fathers story


fathers storyDave watched from outside the kitchen window as his father locked thecellar door behind him. Looking around trying to make sure he wasn’tseen. Daves father Richard hid the key inside the kitchen clock.Dave had been hoping to find the hiding place for this key for a longwhile, his curiosity of what was and happened in that room had been drivingthe eleven year old crazy. All he had to do now was wait for his father toleave him so he could investigate.The next day his prayers were answered. Just after breakfast his fatherannounced that he had to go into the office for a few hours. Davesexcitement grew as he watched his dad pull out of the drive. He gave itten minutes just to make sure his dad didn’t return for something he mayhave forgotten. Agonizingly he watched the hands of the clock turn andthen bolted for the key.Hands shaking he put the key in the lock. The first thing that struck himas he stepped through the door was the strong smell of leather. He found alight switch and flicked it on. Revealing a strange looking room. Firstof all he spotted a large bed with black shiny sheets on it, on the wallopposite was a large tv and dvd system. as he neared the bed he noticedthat there were shackles on each corner. Dave wondered who was tied tothis bed and why?As he walked around the room he saw alot of equipment he didn’t know theuses of, things made of rubber and stainless steel. ropes and bits ofleather were also visible. As was a bench like the vaulting horse he had atschool and something hanging from the ceiling.In the corner of the room he found a large wardrobe when he opened it hefound many leather garments hanging up as well as underwear at the bottom.Beneath the leather underwear he found a pile of magazines and a fewdvds. He picked out a magazine at random and sat on the bed.He soon found that the magazine was called “boys in leather”. As heopened it he found the first picture to be of two young boys around his ownage one had some sort of harness on him, both had leather shorts on. Onthe next page one of the boys had placed his hand on top of the othersbulge. Was his father gay he wondered? He guessed he must be to havepictures like this, certainly Dave hadn’t seen his father with a womansince his mother had left a few years before.The next page showed one boy on his knees infront of the other pullingdown the boys shorts exposing the hard cock held in place by a metal ringsurrounding the boys swollen testicles the ring was connected to the restof the harness. Next the one boy was kissing the red balls as he held upthe stiff cock of his friend.As he flicked through the pages of the magazine Dave felt his own cockbegin to stir. Could he be gay he wondered, he hadn’t even had agirlfriend yet or seriously considered any of the girls at school. As helooked at the magazine he decided that it didn’t matter, all he knew wasthat fethiye escort what he was looking at was having a pleasant affect on him, and whocared what the future may bring for his own sexuality.Dave put the magazine back but knew he would want to look at a magazineagain before his dad left him alone long enough to visit the room again helooked for the magazine at the bottom of the pile, hoping it would be onehis father wasn’t in the habit of looking at often. He looked aroundhoping he hadn’t disturbed anything, locked the door and put the key backbefore rushing back to his room.He now looked at the magazine this one was called “boys in bondage”, justas he was about to open it he heard his fathers car pulling into the drive.Dave quickly hid the magazine under his mattress.He had to wait until he went to bed before he dared to pull it back outand take a look, it looked like the same two boys this time both of themhad the leather harness on and the tight leather shorts. One was tied tothe bed and another nearby was chained to the wall. An older man enteredthe room. He stroked the groins of both of the boys before putting a dogcollar and lead on the boy on the wall and unchaining him. The boy waspulled to a bench which he was bent over and leg and wrist cuffed to.The guy picked up a paddle and struck the boy hard on his ass, after afew swipes his shorts were pulled down and the paddling continued. Thepictures showed a riding crop and then a cane being used on this boy also.After this a butt plug was placed in the boys ass and he was tied back tothe cross on the wall.The boy on the bed was tied to the bench and the paddle was used on himthe same way before the guy moved infront of him. He removed his ownleather thong exposing a long very hard cock. Precum glistened on the endas he fed the cock into the still restrained boys mouth.This boy was then retied back to the bed and the other boy made to suckhis cock as the man fucked him there were a few more pics like this andDaves head swam with the ideas and visions infront of him.Dave hardly slept that night, the images swam in front of his eyes as didthe thought that his dad was gay and maybe into boys his age. If that wasthe case did his dad want to abuse him the same way he wondered?Dave didn’t know how he felt about that, but he did know that the imagesand action in the magazine had made his little cock hard. As he went downfor breakfast he had many questions in his mind but did know he needed toget into the cellar again. Maybe in there he would find the inspiration orsign to know what was what.His father came into the kitchen in his dressing gown to fix his ownbreakfast as he turned from the fridge towards the table the folds partedand Dave was treated to the sight of his dads cock. It had been a long timesince Dave had seen his dad naked but was now quite impressed by the lengthand escort fethiye thickness of his dads cock.His father told him that he was going to play golf that morning