Subject: Li’le Seth at Camp Li’le Seth at Camp Authored by dickydoo Got your shorts down at your ankles? Previously, when 13 yr. old Seth was visiting his 35 yr. old Unca Glenn, he had lost his virginity in a demonstration of the fine arts of manual and oral release. He then received the congrats of his Unc when his little fist and kiddy-lips practiced those skills on his older cock. Seth was disappointed though after his Unc had coached him in performing his first anal release up his Unc’s ass but then didn’t fuck him back. Unc said his asshole was too small. So now that he’s been fucked a lot, he was not only anxious to get fucked by him, but also wants to see Unc’s look when he sees his cock now that he’s 15, especially after saying how big it was back then…. Since it was just ovenighter, all I needed in my backpack was a change of underwear, bikinis now and not whities, and Speedos now and not boxers for swimming, a tank top and a kit with my toothbrush. Oh, hopefully, and especially my Glyde and condoms. Never leave home without them! I put on my tank top, then thought I’d surprise him and wear my Spandex bikers. He had worn his the last time, and after we tossed each other off, I remember how much I Iiked them when he put them back on. They showed off his very familiar cock so well and when I looked at mine now I had no problem imagining it down the pantleg either. And, since he was impressed by the size of mine back then I wanted to see his reaction to it in the Spandex now!. I looked in the mirror and I confirmed its outline down the pantleg, the ball bulge, then length of shaft and the knob bulge at the bottom. Hot! I was so excited as I waited for Unc and I had to smile as I thought back to that day after Unc’s. When mom had left for the afternoon, I started to strip to study myself naked in the full length mirror and just thinking about it, made me bone up before I had my shorts down! He said my cock was big , and although not as big as his, it was the length of my hand, wrist to fingertip, the hoody bulging and its trunk longer. So I pinched the trunk, stretched it out, then slid it back and admired the large, fresh and shiny cockhead that squeezed out. Which has provided enjoyment to me and my buds as it slid down their young tongues. I decided to partake of its pleasure, naturally, the first today. And since I had no buds to share the pleasure with, I proceeded to thrash that cock. And it didn’t take long before I bit my lip as a pained/success look spread on my face and I rose on my toes, gasping, and fired a good streamer that hit the mirror this time! I suppose most teens do it in front of a mirror, right? You? So between the bed, the shower and the mirror, I got a lotta practice every day… well a few most days too, remember? I’d remember fucking Unc, so I’d turn away from the mirror, look back over my shoulder, spread my ass with my fingers and pucker my bum hole. “Kiss the Cock” I would giggle. I’d work my finger in it, then two, then I did a pencil, marker and finally a brush handle. Loosey goosey! About 6 month’s later, Burt who was the same age as me and Syd, a year older than us, were in my room. I had been curious about their cocks so I suggested we wrestle. After a few rounds,I said it was hot so when I said we should take our shorts off, they quickly nodded and we stripped! Boy their cartoon tighties were pretty full. And of course with them rubbing together and on our warm bodies, they were getting fuller. Before I could suggest it, Syd said, “Fuck it’s hot in here and I’m getting boned up, so let’s strip!” Awesome! Shit! I wasn’t even sure if they would go along with it! And here’s Syd, stepping off his briefs on the floor now and pulling on his boner. Even Burt beat me and giggled as he stretched the trunk of his hoody out and gaziantep escort they started stroking themselves, obviously familiar with each other’s, and watched my unveiling. And upon seeing mine flip up off my waistband, they commented on its size, “WOW!” And without a word or even my permission, lol, they moved to each side of me, pressed their vertical cocks against my hips, and started beating my bishop and rolling my balls! Gawd that feeling! Can you imagine the feeling as hands changed and they rocked their boners up and down on my hips at the same time! Fuck I gasped and almost fainted as my knees weakened. I looked down as a huge stringer of hot cumm spiraled up out of my pulsing cockhead then fell back on Syd’s fist! He let go and licked his fingers as Burt fisted it and pumped several burps up, and licked them off his too! Then they turned so I was between them, their bare hips against mine how, and had me reach down, grab their boners and whack them both off at the same time! We did it in front of the mirror too! I wished I coulda taken a selfie, me in the middle, cock slumped and leaking as the teen boner in each hand spurted at almost the same time! Wowser! So it became an almost daily ritual, doing each other rather than solo fist fuckers enjoying various circle jerks. But what they enjoyed most was my introduction to