck cock. I always felt that making out and having sex with a t-girl was more passionate and lustful than with a cisgender female. And this girl did not disappoint, she was a gold star cock sucker and an incredible kisser. She liked getting fucked in her pussy but loved getting fucked in her ass. Her cock might be in a jar somewhere in Thailand but her prostate was still intact inside her cute bottom and she loved having it massaged by my cock.

She may not have had her real cock to fuck me with but she did have a collection of different sized strapons to put in her harness. She asked me which size I preferred and told her to pick the one that best matched her cock. I was surprised Anadolu Yakası Escort when she selected the 7″ cock and locked it into her harness. She definitely knew how to wield her fake cock as she fucked me just as good or not better than any previous t-girl or my one male lover had. She was a fantastic lover and we continued our affair for a few months before she moved away.

All those nights of passionate kisses, getting my ass fucked and my cock sucked, but not sucking cock myself, stirred my desires to suck cock again. I thought about trying to meet a pre-op TS but decided I would give men one more try. Was my brief fling with men a few years ago an anomaly or was it still inside me to enjoy being with a man and servicing him and his cock. I wanted to find out, the hard way.

I met my first male lover on a chatline four years earlier, but this time I went onto a website for gay men to find my next lover. From the few men I had met, I had come up with a profile of the man I wanted to meet; 10-15 years younger or older, clean shaven face, a Top but not a Dom Top, and a man who is more of a beta male in everyday life but would be my Alpha male behind closed doors.

My fantasy was to be a man’s cockslut and cumslut for five service calls. I figured that would get my desire to suck a man’s cock out of my system and I could get back to my life of chasing females and t-girls. That was my plan anyway. I went online and found a bevy of men who wanted their cock sucked, but very few appealed to me. I didn’t understand a few of the men who said they wanted me to suck them off but didn’t want to kiss and cuddle at all because that’s “gay.” Like having your cock in a man’s mouth is the epitome of being straight?

Then I came across a good-looking Asian man, 12 years younger than me, cleanshaven face, and he was a Top. He lived alone and therefore could host, and he was less than 10 miles away. The clincher was that he reminded me of one of the male actors in some of the t-girl porn movies I had watched. I would watch those movies and wish I were the male porn star having sex with the hot t-girls, but when he was in the movie I found myself a few times wishing I were the one sucking his cock and drinking his cum, but as a male.

I sent him a message saying I liked his profile and thought we might be a good match. I was excited when I got a message back from him a few minutes later saying he also liked my profile and thought we could be a good match. I told him that I had a fantasy to be a man’s cockslut and cumslut, but I did not tell him that in my fantasy it was for only five times. He asked me what experience I had sucking cock and I told him that I had only been with three other men a couple of times each but had been with twenty or so t-girls.

He quickly agreed to help me with my fantasy and asked if I could be at his place in one hour. He caught me by surprise with his near-term invitation as I was thinking within the next week, not within the next hour. I had an invitation to come suck the cock of the man who I had chosen over the rest, and all I had to do was be ten miles away in one hour. Sounded perfect to me. His sudden invitation didn’t give me a chance to chicken out, and there was no way I was going to flake on him and disappoint him. I liked how he was gentle and kind, but firm and demanding at the same time.

I grabbed my barbell and did a few quick sets and some pushups to try to make a good impression for my Top man. I then showered, shaved, put on my cockring and black thong, tightest jeans and t-shirt, and stuffed my leather collar with an O-ring in my pocket. If I was going to be his cockslut and cumslut, I was going to dress the part.

I headed to his house to give him head and as I stood at his front door I could see him at his computer with his back to me. I knocked at the door and watched as he stood up and came to answer my knock. By the time he opened the front door I already knew that I had chosen the right man to fulfill my fantasy. He invited me in and immediately led me to his bedroom. He was an Engineer and dressed and looked the part, I thought he looked hot and sexy.

He dimmed the lights and came over Avrupa Yakası Escort and gave me a hug. Then he pulled back and gave me a light kiss on the lips. This brought back memories of the older man who seduced me with my first m2m kiss, and how it started with a hug, followed up with a light kiss, and then he pushed his tongue deep into my surprisingly welcome mouth. I was expecting and hoping my new Top would follow the same script as I stood there waiting and wanting his tongue to pass my lips. Instead he stood back and proceeded to undress so I did the same. I had previously told him that I really enjoyed kissing men, maybe that wasn’t on tonight’s menu. I was there to suck his cock, perhaps that is all he wanted from me and I was okay with that. I was amazed how naturally I fell back into the role of being the pleaser and wanting approval from my Alpha male behind closed doors.

I kept my thong on while I fished my leather collar out of my jeans and put it around my neck. I was hoping he thought I looked liked a sexy cockslut. He asked me to turn around and model for him and he complimented me on my ass and asked I had ever been fucked. I told him I had only been fucked twice by a man, the first man I met. I didn’t tell him about the dozen or so t-girls who had fucked me as I wanted to appear to be more of a conquest for him. He didn’t say anything else about wanting to top me and told me to take off my thong.

I climbed on the bed next to him and we faced each and touched each other as we talked. He told me that I was his favorite type, an older, straight-appearing white dad. I guess I’m not alone in the category of straight appearing dads who have an occasional or constant desire to suck cock. Now that I way lying next to him I noticed how smooth and sexy his body was, and I was enjoying stroking his cock and looking forward to having it in my mouth. I told him that he was my favorite type, a good-looking man with a smooth sexy body and a nice cock to suck.

