My best friend used me.


My best friend used me.All throughout high school I was treated like a ghost, no girlfriend no group I fit into. I had three friends, Brent, Sam and John. We were the so called “Rebels” we all had tattoos and piercings and all the other Jocks and girls looked down on us and laughed at us as we walked by. The only one who had a girlfriend through high school was Sam and the rest of us went without. After high school Sam and John went to college in a different state while me and Brent decided to move to a different town and go to school. We found an apartment to rent and it seemed like as soon as me moved in the girls finally noticed us, the day we moved in we got invited to a party. Brent was 23 about 6 foot 6 and thin with tattoos all over his arms and dressed like a punk rocker. I had slept with a couple girls shortly after we moved but Brent seemed to be having sex with 3 different girls every day. The apartment we lived in wasnt very big and the bedrooms were right next to each other so every night I could hear him pounding girls and hearing them scream and moan loudly.Every day we drove to school together and as soon as school was over we went right home and right to a party. After a couple months of school Brent found a girlfriend named Nichole he fell for her hard and they dated about 5 months until one day I came home to the apartment and he was crying and upset,He told me she had dumped him for another guy. We decided fethiye escort to go get a case of beer and get drunk and watch movies. We polished off the case he had way more than I did and he started opening up about her but in a better mood.He said he loved having sex with her cause she had the most amazing tits and the tightest pussy and she was a screamer, I told him I knew cause I could hear her through the walls. After awhile we were flipping through the channels and there was some late night porn on HBO , he put down the remote and whether he knew he was doing it or not he started stroking his cock through his jean shorts. I said “What are you doing man?” He laughed and said he was drunk and wanted to enjoy himself. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom to piss when I Came back out he was still rubbing his cock through his jeans, I shook my head and said “I’m going to bed man”, He looked at me and said “Ive had a shitty day, my girlfriend dumped me, I wanna hang out with my friend”. I said alright and sat back down, He was still watching porn and started asking me about all the girls I fucked and what they were like. We talked for about 20 minutes and all the sudden he asked me “How big is your cock?” I was kinda startled but laughed and said What? he asked again and I told him 6 inches he smiled and said nice. Than for some reason I asked him the same question, He unbuttoned his jeans and reached in and pulled escort fethiye out his hard cock I was in awe and now knew why all the girls he fucked moaned as loud as they did, It was about 8 1/2 inches and thick. He started stroking it and said “You wanna touch it?” I never considered myself Bi-Sexual but as soon as he pulled his big cock out I was extremely turned on. I didn’t say anything but reached over and grabbed a hold of his cock with my hand and started stroking it. He tilted his head back and was moaning as I jerked him off. After awhile he slid his pants completely off and with him still looking up at the ceiling moaning, I took it upon myself to slide down to the floor get in between his legs and wrap my mouth around his cock.He never looked down when I started sucking him but he started moaning louder. I had a hold of the base of his shaft and was stroking him as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth he moaned louder and louder until it seemed like something in him went off. He leaned forward with his cock still in my mouth and grabbed the back of my head with his hand and started forcing his huge cock down my throat, I gagged every time he forced my head down on him but he liked it and so did I. He pushed my head down on his cock till I gagged and held it there and said “Choke on my cock” I forced my head back and coughed and gagged and he smiled and said “Yeah” I sucked him for about a half an hour until fethiye escort bayan his cock was covered in my spit. He told me to take my pants off and bend over on the couch, I did so while he got behind me and stroked his cock, before I could brace myself he forced the head of his massive cock in my ass. I grunted loudly and just as I said “Go slow” He slammed the rest of his hard cock in me. I mashed my head in the couch cushion and let out a murderous scream he laughed and said “Take my cock bitch” he pounded me so hard I thought I was going to pass out from the pain, After awhile as my asshole stretched it didnt seem to hurt as much as it first did. He pounded to so hard it only took about 10 minutes until he said “I’m gonna cum in your fucking mouth” He flipped me over I sat up and he shoved his cock back in my mouth and as soon as he did he let out a loud moan and I could feel his cum shoot out so fast it his the back of my throat and I gagged and almost spit it out, He seemed to cum and cum until he pulled his cock out of my mouth and sat back on the couch panting. I got up and went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror, opened my mouth and it was so full of cum as soon as I opened my mouth it came rushing out down my face. I swallowed some to see what it was like and after I cleaned up and went back out to the living room he was already in his bedroom with the door closed, As I went to go into my room I heard a knock at the door, I opened it to see Nichole standing there. I asked what are you doing here? She said Brent said I could spend the night tonight. I said “I thought you dumped him?”, She smiled and said “No, Why what happened”

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