This Can’t Be Happening Ch. 06


My continued journey into exhibitionism and male to male sexuality. Thank you again to all those who have taken their time to vote, comment and follow.

As always, all names and locations have been changed to maintain anonymity.

As I gathered up the things I’d been ordered to collect, it occurred to me that Phillip had possibly planned this too. How else would everything be here ready and waiting? My cock stiffened even more, if that were possible. The buzz I felt thinking he’d gone out of his way to plan this, just for me, was a rush.

I couldn’t believe the effect he was having on me. The bubble of sexual energy I’d felt last night had returned to envelope me. I wandered back down the hallway to the living room trying to balance everything and not spill any water from the bowl. My cock bounced as I did and I could feel strings of precum hitting my thighs

When I got back I saw Phillips eyes move to my erection. That feeling of exposure and embarrassment returned, along with the overwhelming thought of how much I liked it. I still couldn’t get my head around it, but remembered what Phillip had told me regarding exhibtionism. All I knew at that time was how hard it made me to be naked in front of him.

He told me put the bowl and the shaving items on his desk before telling me to stand in front of him with my hands behind my head, knees and ankles together. Once again he walked around me then told me that whenever I was told to strip this would be the postion I should adopt.

“This is your display position” he told me. As I nodded my understanding I noticed the bulge pushing at the front of his trousers. My head was a mixture of torture and immense sexual excitement. My own erection was completely out of my control. As if it was acting independently. I’d never experienced that before, until Phillip.

I was still getting to grips with the words he’d spoken. “Whenever you’re told to strip” and “display position”. Comfirmation that he fully intended to do this again. It felt like he already had some kind of hold on me. This completely ordinary man, some would even say ugly, made me so excited.

It all just felt so right.

He stood in front of me and asked me if anyone had told me I had nipples like a woman’s. I didn’t understand right away. “Look how big your areolae are” he told me as I looked down. “And those nipples are very big for a man” he said. I’d never even thought about them until that Kartal Escort moment, but he was right. My nipples were rock hard and jutting out around half an inch. “Thick too” he told me. He took each one and rolled them between forefinger and thumb. Oh my god! It felt like an electric shock running right down to my cock. As he pulled and pinched my nipples, my cock twitched and oozed precum.

I’d never realised how much pleasure I could get from my nipples and I’ve never forgotten. To this day they are a regular part of any sexual play I have.

Phillip continued pulling and tweaking my nipples, getting rougher as he did. The harder he pinched, the more I gasped and moaned. I began to lose balance, such was the intensity of his actions. He reminded me to keep in the “display position”, so I did as he told me. He carried on working my nipples very hard. The pain was deep, but at the same time it made my erection even stronger. I was just at the point where I thought I was going to ejaculate when he suddenly stopped, leaving me literally gasping.

“Time to get rid of that hair” he told me smiling. He walked over to his desk, bringing the chair he used and put it in front me, so the back faced me. He told me to bend over it and grip the seat. Then, using his foot, he pushed my legs apart so they rested on outer side of the rear chair legs. He moved behind me and I heard him plug in the electric clippers, before using one hand to pull my left buttock open. Then he began to use them to remove the hair, moving from the left cheek to the right cheek, taking care not to nip my skin, yet getting as close as he could.

In my dazed state, I felt the hair go. It felt both humiliating and exhilarating. He got so close I could feel his breath on my anus. All I could think of was the strange hope that he liked what he saw. The thought surprised me. I felt like an object in some ways and it turned me on so deeply. He finished and told me to stand in the display position but with my legs wide apart. As I did I noticed a dark patch had appeared on the crotch of his trousers where his bulge seemed to strain at the material.

He knelt down in front of me and lifted my balls with one hand and clippered the hair from anus to my scrotum, then my balls, using his hand to squeeze them gently to stretch the skin. He finished by removing my pubic bush, moving my erection out of the way as he did. It was a strange Tuzla Escort feeling. I felt like a sheep being sheared. He went about it in a completely non sexual way, yet it was a highly erotic act. I was then told to put the towel on the floor and lay down on it on my back, as he retrieved the bowl of water, shaving foam and razor.

