“BOY-SAN” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

BOY-SAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
written on July 30, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Richard CHAPTER 4

Kazuya was on the brink of an exhaustion and only his sense of responsibility to his brothers and the enthusiasm they had for their studies gave him the strength to go on. He was proud of Saburo who had such good marks and who won a series of art books at school; of Jiro who had become one of the best of his school, but also of his dearest youngest brother Yukio who was becoming handsome and strong and who was now thirteen. Of course he had no suspicion of Jiro”s lover or about the bookshop owner who was regularly fucking Saburo.

But for Kazuya, the absolute lack of a sex life, was a hard burden for him. Just masturbating didn”t give him much satisfaction. On the other hand, he didn”t know how to find a mate, with all the responsibilities he had, or how and where to look for one, either.

One morning, when he was going to his other job after leaving the department store, he saw on a heap of trash bags, something that gave him a jolt. There was a magazine, and on the cover was a full colour picture of a naked boy, barely covering his genitals with only his hands. Looking around and noticing that there was no passerby, he rapidly hid it in his sack. His heart vas pounding, but he checked again to make certain that nobody had seen him, then he went on his way. He asked himself where or when could he look at that magazine. Were there inside other tempting pictures like the one on the cover? What kind of magazine was it – perhaps it was one of the magazine his cousin had told him about five years ago, a “gay” magazine?

When he was in the clothing factory, a bit early, he shut himself up in a toilet-stall with his sack. He sat on the bowl and pulled the magazine out. The cover had been torn away, but on the side there was still visible the name “Barazoku”. There were a dozen of pages in full colour with naked or nearly naked men and boys, even some couples touching, licking, and kissing each other. All of them were handsome boys. Then there were drawings, stories, articles, all with a gay theme. Kazuya was aroused and thumbed through the magazine, his eyes wide, fascinated. He started to masturbate slowly, continuing all the while to look through the magazine and reading parts here and there. There were also ads for people looking for a friend, a lover or a bed-partner. Then there were pages of gay comic strips with clear drawings of boys making love. And then there were also many pages of advertising, with names, addresses and often maps to gay bars and clubs. Kazuya was excited and happy – that magazine was a real treasure. He decided he had to try to find at least at one of these bars, that he had to meet others like him, meet them regularly, if possible, and, who knows, he might possibly even find a friend, a companion, or at least a sex-partner.

He put away the magazine: it was time to start work; but now he was feeling rich. Who could know who threw that magazine away, so that he could take it? Anyway, he was grateful to that unknown person.

He decided that the next Wednesday evening, because that was his day off from the Department store job, he would try to find a pretext in front of his brothers to go to one of those clubs. Possibly, he could tell them, he had had an invitation from one of his colleagues to go for a drink. He had written down the addresses of the clubs and their opening times and he had found all the places on the map. Wednesday evening, he decided firmly, after his job in the clothing factory, he would go home, eat with his brothers, talk a little with them, then change his clothes and go out, feeling all a-flutter.

Arriving at Shinjuku Nicchome, he found the first of the bars on his list. The staff was kind, but the people weren”t very interesting looking. Among the customers there was one young man who was almost handsome. While Kazuya was sipping his beer, he noticed this young man looking at him with desire, but he couldn”t find the courage to approach him. The other boy threw him a glance from time to time. Finally, the young man stood up. Kazuya thought he was leaving, but, instead, the youth approached him and sat at the counter beside him.

“Hi. I”ve never seen you here, before.”

“No, this is my first time.” Kazuya answered emotionally.

“Yes, I would have noticed you; you”re beautiful, you know.”

“You too are beautiful, the only one here who is, to my eyes, anyway.”

The boy smiled and put his hand on Kazuya”s thigh in a gentle caress. Kazuya shivered, excited by that brief contact.

“My name is Ken. Can I offer you a drink?”

“I am Kazuya. How do you do? And yes, thank you, I”d like to have a drink with you.”

“How old are you, Kazuya?”


“Mmmmh, just of age, then. The age I thought you were – and the one I like most.” the boy said, and his hand went up to rest on Kazuya”s fly, fingering it boldly: “You seem well endowed. Would you like to come with me for a while?”

Was it as simple as that? Kazuya thought to himself excitedly. “Where?” he asked.

“In a lover”s hotel. On me, of course.”

“I have never been to one of them before.”

“Come, then. I like you.”