and hopedthat Dave would be ok on his own. As soon as his father left the table toshower Dave followed at a discreet distance. Though the open door Davecould see his father soaping himself all over. As the steam rose Daves dadturned exposing his cock again to his son. For the first time Dave saw hisdads cock hard and stiff against his stomach. Dave was impressed and alittle turned on by the sight.He returned to his room to dress but only slipping on his tshirt andjeans he didn’t think he’d need his socks and underwear when he got intothe cellar again. Dave could feel a tingling in his cock as he began to getturned on by the thought of being back in the cellar.Soon his father called goodbye and Dave watched his fathers car pull outof the drive. He practically ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Daveretrieved the key from the clock and opened the door. He went straight tothe cupboard and put the magazine back and decided to look at one of thedvds. He put the disk in the player and took his clothes off and sat onthe bed.This dvd was called fathers day. He pressed play and lay back towatch. The scene opened with three men in various leather outfits in a roomsimilar to the one Dave was sitting in. They were all drinking beer andsmoking cigars. All were stroking impressive looking cocks.A door opened and another man entered dressed like the others he walkedin, pulling a dog lead to which a young boy was attached and crawlingbehind, on all fours. The boy had a leather dog collar on to which the leadwas attached. He also wore a blindfold and a leather cock ring,his ass helda butt plug.The man introduced his son to the group, and all the men stood and beganto touch and grope the boy exploring every inch of the boys body as if theywere buying an a****l. One of the men bent the boy over his lap and gavehim a good spanking. When that was over another of the men pressed hislarge cock up against the boys mouth,which he opened to admit entry. Theboy began to suck on it as one of the other men pulled out the butt plugand inserted three fingers into the boys ass. He started to piston thesefingers roughly in and out stretching the hole and lubricating it as he didso.The boys father produced a leather parachute ball stretcher and placed ittightly around his sons balls. A grimace appeared on the boys face as itwas attached and weights were added and it began to swing in time with theass fingering he was receiving. The boys cock began to enlarge with therestriction in blood flow.The boys father went to the remaining guy and they both went off toprepare a sling which was hanging from the ceiling. They came back andlifted the boy into the sling attaching his ankles and wrists to the fethiye escort bayan chainshanging down.The weights were removed from the parachute and the last guy lined hiscock up against the boys hole. With one thrust he impaled the boy on hiscock. The boys father slid his cock past his sons lips and began to fuckhis mouth. As the boy sucked on his dads cock one of the guys pissed allover the boys face and hair.Dave was stroking his cock as he watched the action, he was wonderingwhat it would be like to be that boy. Athough he had never thought aboutanother boy or man in a sexual way he couldn’t keep his eyes off the hardstrong cocks on screen. He wanted to feel one in his hands maybe even kissit,stroke it.Suddenly he was broken out of his masturbatory fun by the phone ringing.He dared not answer it in case it was his father. Still naked he walkedinto the kitchen and picked up the receiver. Indeed it was his father.“Dave I’am just calling to let you know there is a parcel on my bed for youwhy don’t you go and open it now before I come home, I will see you soon”.Dave ran up the stairs and into his dads room, on the bed was a large boxwrapped in paper. On the top was an envelope, Dave opened it and his heartfell and he felt faint as he began to read it.“Dear Dave,Don’t worry but I know you have been in my cellar despite my explicitwishes that you did not enter. However you have and I note that far frombeing put off from what you have found you have continued to go in thereand borrow some of the magazines. I deduce from this that you havedeveloped an interest in the scenes depicted and maybe would like toexplore these.If I’am right then you may open the parcel, but note once it is openedyou will have to go through with everything that happens after. If howeverI’am wrong you will leave the parcel unopened, lock the cellar and nothingwill be said of the matter again.”Dave was stunned he didn’t know what he wanted. In one way he was verycurious and tempted to find out what it would feel like to be the boys inthe pictures and the dvd. But he was also scared that he may not be able totake the pain and would not find it pleasurable.Finally he decided that this maybe his only chance to find out what itwas all about, to experience what he had seen. Slowly and carefully heopened the parcel. Dave could see various items in the box but on the topwas a letter. He opened it it was a set of instructions he was to followwith some of the contents of the box.First he was to take a few of the bits into the bathroom. In there he wastold to open the tube of lubricant and to smear it around his bottomworking it inside. Next he had to lubricate a small dildo and to slowlywork this into his bottom. Dave liked the feel of this thing invading hishole despite the pain. It made him feel good and some how like at last hebelonged.Once the dildo was fully in he had been told to keep it in place for fiveminutes, as he waited he was to prepare the shower hose. Dave unscrewed theshower head and replaced it with a slim metal nozzle. Dave ran the water tobody temperature and climbed into the shower.

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