Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 119 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 119 Ryan and Larry came in with Charlie and me, helping to carry the food and drink. Tim had suddenly remembered that Francis had never been down to our cabins, and had gone to wait for him coming along the crew corridor. By 2205 the two of them had arrived, leaving only Will to complete the party. We decided to have a beer and a bite to eat – the pumps might as well be primed. It seemed wrong to strip before Will arrived, however, so the eleven of us rather awkwardly crammed into Cabin 4, vacated by the sling, where we’d put the refreshments. We kept the cabin door open, so when Will finally appeared he would hear sounds of jollity. He eventually turned up at 2220. “Sorry – have you been waiting? Bit of a flap on, but all’s well now.” The nature of the flap wasn’t explained, but Sam told Tim the next night (and Tim told me) that there had been a U-Boat scare. We were steaming at full speed, able to outrun anything the German Navy could throw at us, but that didn’t help if there was a U-Boat waiting for us. We zigzagged, changing course randomly every so often so that if we were running towards danger, at least aiming at us was made harder. The ‘flap’ had been the first time this had been thought necessary, and all officers had been on the Bridge to learn what had to be done. Will grabbed a beer. “I need this!” and began to relax. There wasn’t room in Cabin 3 so some of us went to our own cabins to strip off, leaving Sam and Tim with the four men. Soon six naked Able Seamen returned. “This is nice,” said Will, turning to Sam and putting his arm round him. Francis smiled at Tim. “You’ve come a long way, Tim, since you joined us where the real work takes place.” Will and Sam exchanged oh-no-it-isn’t looks, but nothing was said. There would always be friendly rivalry between the Captain and the Chief Engineer, and since neither of them was present it was up to Will (and Sam) and Francis (and Tim) to keep the fun going. Ryan and Larry, neutrals in this particular rivalry, contented themselves with getting a second beer inside them. “These fine lads,” said Larry, pointing at us, “are giving us a hint that they want action, not words, and I for one am inclined to let them have what they’re after. Come on, you lot,” and he went next door to strip. The other five followed moments later. Sam beckoned to me when he’d got his clothes off. “Will can’t stay after midnight, but before he goes he wants to talk to all of us.” I said I thought he ought to do that before the fun started as that way everybody would be listening. “After all, at midnight most of us will be doing far more interesting things.” Sam agreed, “I’ll tell him.” Two minutes later all twelve of us were crammed into Cabin 2, squashed – happily so – on the beds. Will stood in the doorway. “We’re going to Sydney, and it will take us three weeks. We all want to go on doing what we’ve been accustomed to doing, but the only place we can meet is down here. It’s clear there nothing like enough room, so after tonight it will be better if we – the four men, that is – ration ourselves. I think there shouldn’t be more than one or two of us here. Patrick’s been running this part of Queen Mary’s operation for over four years, and I think he’s perfectly capable of going on manging who gets to fuck whom, and when. Tim and Sam can tell Francis and me what’s going on, and Larry’s easy to find. Patrick – can you organize that?” “Of course, Will. How often would you wish to visit us in our palatial quarters?” The general view was that once a week would be all that could reasonably be fitted in without drawing attention to the gatherings. I promised to do my best. “Can we get on with it now?” said Nigel, “I need to play.” “As there’s four of you and eight of us,” I said, “it might be good if the four younger ones had the opportunity of getting to know you better. Why don’t you choose one each, and do something ataköy escort with him you haven’t done before?” Ryan turned to Prince. “I don’t get fucked often, but if I’m going to get blown up I think it’d be a damn shame if I didn’t experience that cock of yours. I’ve heard great things about what it can do. Come on,” and the two of them shoved the others on one of the beds aside. Larry chose Graham, and they cleared the other bed. Will said that he wanted to be pissfucked in the sling, and that Javid was the boy he wanted. “But don’t worry, the rest of you – someone else will be up there next time, I promise. Do you need another beer, Javid?” and the two of them went to where more beer was waiting. “Have you pissfucked anyone before?” “Yes, Nigel was the first, and since then I’ve done it with some of the others.” “Have you done it in the sling?” When Javid said that he hadn’t Will took his hand and led him to the object of his desires. “It’s a lot better if I’m in that.” Inevitably action in the sling wasn’t going to be confined only to the two of them. Francis and Nigel had followed them. “I’m in there after you, Will,” said Nigel, “Sam and Tim have told me that they’ve been pissfucked by Francis, and I like what they said about it.” There was too much going on for any one of us to keep tabs on everything. Much as I wanted to be a fly on all the walls I had to choose – at least until it was my turn to play after the first round was over. As all of us were experienced the first round wasn’t going to be over quickly. I decided I would stay in Cabin 1 until I really had to piss urgently. Whoever was in the sling then would get the lot. I decided to park myself close to where Ryan and Prince were renewing their acquaintance. Prince was on his back and Ryan was happily rimming