Subject: Uncle Steve’s Surprise Please feel free to share feedback. If material of this nature offends you, PLEASE do not read any further. Please note that you must be of legal age, where you live, to read this story. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between real people or events is purely coincidental. Please remember to show your appreciation for this site and donate fty to keep this incredible resource available! It was a big weekend. One of my cousins was getting married in downtown Chicago, and for the first time in ages, my extended family was getting together from around the country. Everyone was excited. Several aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins and grandparents were all descending upon the city, where my cousin and her fianc� lived. I was a junior in college and I flew in early because I was meeting Jimmy, a school friend of mine who transferred here this year. We had met freshman year, the first week of school actually, and had grown close. I was going to go out with him Thursday night and then Friday was the big dinner my parents were coordinating for the travelers who weren’t in the rehearsal dinner. That gave me Wednesday night alone in the hotel before the friend and family craziness began. Once I got checked in, I took stock of my room. A king bed, seemed like a waste for just me. The room was on the 20th floor, what a view! I could see Lake Michigan from that bed. It was awesome! I decided to take a shower to wash the travel off me, and to, you now, be prepared in case I found an extra-circular activity in which to partake. More on that later. I turned on the shower, undressed and stood in front of the window stark naked enjoying the view of the city and the lake. This far up, no one could see me. It felt exiting and liberating. Soon the shower was flowing hot and I got cleaned up and trimmed. I threw on some gym shorts and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini fridge. I decided to lounge on my bed and check the apps for local talent. It was starting to become dusk and I knew my evening would pass fast, this rare moment alone away from the craziness of college roommates and studying and partying. I had worked hard this week so I didn’t have to bring any homework with me. I was going to enjoy the break. First, a little about me. I’m a junior at a Midwest university, about a four hour drive from home, studying business. I’m 5’11 and thin, but I’m learning it’s considered a swimmer’s build. I’m not crazy about weights but I exercise to stay fit and I’ve been called toned many times. I fill out my usual attire well, jeans and a polo, but my little sister tells me I look really handsome when dressed up, which I will be during this trip. My hair is light brown and I wear it a little floppy on top, as my dad calls it, but I think it looks great. I’ve never grown much of a beard so it’s easy for me to stay clean shaven. My mom and my aunts always tell me I have a baby face. I enjoy video games, playing catch, reading comics and watching scary movies with my friends, but you don’t care so much about that. Now, I don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend or anything like that. I date a little but it’s never been serious, more than a couple dates. That’s okay with me for two reasons. One, I’m busy! Between school work and my friends I don’t have time for much else. I know that sounds lame, but wait for the second reason. Which is, I get to mess around a bit. Dating apps are the best. You can meet people who like doing the same things you do, and everything gets to have a good time. They’re called dating apps, but it’s really more about meeting for sex. People don’t usually want to meet more than once or twice, and I don’t take that personally. The variety is awesome! And there’s no obligation, which I like. Before I get back to telling you about my weekend, I will tell you something very interesting I’ve learned about myself using the dating apps, that I never would have imagined. I like meeting up with older guys. It’s easy to find guys my age around campus and that’s totally fun, but at the end of my freshman year there was this really hot guy that I talked to for most of the year and I finally felt comfortable meeting him. He was 34. I had a blast! He was so nice and great in bed, and just as hot as his photos. Although I usually meet up with guys around my age, since then I have met a few more guys older than me, and older than 34! I’ve met guys that were 38, 43 and even one that was 46! I would never tell my parents this, they would freak out. But these guys were nice and respectful and cool, and didn’t seem anything like my parents, who are the same age. Seriously, I try not to think about that! So, back to my hotel room in Chicago on the 20th floor. I don’t think I’ve ever been up that high in a building before. I have to tell you, I was kind of intimidated by the dating app when I opened it. There were about a million guys near-by within feet, not