Subject: All for the team… 2 This is a complete work of fiction. Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold was sat at the back of the team bus – the squad were in Madrid for the final of the Champions League. Their flight had arrived late evening so the bus was shrouded in darkness, everyone desperate for as much rest as possible before the big match. Trent himself was semi-conscious, eye’s closed, alone at the back of the bus thinking about how they had arrived at this moment. His quick corner in the semis had been the catalyst for the win over Barcelona at Anfield. A smile crept across his face reliving the moment in his hazy mind. He felt a hand on his thigh, running up the smooth skin of the inside. His cock twitched in response. The hand was quickly on his crotch, the very noticeable bulge now even bigger. “Skipper?!” Alexander-Arnold smiled, knowing the touch of his captain from memory. “You know I never got to thank you for your efforts in the last match, we wouldn’t be here without you!” Jordan whispered as he easily brought Trent’s impressive cock to full hardness — the biggest dick in the squad. Henderson was always especially please when his star right-back performed well. The captain climbed over Arnold to straddle him, sat on his lap. He ground his ass against Trent’s massive bulge. “Here?” The young right back whispered in shock, his big brown eye’s darting down the middle aisle of the bus before looking up to locked with Henderson’s. “I know you are wild Trent!” Jordan smirked as he reached back pulling Alexander-Arnold’s massive weighty dick free, “and it’s my job as captain to make sure the team is satisfied — you know that” Trent just smiled in response, pulling the back on Henderson’s track suit bottoms down just enough for the access he needed. He felt the strap of a waistband but a bare ass, quickly realising Jordan was wearing a jock. “You are a fucking whore Hendo!” Trent laughed pushing a finger into Henderson’s already lubed warm hole. “Mmm” was all Jordan bursa escort gave in response, no arguments. Trent wasn’t going to spend anytime opening him up that wasn’t how he operated. After teasing the older man’s hole momentarily his finger was quickly pulled from the tight hole and wrapped around his own cock. The right-back slapped his cock against Jordan’s hole causing the captain to grunt in appreciation. Alexander-Arnold smiled at the response, smacking the heavy meat against Jordan’s hole one, two, three more times. On the fourth, as much as Henderson loved this feeling, he pressed a finger to Trent’s full lips — a gesture to quieten down the younger man, the sound of the thick meat slapping against his hole was becoming obscene. Trent bit Henderson’s finger playfully at being chastised. Without warning his started pushing his cock into his captain. The unprepared tight hole resisted but Alexander-Arnold forced in. Henderson slumped over resting his head on his top’s shoulder just about managing to stifle his guttural moan at having his hole broken in by Trent’s huge cock. Trent pushed down on Jordan’s thighs forcing him to sit on his entire length, he wished he could see the sight from the other side, his captain, back of his pant’s down, waistband of his jock peaking from under his shirt, straddling the massive cock of one of his star players. Henderson braced himself, gripping onto the backrest of the bus either side of Alexander-Arnold knowing what was coming next. Arnold pushed up into the bottom, his eyes fixed looking up at the handsome face of Jordan. Jordan’s eyes were closed tight, biting his lip hard to stop screaming out as he got used to Trent’s huge dick forcing up into him over and over. “Look at me!” Trent breathed in his thick Liverpudlian accent. Jordan complied as always; his eyes locked with the deep brown eyes of his younger teammate. Henderson’s eye’s fluttered and rolled back uncontrollably at each thrust up of Trent’s thick cock escort bayan something which seemed to please the right-back. He could feel Jordan loosening up and he could see a smile starting to replace the grimace Henderson was making desperately trying not to make any noise. Arnold took this as his cue to go to town on Hendo. He started fucking up into him in sharp, stiff, powerful thrusts. The first caused Henderson to moan out loud. Trent put his finger to Jordan’s lips mocking the older man with a cocky smile. Jordan would usually fake outrage at being tease by the lads but Trent teasing him while his perfect cock was buried deep inside him was too hot. Alexander-Arnold was hitting a nice rhythm, slamming up into his captain, each time more eager to plunge his cock deeper. Henderson had just about adjusted to the huge cock stretching him open and was starting to push himself down onto the man beneath him meeting the thrusts up into him. The two men’s gaze were fixed on each other, a sort of competition taking place, Trent fucking his captain with all he had and Jordan slamming himself down. There was no smiling now; no joking, no teasing, this was raw and needy and desperate. It was a strange contrast, such an intense fuck but in almost complete silence, just muffled groans and a dampened sounds as Alexander-Arnold rutted into his teammate with al he had. Trent was panting exhausted trying to keep up with Henderson, he had forgotten how insatiable the bottom was. He slammed up into him one final time, gripping the captain’s waist and holding him down on his cock circling his hips to grind his huge dick against Jordan’s insides. He watched how the bottom clenched his jaw tight taking the fucking like the pro he was. Jordan was the perfect bottom. “Ride my dick!” He ordered in a whisper, conceding defeat. Henderson was already riding Alexander-Arnold, he didn’t need to be told, he knew what his squad needed. He relished being able to take in the feeling of the thickness bursa escort of Trent’s perfect cock, stretching him wide as each inch filled him – now he was in control. The Liverpool captain was easing himself up and down the length, almost painfully slowly for Trent. He smiled down on his teammate knowing he was desperate for his cock to be slamming into Henderson, working him to climax. Jordan teased Arnold for a few a more seconds before his own frantic need for cock overwhelmed him. He started slammed himself down on the cock over and over. He was desperate to cry out but knew he couldn’t. Trent’s hands were suddenly on his thighs helping push him down harder and deeper. The right-back could feel himself getting close he knew what was coming. “Fuck mate! I’m going to cum!” He breathed heavily. “Where do you want it?” Henderson panted still riding the cock, squeezing his hole tight around the length. “On that pretty fucking face! Get on your knees!” Jordan reluctantly climbed off that perfect cock, his hole aching to be filled again. He knelt in front of his player, the large, heavy cock hanging above his face as Trent worked his hand furiously up and down. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” Alexander-Arnold moaned as he felt his load rising through his cock and shooting out. His cum splatted across Henderson’s handsome face, hitting right across his nose, cheek and forehead. He milked himself as more cum shot onto Jordan’s face, he loved the sight of the perfect, upstanding, always professional Liverpool captain covered in his cum. He milked himself continuing to dump his load all over his captain’s face until the last drop leaked from his dick and he collapsed backwards into the bus seat. “You’re a fucking mess lad!” Trent laughed looking at Henderson; cum in his hair, all over his face, dripping off his chin and down his neck. Jordan reached into his bag pulling out his match shirt, using it to wipe the cum clean off, making sure to taste what he could. Trent was already asleep, his dick still hard in his shorts, a sly smile on his face. Henderson went back to his seat. He lifted his now soiled Liverpool shirt, the cum of Trent Alexander-Arnold covering his name and number proud he had performed as captain once again. Feedback welcome at ail

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