Tales of Jason Ch. 15


*****The following story contains incest. All characters are over the age of 18 and are fictional*****

Chapter 15

It was a warm Thursday afternoon when Steven and I were out in the backyard watching the two installers set up our jacuzzi. It had finally arrived after weeks of being ordered. The company offered us a free installation which was nice. It was especially nice for me because one of the men was pretty attractive. But he had a gold ring on his ring finger which meant he was married. He was also older than me, older than anyone in the household. At least in his thirties. Which wasn’t a bad thing, it’s just something that stuck out to me for some reason. I had never had sex with anyone in that age group.

Steven was sitting on a lounge chair staring at his phone. I sat down next to him and said, “You’re always on your phone!”

He lowered his sunglasses and turned to me and said, “We grew up on our phones. Also, at least I ain’t checking out the attractive installer.”

I looked back to the installers to check if they had heard what he had said. Thankfully they hadn’t. I turned back to Steven, “You don’t have to announce it to the world!” I whispered to him.

“I’m pretty sure he knows man. Stop being a creep.”

I glared at him, “Like you haven’t checked out women like a creep.”

“I have not. I’m respectful to women.”

I scoffed, “Lies!”

He placed his phone on his lap and said, “When the fuck did I do that?”

“Last week, when we were at the department store shopping for swimwear. You kept looking into the woman’s changing room.”

“You saw…I mean I wasn’t!”

I grinned, “Right. You were just looking that way constantly for no reason.”

He sighed, “Fine. You caught me. You want a medal or something.”

“Or something,” my grin grew in size.

He looked at me and said, “No! I already told you no.”

What Steven was referring to was when we were at the department store last week. I had found a pair of swim briefs that I told him he should wear. He protested saying he didn’t like to wear swim briefs in public. I counter argued with him saying that he already wore briefs. But he ended up winning the argument by saying he didn’t mind wearing briefs because he had clothes to cover it up. But with swim briefs, you wore those in public. Which was something he wasn’t ready to do. Even to attract women. Which I understood. But I still ended up buying the pair with hopes that he would change his mind in the future as well as buying a pair for myself. Because I personally didn’t mind wearing them in public.

“Fine, don’t wear it in public but you can wear it in the jacuzzi.”

“Why? So the guys can make fun of me? No, thank you.”

“They won’t make fun of you. I’m planning to wear mine in the jacuzzi.”

Before Steven could reply, the attractive installer came to us and said, “Hey, the jacuzzi is all set up. Here are the instructions. If there are ever any problems, make sure to call us.”

With that the two installers left. Steven ran to the jacuzzi and turned it on.

“Hey! I thought we were waiting for Dick and Javi to come back,” I said.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t turn it on.”

I looked into the tub and saw it begin to fill with water. It looked really cool. We had purchased the jacuzzi capable of holding up to six people. So all of us could enjoy it together.

When the tub filled up, the jacuzzi began to warm the water. That’s when Steven put his hand in the water to feel it, “Ooh that feels good. I don’t think I can wait for Dick and Javi.”

I slapped his shoulder, “Come on, we have to wait.”

“Text them and ask where they are.”

I took out my phone and sent Dick a text message and within a few seconds he told me they were still about an hour away. Dick and Javi had gone up north to go see a sick uncle of theirs. They knew the installers were coming today so they had asked us to wait until they got back so we could all try it out.

“Still an hour or two away. It seems they are dealing with traffic.”

Steven didn’t say anything. Instead he moved his hand through the warm water for a few seconds. “I really want to try it.”

“And you will, tonight when they get back.”

He turned to me and said, “How about this, I’ll wear the swim briefs tonight if you don’t tell them we used the jacuzzi.”

It was a good offer, but at the same time I felt guilty that I was going behind Dick and Javi’s back. The last thing I wanted to do is to lie to them again.

“Come on, I really want to try it already. Especially the massager.”

“Ugh, fine. But we have to make sure it’s drained and dry before they get back. Otherwise they will know we used it.”

He held his hand up, “I promise it will be drained and dry by the time they get home.”

The two of us went inside the house to change into our swimwear. While we did that the jacuzzi got to the temperature we wanted. In my room, I changed into the swim briefs I had bought. It was a pastel blue color with an orange waistband. Ataşehir Escort The material was very soft and smooth. I had gotten Steven the same brand of swimwear but only a different color. I put on my shorts and then went down stairs.