He knelt beside me and I felt him wetting my pubic area and scrotum with his hands, then apply the shaving foam, before using the razor to remove the remaining stubble from around my cock and my scrotum. He lifted both of my legs and told me to hold them back and apart using my hands behind my knees. I found this to be one of the most humiliating positions I’ve ever experienced. I felt like a baby about to have it’s nappy changed. It left me spreading my cheeks and feeling vulnerable.

He then wet the skin from my balls to my anus and massaged the shaving cream in, paying particular attention around my hole, before getting to work with the razor. I can’t tell you what was going on in my head at the time. The whole experience was a daze. Phillip didn’t talk while he shaved me other than to tell me what position to adopt. He could have been shaving his chin such was the non sexual way he went about it, but I have no doubt he was fully aware of how it made me feel.

He washed me down with water then dried me before telling me to stand in display position. That was the moment I felt the effect of having no pubic hair. I could feel the air on my genitals and anus. It felt weird. Strange. Smooth and immensely “clean”. It felt like I had nowhere to hide and the words Phillip had said earlier sprang into my head.

I felt completely and utterly exposed.

Phillip stood back with his hands on his hips as if admiring his handiwork. “Much better” he said. “Now you’re a true show off David. Turn around” I turned around and I heard him kneel down behind me. I felt both of his hands pull my cheeks wide open, almost stretching my anus open. God, the feeling of my hairless hole being stretched apart was so intense. The thought that 2 days ago Phillip was just the guy I worked for and now he was ogling my freshly shaved anus jumped into to my head. I just couldn’t get my head around what had happened since last night.

“Mmmm….what beautiful smooth arsehole you have now David” he told me “I want you to keep yourself shaved from now on”. I replied saying I would. I had no idea Anadolu Yakası Escort how I would do it or how I would be able to keep it hidden when I went to my swimming club. I just knew that if Phillip wanted me shaved, I’d do it.

I could feel his breath getting closer to my anus and the warmth of his face on my inner cheeks. What was he doing? Then I suddenly felt his stubble on my cheeks just before the warm, moist sensation of his tongue licking my hole. Almost lapping at it.

Oh my fucking God! He was actually licking me. Licking my anus! My whole body spasmed. The feeling was incredible. He gently poked the tip of his tongue inside me and I could barely keep control. I told him I was going to cum. He quickly turned me so I was side on to him standing in front of the towel. “Go on David” he said “Wank it off for me”

The intensity of what he’d done overcame the embarrassment I felt as I gripped my erection. No more than 5 pulls on my rigid cock and I was squirting my cum in long jets. I watched in bemusement as the first 3 shot way beyond the towel, with the next 4 splattering on to it. My orgasm was so strong my legs buckled and I collapsed onto my knees, shaking as the remnants of my spunk oozed out. I actually felt faint and as I recovered I realised Phillip was standing in front of me with his beautiful thick cock and balls already out. “Keep your hands behind your back” he told me as he gripped my head and pushed his erection into my mouth.

He started gently, holding my head firmly he rocked his cock in and out of my mouth. “You really are a big spunker aren’t you David” he told me. I had no idea what he meant. It was normal to me. I thought every guy came like that. The only difference with Phillip was how hard I came and how far it shot. I couldn’t respond anyway because he was already choking me as he fucked my mouth.

And fuck my mouth is exactly what he did. He ignored my choking and gagging. He ignored the tears that swam from my eyes. He fucked his thick cock right inside my throat making me take him to the hilt. Depsite that I fucking loved it! Just like the previous evening my cock reacted strongly to his cock choking me and in spite of the fact I’d only just orgasmed I was bone hard. I had no thoughts as he did my mouth. It felt like heaven. It felt perfect. I could feel my spit on his large hairy balls hitting my chin and smearing my face. Then suddenly he groaned and pushed his cock into my throat. I could actually feel it swell then twitch as the cum flowed out straight into my throat, then my stomach. It was only as he pulled out that I got to taste it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this chapter. I hope to continue in the next couple of days or so.

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