Subject: Kevin Williams Part 38 Kevin Williams Sex Superstar Part 38 Disclaimer: The following is just a fantasy. All thecharacters in the story are fictional. Please do not go further if you areunder 21 and/or you are not looking for stories that explicitly describemen-to-men sex. This story contains graphic descriptions of sexualintercourse, incest, and Dominant/submissive themes between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in yourlocation, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purelycoincidental. After heenjoyed the pleasures of royally fingering and rimming young Kevin’s sweet hotass and then unloading a tremendous loud of cum deep down the kid’s throat,Peter Benson gave the kid his phone number with instructions to call himsometime in the next week or so to set up another meeting. He then got dressedand left the small motel room with a satisfied smile on his face. Kevin in turnquickly fell asleep on top of the bed sheet, still nude laying on his stomach. In theadjourning room next door, Jordi Castillo couldn’t believe what he had justseen through the two-way mirror. That kid was certainly a hot little number,even more so than Jordi had first thought. With own dick was still hard fromwitnessing Kevin in action, and Jordi knew that he definitely wanted some ofthe kid for himself, but he had to get back to his post on the motel’s frontdesk. However, he already was thinking of an idea of how to make his chancewith the hot boy com true… Kevindidn’t wake up until late the next day in the evening, his body worn out andtotally exhausted from all intense sex and drugs from the past two days. He wasgroggy and discombobulated at first, his mind unsure of what all was real andif he had been dreaming. Seeing that he was naked in his motel room with a soreass and taste of cum in his mouth, and Peter’s phone number was on the nightstand next to the bed made Kevin realize that he had indeed been turned outseveral times by several different men. The clock on the night stand read 7:00PM. It had to be Monday night. But whathad happened to Nicky, and where was Slim? Kevin got up from the bed andventured over to the adjourning door, peeking his head into Slim’s room.Finding it empty, Kevin was confused. He went back to his own room and took along hot shower. He was drying himself off when there was a knock at the door.Thinking that it had to be Slim, Kevin wrapped the towel around his waist andwent to answer it. Heopened the door expected to see his pimp, but instead came face-to-face with JordiCastillo, who Kevin recognized from the front desk. “Goodevening, I’m from the front desk,” Jordi said. “Hi,’ astartled Kevin said. “Is there a problem?” “Theremight be,” Jordi replied, looking the kid up and down. “Can I come in to speakto you?” “I guessso,” Kevin answered. “Let me get dressed.” “Thatwon’t be necessary,” Jordi said as he walked into the room. “You can close thedoor. This won’t take long.” Kevinwas confused, his mind wondering if he was about to be put out of the motel. Slimhad gaziantep escort said that he would handle paying for the room, but now Kevin was afraidthat perhaps he had failed to do so. “Are youaware that your friend with the room next door was arrested the other night?”Jordi asked. “Arrested?For what?” Kevin asked in shock. “Thepolice pulled him over in front of the motel and found drugs on him,” Jordianswered. “No, Ididn’t know,” Kevin said. “It alsohas come to my attention that he installed a two-way mirror between his roomand this one, and that the two of you are involved in acts of prostitution andsolicitation. Those are serious matters that you too can be arrested for.” Kevinwas immediately struck with panic and fear. He didn’t know what to say. “Nowlook, I don’t want to get you into any trouble,” Jordi said. “I’llpack up my things and go. You won’t ever see me here again!” Kevin blurted out. “Holdup. I’m willing to overlook whatever you may have done, and even let you stay.That is, as long as we come to an agreement on something.” “I’ll doanything you want sir, just please don’t call the police!” Kevin pleaded. A grincrossed Jordi’s handsome face. “That’s just what I wanted to hear,” he said ashe turned and locked the door. “Look, Idon’t want to hurt you or get you in any trouble. I just want to see whatyou’re all about. So, you’re quite a piece of hot ass huh? I’ve seen youstrutting around in your tight shorts with that sexy ass. You like giving itup?” Kevinwas silent, unsure as whether or not to trust him. “What are you talking about?” “I’mtalking about this!” Jordi replied and yanked the towel from Kevin’s waist,grabbing his ass. “You been selling it, right? Well feel this!” Jordi the kidtowards his crotch, grinding his hard prick against Kevin. “You suck my cock andlet me get some this nice ass, and I’ll make it worth your while. I’ll take itslow and easy with you. So how about it? You treat me right and won’t have toworry.” Kevinfelt his fear dissipating and his horniness rising. “Okay,” he answeredbreathlessly. “Cool,let’s do this then,” Jordi smiled and pushed him onto the bed. He began toundress, revealing a hard muscular and chiseled chest, as well as animpressively long and thick cock surrounded by a thick black push of pubichair. He stood before Kevin, his rod fully erect and in the kid’s face. “Nowlet me feel that mouth on my dick.” Kevinobliged by first licking the head of the Puerto Rican cock, then slowly takingit and the full length into his mouth and down his throat. Jordi exhaled deeplyas his dick was enveloped in the wet heat of the kid’s mouth, with Kevin’stongue skillfully working it over. Jordi put his hands on Kevin’s head andbegan moving his cock in and out, ever so often pushing it down into histhroat, making the kid slightly gag before pulling back. “Shit,you got a hot mouth!” Jordi exclaimed as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.”That’s it. Suck it real good boy.” Kevinwent on sucking Jordi for at least ten suriyeli escort minutes, driving the man crazy with hisexpert techniques. Then Jordi abruptly pulled his dick out of Kevin’s mouth.”Let me make love to that pretty little ass,” he said, and he picked the