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Subject: The Sleepover Games Chapter Three The Sleepover Games Chapter Three My oldest brother, Charlie is away at college and lives in a fraternity house. He came home to visit last week. After dinner, he pulls me aside and says “I hear you had fun at your sleepover with Chris and friends a couple of weeks ago”. Show me what you learned and maybe we can work something else. Charlie always made time for me when we were growing up, so now I could pay him back. ” OK, show me what you got”, he says as he drops his shorts and out springs a 9 inch hard cock. Fuck, I say to myself, how come everyone else in this family has a huge dick and all I got was barely 2 inches. I crawled up to his outstretched legs and began to lick his cock. I ran my tongue up and down his veiny shaft, licking it like a lollipop. Then I opened my mouth and engulfed his 9 inch bone in one motion. I went all the way down till I could feel his hairy ball sack. I began a steady rhythm of bobbing my head up and down his fleshy rod. On the upward motion I would stop and nurse his angry red cock head. I tasted some pre-cum and just licked the piss slit. Then I just swallowed that clear sweet liquid. He placed his hands on the side of my head and sometimes shoved his pole into my mouth, while other times, he let me suck the snake between his legs. After he edged himself on my mouth and throat a few times, I could feel his balls begin to rise. I know he is ready to unload in my mouth. With a final thrust up, his piss slit opens and the family jewels spew their contents in and down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed his baby batter till I was able to take all the family DNA into my stomach. As I swallowed his thick creamy man juice, I kept sucking on the head of his dick. His cum was so sweet. No one else’s sperm had tasted so good. Fuck, he said. I needed that. Let me tell you none of the girls at school can even swallow and work my dick like you just did. Maybe I can convince mom and dad to let you have a sleepover at the fraternity house next weekend. Would you like that? Yes, Please I said, almost jumping up and down in excitement. I was going to get to sleep in a fraternity house. I was on cloud nine. Friday night Charlie picks me up. When I start to load my PJ’s, underwear and stuff into a duffel bag, he tells me to leave it all home, as everyone sleeps naked. You don’t want to be a nerd, do you? You won’t be needing them anyway. We arrive and I am introduced to all. We have all heard about your unique skills this past week from your brother, they tell me. We also heard you love playing cards and doing dares. We have a few card games lined up for you this weekend. They aren’t as easy as you may think. Let’s head upstairs and we will show you where you will be sleeping or not tonight. We go up to the third floor and outside his room, a guy is playing cards. I ask what game is that. He says it is called “3 Card Monty”. You just have to pick out the queen from these three cards. Keep your eyes on the queen. I am going to shuffle them up and all you have to do is locate the Queen of Hearts. I watch as he moves the cards over and around the table. Ok, which card is the queen? I pick the middle one. He turns it over and says good job. But this is a betting game so we play for higher stakes. Who is first to see if kaynarca escort they can pick the queen. Jake and Steve come over and say we want to play. Jake you sit in the hot seat. Charlie grabs the cards and says “If you guess wrong you Steve, you give Jake a blow job, if you guess right; Jake will suck your cock. Great, he says, I am horny and need to shoot my load. Charlie shuffles the card much quicker this time. I follow the cards very closely. Steve which one is it?, my brother asks. I say to myself, the right side. Steve points to the right side card. My brother turns it over. You are correct, good eyesight and great concentration, he says. Jake you lost. Go into the bedroom and suck his dick. Who else wants to try to get a bj. Dave takes the hot seat next and his roommate Bob says I challenge you. Charlie begins to move the cards around the table even faster this time. I keep my eyes on the card as he moves it left, to the right and flips it under and over. Bob, where is it? I tell myself it is the right side again. Bob says “the right side”. Right sight Charlie says. I knew it, I said to myself. Dave you lose so pay the price. They go into Bob’s room. I hear Bob say ok cocksucker , suck my dick. I hear what sounds like gagging sounds from the next room, although I don’t see anything. My brother says any other challengers. I say me and this hot looking jock, Greg says I will take his dare. My brother asks me, am I sure. Are you sure you got this game down. It is not as easy as you think. If you lose you will have to suck Greg right here in the hall as the other bedrooms are busy. Greg takes the hot seat and I will guess. Watch the queen as she dances around the table, he says. His hands flip and move the cards around the table 4-5 times. I follow his hand movements. Lets’ see if you have it. I know I have it. I watched so carefully. I am going to get my first blow job. Time to pick. I say the center card. I know I am right. He turns the center card over and shows me the Ace of spades. Sorry he says, it was on the right. Now pay up. Strip naked and get on your knees. Greg pulls out his semi hard 7 inch cock and says, ” Work your magic on my dick that we have been hearing about”. I swallow his cock like a pro. I begin sucking and swallowing his dick head into my mouth. His tool slides in and out of my mouth over my lips, as my tongue swirls around and under his mushroom head. I hear the guys say, ” fuck his throat and fill his mouth with your jism”. Greg continues to pump his human spear in and out of my mouth to the encouragement of the guys. I feel his cock harden and in the next second, he floods my mouth with what it seems like is a month’s worth of cum. I try to swallow all his creamy batter, but some slips out of his mouth unto the floor. I start to get up and he points to the floor. Lick it up as we don’t want to leave a mess. I get on my knees and lick the sperm off the floor. Good job, as they all clap. Charles says “you want to try again”. Yes, I just must have blinked and lost sight, but I won’t this time, I say to myself. Who wants to challenge my little brother, Derek? Up steps Kyle. I say “I want to guess again”. My brother shuffles the cards. He moves his hands around and I see he didn’t really move the card. He just made believe orhanlı escort he did. It never moved. I got this. Little brothers, lets’ see if