A Private Workshop (the amazing sequel to “He


A Private Workshop (the amazing sequel to “HeHe called me a few days later. No, he didn’t cast me in his latest project, but was impressed enough with me to want me to attend a “private workshop” he was having,…at no cost. Of course, I was flattered and eagerly said “yes”, especially since I knew this was going to be hot. You see, my initial audition turned out to be something quite unexpected. It ended up involving me stripping down and whacking off for him, and then, upon his request, I proceeded to suck his cock and make him cum like he never came before. I left him that day amidst a puddle of his and my cum. I left the audition that day with a wonderful feeling of victory; no, I didn’t get cast and was pretty much used for sex, but I really wanted that more anyway. So I left him that fateful day, with his cum still dripping off my chin, and with my clothes in my hands, I sexily sauntered out into the hallway and relished the shocked eyes of the other actors on me, as I licked his cum off of my fingers like sweet honey. I didn’t care how it looked. It was fucking hot.I arrived at the theatre for his “private workshop”, wearing my usual tight jeans. Upon entering the small theatre, I noticed an exclusive light on the stage where a table rested. There was also a tub of body grease! Suddenly, I heard a disembodied voice, “Please go to the stage.” I did, but was a little taken aback by responding only to a voice. “Where are you?”, I nervously said. “I’ll be down soon”, he responded. “Don’t keep me waiting”, I said; my heart beating rapidly with anticipation. As I arrived on the stage, fethiye escort I said “Would you like me to perform for you?” “Oh, yes”, he immediately responded, his deep voice nearly panting. Then, as if on cue, another man arrived on stage with me. “Say hello”, said the disembodied voice of the director. I timidly did. The man on stage was attractive and older by at least 10 years; “I heard you give the most amazing head.” I immediately blushed before regaining my sexual confidence in my exceptional abilities; “You heard right”, I replied. There was an awkward moment, before I took it upon myself to walk over to him, leaned into him, opened my mouth and shoved my tongue into his mouth. “Yes”, said the voice. We made out for a bit, before I slowly strutted over to the table, removed my clothes as I seductively looked at the man, not unlike my initial audition, and then proceeded to apply the body grease all over my chest, ass and finally my hard, throbbing cock. “Yes!” said, the voice, “Good instincts, my dear!” As I stroked my cock, drool occasionally falling from my lips, I said “You want me to suck your cock?” The man could barely move, he was so riveted by the sight of me stroking my cock and even a little surprised at how much I wanted this. “Yes”, the man quivered. Suddenly, the disembodied voice said “Get on the table, on all fours!” I urgently did, as the man disrobed and approached me with his thick, hard, beautiful cock! He brought it right to my face… “Make him cum”, the voice said. “No problem”, I said, my heart beating thunderously, I was so fucking horny. I lifted escort fethiye up his hard, thick cock to my mouth and proceeded to wrap my thick wanting lips around it. “Oooooooh, my fucking God….” Said the man, practically shaking from the pleasure. “Look at my face”, I said. As I slowly and lovingly lubricated his plump cock with my lips. It tasted so good and my only fear, as usual, was making him cum too fast. “Oh, my God…” said the man. I continued to slowly suck his cock, letting him gradually thrust it deeper down my throat to where I could taste the drops of his pre-cum, his cock thickening in my mouth as my lips continued to caress his awesome cock… Suddenly, I felt a wet tongue up my asshole… “Mmmmmmmmm….”, I moaned. I removed the man’s cock from my mouth only to say one thing, “Oh, my fucking God, deeper…. Deeper!”, the director had his face in my ass, his tongue penetrating my hole, as I sucked the other man’s huge cock… My cock was dripping like fucking crazy, splashing against the metal table like rain on a metal roof. “MMmmmmmmmm…” I continued to moan, as the man thrusted his cock more aggressively into my mouth. But I kept pace, intensifiying the grip of my thick lips around his beautiful cock, while rubbing his balls and fingering his asshole. All of us were collectively moaning, louder and louder… This was unfuckingbelievable. The director’s tongue up my ass and on my balls felt amazing, as I stroked my cock. The man’s cock in my mouth got thicker and thicker… I could feel it getting close. And I could feel that it would be an intense wad of cum that he was fethiye escort bayan about to shoot. “I’m gonna’…I’m gonna’ cum” said the man, trembling… The director soon pulled his tongue out of my ass and jerked himself in anticipation, as I also did the same… Our cocks were both swelled up and ready to gush out a tidalwave… “I’m…I’m gonna’ cum in your mouth…” said the man again, which I wanted him to. The director then screamed as he whacked off, “Cum in his fucking gorgeous mouth!” I wanted him to in the worst way, and I desperately wanted to keep my lips around his cock, ready to fight the force of a huge wave…but I couldn’t… He came down my throat so intensely, that it jerked my head back, his cum shooting all over my face, “Oooooooooooooooooooohhhh, my God,…oh, God, yeeeeeeeees!” I immediately placed his still cumming cock back in my wanting mouth and continued to suck and jerk him off with great determination… I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock so that he’d continue… “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, I moaned, as the man continued, looking down at me, as I looked up at him, my face glazed by his sweet, sweet cum, as I continued to suck his cock and swirl my eager tongue around it, slurping and sucking, slurping and sucking…. I too gushed a massive wad all over the table, nearly slipping off…as the director too came on the stage. Both men were weakened by the experience, their knees a bit wobbly and barely able to stand, especially since they were a bit older than me. But I was jazzed. As I finished jerking my cock on the table, and as I sucked the last drops of sweet cum from the mystery man’s awesome cock, I sat up, dripping with his cum, and with my breathing still sexually heavy, asked simply “How’d I do, director?” He could only smile. I’m pretty sure he’ll be inviting me to his next private workshop.

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