kid upand moved him up on the bed, placing him on his stomach. Jordi climbed onto thebed behind him, staring at Kevin’s ass in lustful anticipation. He first spreadthe cheeks to get a better look, and saw that the hole was puckering, stillsomewhat swollen and pink. “Damn,” Jordi said through baited breathes. Helicked two of his fingers and gently rubbed the hole, causing Kevin to whimperat the touch. Jordi knew he would indeed have to take it slowly with Kevin. Heplaced the head of his dick at the hole and laid down on Kevin’s back. “Getready,” he whispered into Kevin’s ear, and then slowly inserted the head acouple of inches into the tight hole, which immediately clasped and grippedaround it. That made Kevin cry out, his ass feeling like it was on fire. “It’sokay baby, I’m gonna go easy on you, “Jordi assured him, licking his ear as heeased his dick into the clenching ass. “I told you I wanna make love to you.Just relax and let me get it in. I won’t hurt you. I promise.” Kevintook a deep breathe and bit down on the pillow in front of him. His ass hadbeen fucked so hard by Slim, Nicky, and Linc that the nerves were still raw,but after a few minutes, the pain began to subside. Jordi felt the ass start toloosen, so he carefully pushed the rest of his cock into its warm confinesuntil his balls made contact with Kevin’s hips. Then he just laid on the kid’sback with his dick fully inside of the ass, letting the swollen cock beengulfed in the tight wet heat. “Thereyou go baby,” Jordi whispered. “You got all of my dick up in you now. You likeit?” “Yes,”Kevin stuttered, his entire body feeling electric sensations all over. Despitesome residual pain, he was beginning to enjoy how Jordi was making him feel,both with his dick and the sensual way he was caressing and kissing him. WhenJordi started to twirl his dick around inside of Kevin, the head rubbed againstthe kid’s sensitive prostate, and making him moan and whimper loudly. That inturn made Jordi even hotter, and he placed his mouth over Kevin’s, locking himinto a deep tongue kissing as Jordi started more actively screwing his dickinto the accepting ass. Yes, Jordi wasn’t fucking him, he was making love. “Baby,this ass feels so fucking good!” Jordi yelled as Kevin’s ass squeezed his dick.Kevin pushed his ass up to take all of Jordi’ dick, and they both fell intorhythm in sync with one another. Jordi stopped for a moment and turned Kevinonto his back, pushing his legs up over his head and holding them there as hepositioned the enflamed head of his cock at the entrance to the sweltering hole.Jordi looked down at Kevin’s face, staring into his eyes. “You’re so fuckingsexy!” he exclaimed. “I can’t believe you’re so damn hot. This ass is tight asfuck and wet. How did you get it like this?” Kevinjust shrugged. “I dunno. Just has always been like this since as long as I canremember.” rus escort “How oldare you? For real?” Jordi asked. “Fifteen,”Kevin answered, now growing anxious to have Jordi’s dick back inside of him. “Noshit?” he asked in surprise. So how long you been fucking?” “A fewyears now.” “You’refucking spectacular. This ass feels like a tight virgin pussy. Let me give yousome more of my dick baby. Is that what you want?” “Ohyeah. Please give it to me!” Withoutanother word, Jordi pushed all nine inches back into Kevin’s ass, not stoppinguntil his balls once again rest on the boy’s cheeks. He again cover Kevin’smouth with his own, kissing him long and deep as his dick plunged in and out ofthe juicy ass. Jordi has seriously never felt anything so good, ass or pussy.The more his dick moved in and out, round and round, the more the hole took itand massaged it, with Kevin wrapping his legs around Jordi’s back and pivotinghis pelvis up to meet each one of the man’s thrusts. They went on like that fornearly an hour, until finally Jordi felt his dick just about ready to explodeas Kevin’s ass began to spasm and cream. Jordi leaned down and sucked onKevin’s hard nipples, and the kid cried and moaned as he too neared climax. “Baby,I’m about to cum! Can I cum in this pretty little ass of yours?” “Ohyeah!” Kevin yelled as he felt as if he were going to pass out from his assgetting worked over so heavy by Jordi’s swollen cock. “Please cum inside me!” “FUCK!”Jordi yelled as his gave one final push into the kid’s ass, plunging in deep assemen blew out of his dick inside Kevin’s overheated ass. Feeling himself beingfilled with Jordi’s seed caused Kevin’s dick to start shooting too, sending himinto an intense orgasm, with his ass tightening even more around the dick thatwas plowing it, and the kid screamed out in pleasure. Jordi collapsed ontoKevin as they kissed each other with an urgency and heat, their bodies stillintertwined in fit of uncontrollable passion. When Jordi’s cock finally slidout of Kevin’s hot ass, rubbing against the kid’s prostate as it exited, itsent him into another orgasmic fit. “You stillcumming?” Jordi asked in amazement as Kevin’s body shook and the kid growled,his face contorted, head spinning round and round in a seizure of sexualoverdrive. Jordi pushed his dick back into the ass, and Kevin’s prick beganshooting off again. Kevin screamed out, with Jordi covering his mouth with hisown as he slowly screwed him. Once the kid’s dick finally stopped squirting andhis body calmed down, Jordi lovingly held him in his strong arms. “You arefucking hot boy,” Jordi said as he kissed Kevin. “I told you I wasn’t going tohurt you. Thank you for letting me show you how good I wanted to make you feel.Did you like my sucking my cock and the way I worked that sweet little ass?” “Yessir,” Kevin answered. “It hurt a little at first when you put it in, but it wasreal good.” “Perfect,”Jordi replied. “I gotta get ready to go to work. You get some rest. I’ll checkon you when I get off in the morning, okay? My Uncle Roy owns this place, andit won’t be long before he finds out about that mirror, so I’ll probably haveto find somewhere else for you to stay. But like I told you, I’m gonna takecare you. I promise.” And withthat, Jordi left Kevin, who fell asleep with a satisfied smile on his face… TO BE CONTINUED

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