Out in the backyard, I saw Steven standing next to the jacuzzi in only his shorts. “Are you wearing them?” I said.

He groaned, “Yes. Come on, let’s get in before they come home.”

At the same time we removed our shorts and for a moment I saw the swim briefs on Steven. They were red with a blue waistband. They looked really good on him, better than they looked on me since he worked out. “Damn, those look good on you. Are you sure you don’t want to wear them at the beach?”

“Take a picture already!”

“Wait, can I?”

“No!” He climbed inside the jacuzzi before I could take out my phone. I followed suit.

Steven started letting out a series of moans as we sat in the jacuzzi. He was completely lost to the massage cannons the jacuzzi had. I sat across from him watching as he had his head tilted back on the ledge of the jacuzzi with his eyes closed. “I can get used to this,” he said, satisfied.

“Wearing those swim briefs?” I joked.

He opened his eyes and looked forward, “No! Let me enjoy this.”

I decided to join him with the use of the cannons. He had every right to make those moaning sounds. These cannons were amazing. They targeted every part of your back and legs. It felt amazing.

“Oh man, this thing is pleasuring my entire body,” he said, still with his eyes closed.

This is where an idea spawned. I stretched out my right leg and placed my foot on his crotch, “I know a place that isn’t getting any pleasure.”

Steven instinctually smiled, “Not now. I’m enjoying this.”

I swam to him and placed my hand on his crotch and slowly rubbed it. “You can still get your massage while I massage your member down there.”

Steven opened his eyes and said, “What? How?”

I smiled, “Let me show you.”

I held my breath and lowered my head under the water. For a moment I stared at the smooth round bulge between his legs. My fingers slipped under the waistband of his swim briefs and pulled on them, opening them up. With my left hand I pulled out his flaccid cock and began to stroke it. Within seconds his member inflated in the palm of my hand. Finally, I opened my mouth and took his cock in. Slowly I moved my head back and forth keeping my lips tight around the shaft. Unfortunately, I was only able to do it for a minute before I had to go back up for air.

“So you’ve done this before?” he said.

“Yeah, my friend Kyle from high school was on the swim team. I sucked his dick underwater a few times.”

Before Steven could say anything else, I submerged my head and once more took his cock into my mouth. Continuing the rhythm from before, I pleasured my cousin’s throbbing cock. If he was moaning, I couldn’t hear him. But knowing him, he definitely was. It’s what I loved about Steven, he loved to moan.

I was about to go back up for air but was stopped. Steven placed his hand on the back of my head and pressed down. His cock moved deep into my throat for a few seconds. Unfortunately for him, I already needed air. I signaled to him that I needed air by tapping his arm. He released my head and I brought my head up for air.

“I take it deep throats aren’t good underwater?”

After getting air, I shook my head, “I need to breathe through my nose, jackass.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense,” he paused. Which allowed me to catch my breath some more, then Steven stood up from the water and held his cock in hand. He lowered his balls to my lips and said, “Come on, give them a nice suckin'”

Glady, I opened my mouth and began to suck on his balls. It was nice that he had finally gotten around to liking the ball sucking. I remembered at first he didn’t like it and would always tell me to stop. But recently, I have been doing it more and he clearly now loves it.

Using my tongue, I sucked on his ball like a lollipop. I stared up at my cousin as he tilted his head up. I loved seeing a guy react like that. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction. I moved on to the other ball and did the same, which led to him releasing a moan.

When I released his balls from my mouth, he let go of his cock and it landed between my forehead. I moved my head up, running my nose underneath his shaft, then when I made it to the tip, I opened my mouth. With my right hand wrapped around his thick cock, I pulled back his foreskin revealing the rose colored bulbous head. My mouth closed around it then I slowly moved his cock deeper into my mouth.

Passionately, my head moved in a backwards and forward motion. While my hand gently stroked the shaft. This time I could hear his moaning and gasps. My eyes would stare up at him as I pleasured the cock. When I’d hit a good spot, he head would jerk back a bit then tilt back entirely.

“Oh fuck.”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“God, I love your mouth.”

Were all things Acıbadem Escort Steven said to me.

My hands slid up his thighs and made their way to his butt. Steven always had a nice ass. Back in the day, I would always stare at it when he walked in front of me or bent over. Of course, at the time I never made a comment about it because he didn’t know I was bisexual.