I leaned forward to kiss him but he just responded with another closed mouth kiss, I kept my lips pressed against his for a few seconds longer yearning for his tongue to show me his lust, but his tongue never showed up. To fill the void in my horny mouth, I made my way down to his already hard cock and kissed it, licked it, and teased it with my tongue before I took it all in my mouth. His cock wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either, for my mouth it was the perfect size. Within the first five minutes of sucking his cock it became my all time favorite cock to suck. I was in love with his cock, I felt they took a mold of my mouth and designed his cock to fit in it perfectly. I loved the way he moaned in pleasure as I did my best to service his cock and fulfill my duty of being his cockslut. As I was lying between his legs with his cock in my mouth, I looked up across his smooth chest to his cute face and the thought passed through my mind that with a pair of thigh hi stockings, a sexy top and a wig, he would make a hot CD lover. Maybe that’s for another time, but right then I was very much enjoying sucking the cock of my stud Top. That’s the way I saw him.

After about fifteen minutes of sucking and loving his cock, my lack of recent experience caught up to me and I needed to give my mouth a rest. I climbed back up next to him and complimented him on his perfect cock and thanked him for letting me suck it. He told me I was a natural and that I was doing a great job so far. I really wanted him to kiss me passionately, I thought about making the first move but as his beta male cockslut, I did not think it was my place to kiss him first.

When I realized that first wet kiss wasn’t coming, I shifted my attention to making something else come. I went back down to his still hard cock and contined to make love to it with my mouth and tongue. One part of the fantasy that I had was to take his soft cock and feel it grow in my mouth as I please my man and at the same time feel empowered to make his cock respond to my loving and lustful attention. But he had jumped the gun and his cock was already hard, nothing to complain about really.

After about ten more minutes of falling even more in love İstanbul Escort with his cock, he took matters into his own hands and smacked his cock across my face a few times, had me open my mouth and stick out my tongue and he jacked his cock off on my mouth for a minute or so before he shoved his cock in my mouth, grabbed my head and let out a loud moan as he filled my mouth with multiple shots of his hot cum.

I guess I hadn’t really thought my whole fantasy through. I had fantasized endlessly about sucking a cock and the joy it brings me having it in my mouth while I please my man. And I did fantasize about being rewarded with a mouthful of hot manjuice, I just wasn’t quite ready for the reality of it to happen. With the three men I had been with previously, they were all about 15 years older and I barely got a taste of precum. I couldn’t recall ever getting a significant load out of a shecock. This was more cum than I ever experienced or expected. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I reached for the hand towel and spat his cum onto it and went to the bathroom to wash out my mouth.

By the time I returned to the bedroom he was already dressed and I took the hint and got dressed myself. He walked me to the door gave me a kiss on the lips, but still no tongue. I thanked him again for letting me suck his cock and hoped he would let me do it again. He said he would like that and I felt like skipping down his driveway to my car knowing my all time favorite cock would be in my mouth someday again. Hopefully soon.

On my drive home I was replaying in my mind what had just happened. It was only a few hours ago that I came across his profile online and reached out to him and already I had been to his house and sucked his cock and he came in my mouth. And I loved it, especially the lingering taste of his cum in my mouth. I thought I did a very good job of being his cockslut as I really fell for his cock and couldn’t get enough of it. But I did berate myself for being a bad cumslut. In my role of cumslut, my job wasn’t just to make my man cum, my job was to appreciate my man for feeding me his precious sperm and to savor and swallow my tasty reward.

What was I thinking spitting his manjuice into the towel and then rinsing out my mouth? My Alpha male allowed me the honor of sucking his perfect cock and feeding me a delicious reward and I ungratefully spit it out. I decided that I would apologize to him for my misbehavior as a cumslut and would promise to never waste another drop of his life-giving and life-changing sperm.

As I drove I felt differently inside, perhaps it was the re-awakenig of my gay side, or my feeling of pride that I just bonded with a fellow man and brought joy and pleasure to him and to myself in the process. And that I was going to do it four more times! I pulled up next to a silver-haired dad type at the light and caught him looking right at me. I held his gaze, he smiled, nodded, winked, and blew me a kiss as he drove away. That never happened to me before, how did he know that I had just sucked a guy’s cock, is my face glowing from his leftover cum, am I giving off a secret sign that I suck cock, maybe I should’ve winked back. Wow, his gaydar was good, he must have had an instant update plan.

I pulled into my driveway and walked into my house, glad that my nosy neighbors were all in bed already. I decided to celebrate meeting my new Top and his perfect cock with a shot or two of whiskey on the rocks. On my way to the living room to sit down and enjoy my cocktail and reminisce about sucking my new favorite cock, I look in the hallway mirror to see what that silver-haired daddy saw and how he knew I was that kind of man. Maybe by holding his gaze I led him on, maybe the smile that was still on my face indicated I was interested. He couldn’t see my cockring under my thong and tight jeans, he couldn’t see my too-tight t-shirt that I was wearing, and he couldn’t smell the cum on my breath. What was it that tipped him off, I might want to do it again in the future!

Then I saw what he saw. I was still wearing my leather collar with the O-ring.

Before I went to bed I sent my new Top stud a message thanking him again for making my fantasy come true and how much I enjoyed sucking his perfect cock. And I asked him when I could be of service again, then I climbed into bed wearing only my cockring and leather collar, hoping to dream about the wonderful man who I had just met and his cock that I had just serviced.

To be continued….

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