cocksucking. Who wouldn’t! We took turns all the time staring at the varying amount curlies and Syd’s bigger balls made for the best mouthful of kiddy-cumm. I had been working a brush-handle in my ass and decided I wanted to try a cock in it like I’d done to Unc. Sucking a cock was cool, so they thought fucking had possibilities to try. I oiled up Burt’s smaller cock then I bent over, and Syd loosened up my ass with a couple fingers, then Burt fucked me! He was bent over on my back when he shuddered when he came in me. So it was became the most popular, and Syd could take me but not Burt. So the two of them were busy in me. And one time, Syd laid on his back and Burt held his oily hardon up as I squatted over him and held it till it started in my ass. I waited as he skirted around in front and straddled Syd, pressing his hardon down for me and I snapped my lips on it! He held my head as he started fucking my face as I bounced on Syd’s cock up my ass! Their timing was perfect as Burt squeezed my head as he gasped, pumping hot cumm down my tongue as Syd held my hips as his cock pulsed and flooded my ass! I rose up and bent my cock down that had been helicoptering and Burt sucked my balls empty. We had a big laugh as we looked at the cumm still leaking out our foreskins So that had gone on during the days up till now. A few other interested friends had joined us and I sure got fucked a lot. I sure could picture what a lotta friends’ cocks looked like in their shorts… Now back to today and Unca Glenn. I don’t know if my rents knew my cock was so obvious in my Spandex so I carried my little kit bag in front as I said goodbye when I heard the car pull up front at about 9am . It was a station wagon with Glenn in the the back seat looking out. I had my kit in front of me and when I took it away for a moment, he raised his brow and smiled as he opened the door for me. He moved over and I climbed in and we knuckled then he introduced me to the others. The driver was Ethan who looked maybe 29 with a brushcut and beside him was his friend Darnell who was light brown with short black curly hair and looked about 14. At the window was Gunnar, maybe 21 with one side of his head shaved and a swag of long black hair flopped over on the other side. And on the other side of Glenn was Arch, Gunnar’s friend who looked maybe 15 with curly red hair and had on big round glasses. Like me, everyone was quite jovial, knuckling me back and suriyeli escort all excited about camping out as we traveled along chatting away. I found them all quite interesting and was anxious to learn more about them as I tended to be a loner and wanted to change it. When I rose up and turned to put my bag behind us I knew my Spandex was in Glenn’s face and he grinned and it didn’t pass by Arch either who rose his brow. Time seemed to pass quite quickly as Ethan suddenly turned down a dirt road into a woods that had a sign, PRIVATE PROPERTY LGBTQ Members only and there were flags on each side, 7 or 9 horizontal coloured stripes. I’d seen it before but didn’t know what it was. I figured it must the flag of the scout troop that is based here. We approached a clearing that had a fire pit in the middle of a circle of eight round tents. They were fairly large, holding maybe 6-10 people. I got all excited because I’d never slept in one before. Ethan headed for one and pulled up beside it, parked, then went to the back and lifted the hatch. He handed out our bags we certainly didn’t have as much as they each brought and the other boys took a second glance at my bikers up close now. As the others started in I looked around and smiled at Glenn and stuck a fist out at him, “Bonus bud! This is awesome! Thanks!” We both looked down at each other’s tight bikers and he stuck his fist out this time! Jeez, I felt a little lurch in my Johnny as I replayed that last time we were together, kneeling naked on the bed beside him cranking his big cock with one hand as I fondled his balls in other. Here’s hopin’! The other two boys were pressing their crotches and giggling as they looked at them too. Another car pulled in beside us and two tents down there was one that looked like they’d unloaded as there were three out front with towels over their shoulders and they … shit they were naked? Wha… A couple more came out and they were naked too, some cocks swinging and others waving as the bunch headed to the pond that I could just see just back of the tents! Holy cow! I followed Glenn in and he dropped his kit then started unrolled a sleeping bag. Just One? He saw my confused look and frowned, “Gosh Sethie. Don’t you want to sleep with me?” Wha… Whoa! I squashed a chuckle, “Ah… I dunno. Will you stay on your side?” His surprised look quickly changed and looked mad, “No! Well… if I’m not invited over.” I smiled back. Well… okay, if you promise to suck my cock! ” He stuck his fist out, “Deal! Sharesies though.” and we bumped as my cock jerked. Fuckin’ ‘A’! This was gonna be so much better’n I would have thought this was going to be as I looked over the other two boys again The others had brought their stuff in