My hands caressed his swimsuit covered ass. This is where Steven took over. He placed his hands on the sides of my head and moved my head at a faster pace. The water became rapid with this action. Causing some of it to spill out of the tub.

Steven ended the thrusting with one final thrust that sent his cock deep into my throat. Grabbing onto his cheeks I breathed through my nose doing my best to hold the cock in my throat. The muscles in my throat closed on his cock which sent pleasure throughout his entire body. I knew this because Steven let out a booming grunt. One I worried the neighbors heard.

When Steven released his cock from my throat he let out a satisfied moan. I continued to stroke his saliva covered cock with my hand while I peppered his cock with kisses. He looked down at me and said, “Take off your little speedos.”

I did as he commanded as he sat back down in the jacuzzi with the water cannons blasting his body. I went to him and straddled him, holding myself up by the little ledges next to his waist. Next, I felt his hands on my butt cheeks, which he gave a good squeeze before parting them. I grabbed his cock and pressed it against the entrance of my hole. Steven let go of one of my cheeks and grabbed his cock and pushed it inside me. A moan left my mouth when he did that. Then I lowered myself onto his cock and began to move up and down. The entire time his hands were glued to my butt cheeks.

My hands were just past his shoulders holding on the ledge of the jacuzzi as I moved my bottom up and down on his cock. Steven had let out a flurry of moans as we continued. The two of us were both completely lost to the pleasure. I had to make sure he didn’t moan too much though. The last thing I wanted were the neighbors coming over or worse looking over to see the source of the moaning.

Steven next pulled me off of his cock and stood up. He had me turn away from him. I placed my hands on the ledge while I felt him come behind me. His warm hands were on my hips as he reentered my tight hole. Both of us in the standing position, Steven took control and moved his pelvis back and forth. As he fucked me, his right hand slid up and down my back while his other hand held on to my shoulders. This time I couldn’t keep my moans to a whisper. This time the fucking he was giving me was more intense which caused me to let out moans. At one point our moans became in sync. The water once again became rapid and more of it spilled out of the tub.

Worry once again drew upon me that my neighbors would hear us. But it was abundantly clear that Steven didn’t care as his moans only grew louder with each passing second. I did my best to keep mine low but I would let out a cry every time the tip of his cock pressed against my prostate. I just couldn’t stop it.

Steven was now in full swing. I had lowered my head as the pleasure shot throughout my entire body. The tip of his cock constantly rubbed against my prostate. Causing me to let out cries and moans. I didn’t care anymore. I was lost in pleasure.

Steven’s rapid thrusting led to his breathing getting deeper. Followed by a series of grunts. He was close. I knew him so well. Then it donned on me, he was about to cum in my ass.

“Oh fuck, I’m close!” he cried out.

But before I could tell him not to cum in my ass, Steven cried out and bent forward. I felt the gooey liquid shoot into my ass. His thrusting began to slow as he filled me with possibly his entire sack of cum. A long “oh fuck,” came out his mouth as he finished inside my hole.

Steven rested himself on my back out of breath.

“I didn’t want you to cum in my ass, you know.”

“Why? We’re going to clean the jacuzzi after.”

“Yes, but now I have to get out of the jacuzzi and clean myself out.”

“Why didn’t you tell me then?”

“I was but you came when I was about to.”


I rolled my eyes, “You’re cleaning your own jizz out the tub.”

“Ugh, fine,” he wrapped his arms around my chest and brought me closer to his chest, “You have to admit that was a great fuck.”

I couldn’t resist a smile, “Yeah, it was. I bet that would’ve made a good video for the site.”

“Yeah, definitely.”

When Steven pulled his deflating cock out my ass, some cum did come out. But I was able to get out before a lot of it swam around. I got out and cleaned myself in the bathroom, then came back into the jacuzzi. By then, Steven had taken out some of the cum that had been floating.

“Not sure, I feel comfortable being in water with jizz in it,” he commented.

Inside the jacuzzi already, I said “It’s yours though.”

“Doesn’t mean, I don’t feel grossed İstanbul Escort out by it.”

“Shut up and enjoy the jacuzzi,” I closed my eyes as I felt the water cannons massage my body.

“Hey Jason?”

I opened my eyes, “What Steven?”

