Sister’s Friend Caught Stealing

How I got caught with a cock in my ass
Senior year just turned 18 ready to get out of school is how the story starts. I went to school with this super hot guy Sergio since grade school and he was always openly gay as time passed he got so much sexier senior year he was the hottest Latino I had ever seen one day I decided to make my move. School was over and me and him stayed after to do work they had us in this room just us looking at him I could see his bulge in the leggings he wore and was staring at it he caught me and I didn’t notice I kept looking till he said my leggings make it pop huh, I said yea it’s just out there haha. He said he could fix it if it bugged me I said nah no worries. We started talking about a lot of stuff and he said how he had got his dick sucked by this older guy the day before I asked him about it and he looked confused to why I was asking after talking about it for a while he asked me why I wanted too know and there I decided to tell him wassup I told him to come to me and look at my back I pulled my pants down a bit showing the panties I was wearing that had slut printed on them he tells me “damn I’m confused” I said I wear girls panties everyday for a few years cuz it makes me feel like a slutty girl and that’s what I wanted he got quiet and I kept talking told him how I used too try and think of a way to hit on him but was scared to admit I’m gay. He told me “I knew it I could just feel it I could tell that you liked dick I even knew that you were probably a sissy boy” I asked him how he said it’s pretty obvious because he’d see me cock gazing at the urinals and he saw my thong imprint thru my pants. He said how he would see me stare at his ass n the hallways cuz he always wore short shorts or leggings. I told him how even when I was young I wouldn’t wear anything but small briefs then when I got a bit older I started buying girls underwear, and how I’d be in my shed and try on a bunch of different thongs and what not and how I always shave so I’m smooth like a girl. He told me how one of his ex’s also brought up my name and how I had him at my house staying the night and let him fuck me all night. I told him how me and his ex were talking about him and another school mate Omar and how I always thought they were so and Omar were friends and one day he told me he thought he was gay and I said me too. We decided to see if we liked it. Omar and me got naked except my panties I told him how I been wearing them for a while. We layed down and he licked my cock and put it in his mouth and told me how it tasted amazing and feeling the pulsating cock in his throat felt amazing. I told him “looks like we are both gay now put my dick back in your mouth and look at me as u suck it he does and smiles all big I say your definitely gay you are loving that cock. He said I guess I am I’ve had sex w girls and it doesn’t feel half as right as this” anyways I told Sergio about that and he said “that’s so hot it makes me smile hearing that” I told him “that bulge tho your cock looks huge he pulls up a pic of him naked in the mirror huge cock great ass no hair sexy face. I tell him let’s go to the gym under the bleachers I’ve been dying to taste your cock. He said of course I’ll fuck your face under the bleachers. We went to the gym and before we even made it I was reaching for his cock. We got under the bleachers and he told me undress to your panties as he gets butt naked. I tell him bring your sexy naked body over her and put your cock in my mouth it was so huge when I deepthroated he said u could see it in my throat. I look at him as I suck his cock and he tells me I’m about to cum imma bust on your face I say ok daddy he jerks it till he bust covering my face he tells me don’t wipe it we are gonna take a selfie so we take a pic together with my face covered in cum and I tell him too send that to his ex to show that you have someone that will treat u right and let u do whatever you want. He slams me against the wall grabs my ass and starts kissing me he tells me I’ve wanted this for so long we keep kissing naked under the bleachers squeezing eachothers ass. He helps me get dressed as I do him as he’s putting my panties back on he tells me how good my ass looks in them I tell him how I do butt workouts so my ass looks better in panties and bouncing on a cock. I help him put his underwear and rub on his ass and kiss it I tell him u have no idea how many boners I got walking behind u in the halls as his hips sway and his ass jiggles. We are walking home to his house cuz his mom works nights and I tell him look we’ve known eachother forever we get along have a lot in common let’s make this real be my boyfriend? He says of course I will I’ve always wanted you. Every day after school we went to one of eachothers house and