and they didn’t seem concerned when each pair unrolled just one double one too! I think I’m gonna get hooked on this camping thing! Another wagon pulled up and a bald man about Unc’s age got out along with two blond boys about my age and were obviously twins too! Eric introduced us to his neighbors Tommy and Terry who smiled at our bikers when we knuckled. Eric unrolled an XL sleeping bag… two’s company but three’s a fuckin’ orgy! Shit, maybe sharesies? We got to know everybody as we unpacked and laid our stuff which didn’t take long. Ethan had obviously been here before as he quickly stripped and pulled on his junk as most guys do when the release it. His pubes were trimmed short and matched his brushcut. Darnell was moments behind, his junk longer, a few shades darker than his brown body, big balls dangling low in a black bag and the package we crowned with a trimmed strip of tight black curlies. Tastie? The rest of us were undressing too, but at various rates. It took Unc and me a bit to wiggle down our Spandex so Gunnar was rus escort next, his pubes shaved like a lightning streak so it matched his half shaved head. He was sliced and the dry knob had a ring in the piss slit as well as a couple in his uptight bag. Archie had been as quick and grinned at Gunnar as he pushed his glasses back. He’d been nipped too, his cock horizontal with its bright red head and the trimmed row of red curlies crowning it. The twins had been a little hesitant as I could see they were already tenting. Everybody was starting too. So when we wiggled out of ours, I fisted mine and gave it a couple strokes to start it too. I woulda been shy, bur after all the sucking and fucking, I wasn’t now. But thst licorice stick was sure working on me. They were all impressed with mine, Unc the most, but it made the twins more comfortable as I popped some knobbies out my hoody. I could see they were more comfortable now and dropped their jean shorts, stepped out of them and grinned down at mine as they gave a relief pull on theirs. And they sure were twins, similar blond curlies, low hanging balls, with nice edible lengths of teen cock. But I had to chuckle at them sticking up because they curved slightly so that the long trunks on their foreskins pointed slightly in opposite directions! Well I guess you could say in the same direction if they changed places. Eric must have been used to the looks, because he said, “Their buds that know them nic’d Tommy as Righty and Terry as Lefty which confuses those that haven’t seen them boned up!” We were all sporting hardware now, so Ethan, as he pulled his, announced, “It’s just noon, and as I can see we are all plagued with wood of the flesh kind. So, it is common to correct the problem so we won’t be distracted all afternoon from other the sports, and partake of a liquid lunch now and will still be able party tonight. All those that agree, nod or bob!” We all grinned with hands to our sides and bobbed as one. Unc bent his hard cock down to me, and as much as I wanted to suck it again, I knelt, but paused, passionately rubbing the moist bared knob on my cheek. Finally, Unc’s! I couldn’t believe this was happening! I watched Ethan lie down on his back and Darnell drop over him for a 69’er. Darnell’s tight black ass pinched as his head of black curls bobbed. Archy was smiling, pushing his glasses back as he looked down at the half shaved head of his cocksucker bobbing. The twins were interesting. Eric was laid back with Lefty or Righty straddling his head, his little ass bobbing ad he fucked Eric’s face! Another mass of blond curls was bobbing on his cock below! And finally I was sucking Unc’s cock as I looked out of the corner of my eye in time to see Eric now kneeling and blowing his cocksucking twins. Oh, Unc’s cock in my mouth brought back so many memories . Ans having overcome the gag reflex and stuff, I deeped him. I looked up at him with his trimmed bush on his curlies and tried to smile. I gave a deep suck and felt the streamer down my tongue as he grabbed my head and gasped. Nice load too as I swallowed it. Then I could see him admire my new sized cock. Then the ol’ drag and suck, and although he couldn’t deep it, his draw surpassed any of my younger cocksuckers! I rewarded him with such a knee bending, gag/gasp load, that he had to pull off and get a face-paint! I didn’t realize the others had finished and were pulling on their limp leaking dicks. It startled me when they giggled and clapped! I rose up and gave them a bow as a stinger stretched down from my hoody. Ethan looked at all out slumped cocks, “Well, looks like you’re ready for some swimming now?” Everyone nodded and the other young ‘partners’ air pumped their fists up like me, their interest now just on hitting the water. So we grabbed our towels and headed out, some skipping with cocks flipping, not shy now, and like me, looking forward to the swim and hopefully, any other surprises for the day… and night. Jeez… could it get any better? Well… still a ten jerker? Coin up to keep up yet? Thanx… Tye hoo

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