even miles! gaziantep escort It was overwhelming because most of them had profile pictures that looked like models. I mean, maybe some were models in Chicago, or maybe some were just shady liars and it wasn’t even their photo, but there were so many, and I had seen some hot guys on the streets as my cab drove through downtown that I guess that’s just what it’s like here. My cousin getting married and her fianc� are pretty good looking too, so I guess that’s just what it’s like. On my profile I have a couple shots of my torso and one private face pic, so you get a pretty good idea of me. It’s a lot more than a lot of these guys have. I guess it’d different than at campus where most guys are open about being bi or gay or pan or whatever. I got blown up by about thirty guys as soon as I logged on, okay not really but I had a hard time keeping up on responses. Most of them seemed to flake out pretty quick. I also noticed there weren’t very many my age, and the ones that were didn’t seem interested, which was a little disappointing, and intimidating. I was talking to a few guys in their late 20s and 30s and it was going really well, but they seemed a little busy or preoccupied which I thought was odd since it was after the work day. Maybe they were out with friends or something. The one guy that was the best conversationalist didn’t even have a photo, so you know that’s suspicious. Well, after a while it turns out the no photo guy was actually married. No surprise there. I hadn’t ever been with a married guy, though, at least that I know of. I surprised myself because the idea didn’t really turn me on or off. It was just kind of an extraneous fact. They guy didn’t have any profile pics, like I mentioned, but he did share a few with me that he sent directly. It felt really secretive receiving his pics because they weren’t on his profile, which makes sense since he was married, and the pictures were all dark or in dim light so you couldn’t really see a lot. It felt a little deceitful, to be honest, like he was trying to hide a hideousness, but it also kind of turned me on, like I was drawn into this secret that he shared with few others and I was glimpsing into the very personal side of this guy’s most private life. I definitely didn’t get a face pic but he had a nice body from what I could tell. Looked like he worked out his chest and his shoulders were broad, which is something I’ve noticed I am attracted to on older guys, and are features less important to me with the younger guys my age I meet up with. He had dark hair covering most of his body, which really did turn me on. I haven’t really been with hairy guys before, but he seemed so nice and masculine and hetero that it seemed to fit him. Also, he said he was 50. Which is older than anyone I’d been with before, and older than my parents! I asked if he was at work, thinking maybe he was at one of the office buildings that surrounded me, but it turns out he was staying in the same hotel as me! I guess it’s a giant hotel so there will be other guys cruising for sex, but it shocked me and for a minute I felt creeped out, but I hadn’t said I was staying there so he couldn’t have known for sure. Could he? When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he really just was looking to suck a dick and didn’t want anything in return. I was a little surprised because most of the guys I meet are into reciprocation, but we all have our things. And to be honest, I was pretty horny and looking forward to blowing off some steam from my day of traveling. I had never been with a guy like this, or this old before, so I thought the idea of just being serviced seemed easy enough. I figured if I wanted to suck a dick, I’d have plenty of time to find one tomorrow night or even after the wedding on Saturday. Turns out, he was only on the 17th floor, which seemed far enough away for my comfort, but still super convenient. He wanted to have the lights low and for me to come into the room. He’d leave the door open for me so told me just to come in. He said he’d be sitting in the chair and to just come in and stand in front of him and he’s suck me off and then I could leave. I figured that was harmless and easy, and if anything funny happened, I could scream � there were plenty of people around this bustling hotel. By this point it was later and it was dark out, although I still didn’t close the curtains in my room. What was the point? I threw on a white undershirt from my suitcase and slipped on my soccer slide sandals and my key card. I figured I didn’t need my phone at this point. I could remember his room number. When I left my room, there was a family with little kids coming down the hall with bag and baggage. Instead of passing them to get to the elevators, I went the other way and found the stairs at the end of the hall. 3 flights down and I was about to shoot a load, which I was very much looking forward to. suriyeli escort I didn’t have underwear on under my blue gym shorts and as I ran down the