fucked until we couldn’t no more we’d fuck n public at school in the mountains wherever we wanted too. One day we were at my house fucking in the living room cuz fuck it everyone is supposed to be gone till late. We had porn playing on the tv gangbang porn. I’m wearing my panties pulled to the side bent over on the couch as he fucks me with his huge cock I’m moaning and dirty talking as he rams his cock balls deep in my ass he’s a girly guy where’s make up shaves everything takes like one as he fucks me my mom and brother walk in and I didn’t even hear them they are standing in the door way watching me get fucked I notice them and tell him to stop and he says fuck that and goes faster and harder then he came and said there you go babe I came all inside you at this point already been caught fuck it I say “thank you my baby I can feel it dripping out my boy pussy. They ask what’s going on us still naked say well I was bent over and he was fucking me balls deep like I love and then he filled my ass with cum. They look like they don’t know what to say, I tell em he’s my boyfriend we’ve been here fucking everyday for weeks he says and I came in his ass every time I reply fuck yes you did baby your load feels amazing in my asshole. They say stop and to do that somewhere else and so I bend over and say fuck that stick your cock back in me baby I don’t care what they think he says don’t mind if I do he rubs his cock on my ass I say yesss daddy your cock feels so amazing rubbing my asscrack he licks my ass then tells me this time is gonna be way harder and way more freaky, I say yessss tie me up, he starts tying me up and starts telling them you see her I hog tie him so I can fuck him like the whore he is, as he’s tying me up he says your my bitch huh baby I say fuck yea I am I love being your bitch hog tie me throw me around all of that. My mom says I can’t believe what you’ve turned into, I said what? A fag who loves letting his feminine boyfriend make him his bitch? Or the hog tie and thong while I get fucked or just me being fucked in general? She says all of it and I say doesn’t matter I’m not gonna change this is me know girls panties hog tied up while my boyfriend digs me out. I’m happy when me and Sergio are fucking having a cock in my ass makes me happy, being tied up while I’m being fucked makes me happy watching his feminine’ body fill my ass full of cum and cock makes me so happy. Dressing in my panties showing off my ass that I worked so hard for makes me happy I’d walk around in those panties all day if it was legal my ass looks amazing in them. He says yea look at my baby’s ass take off his way of acting like a thug and under he’s wearing a pair of girl panties wishing he was getting fucked. I say “exactly I’m expected to be manly and hard core but I’m a panty wearing cock loving fag and I love it”. I tell him stick it in me daddy and he starts fucking me again I tell em look at that you see that? As they watch “watch me take that cock balls deep in my asshole and they did watch for a while. The next day me and Sergio come back from school and my moms home and asks what we are doing and I said oh nothing just gonna suck his cock and have him fuck me everyday thing” he says “yea I’m about to go tear up his asshole like the whore he is I pull my sweats down and show my ass and say here in about a half hour my ass is gonna be covered in cum” he said fuck yeah I love your ass and the random ass pics you send thruout the day I tell him I love taking those pics. I love sending nudes in general to you, did u get the vid of me and my dildo? He said yea the big one that made u cum as soon as it went all the way in, I said yes exactly that one is a new dildo I got it bigger, I love big cock I’m so grateful that my boyfriend has a big cock so he can stretch me out and poke my guts with his cock. I love feeling a cock slide in my asshole the feeling of the tip sliding in feels so bomb, then feeling the cock slide in and out is the best I love having a big cock fuck me nice fast and hard. Since the first day I took a dick from a buddy of mine I’ve loved it I knew right away when my friend slid his cock in me that that’s how I wanted to live. One day he was fucking me and we both thought we weren’t gay we were just having fun I told him “you definitely turned me gay and I think you did yourself gay too” he told me “your probably right recently I stopped talking to females and have just been chillin with you and fucking you” I’m definitely gay now I told him the day you first slid your cock in me I never wanted you to stop” and now imma full blown bottom sissy boy who goes nowhere without panties on and is in love with having cock in his ass. I love being gay I love getting fucked I love sucking cock I love all of it

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