Béa was sexy femboy when she found a wild runaway boy. She decided to take care of him and raise him like her little brother. Together they discovered and revealed their feminine side and grew up into beautiful transvestites girls. Discovering each others body and transforming together they soon became lovers, living perfect life together until…


Name: Béa Chan –Lilly Chan
Age : 23 –18
Job: Student in sciences –Schoolgirl
Mood: Shy –Enthusiastic slut
Cock size: 15cm –22cm
Favorite position: Against a wall –Deepthroat
Hobby: Volleyball –Sex with Béa

Episode1: Rising of the Zombies
It is already late when Lilly wake up that morning and sees the horrible news. People are turning into zombies all over the country. The summer is hot this year and it is not the cold that is making her tiny feminine body shivers in her night panties: she’s scared for her big s*s Béa that woke up early and went jogging like every morning. Lilly goes to the door, wanting to go search for her but change her mind… What if Béa walks home and can’t find her… Yet the wait is killing her. Where those zombies were coming from, no one knows. People were biten and just turned into those dirty things. After one more hour, Lily can’t stand it any longer and goes to the door, even forgetting to get dressed, all naked except her little pink cotton panties. As soon as she opens it something rush on her and she is pushed back in the house. She falls on her mini ass and look up to see her s*s walking in very slow. Her face is all blue and scary. Her mouth wide open, looking ready to bite anyone on her way… maybe she even did it cause it seems some blood is on her face and jogging shirt. Lilly tries to walk back as her sister walks toward her but she hits the wall with her back. Even now she can’t help thinking her sister is so cute. She tries to call her back to her senses, telling her that she loves her so much but nothing works. From her low point of view she can see that Béa’s yoga mini shorts are no more than a string barely holding on. Her cute cock is even hard and still looking all pale blue like her face but yet so beautiful… So much memories… Her first and only cock, the one she fell in love with so many years ago and the one she had so much fun with. She has no will to run or resist. If her lover turned into zombie than nothing matters… Béa is so close now, rushing on her… One last time Lilly want to touch this sexy cutie cock before getting bitten. She manadges to grab it just before Béa reach her and… surprisingly she stops as soon as Lilly start to jerk her blue sissy dick. Béa’s scary mouth is just a inch from her shoulder still wide open to bite but she’s not moving anymore. Lilly keeps jerking even harder and it is like her s*s is just paralysed. The tiny schoolgirl doesn’t wait long before pushing her luck and try lick on the cock. Béa doesn’t react so she keep going, taking the cock right in her mouth like she did it thousand times before. The sweet taste of hard cock makes her so horny. A thin rope of precum is constantly dripping out her s*s cock, only making the blowjob even nicer. She forgets all as the hard tip is pushing her back of her large mouth and entering her throat. She starts to pump so the cock slides in and out her delicious teen mouth and throat. Her lips tightening so hard on the heavy shaft. She feels so urge of pleasure growing in her belly. She knows she needs more. Without stopping to jerk her s*s, she gets in position to take her sissy cock in her ass. As soon as the tip touches her tiny pink flower hole, Béa starts to moan and waking up, roughtly pushing her cock right in Lilly’s tender butt. Holding her with such power on the ground she starts to fuck this wet hole so hard. Lilly feels her lover, usually so sweet and gentle, now totally turned in wild sex hungry monster. She pounds this pussy ass with so much strength and anger that Lilly’s poor asshole can barely take it. Very different than their usual loving sex but yet it somehow feels just as good. In just a few strokes of the zombie, Lilly’s cock is already erupting a large amount of sweet cum from pleasure right on the bare cold floor. While powerfully pulling Lilly’s hips to meet her cute size cock, zombie Béa force her young s*s body to slide on the floor, so Lilly’s chest and face are rubbing in her own cum. Yet the strong fucking turn the schoolgirl in such exctasy that she doesn’t care much, letting her jizz cover her bare sissy chest and face. The zombie cock pounding over and over and over again until finally Béa cums a huge load of cum right in her s*s asshole and then… falls like asleep on the ground.
Lilly can barely get up and crawls to her big s*s, so worried for her. She’s breathing and her face looks pink and normal again, just like cured. After one hour sleeping, she wakes up, greeting Lilly happily like nothing happened. All the stress and fear vanishes at this moment and Lilly finally fall into her s*s arms, hugging her tighter than ever before. A few explanations later and both girls still can’t realize or understand what just happened. How can someone can be turned into zombie and get back to normal after some assfucking… This makes no sense at all. Would it work with the other zombie people… Too much questions and no time to think about it: a loud noise comes from the kitchen. The small and thin door there had been broke… They were coming!

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