steps, taking them two at a time, thinking I will probably miss and break my ankle in these sandals, the soft mesh material was rubbing wildly on my cock and balls and I was starting to get hard. I realized how much I was anticipating this hook-up and I didn’t even mind that I was meeting a stranger and could encounter other people, or other family members even, also arrived here early. When I got to floor 17, I rushed through the door and found the entire hall way was empty. As I swiftly walked down the hall, his room was toward the opposite end, I heard the elevator chime and the doors whoosh open and some people shuffling out. The elevators were in the middle of the hall so I had to pass that area to get to my destination. Turns out just one guy got off, 40 something professional in a suit. He had a roller board and handle he was dragging in one hand and his phone in his other and didn’t pay any attention to me, which was good because I looked down after I passed him and you could easily see that I was sporting wood. Almost there, I shouldn’t meet anyone else. After what felt like the longest walk in the history of hotels, I made it to my destination. The room number was there on the plaque. It was quiet all around and the door was open about 8 inches and dark inside. I pushed the door open another foot and slipped in. As I did that I noticed it wasn’t completely dark, but if he hadn’t explained his wish for dim I would have been caught off guard. I chose to move with deliberation in an attempt to the sudden excitement, and nervousness, I was now feeling. I was proud of the boner I was sporting and I didn’t want to get soft now. I thought walking over to him with a stiff dick would be a sign of my virility and show I deserved to be serviced well. As I scanned the room, I saw him, a figure seated in a chair in the corner as agreed. The bathroom light was on and the door cracked for light, and I noticed the windows curtains were open as well. Being this high up, the window didn’t let much light in, but offered a comforting glow. As I turned to look into the bathroom, I could see in the mirror that it was empty and no one was waiting in the tub. I closed the heavy door behind me with a louder than intended thud. At the same time I consciously dropped my room’s key card on the carpet in the entry so I could grab it on my way out and not lose it in the excitement of a blow job deeper in the room. I kicked off my soccer slides and started moving toward the figure in the corner. He didn’t say anything but I felt like I was being watched. I couldn’t really see anything beyond figures in this light, which is what I think he intended. For me or for him, I couldn’t say. I walked over to him, standing in front of him. He didn’t move just sat there quietly. I noticed I still had my boner and absentmindedly reached to it, in adjustment or to stroke, I couldn’t say. He reached up slowly, put a warm meaty hand on my forearm and slowly pushed my hand off my cock, which I was now mindlessly rubbing through my gym shorts. I just stood there. I would have felt like I was on display if it wasn’t so dark. I was starting to understand the insight behind this lightless setup. I saw him look up at me, but I don’t think he could see anything. He put his hands gently on my hips and pulled me closer while leaning in. He held his face in front of my bulge for a moment before opening his mouth and delicately placing his lips over my bulge, right on my mesh shorts. I immediately felt the warmth of his breath through the loose mesh fabric. It felt amazing. I’d never been touched like that. It was sensual and exciting and taboo all at the same time. There’s something direct about skin on skin, but his warm lips and breath separated ever so poorly by the cheap material felt closer, somehow. More intimate. If my cock wasn’t fully hard before, it was definitely beyond hard now. He noticed how much I liked this feeling and how my body was responding, yet he took his mouth off my cock. I felt the cool air in the absence of his breath and it made me feel empty. Soon, I realized his intention and although he had abandoned my throbbing college cock, a new sensation I had never felt before arrived. He had moved his right hand from my hip to the waistband of my shorts. Instead of pulling them down, he slid his warm meaty hand into them and slid that hand down the back of my bottom, cupping my left butt cheek and coming to rest with one finger on the button of my boy hole. At the very same time he found one of my balls like a magnet and was mouthing it in his warm breath, still through the thin mesh shorts. At first I didn’t notice the pressure he was applying on my hole because I was happy I wasn’t losing his warm mouth on my junk. I had never been mouthed rus escort like this before through fabric, cock or balls, and the pressure he was applying at the same time to my boy hole was something I’d never felt before. I’d been cumbersomely fingered before, sure, but it was never this