you have gotten any better. I say left card. He turns over the 2 of diamonds. How did I mess that up? Kyle whips out his cock. He is sporting over 7 inches as well. I immediately drop to my knees and suck his cock into my mouth in one gulp. I massage his rod with my throat muscles and keep working his shaft and cock head. I wrap my lips around his hardened shaft and continue to bob my head up and down. Without warning he unleashes his sweet and sour man juices into my mouth. I swallow the entire load in one gulp. The guys applaud. Charles says “you game again or do you want to give up”. I am mad and say I will stay here and suck everyone’s dick, but I will win one of these times. I hear them say, “go for it, we are rooting for you”, as I hear their laughter. About twelve guys line up and say we all accept your challenge. Next game I lose again and get back on my knees and suck whoever cock it was. I suck this 8 inch toy with a vengeance. I wrap my lips around his meat and just suck and suck till he loads his creamy stuff into my mouth. I swallow as the pro I am. Next game, I lose again. This guy pulls out his 7 1/2 inches and before he says anything , I have swallowed his banana and begin to work my mouth up and down. I make him cum in about two minutes. I picked the right card. I lose again and suck and swallow another cock and load of juices . I refuse to give up. I try again and lose a sixth time. Tim drops his 8 inch cock right into my mouth. I just let him fuck my face. He grabs my ears and works his log down my throat. My throat muscles automatically begin to spasm around his rod making him groan and then he unloads his dick snot in my mouth. I swallow all his thick creamy load and lick my lips. My mouth is getting sore. But I am determined to beat this game. I change my strategy. I will guess the middle card every time now. I have to win on the laws of probability. I lose the next two hands and suck and swallow their cum. I say middle card again, hoping this will be my win. But the cards aren’t in my favor. Jerry steps up. He has already stripped and was waiting with his hard dick sticking straight out. He doesn’t even need me to fluff up his monster 9 inch weapon. He has been stroking his cock as he watched me suck the last few guys. The guys yell, “Make the cocksucker gag”. So he rams his pole down my throat and continues to pump his dick in and out. I begin to gag as my throat tries to push his log out of my mouth. He holds my head in place and my gag muscles take over it, pushing him over the edge and he unloads into my mouth. My mouth has just become a cum dump. I swallow as much of the cream as I can, but some thick globs of cum drop to the ground. They all say, “Lick it up. Lick it up’ so I swipe my tongue in a circle and capture and swallow his left over dick juice. I will not give up. I know I should quit, but I can’t.’ I lost another 3 times. On my knees again, sucking these college dicks. As I am sucking their cocks, I think to myself. Every cock I have sucked has been over 7 inches. I wonder if that’s what is needed to join this fraternity. Only four more guys step up to make the challenge. I look tepeören escort down the line and I am not sure, but it looks like Jake, Steve, Bob and Dave. I am sure it isn’t them. I lost the next four hands and yes it was them. I suck each of their cocks and swallow their offerings. Charlie says we have two later entries. You still game. I say yes. I said I would challenge and suck everyone in the house. They begin a chant “Derek, Derek, Derek” Charlie asks me would you want to do a double. If you win these two studs will lick, your body from head to toe and suck your little cocklet. Yes I say. Please let me win, I whisper to myself. Charlie moves the cards around the table so skillfully. I think the queen is going to be on the left, But I have been fooled before. I say middle card. He slowly picks up the left card and there is the Queen of Hearts. I look over and both their cocks are at full mast. I close my eyes and open my mouth. I never got off my knees from the last 4 hands. Someone holds my head as the two pieces of meat fill my mouth. They stretch my mouth open even wider as they both plunge their 7 inch tools down my throat. I almost passed out. They pull their cocks out covered in slime. Again in unison they ram these poles down my throat. I can feel their cocks rubbing up against each other in my mouth. I just let them do all the work. Within a few minutes both cocks explode at the same time. My mouth fills with ropes and ropes of freshly made cum. I have no chance of being able to swallow all this cum. Most of the sperm falls unto my chin dripping down my chest unto their legs. I swallow the remaining juices and begin to lick their legs clean of their love juice. It is now about 1am and the hall way is clear. Charlie asks do you want to do one more game just for fun. You don’t have to suck anyone if you lose. Just for fun. He does his thing as the cards slide across the table. I don’t even watch. When he stops, I say “the middle card” like I have for the past dozen hands. He says “you turn the cards over”. I turn the left card over and it is the Ace of spades. I turn the right card over and it is the 2 of diamonds. Fuck I say to myself I was right. The middle card had to eventually be the Queen. I reach to turn the last card over and Charlie just scoops up all the cards and says you would have won. Tough luck that it happened after we ran out of guys. He picks me up like a rag doll and places me on my back in the bed. I see the family jewels hanging down between his legs, nestle in those huge hanging balls. He says do you want one last cock to nurse on before you go to sleep. I nod my head yes, as Charlie deserves to cum after he made my day. I say “thank you for allowing me to have a sleepover here”. I tell him, I will master that card game one of these days. He adjusts my head as he slowly inserts his 9 inch python all the way down my throat. I close my eyes. I feel my throat expand on each downward stroke. In and out he plunges his snake. I am jealous of his dick. All of a sudden I feel his hand pumping my cock , rubbing it up and down. Just as my body convulses, my dick shoots its load into the air landing on my chest. My throat tightens around his monster meat and his dick erupts like a volcano filling my mouth with his sweet tasting lava. I fall asleep with his cock in my mouth and a smile on my cum drenched face. Any Comments send to ail Please support this site if you want to continue to read stories for your stroking pleasure. Any size donation is good. As they say “size doesn’t matter”.

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