My First Time

My First Time
I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this, but if I don’t tell someone it will be like it didn’t happen. It was just a normal Friday night out with the girls like a dozen other Friday nights before. Myself and a few friends would start at my house then we’d head for the pub. When we arrived the place was full as usual and we headed for the bar, ordered our drinks and found somewhere to sit. A few drinks later the conversation turned to sex as it normally does! As we talked and laughed I was aware of being watched. Feeling a bit uneasy I decided to find out who was staring. I got the shock of my life! The person who had been watching me was a woman! She smiled and made her way over to where we sitting. Suddenly I felt the need to leave so I convinced the girls that we should go clubbing and we made a swift exit.

The nightclub was hot and loud as we bought our drinks and headed for the dance floor. We danced for what seemed like forever and I decided it was time for a rest so I found a table in a nice quiet corner. I rested my poor aching feet and had the feeling of being watched that I’d had in the pub. I turned my head and realized it was the same woman. This time she already on her way over so I had no time to escape. Although I’ve never thought much about women I had to admit she was attractive. Long dark hair and as she came closer I could see she had piercing blue eyes. She asked if the seat next to me was taken and without waiting for an answer she sat down. Feeling a little nervous I avoided eye contact at first but as she spoke I started to feel more at ease. Maybe it was the drink but I found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss her.

Shocked at my own thoughts I took a long gulp of my drink not noticing her hand on my thigh. She began to gently squeeze my leg as she spoke sending a shiver through me. I closed my eyes as her moved up under my skirt and towards the top of my thigh. I could feel my clit swelling as she kissed my neck. Suddenly I snapped back to reality and pulled away telling her that I was sorry but I wasn’t into women. Smiling she said it wasn’t about liking women it was about pleasure. She leaned forward and kissed me softly running her tongue over my lips. I felt the same sensation in my pussy as she kissed me more deeply. u*********sly my tongue found it’s way into her mouth as we touched each other. She asked me if I wanted to leave and I nodded quickly before my brain had chance to think about it.

We headed out of the club and found a cab and kissed and caressed each other for the whole journey. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. By the time we arrived my pussy was incredibly wet. When we got into her flat she told me to make myself at home and she’d get us a drink. I didn’t want a drink. That would give me time to change my mind. She sensed I was worried and started to kiss me like she had in the club. I kissed her back as she ran her fingers lightly over my already erect nipples. I moaned softly against her mouth as she took it between her fingers and gently squeezed. Her hand moved down my body until she reached between my legs and teased my clit through the damp material of my panties.

I forced my pussy towards her hand trying to increase the pressure but she pulled away. Standing up she undressed to reveal no underwear and round pert breasts. I stood up and took one of her nipples between my lips, sucking and nibbling on it. She sighed heavily and leant down to kiss me.

It wasn’t long before we were both naked. She led me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Her hands moved between my legs and parted my now soaking pussy lips. Carefully she rubbed my clit sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. I cried out as she increased the pressure and slid two then three fingers into me. My hips bucked wildly as she quickened her pace, her thumb concentrating on my clit. She lowered her head and began to flick her tongue across it, barely touching me. I forced her head down further and she sucked harder and harder, her fingers still ramming into my dripping hole. She moved faster and faster as I felt my orgasm building. As I came I held her head on my clit as she sucked.

My pussy walls clamping onto her fingers as I screamed out. Even as I came she didn’t stop, bringing me to another mind-blowing climax. As my orgasm died down she kissed her way to my lips. The faint taste of my own juice turning me on again. She reached down the side of the bed and produced the biggest dildo I’d ever seen, announcing that I’d better be ready. I took the dildo from her hand telling her it was her turn. I moved down and rubbed the head on her wet pussy then pushed it deep inside her. She gripped the bed tightly as I forced it further. I started with long slow strokes, flicking my tongue over her clit. As she lifted her hips off the bed I rammed the huge toy in and out even harder. I bit gently on her clit making her cum almost immediately. She pinched and squeezed her nipples as I forced inch after inch in her soaking hole. I moved faster and faster as her orgasm took her body over. She thrust her body up trying to take more in as juice poured from her pussy. As her orgasm peaked she cried out in ecstasy and lay panting as it subsided. I joined her on the pillows and kissed her flushed face and lips thanking her for a wonderful first time and hoping that it wouldn’t be the last..

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