tender, this intentional, this sensual. As this man worked my testicle in his mouth through the fabric net, he effortlessly found the other ball and gave it equal attention. I hardly noticed the additional pressure he was applying behind me, it all felt like one perfectly choreographed movement, steadily increasing a pleasure sensation I’d never known or felt. The whole time he was working my balls, the tent of my shorts was constricting my fully erect cock which was laying on the side of his face, rubbing the material and turning me on even more. My eyes were closed and my hands reached to his shoulders to steady myself, as I was beginning to feel wobbly standing before this man. I felt the warmth of his shoulders which were like two softballs in my hands, big and solid. With one hand I leaned on him more and with the other hand I instinctively reached down into the thick dark chest hair. It was long and softer than I expected and surprisingly exhilarating. The sensation felt like a familiar echo, one I couldn’t place knowing I’d never hooked up with a man who looked, or felt like this. He felt much stronger and more muscled under his furry chest than he looked in his photos. I pushed into him harder, feeling incredibly turned on by this god under me. I kind of gagged him as I did. He gently pushed my hips away from him, and with the hand on my butt, pulled my shorts down, using this left hand to insure the waistband didn’t catch my hard cock. He did it so smoothly I hardly realized I was naked until I felt my shorts land on the top of my feet. I was so in the moment I climbed onto the chair, straddling this broad hairy chest with my knees. Hotels must build chairs for this exact purpose because my feet and legs seemed to fit perfectly at rest straddling this guy. He didn’t miss a beat and immediately took my cock in his mouth. I pulled my tshirt over my head and dropped it on the ground next to the chair. He started breathing heavy as he worked his lips around my cock, getting farther down the shaft with each pass. I could tell he was trying not to gag. My cock was 7 inches long, I’ve measured it, and relatively thick. I had shaved my balls in the shower so there was nothing between me and this man’s lips and five o’clock stubble, which felt amazingly tingly and stung a little bit but in a good way, against my freshly shaven ball sack and skin. I had moved my hands to his neck and was pumping my hips without thinking as he kept working my cock faster and faster with his mouth. He started grunting, in animal response to working my cock so fast and so hard. I realized I was panting myself and whimpering a bit with each thrust I fucked into his face as I held his neck and head with my hands. In an instant I was overcome. I felt a tingling in my arms and hands that felt like they were falling asleep, and my cock was spewing cum into this man’s mouth and throat. For a split second I felt so dirty sharing something so intimate, my DNA with a total traveling stranger, but that fleeting thought vanished as soon as it came and I was thrilled by straddling this hunk of a hairy strong man who in the matter of five minutes knew all of my most intimate places and what it sounds like when I cum. I started squirming, still shooting cum out of my cock and he moved his head and neck this way and that, mouth glued onto my cock sucking every ounce of juice out of my rod, losing nothing down his chin or on his chest. I collapsed on him. My butt came to rest on his lap. I felt like a little kid, skinny, pale and hairless on this furry beast of a macho specimen. My smooth chest was heaving on his hairy chest and our necks were locked together. I could smell his skin, the start of perspiration and soap and aftershave as my nose pressed into the short buzz of his hair. He let me rest like that as our breathing slowed and normalized, neither of us saying a thing. He held me and stroked my back tenderly until I got up, which was another five minutes probably. I put on my undershirt as I walked to the door, pulled up my shorts which were still around one ankle. Slipped on my slides, reached down for my card and slipped out the heavy door, leaving only a loud thud slam behind me. When I got to my room, I had several texts. Some from my friend Jimmy about tomorrow and another from my Uncle Steve, which said he had arrived early to town, heard from my dad that I was here too, and asked if I’d like to meet him for a drink. When I said sure, he said meet me in the hotel bar in 10 minutes. I dropped my shorts and tshirt on the floor with my soccer slides. I grabbed my dockers, pulled on a gray polo and slipped on my boat shoes. My cock felt squeaky clean from my blow job. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to lay down and take stock of what I’d just done. Heading down to the hotel bar, I hoped I wouldn’t run into my new cock sucker. I wouldn’t know if I did. I hoped I could meet up with him during my stay.

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