Corporate slave. How far would you go? Part 1

Corporate slave. How far would you go? Part 1
Rick and Chrissy are about as average as you can get. both in their mid thirties, married with k**s. Chrissy is a lady of leisure whilst husband Rick works as an analyst for a large d**gs company.

This story highlights the lengths people will go to for material gain.

Rick was fairly new in his job, but had clearly done something right as he was in good favour with the boss Ian. Ian was a very successful and wealthy man, feared by anyone that worked for him. He did not tolerate fools well!

Things crept up on the couple slowly, before they were in too deep, with no way out! It started with Rick being called into a meeting with Ian. It was impossible to be in his presence without feeling nervous. However, on this occasion Ian was showing a nice side, explaining to Rick how impressed he is with him and his work. He explained that he had an opportunity for Rick and arranged a meeting. The meeting was to take place at a house in a posh area outside of the city. As instructed, Rick brought along Chrissy.

The house was huge and parked outside was a top of the range Mercedes. Ian was punctual as ever and they proceeded into the house. This is where things were about to get interesting. “I have an offer for you both” said Ian in his usual confident way. “This is my house, but can be yours”. Both Rick and Chrissy could not believe what they hearing. “It comes at a cost” continued Ian. “I am friends with some of the richest and most powerful people around and we use this house to host party’s. I need someone to look after the house and look after my guests. In return you can live hear. Before you make your minds up there are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly, this would also include a car”. Ian handed over a Mercedes key. It was the key to the car outside. “The thing about the parties are that they are sex parties.” Ian continued to explain that these happen around once a month and gave them just 5 minutes to decide.

Rick and Chrissy were convinced and decided to go ahead. Once they were in possession of the keys things started to get difficult. A party took place and went well. But that was just a taster. Rick was called to a meeting where he was told that him and his wife would be expected to take part. The bit that they did not plan for was taking part, but in their minds were made up. They had a new lifestyle that they were going to protect at any cost. The message from Ian was clear comply or hand both lots of keys back. Never!

Party day soon came round and strict instructions were given. Chrissy was to dress to impress and we had to take good care of the guests. Chrissy dressed in a very nice evening dress and Ian wore his best suit. Both of them were a bit overweight and age was taking hold but they tried.

The guests soon arrived, about 30 people. Very wealthy and powerful people! Very rude and horrible people! Ian and Chrissy were almost ignored to start with. They were lowly people in the eyes of everyone, simply there to serve.

As the evening progressed drinks were flowing and it was lively. Then it begins! A few of the guests were getting frisky! Then came a loud voice that silenced the room. “Where’s our fucking hosts?” Chrissy raised her hand. “What the fuck are you wearing?” Did Ian not explain to dress sexy?” We were shocked! “For fucks sake take her upstairs and find something sexy” commanded the horrible man. A very good looking woman lead Chrissy upstairs. A few minutes later Chrissy reappeared wearing the shortest and tightest dress and looking really uncomfortable. “Miss piggy squeezed into this for us” said the good looking woman. It showed every lump and bump she had. “You look a fucking mess, take it off!” Commanded the same horrible man. Chrissy turned to leave the room. “NO!” He boomed. “Here where we can all watch!” Chrissy looked at Rick as if to ask what to do. Knowing what was at stake Rick simply shrugged his shoulders. So she did it. In full view of about 30 people. She stood there naked.

“You are disgusting” came that same voice. “You are a mess. You should lose weight and shave that bush off!” Chrissy was sporting a full pubic bush. She was not one for shaving!

“You are not looking after your guests” came a familiar voice. It was Ian! “I suggest you get topping up their glasses to start with! Then find out what else they want” Chrissy was visibly shocked by the whole thing. “Or hand me the keys back and fuck off!” Chrissy got busy serving drinks.. Ian walked over to Rick. I suggest you strip off as well and start serving your guests.

This was the start of a night of abuse and humiliation. To be continued…..

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