“All right.”

On the road, Ken asked him directly, “Do you like being a bottom or a top?”


“I prefer being a bottom. I like to take it from men who are young and strong like you.”

“Well, you”re young, too.”

“No, I”m thirty.”

“You appear to be at least five years younger”

“Thank you. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No… you are the first in months – more than a year, in fact. And you?”

“No, I had one but I left him because he was into S-and-M, and I don”t like that. But he was a good fucker…”

“S-and-M? What”s that?”

Ken explained about that to him, and Kazuya, stupefied, commented that he wouldn”t have liked that either. They arrived at the small hotel, took a room, and went up to it quickly. Ken pushed Kazuya onto the bed, opened his trousers and started at once to suck Kazuya”s already erect rod, kneeling on the floor between the boy”s legs. Kazuya leaned back and enjoyed these experiences which for too long a time he hadn”t enjoyed. Ken was skilled: he really sucked artfully. And meanwhile he undressed himself. Kazuya, who let him do it, was feeling more and more excited with each passing moment. Ken had a thin but very sensual-looking body.

Then Ken climbed up onto the bed, and he lay down on his belly with his legs wide-spread, and said, “Now fuck me, Kazuya, fuck me hard!”

Kazuya lay on top of him and thrust into his eager ass with great determination. Ken emitted a pleased moan, and pushed up his ass the better to meet each push. Kazuya, sinking into him, thought how different were the three people he had had sex with up until that moment, different not only physically, but in the way they liked to have sex. Whom did he like best? In different ways, all of them…

But just now he just wanted to enjoy this third one, this Ken who had so readily and eagerly offered himself to Kazuya. He hammered his hot ass with a kind of wild joy. The boy was perhaps a little too passive, but likeable, anyway. And Kazuya badly needed that fuck. Ken was still, and just his low pleased moans let Kazuya understand that he was really enjoying that ride, too. Then Kazuya, as he reached the peak of his pleasure, exploded in orgasm and he unloaded deep tuzla eve gelen escort inside Ken”s hot ass, surprised to realize that Ken was cumming too, flattened against the mattress, without even touching his dick.

While they were dressing, afterward, Kazuya asked him hopefully, “Can we meet again?”

“I don”t know… I don”t think so.”

“You didn”t like me?” Kazuya asked, feeling in fault.

“No, on the contrary, you have been splendid. But, at least for now, I don”t want to get tied up with anybody in particular.”

“I see. Well, thank you, anyway.”

“Thank you, and I”m sorry, too. Do you want to go back to the pub?”

“No, I think I”ll go home, now; I have to be at work early tomorrow morning, and I need to go to sleep soon if I”m to do that.”

“Well… good luck, Kazuya-kun.”

From then on Kazuya started to go to a different club each Wednesday evening. Two or three times he went back home without having had any encounters, but often he found an occasional partner with whom enjoy a brief sexual experience. At times he went to other clubs that had dark rooms in the back for group encounters, and, at times he went to a gay sauna, sometimes in the love hotel again. Kazuya didn”t find a steady friend, but he was amusing himself; therefore, he wasn”t worried. Sooner or later he would find the right person, he told himself. The fact that now he could have occasional sexual intercourse that was at least nominally satisfying helped him to go on.

One evening, in one of the bars, he was approached by a man around thirty-five years old. He was not at all Kazuya”s type and Kazuya was thinking desperately of how to get free of him quickly. The man sat near him at the counter and buttonholed him. Kazuya at once perceived that the man”s way of speaking was different from the usual – what do you do for a living, are you happy with your work, how much do you earn each month… Kazuya, in spite of himself, became more and more curious.

After a while, the man asked him: “And, what do you like to do in bed?”

“Bah, with a guy I like, almost everything.”

“Very good. Listen, would you like to have a job where you can earn the double what you now get, working half of the time you do now?”

“A job? What kind of job?”

“Pleasurable, for one like you. From Friday to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday free, if you want. From 6 PM to 3 AM, but sometimes also until 8 AM, with overtime pay. At least thirty- five hours each week, you can earn a minimum of 400 thousand yen to twice that each month.”

“Are you joking? For just only thirty-five hours a week? But, what work is it? Will I be able to do it?”

“If you”re really the right kind of guy. It is a job as a boy-san.”

“Boy-san? What”s that?”

