A Fantasy.


A Fantasy.A Lesbian Fantasy. With three fingers plunged deep in my cunt I got so wet and horny last night, then I imagined my lesbian girl friend and her husband Brenda summing me to their town house, my girl friend is a petite 100% girl loving girl but, Brenda is Bi-Sexual and frightens me with her bulk I do wish Brenda did not work outdoors.I enjoyed the thought of a shower and shave visualised what to wear, haven been often I knew how long it would take me, which way I would go and how I’d get there.On arrival my girl friend ordered me to strip down completely even to removing my panties, bra and stockings, then then using a chair to climb up and stand on her old oak dining room table. It was so embarrassingly hot removing each item of clothing, as they, my girl friend and her husband, Brenda, insisted on remain fully clothed, this. with the room’s curtains open to public view.My girl friend stood behind me with one hand to reach down and fondled my engorged cunt lips making them weep with my sex juices, with the other hand she alternatively caressed my big tits causing my nipples to pop.I could feel my girl friend’s breasts flatten against my back, and the hardening of her nipples through the material fethiye escort of her blouse and bra, the buttons were like blunt fingernails scratching me. With her knees apart the stretched material of her shirt supported my behind acting like the taught canvas of a deckchair.Looking around I saw Brenda roll up her blouse sleeve and lube her hand, Brenda’s face beamed suggestively, Brenda then placed her elbow on the dinning room table, with her lubed fist pointing up.My girl friend then held me tight around my chest below my tits, I felt her warm breath as she kissed the nape of my neck and slowly eased me down onto Brenda’s clenched fist, Brenda’s fist is huge. Brenda’s works on a farm, doing all the jobs that a man can do, it matter little how much lube she uses I can still feel the calloused knuckles as my pussy begin to be stretched wide open.My girl friend guides me down bit by bit onto Brenda’s fist, I begin to gulp deep breaths of air as my cunt aches with pain and pleasure, I grind and gyrate my hips downward to engulf Brenda’s fist, to get passed the knuckles and onto the wrist, Brenda, at the same time forcible rotate her huge fist.Then suddenly Brenda is wrists deep in my sloppy escort fethiye hole.Brenda is a nail bitter so it is her firm fingers that tickle my vaginal walls and find my G-spot this causes me to throw back my head yelping as an erotic wave of pleasure flows through my whole being, her fisting wrist twist to probe my gaping cunt hole. With her arms crossed under my tits my girl friend gripping my chest, works me up and down thrusting my pelvis onto her husband’s fist and wrist, she quickened the pace while nibbling the lobe of my ear, Brenda meanwhile groaned appreciatively as I eagerly spread my legs wider and opened my pussy to sit forearm deep on her arm. Unable to hold me, my girl friend gently allowed me to collapse into a quivering heap on the dinning room table, I had just experienced a most intense orgasm. Hot and excited with pleasure, my girl friend’s pussy was dripping wet. She lay me down with my back on the hard table surface and with her knees each side of my head sat on my face ordering me to eat her hungry pulsating cunt! Wrapping my arms around her thighs for support I slurped and suck her juicy pussy as her husband abused my gaping cunt hole. My girl friend then achieved her own fethiye escort bayan orgasm, flooding my face with her cunt juices, and with my face still wet they turned me over on to my hands and knees to expose my anus, my girl friend reached around to lubricate by finger fucking my tight puckered hole ready to use her 10-inch huge dildo on my asshole. She had no mercy as she ravished my anus ever so deeply with her toy phallus. Totally filled with pain and pleasure, she drilled my asshole hard and fast to bury the cock all the way in my ass. I screamed and squirted feverishly with excitement! We orgasmed simultaneously as my girl friend’s sweet warm nectar sprayed again my face. My girl friend then ordered me to suck her clit to empty her out dry. Then, she pointed to her anus and once she turned around I quickly obeyed by deep tongue rimming her succulent asshole making her cum again, and again, and again. Only after my girl friend was totally satisfied, she allowed her husband, Brenda to remove her hand and arm from my now huge cunt hole. Satiated, we hugged, kissed, my girl friend and her husband, Brenda, then quickly undressed for us to share a shower, we then went and shared the bed where I slept contently sandwiched, spooning and being spooned in their soft nakedness.Lying there finishing the frigging of my cunt on a high, I thought, how long would it be before my cunt tightened enough to enjoy my girl friend’s strap-on.

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