He smiled and said, “Thanks for being a good cousin.”

Warmth filled my chest. I knew I was in a jacuzzi but hearing that from him gave me a different type of warmth. “Thanks, but where is this coming from?”

He shrugged, “We grew up more like brothers than cousins. And I don’t remember ever telling you that.”

“And thank you for being an awesome cousin.”

An hour had passed and the two of us got out of the jacuzzi and began the draining process. The sun had already done down so all we had to do was dry the jacuzzi. I got the smart idea of grabbing the hose to water down the entire back area to cover up the water trail we had made. To make it look like we watered the lawn and the two trees we had in the backyard.

When the jacuzzi fully drained, Steven and I, still in our speedos, hopped back inside and did our best to dry it. Then we removed our speedos and put on our shorts and tossed the speedos in the dryer.

It was almost 8pm when Dick and Javi finally came home. “Oh my God!” Dick said rushing through the kitchen to the backyard, “I hate traffic. This is why I don’t want to drive.”

Javi came up behind him, “Sorry, bro, it’s part of life. Traffic, taxes and death.”

Steven and I laughed.

Dick looked at the jacuzzi, “Wow, it looks bigger than in the picture. But I’m honestly too tired to go in. I just want to go to sleep.”

Javi yawned, “Yeah me too. Sorry guys, maybe tomorrow night.”

Steven and I looked at each other and pretended to be sad, “It’s cool. I understand,” was all I said.

Dick and Javi went up to their bedrooms to sleep.

Steven leaned forward and said, “Well at least we got to try it out.”

I smiled, “That we did.”

Steven got up and stretched, “I’m going to catch some sleep, good night Jason.”

“You too, Steven.”

A few minutes later, I entered the house and went to the laundry room to pull the speedos out. Then I went to my bedroom and went to sleep.

The following morning, which was Friday, Dick had gone to work while Javi went for his morning gym session. Unfortunately, Steven and I still had school to tend to. Thankfully, it was summer school so the classes weren’t too long. We ate, showered, got ready then left for the train to the campus.

The classes went by fast. One minute we were there listening to a lecture about the Manhattan Project, the next we were leaving our final class. Steven said he wanted to hit up Target before going home, saying he had some things to buy. I decided not to go with him. Instead, I lingered around the campus.

I had made my way to the track when I was approached by someone. I turned to see it was Sam. “Hey there, Sam.”

He smiled and said, “Hey there, uh, Jason, right?”

I nodded. He got closer to me. “So how have you been? I know it’s been a week or two since we last saw each other,” I said to him.

“I’ve been good. Archibald has been showing me the house.”

I was confused for a second until I realized he was talking about Alkibiades. “You mean, Alkibiades.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s a weird name.”

“It’s the name of a historical figure.”

He shrugged, “So, what are you up to?”

I looked towards the track and said, “In high school I was on the track and field team.”

“Really? Me too!” he said excitedly.

“Woah, that’s awesome. We should run together one day.”

He smiled and said, “I’d love that. Want to head down to the track?”

“I don’t see why not.”

The two of us went to the field. It was empty. Literally no one in sight. Sam went into the little side spot where the teams would rest. It was almost like a dugout. I followed him. He began to undo his pants and that’s when I said, “Woah, what are you doing?”

“Why don’t we go for a jog right now?”

I pointed to my pants and said, “Uh well, I’m wearing pants. Not the ideal clothing for running.”

He winked, “I got you,” He reached into his backpack and pulled out two pairs of track shorts. One was yellow and the other was gray. “Pick one.”

I grabbed the gray one, “Thanks.”

Sam opened the fly of his pants and pulled them down. Giving a view of his underwear, which were navy blue briefs. Then he put on shorts. I didn’t get to see the brand however. I removed my pants and put on the shorts. Next, the two of us walked onto the track. “So how many laps do you want to do?” he said.

“Uh, how about five?”

He grinned, “Sounds good,” then we began our jog.

It started off great. The two of us were side by side talking a bit. Getting to know more of each other. The first lap had gone by so fast. The second lap is where I began to feel the burn. It had been a while since I last ran like this. I had worked out with Javi but that was different. It was much different than jogging.

A layer of sweat was on my arms as we entered the third lap. But it felt amazing the cool wind blowing against my skin. It turned out that me and Sam had a lot of things in common aside from the obvious love of jogging.

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