him. This wasn’t what I was expecting. Ryan paused long enough to say “he’s got to do to me everything I do to him.” Prince was loving it. Ryan’s tongue is good at rimming, and it gets nicely inside its target. Prince squirmed. I decided he might care to have something to occupy him, so I knelt over his face, allowing his tongue something to practise on before he had to do to Ryan what Ryan was so excitingly doing to him. Not that his tongue needed any practice – Prince had become as very skilled rimmer. I wondered what Ryan was getting out of it, but if he was happy then neither Prince nor I was going to make a move. This went on for three or four minutes before Ryan surfaced. “Fuck time, Prince,” he said, leaving Prince’s arse with a final lick. “You taste interesting, you know. Musky, like all of you, but there’s something extra there.” Prince snorted, “shit, I expect.” “No, no, it’s not that, it’s not something I can put my finger on -” (more snorting) “- but you taste good, believe me.” I knew what he meant. I was pretty sure if I was blindfolded I could tell whose arse I was rimming – we all have our own taste and smell, and since we all showered a hell of a lot more often that most boys our age what I was tasting was the boy, not sweat. Prince got up and Ryan took his place. I moved to one side – I wanted to see this at close quarters. When Prince had fucked Aaron and Duane the results had been very different – what was it that Prince managed to do? Half an hour later I was none the wiser. Ryan had been given a majestic orgasm, and the amount of spunk which had shot from his cock criss-crossed Prince’s chest and belly like lace. I admired it for a few seconds before putting it to the best use. “I want some of that back,” panted Ryan, so I happily shared some of it. Prince’s cum was still deep inside Ryan, and thus unavailable, for the moment at least. As their orgasms faded, and my attention wavered, all three of us became aware that the need to piss was urgent. “I’m going to the sling,” I said, “before I burst.” I was aware that they were both close behind me as I beheld what was happening. Javid and Prince had evidently finished some time before as they were both in the shower washing each other. Nigel was in the sling, his ankles above his head, his arse wide open, his eyes tight shut. Francis was standing in position. “You’ve come just in time,” he said, “I’ve been in there warming him up and I’m about to fuck him. Francis’s warming-up process had been highly successful as there was a pool of cum on Nigel’s chest. “He said he wants to come three times,” said Francis, “and there’s two more in the queue. merter escort Javid says he’ll suck him off soon. He and Will had a good session.” With that Francis placed his hard cock head against Nigel’s gaping arse lips and gently drove it all the way in. Nigel’s toes curled and his eyes opened. “This is so fucking hot,” he breathed, “I’ve already come once and he hasn’t started properly … aaah!” This greeted the first gush of piss deep inside him as Francis began to empty his bladder. Nigel moaned happily. Javid, still wet, stood beside him, holding his hand. “When I did you, you purred like a kitten, remember?” Nigel nodded. “This is better, miles better – not because it’s Francis, because it’s in the sling. We must … aaah! …” Francis had withdrawn a few inches and rammed in again, hard, his cock still pouring piss. “Oh Christ, Jav, I… I …” “I love you too,” whispered Javid, applying his lips to Nigel’s where they remained for only a few seconds before moving to engulf his lover’s rigid piss-wet cock. Nigel’s eyes rolled in his head. Francis had finished pissing and was starting a rhythmic fuck. As always, quantities of piss were pushed out each time he pushed in. It was a good thing we’d decided to move the sling as all we’d have to do was mop the shower floor thoroughly. My urgency was now unstoppable. I stood beside Nigel, opposite Javid, and aimed my cock at Nigel’s. “Move, Jav,” I said quietly. Javid looked up and moved his face. He winked, “yes, Patrick, he’ll love it.” I needed no further encouragement. I sprayed it all over Nigel’s cock, balls, belly, chest and he and Javid rubbed it into his skin. As soon as I had finished Prince took my place. Ryan gently pushed Javid aside. Nigel was getting soaked from both sides and fucked hard at the same time. He grabbed his cock and wanked it furiously. “I need … aah! …” 20 seconds later, with Prince still pissing on him, Nigel came for the second time, his spunk becoming lost in the golden streams still washing over him. Seeing this Francis paused. “Don’t stop, for God’s sake!” cried Nigel, “I need it, I need your spunk, Francis, fill me up.” I hadn’t noticed Larry and Graham come in, but I did hear Graham say to Prince when he’d finished pissing, “I’ve never seen him like this before. It must be the magic sling. You and I must make use of it,” Prince bent forward and kissed Graham’s nose. “You bet, G. I’ll fuck you silly and you’ll love me even more.” I didn’t think this likely, but you never knew … Will had finished showering and dried himself. Keeping well away from any stray splashes he smiled happily. “I have to go. That was great, Javid, thank you. Patrick, thank you, thank you all. Let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.” Sam and he went to where Will’s clothes were. When Sam came back he went straight to Tim and gave him a big cuddle. I wondered what had passed between him and Will. (Tim told me the next day that Will had said to Sam that he was so envious that we eight were four couples, and that he wished that he had met someone special when he’d been a teenager. He, Will, was so happy just knowing that we loved each other. Sam hadn’t known