“You”ve never heard about boy-sans? I hire boys for an agency, the best one in Tokyo. Customers come, choose a boy, and take him with them to a hotel, or go to their place, for one, two, three hours – or even all night, and pay for the privilege. Two thirds of the fee for you, and one third for the agency.”

“Just to have sex?” Kazuya asked, recalling some of the ads he had seen in his magazine.

“Sure. And a guy like you would certainly have many offers. You”re the kind of boy that our customers like really well.”

“But… do I have to go with everybody who wants to have sex with me?”

“No, but of course, the more customers you refuse, the less you earn. The average one of our clients is a decent type of person.”

“In nine hours a night, how many customers can a boy have?”

“Bah, from none to three for three hours each. Or two for three hours. Or one for all night. In that case you can earn at least 40 thousand yen. With nine customers, you would get 60 thousand, but this is quite rare. Let”s say that you could easily earn 30 thousand per day: that means 150 thousand a week, or about 600 thousand a month.”

“Good gracious! And what do I have to do to get such a work?”

“Just come with me. You give me your personal statistics; we take a naked picture of you for the album; we fill in your personnel form; and then you can start work as quickly as you want to!!”

“I would have first to resign from my present jobs… If I was sure to earn as much as you said. Or at least 400 thousand a month.”

“Four hundred? I”ll say that you will have absolutely no problem to get that much, even refusing some customers.”

“But no S-and-M at all.” Kazuya carefully specified.

“Sure, just what you feel like doing. We”ll write in your file that you don”t accept SM, and that”s enough. SO…?”

“Could I give you an answer after thinking about it for a while?”

“Of course. This is my card, with my telephone numbers and the times you can reach me. Just ask for me. What”s your name? Just so I can remember who you are when you call.”


“Real mane or pseudonym?”


“If you want to use a pseudonym, many of our boys do.”

“I don”t care. Do you have very many boys?”

“On an average, around twenty.”

“That”s quite a lot!”

“No, they are less of the requested ones we have. We have many customers, and several of them are habitual, who really like the services we offer. Discreet, reliable, safe.”

“How should I dress?”

“Like you are now is all right. Then, for a client requiring particular things, we have a good wardrobe with clothes for all sizes.”

“Particular things?”

“Yes, you know, a boy in high school, or a boy scout, or sailor, or baseball player in uniform. At times we have also this kind of clients. Of course they pay extra for the costume. Innocent fantasies. Will you really consider my offer, then? I”d really be glad if you came to work with us, Kazuya. You are a really beautiful boy, and I believe you”ll have lot of success…”

“I will think about it. Very seriously.”

Kazuya thought about that proposal very seriously indeed. He was much enticed by it. If he really could earn double working just half the time he did now, he could also allow himself to look for a better apartment for his brothers and more comforts for them all as well. And he”d be a lot less tired, too. Even having to cum two or three times a night, he should probably drink a good tonic, he thought amusedly. Sure, there could also be some not-so-pleasurable customers too, but for a couple of hours, he could stand them. And possibly he could little by little get some steady customers that he liked, as the man had hinted.

Finally, Kazuya decided to accept. He resigned from the department store and from the clothing factory, then he called to have a meeting with his new employer the first evening he was free. The man seemed very happy to hear from him again.

The man showed Kazuya around the agency. There was a bar, a room for the boys where they could see the customers without being seen, some small rooms for the few clients who wanted to have sex there. The man introduced him some of his future mates, and showed him how the encounters happened. The customer arrived, ordered something at the bar, and looked over an album with the boys” pictures and short resumes. The customer chose a boy, and the person in charge told him that he would check if that boy was free. He went to the boy”s room and pointed to the boy who was the client wanting his company. If the boy accepted, he went out and sat at the customer”s table; if the boy refused, the person in charge went back alone to the bar and told the customer that that boy was absent at the time, or not available for the kind of sex the customer wanted to have.

Kazuya began his service. He told his brothers that he was changing his job, and that he was going to work as a waiter in a private nightclub for rich industrialists. His brothers were happy for what seemed to be an improvement. And also because Kazuya was able to spend more time at home with them, normally sleeping when tuzla otele gelen escort they were away at school and having all afternoon to stay with them before his new job started; moreover, he could also have two full days free, even if in the middle of the week. Also, if Kazuya occasionally asked to have a Sunday off, it wasn”t difficult for him to get it.

