A Further Act of Catharsis


A Further Act of Catharsis
Ricky’s mother stopped him on his way to his basement room by saying: “I’m worried about you, Ricky, and I want to talk you about it.”

As she said this, Ricky felt a sudden wariness.

“What is it?” He said, trying not to sound overly defensive.

He knew his mother well enough to know that if he acted defensive, that she would latch onto that, and pry even more aggressively into his private life.

“I worry,” she said, after a short pause, as if trying to find the right way of putting it, “that you don’t seem to have a girlfriend. And yes, I know! I know! I’m butting in; interfering; but I can’t help it! So, why is it that don’t have a girlfriend?”

“Mom,” he said, feeling uncertain what to say to her, “it’s really none of your business. Okay?”

“But, you had a girlfriend, not long ago, but you stopped seeing her suddenly. Just why was that? I’m worried. I’m your mother, Ricky. That’s just the way I am. I can’t help it.”

Again, Ricky felt a growing resentment towards his mother for her deliberate meddling.

“It’s none of your business, Mom,” Ricky replied, and then moving further towards the door of his room. 

“But I’m worried,” she went on.

He went past her, avoiding her eyes. She attempted to put her arms around him, but he dodge away, and in doing so, he made it to the door to his room.

“Are you—gay, Ricky?” His mother suddenly said. “Is that why you don’t have a girlfriend? Is it? You can tell me if you are, and I might be able to help you with that! I want to help. I really do. I, I love you.”

“I’m not gay, Mom!” Ricky shot back.

“So, why”, his mother went to say, “don’t you have a girl friend? That’s what I don’t understand. Can you explain that to me? Please?!”

I’m NOT GAY, Mom. Okay?” Ricky said. “Besides, you wouldn’t understand if I tried to explain to you why I don’t have a girl friend. So, just drop it. Okay? Please.”

Before his mother could come closer, Ricky slipped through his room door, and closed it behind him. Through the door he heard his mother say: “I’m sorry, Ricky! I know I shouldn’t interfere in your private life. That was wrong of me. Okay? Forgive me!”

“Okay,” he said. “I forgive you. But just drop it. Stop bugging me about that. It really is none of anyone else’s business.”

A moment later, he heard his mother walking away. He stood there for a moment or two, listening. “I have to run some errands, Ricky,” he heard his mothers voice from the down the hallway.

“Okay!” He said.

He walked over to his lap-top, and as it was booting up, he got undressed. Then, once he was, he sat down in front of the computer, and clicked on one of his favorite porn sites; an ‘interracial’ porn site, that showed only big dicked black guys fucking really pretty young white females.

He settled back in the chair, and began lightly stroking his cock. He absolutely loved jerking off to that sort of porn. In fact, he wasn’t interested in any other type of porn. Not any longer; not after discovering that particular genre!

‘Oh…fuck, yes,” he thought as he focused his entire attention onto the sight of an enormous black cock as it slid deep inside the young white females receptive pussy. What his mother didn’t understand, nor would she, even if she’d known about her son’s obsession with interracial porn, was that his deep feelings of inferiority, as a man, and particularly as a white male, was the biggest reason he no longer had a girlfriend! In fact, young woman who had been his girlfriend had broken up with him, and gone with a black guy, and, soon after words, became pregnant by him! Rather than that making Ricky angry, it had excited him; as strange as it might seem to some!

After his former girlfriend had left, and after Ricky had found out she was pregnant by that black guy, he suddenly ceased imagining himself as anything but a inferior white guy—and this attitude had merely increased, and within a very short span of time! So now, instead of seeking out another girlfriend, Ricky discharged his sexual energies through interracial porn!

Watching the black guys huge black cock diving deep inside the white females pussy, Ricky felt that powerful exhilaration that always came with his admission of his own sexual inferiority! It was an intoxicating pleasure; and it would have been impossible to ever explain that to his mother!

Ricky’s sexual excitement grew hot and fast. He usually tried to last a long time, but he knew that on this occasion, he’d be ejaculating his sperm much more rapidly than usual! He could hardly wait.

So, at the very moment he could see, and hear, the black guy coming, he managed to do the same thing!

“Oh, GOD YESSSS!!!” Ricky said, as his sperm blasted out.

He slumped back in his chair, his heart beating fast yet from the orgasm, and at the same time, he watched as the black guy withdrew his cock from the white females pussy…and, as he did, a large, thick, quivering glob of sperm oozed slowly and heavily out, and dripped onto the sheet beneath her.

Seeing that made Ricky’s heart beat surge once again, and seeing his own sperm, laying across the floor beneath where he sat, he loved the way it made him feel. His mother would never, ever understand it, but Ricky never wanted to put his sperm into any woman’s pussy; and especially not to make another baby! He had no intention of ever doing that! That, he had determined, would be for black guys to do; like the one he’d just watched on his lap-top!

Then, before his mother returned home, he carefully, and methodically, cleaned up every last trace of his sperm; and flushed it down the toilet—right where it belonged!

The End


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