what to say. Don’t say anything, Sam, Will had said, just be happy while the world is going to hell round our ears. Will had gone quickly, before he lost it. Sam had practically crushed Tim when he got back.) When I looked at the sling again Prince and Ryan were in the shower and Javid, drenched in piss, was back in place, Nigel’s cock in his mouth. Francis was still fucking slowly and firmly, but there was no longer any piss being forced out of Nigel’s arse. Nigel was smiling idiotically. “I need to piss, Jav,” he said quietly. Javid, the consummate lover as well as being the consummate professional, removed his lips only long enough to say “so?” and to reach with his fingers to draw his lover’s foreskin back. Seconds later Nigel started and I could see Javid swallowing: would he swallow the lot – Nigel must have had two, if not three, beers? Reader: he did, and without pausing. Nigel’s bladder took a while to empty – it’s not easy pissing in a sling, especially if you’ve come twice in the last 20 minutes. When Javid sensed that there no more where that came from three things began to happen. Francis started to accelerate and to grunt – always a good sign from him. Two minutes, I reckoned. Javid pulled Nigel’s foreskin back quite hard (I winced, but they must have done bahçeşehir escort this dozens of times before) and licked his frenulum – no, rubbed it with his tongue would be more accurate. Javid’s left hand tweaked Nigel’s left nipple (Nigel twitched). Javid’s right hand attended in the traditional manner to Javid’s own needs. Nigel continued to twitch at the nipple treatment and gradually his back arched out of the sling. Francis, anxious lest Nigel’s arse move out of reach, grabbed his hips and sped rapidly to his climax. After it was over the eight of us crowded in watching found it hard to agree who had come first. Charlie, Larry and I all believed that it was the final thrust from Francis, presumably accompanied by the first of his jets of cum, which sent Nigel into orbit for the third time. Tim and Prince reckoned that the jet of spunk which flew out of Nigel hit Javid’s cheek a second before Francis’s bellow. Ryan and Sam were watching Javid, and saw him shoot onto the piss-covered floor, but couldn’t say whether that came before or after the goings-on in the sling. Graham didn’t see anyone come because he was standing behind Prince, embracing him from behind and revelling in the joy of loving, and being loved by, somebody who quite simply was the most wonderful person who had ever lived. Thirty minutes later, by general agreement, the shower floor was mopped, disinfectant had been applied, the sling had been carefully wiped (disinfectant had been applied here also), dried, dismantled and taken back to Cabin 4. While Tim and I were dealing with the shower floor a brief discussion had taken place, the result of which was that re-erecting the sling was a waste of time if the next thing that was going to happen was its being carried back to the shower in a few nights’ time. Eleven sweaty and, in most cases, pissy males showered (God knows how much water Queen Mary carried, but we made plentiful use of it) and, pausing only to get another few things to eat, gathered in the two cabins to consider the rest of the night. Nigel was still happy and fit for nothing but sleep, and Javid, coiled round him, was in much the same state. It wasn’t long before they got into their own bed, smiled happily at the others, and flaked out. That left nine of us: three couples and three men. It seemed only natural that each couple got into their own bed and invited someone to join them. Francis declined. “I’m on duty again at 0500,” he said, “and if I get into bed with you lot I’ll never get up. I love what we did, but I’m not staying,” and he left to get his clothes and disappear. Graham and Prince beckoned to Larry. “Come on in,” said Prince, “we have unfinished business.” The four of us who lived in Cabin 1 quietly got up and left them to it. “Come on, Ryan,” I said, “we’ll fight over you.” It didn’t work out like that though. The five of us sprawled on the beds and talked for hours. Inevitably we talked about what had just happened, but that topic, though interesting, carried us not far beyond all agreeing that it had been spectacular or, if we had been involved, great; that it ought to be repeated; that the fag of schlepping the sling to and fro was well worth it … and that really was all there was to be said. We moved on to the War and what U-Boats might mean. Then after a while Ryan, who had seen me make the early approaches, asked whether the boys had paid a visit. I put him in the picture. He laughed. “I though there wasn’t anything you could do, Patrick, which would surprise me. It just shows how wrong I was.” Sam assured him that although we were no longer Bell Boys we still regarded it as our duty to make the voyage as memorable as possible for passengers. “And as we can’t make everybody happy we thought that Felix and Tom were the most deserving,” he added. “Besides,” said Charlie quietly, “they’ve got lovely bodies.” “And their cocks are nice too,” added Tim. I though I ought to put my tuppence-worth in too. “Cute arse, but we haven’t explored them yet.” “Be careful, won’t you; their fathers -” “Yes, yes: they’re important. We’re not daft, Ryan, we’ve been doing this for years.” Ryan grinned. “Yeah. OK, I trust you.” In the end Ryan joined Charlie and me, but all we did was sleep. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 120 as we go swimming with the children. Zigzagging was real enough, although I’m not aware of whether it was new in November 1940. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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