He started his work enthusiastically, and he soon saw that the man had been right. Several of the customers requested his services again. And Kazuya, at least at the beginning, thought it was better for him to accept more of the requests rather than fewer, and wasn”t too particular about his customers. He was paid for his work immediately, after each time, and after the first month Kazuya calculated that he had earned more than 700 thousand yen!

Just then, he also received notice from the estate agent that their land had been sold for a good amount of money. So Kazuya decided he could start to look for a new better apartment for them to move to. He looked around for nearly a month, but finally he found what he was looking for. It was wide, and bright, with air conditioning, a real bathroom, and even the elevator.

They moved, and Kazuya soon bought a stereo, a TV set and other furnishings. The boys were very happy. Each of them had his own room now, and there was a nice living room for all to enjoy as well. It was really a big improvement in comparison to their old apartment. They were on the sixth floor of a large private apartment building and there was also an excellent view from the living room windows and a nice veranda outside, too.

Kazuya”s only concern was to make his brothers comfortable; then he, too, could be happy. On the job, on the advice of a colleague, he learned to simulate orgasm with some of the customers, to save a little his energy. He continued to accept almost all the customers, but he also started to have his first regular clients too. Some of them were even quite agreeable and there were so a few, who, after making love, gave him more than the agreed-on price, to show appreciation for his services.

Kazuya became really friendly with just two of the other boy-sans with whom he liked to talk and whose company he simply enjoyed. But among them there were no sexual relations. Certainly, with his work Kazuya couldn”t dream any more about getting a steady lover, but he had to persist just eight or ten years more, that is, until also Yukio eventually ended his university education. Anyway, he couldn”t be a boy-san forever: after reaching a certain age the customers started to decrease dramatically. But by then he would have some savings, and he could possibly open something like a small shop or something similar. Yes, things were were finally improving, even if at times he had to accept a not-so-agreeable or -enticing customer. And he tried anyway to treat even those like the others. After all, he thought, they were human beings, too.

Now Jiro had a bicycle, as all his brothers did. And a few weeks after they moved, Jiro, now seventeen, met Satoshi, a twenty-three year-old living in the same building, who was a clerk in a firm specializing in the publication of handbooks. Jiro often met Satoshi in the bicycle parking lot. They greeted each other, then started to exchange some words. Satoshi had attended the same school as Jiro. Jiro felt attracted to Satoshi, even if he was still making love with Hiroshi. He didn”t have any intention of cheating on his lover, but he found nothing wrong in becoming friends with the handsome youth, Satoshi. Jiro was all but sure that Satoshi was gay too; and Jiro simply liked him very much.

Saburo continued to meet his bookseller once a week, and the man had developed a real passion for the boy and often gave him nice presents. The man had brought a futon to the back store, on the pretext that he could at times relax a little. So now the man and boy could have sex with all the comforts, lying naked on the futon. Saburo really liked the man and enjoyed being fucked by him very much indeed. He finally saw the man naked and his lean and strong body excited Saburo very much. And the boy also liked the different ways the man took him sexually, too. The man did care more and more to give pleasure to the boy, and, at times, he even gave head to Saburo and drank up the boy”s fresh juices, eagerly.

At the end of the school year, in March, Jiro had a big sorrow. Hiroshi”s father decided to send his son to attend university in the States, and Hiroshi accepted his decision. So the two boys had to part, and Jiro felt deeply disappointed at this.

Satoshi perceived that something was troubling his young friend, and tried to convince Jiro to tell him what was wrong.

Of course Jiro didn”t feel like telling him the real reason, so, he finally said, “My girlfriend left me.”

“Is that all?” Satoshi asked, “You”ll find another even better. But why did she leave you? Did she fall in love with another?”

“No, her parents sent her to study abroad.”

“Well, a good occasion for her not to lose, I think.”

“I would have refused, so as not to be parted.”

“Did you love her so much?”


“I see. And now you feel betrayed, right?”


“Yes. Something similar happened to me, too, when I was nineteen. I felt badly about it as well. But then it passed, as everything does. When we”re boys, they seem to be great tragedies, but they are just small dramas, believe me.”

“Don”t you have a girlfriend, now?”

“No, and I have absolutely no intention of having one, either! I want to enjoy my life.”

“I too. That”s the best thing to do.” Jiro said, seriously.

“Moreover, girls only create problems. I really envy you Omura, that you”re all men in your home. How better than I, who have three women at home!”

