The most important deadline of my working career rapidly approached. All the synonyms associated with it rang through my mind, crunch time; get ‘er done, tempus fugit, no time like the present, and the whole litany. Getting this done was top priority for me because it was worth a huge bonus of over two million dollars. I worked around the clock. In the end, the money was in the bank and I had a six-month sabbatical handed to me as well.

“Get the fuck out of here, you earned,” my boss ordered.

That was one order I intended to obey to the letter. I was conflicted with whom I wanted to share the reward. Being something of a workaholic, I didn’t have a wife or girlfriend. I didn’t have a really close friend either. The closest person to me was my little sister, Mary. I would invite her to share my reward.

Mary is my little sister by five years. She is 31 and unattached. To me she is beautiful although the rest of the world may not think so. She has had several restorative surgeries to her face after an ex decided to scar her after a breakup. He is in prison, and, as word has it, he was shanked in revenge for her. Funny how shit happens.

The scars are real but plastic surgeons worked magic giving her face a lift that hid the worst of them. Mary is a scant five feet two inches tall and about 118 pounds. She has a nice figure, not full, more petite. She is more athletic than me, therefore, much firmer.

I am 36 with the height genes of the family. I am six feet three inches tall and just over 200 pounds. I exercise but do carry a few extra pounds around the waistline.

Mary listened to my proposal, although she didn’t think I was serious. “Who is more important to me than you, Mary. Whom else do I spend my free time with?”

Her answer didn’t come for a couple days; she was always one to weigh alternatives. When her decision was made, we began making plans.

“Name an exotic place you always wanted to visit.” I was sure of her answer before I asked; however, I wanted her to İstanbul Escort say it.

She brightened as her answer left her lips, “Monaco, the Mediterranean coast of France.” She was always infatuated with the thought of nude beaches and warm sunny stretches of sand.

Soon as she said it, she went deep red with embarrassment realizing she would be with me, her brother. “I mean, that’s my dream trip, but…” She didn’t finish.

“Afraid of how your older brother might react to seeing all of you? I think it would be a vision worth every,” I spelled, “C E N T or S C E N T. Besides, Mary, I’ll be wearing as much as you. Could you deal with that?”

“But, Jeff, it’s so taboo.” The embarrassment lingered on Mary’s face although her eyes began to twinkle.

“And, Mary, only you and I will know the truth.” Her rational mind comprehended what only we would know, yet, she knew we would know and that was still taboo.

“Mary, you know that we don’t have to go completely naked.” I thought that counter might sell her.

“If that’s the case, I can stay here and get the same result on the upper deck.” The twinkle in her eyes grew as the level of embarrassment subsided.

“I’m game, let’s hit the deck.” I doubted she had the nerve to take me up but she was occasionally full of surprises.

“That is one way to test our reactions. I’ll go change and, I guess you can pretend in your boxers.”

Up on the deck, Mary appeared wearing a scant bikini that was more thong than material. The top wasn’t even cupped. Her breasts were firm and proud on her chest. My reaction was immediate and obvious. I did nothing to hide my arousal.

“See, Jeff, that is why we shouldn’t go to Monaco together. That thing of yours is a distraction.” All the while she smiled.

“The smile on your face says something different than the words coming from your mouth.” She removed her top; my boxers fell to the floor.

Mary stared at my cock. In all its glory it stood just slightly over Escort Bayan eight inches long and almost two inches thick. We both knew where we were headed.

Her upper deck is protected from view and as we settled on recliners, we held the other’s gaze. Mary’s body was a turn on like nothing I’d ever imagined or experienced. Maybe part of it was the taboo nature of our present situation and maybe part of it was her real petite perfect proportions. I was smitten and turned on.

With some hesitation, Mary decided to slip out of the thong, it didn’t hide much anyway. She was hairless, clean and smooth. The folds of her labia hinted only slightly of the flower petals that opened to her deepest secret. I wanted to devour her then and there.

“You are the sweetest sight my eyes have beheld, Mary.” It was a whispered statement filled with emotion and pure lust.

Mary made a surprise move taking me in her arms. I wrapped her in mine as our naked bodies touched. Mary rested her head on my chest, my hard cock wedged between us.

“You know what is going to happen next don’t you, Jeff?” I felt Mary rubbing against me. “We are going to throw taboo over the rail and I am going to enjoy you loving me.”

Mary anticipated my next move. As I bent my head, she lifted hers. For a magical moment, our lips touched. The contact lasted so briefly it could hardly be called a kiss, yet the smile on Mary’s face spoke volumes. When we kissed again, it was with full passion and desire. We merged into one being.

Mary’s tiny body wrapped around mine, her legs around my waist. She eased herself slowly over my cock and began lowering herself onto it. I couldn’t find a word with enough meaning to describe my pleasure.

We both sensed that I would not last long and Mary made it clear that even if I cum in seconds, it was okay.

“Cum in my, Jeff. I want it.” She began working her vaginal muscles against me and I did erupt.

“Oh, god, Mary,” I panted. My release felt strong and Eskort filled me with more pleasure than I’d ever felt in my life. Mary clamped me tight as my hard on began to shrink.

We locked in another kiss that gave my spirit a rise. As we kissed and felt our bodies reacting, my cock slowly returned to full glory. Mary kept her hold on me and as my cock grew again, she began moving against me.

With determined moves, I sat on one of the recliners and held Mary on my lap. We eased our tight embrace to gaze on the others body. Mary was red with lust; her nipples were swollen little buds. Where our bodies joined was the dampness of desire.

In her aroused state, Mary’s face glowed. I traced around her face with light fingertip touches. Her scars seemed to disappear before my eyes; they were there but not there. Only her loveliness shown through.

My fingers traced over her shoulders and down her arms then back up. When I touched her breasts, Mary sighed a heavy moan followed by a cry of pleasure as I lightly pinched nipples. She began bucking hard on my cock.

“Oh, Jeff! Oh, god, Jeffrey, yes!” Another moment later and Mary reached her peak, bucked hard a couple times, and sat down hard taking me as deep as my eight inches could go. Her orgasm was sweet and fulfilling just as my first had been a few minutes ago. She fell limp against me and I held her tenderly.

Mary revived quickly knowing I was still hard in her. She lifted herself off my shaft and immediately gushed the contents of her pussy. It was obscene and lusty, sensual and exciting. She knelt on the cushions presenting her ass and pussy to me. I knew what she wanted and obliged.

I sunk my cock deep into her pussy with one quick thrust and she gasped loudly. She reacted by pushing into me and squeezing my cock. When she released her grip, Mary begged for a fucking. I had to obey my little sister.

My hands were grasping at her hips pulling her into me as I drove my cock into her. The upper deck of her house was awash with our mutual moans and lusty cries. When we reached our crescendo, it was loud and neighbors had to hear.

Both of us were satisfied beyond any level we’d ever experienced. Now it was time to plan our trip to Monaco. Would we even see the beach?

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