“So, you don”t think you”ll marry?”

“Marry? Me? Never in the world! Why, are you thinking to marrying one day, Jiro?”

“I don”t know, I”m not thinking about it, yet. I”m still very young, just seventeen. But, the idea of passing all my life alone doesn”t appeal to me at all.”

“Oh, not alone, of course.”

“A steady girlfriend, then?”

“Or, even better, a real friend. Don”t you think that two men could more easily get along than between a man and a woman? To say the least, they are similar. A true friend with whom to spend one”s life.”

Jiro looked at him carefully, trying to understand if he was correctly interpreting what the other meant to say. So he eventually said: “A friend with which you can share really everything, without any limits?”

“Right, one exactly like yourself, knowing you in such an intimate and perfect way as no woman could never know you – wouldn”t it be wonderful?”

“A friend with whom you can be ashamed of absolutely nothing?” Jiro asked, looking seriously in his eyes and trying to read an answer in them.

“Sure, of course! Why would you have to be ashamed if he is like you? If you share all, really all? Wouldn”t you like such a friend?”

“Oh, I would surely like that. But, where to find such a friend?” Jiro asked him, continuing to stare deeply into Satoshi”s dark eyes.

“You might even possibly have him right in front of your face without knowing it. Possibly it would be enough just to stretch out your hand and to touch him.”

“So?” Jiro asked, and lightly brushed Satoshi”s side with his fingers.

The youth smiled and answered: “Or so…” and with his arm he circled Jiro”s waist and pulled the boy slowly to himself.

Jiro let Satoshi draw him closer, and the youth put his other arm around his shoulders so that now Satoshi was gently embracing Jiro, who shivered with pleasure, looking forward to imminent contact with his friend”s body.

But Satoshi suddenly drew back from him, and Jiro looked up in surprise.

“People could came, Jiro, people who are bad or tuzla sınırsız escort stupid, and couldn”t understand that two men can desire each other.” he said.

“Do you desire me, Satoshi?”

“Yes, from the very first time I saw you, and you greeted me with your dazzling smile.”

“The one who left me was not my girlfriend, but my boyfriend, Satoshi. I, too, desired you, but I couldn”t say so, because I was with him. But now… If you really want me…”

“If I want you? certainly I want you, Jiro!”

“Only, at my place there is always somebody around the house…”

“At my home too, unhappily. But I want you. We can go to a place I know, and there we can be safe and comfortable and do all we want.”

“Where is it? Would you take me there, please? Soon?”

“It”s at Kabukicho. There is a gay movies theatre, the “Rose”, where you can book a small room and close yourself up inside it. And there is a sofa, not very wide, but big enough for…two… Would you come there with me?”

“Yes. Tomorrow, when I”m out from school. Will you came there to fetch me?”

“Not now?” the youth asked, slightly disappointed.

“I must go back home, now, but tomorrow…”

“I”ll came to wait for you at the High School gate, then.”

Jiro was so happy. He didn”t really hope that that guy he had for so long a time secretly admired, would have one day asked him to make love. He didn”t feel for Satoshi what he felt for Hiroshi, but he liked the youth and was very much attracted to him, nevertheless.

The next day, when he left the school, Satoshi was yet there, waiting for him. They went immediately to the underground. Jiro was excited at the idea he was close to making love with the young man. All during long their journey he looked at Satoshi with eyes filled with desire, almost undressing him with his eyes. Satoshi noticed that and smiled at him. They entered the movie theatre and Satoshi, who already knew the place, asked the cashier for a box key. They entered the box, and rapidly undressed. Jiro saw for the first time his friend”s naked body, and what he saw pleased him very much indeed. He gently caressed the young man”s erection while Satoshi took him by his waist.

“Do you want to fuck me first, or should I fuck you?” Satoshi asked.

Jiro was surprised at so clear and direct a question. He wasn”t used to behave that way, with Hiroshi, there were always long and gentle, pleasurable preliminaries.

“Let”s touch each other for a while, first,” he said almost timidly.

“All right, but who starts to fuck, afterwards?”

“You…” the boy said, somewhat baffled.

They lay on the sofa. Satoshi made Jiro turn onto his belly, made him spread his legs. The boy still expected, notwithstanding his request a moment before, to be abruptly pierced by Satoshi”s hard rod, so when, on the contrary, he felt Satoshi”s tongue between his buttocks, searching out his anus and, finding it, starting to lap at it, working it with the tongue tip in a series of licks that rapidly make him revved up. He never felt anything like it. That tongue, at times small and hard, actually penetrated his hole and almost fucked it, at times wide and soft smoothing his quivering hole for a while, was giving him more pleasurable sensations than he”d ever before experienced! Satoshi worked for a long while the boy”s anus, and when he felt that Jiro was now all a-shudder with pleasure, he swapped his tongue for his hard rod and penetrated the boy passionately. He didn”t thrust it inside with force, as Jiro had feared, but thrust with extreme gentleness, penetrating him little by little, moving his member while he was inserting it into the warm channel with a circular motion, almost like a pestle grinding in a mortar. It was incredibly pleasurable. He could feel it opening the way, stretching his sphincter little by little, entering his channel, conquering him with determined but very pleasant slowness. He could feel it holding back, control itself, but filling him millimetre by millimetre. Satoshi had a normal sized member, but now Jiro felt it as if it was double its actual size, and enjoyed it with ever mounting pleasure.

When Satoshi”s groin finally touched to the boy”s buttocks directly, his rod completely sheathed in the tender and hot channel, his chest adhered to Jiro”s back, his arms held the boy close to his side, and his hands slipped between Jiro”s chest and the sofa until they found Jiro”s nipples. Satoshi started to brush them, now, with light, now with a rough, caresses. Satoshi”s lips lay on Jiro”s neck, licking it, lightly biting it, and only Satoshi”s pelvis started a slow, regular up and down movement, lightly from bottom to top, so that the hard rod brushed diagonally into the boy”s channel.

Jiro, thus prey to incredibly strong pleasure, thought that Satoshi was a real expert of the amatory arts. He could feel the young man inside himself, around himself, everywhere. He felt him, strong, virile, yet gentle and careful. Jiro thought of a sculptor who, with his chisel moulded his masterpiece – the young man”s member was modelling pleasure inside him, carving, smoothing, moulding with unbelievably refined skill.

Satoshi balanced his body”s weight on his knees and elbows, and lightly brushed his chest against Jiro”s back while his pelvis continued to manoeuvre inside him like a hard meat-chisel in strong and regular movements, and his breath, which was becoming more and more panting and stressed betrayed the increasing pleasure in his young body”s domination of the boy Jiro.

Finally Satoshi came, without changing the rhythm of the penetration, but throwing into the depths of Jiro”s ass a seed-jet with each thrust until, his last load had been powerfully deposited into Jiro”s willing channel. Satoshi let himself slowly relax, then, with all his body weight on the boy, panting and shuddering. They remained so for some moments. Then the young man, rising again onto his elbows and knees, resumed his up and down movements, but now slowly rising so that the end of his dick slipped from inside the boy, only to be again thrust deeply into Jiro”s waiting, eager ass.

“Now, it”s your turn.” he murmured, his voice still hoarse with pleasure, caressing the boy and turning him onto his side.

“I will not be as good as you are,” Jiro said, ” You are an artist.” while caressing Satoshi”s chest.

“That doesn”t matter. I just did it the way I like to do it. Now, you do just as you like to as well, and it will be great.” Satoshi answered, caressing Jiro”s hard, throbbing maleniness.

Jiro put his hands onto his friend”s head and lightly pushed him toward his lap. Satoshi understood his friend”s desire, and lowered himself to lick Jiro”s member, working it with his tongue and lips with refined skill. Jiro, now lying on his back, was enraptured, and he let him do this as long as he wished to. Then, when he felt ready, he sat up and spread his legs, and told Satoshi to lye on his back in front of him between his legs and to put his own legs around Jiro”s waist. He then slid forward with his pelvis until his glans pushed between Satoshi”s firm buttocks. He put his hands on the sofa at his sides, a little back, and then he pushed on his hands and heels, and pushed his pelvis more and more forward until his member, still moist from his friend”s laps, started to wedge itself in Satoshi”s welcoming hole. Satoshi, smiling blissfully, put his hands on Jiro”s sides pulling the boy strongly to himself, so as to be penetrated more deeply.

Jiro began to swing his body back and forth, filling the throbbing hole of the young man who looked at him with such dancing eyes, savouring that stake inside his body. It prodded against his prostate very pleasurably indeed…


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