Nephew’s Lust


Nephew’s LustA few weeks ago my nephew Mike, came to the house to stay for a few days. He and his live in girl friend of 10 years had split and he was finding the dating scene hard. He had tried a couple of dating sites but he got no results. He called on Wednesday to see if he could come over for the weekened just to relax and be out of his apartment for a while. I told him it was ok. Friday afternoon he drove up to the house. He and I talked outside while Carrie fixed supper. He told me it had been almost six motnhs since he had had any sex. He was horny and what was worst was that the drought had no end in site. I told him I couldn’t go six months. He said that he had used two bottles of lotion in that six months but it wasn’t the same. I laughed and said you are right. I told him to relax this weekend and not to worry about it. He asked if Carrie had given up on sex since she was over 50 now? I told him no, in fact she seems to be hornier now than when we were in our 20’s. He shook his head. She is older and her tits are sagging but her pussy is as good as ever and she is even let us start experimenting with anal. I looked at Mike and he was looking down I glanced down and saw his cock pushing against his jeans. I told him to get his stuff and come into the house. Carrie was just finishing supper when we walked in. bostancı escort Good timing she said. Mike walked over to give her a hug and he seemed to be taking a little longer than normal. Nice. After supper Carrie said she was getting her bath. Mike and I were watching TV and I heard Carrie from the bedroom getting her pajamas on. I walked into the bedroom and she was putting on her robe. Her nipples were poking out of her light pajama top. I started tweaking her nipples to make then harder and told her to forget the robe. I pulled the bottoms up enough to outline her camel toe well. I tweaked her nipples some more and kissed her long and hard while rubbing her pussy. I knew she would be horny and enjoy any attention that was given.I walked back into the den and sat down. Carrie came in and sat down between us. Her nipples were poking through the light weight top almost indecently. Mike was openly staring at them. Carrie pulled one of her legs under her causing her knees to spead and the bottoms to her pajamas to stretch tight over her pussy. Mike was trying to look without gawking. So I dropped my phone right between Carrie’s legs and it slid to her ass. I asked did anyone see where my phone went. Mike said yea and I cut him off and asked him to hand it back to me. He quickly fatih escort took the cue and looked at Carrie’s outlined pussy and reached his hand to find the phone. Carrie pushed her hips forward when he pulled his hand out. This caused Mike to run two of his finger over her pussy lips. He handed me the phone and excused himself trying to hide his wood. After he left I unbuttoned two buttons on Carrie’s top and pulled her bottoms down in the back and had her sit back down. I played with her tits until Mike came back in the room in a pair of loose shorts and long tshirt. As he sat down he noticed the better view of cleavage and then saw her part of her ass. He was about to cum I whispered in her ear to get up and lean down to me with her ass towards Mike so he could freely oogle what was exposed. She got up on one knee towards me and her ass towards Mike. She asked if I liked what I saw? I looked to see Mike looking at the exposed part of her ass. I said yes I do. I tweaked her nipples again and smiled. I whispered now reverse. She sat back down and then reversed got on the other knee and leaned over Mike and asked the same question. Without letting his eyes leave her tits he mumbled yes. I pulled her bottoms down to her knees. I said Mike I think Carrie is horny what do you think? He bağcılar escort said yes. He reached for her and I sat and watched as he finishing stripping her and pulling his clothes off. He was fucking her before we had hardly taken a breath. He came fairly quickly. I had undressed and was waiting my turn. My cock was rock hard from watching them. I took my place between Carrie’s wet thighs her pussy was slick from Mike’s cum. I started fucking her. I told Mike to continue enjoying the other parts of the ride until he was ready to get back in the saddle. He started sucking her tits and kissing her. Finally he moved up to her head and pushed his soft cock into her mouth. Carrie started sucking him like a pro and before long he was hard and letting her slurp his cock. Finally he said he was ready. Carrie and I both got up. I got some of the cum coating my cock and Carrie bent over for me. I greased up her ass hole. She then sat on my cock taking it in her ass. Mike watched as my cock slowly disappeared. Carrie then bobbed up and down on my hard cock. Finally she told Mike to fuck her until at least he had cum again. Mike went to town and I could feel his cock pushing on mine I and I could feel Carrie’s anal muscles working my cock. Finally after about 20 or so minutes Mike came again. He pulled out and I felt cum running over my balls. Carrie got off my cock and then spread her legs again and this time I fucked her until I came. I told Mike anytime this weekend he wanted to fuck he was welcome to. He smiled and asked if he could sleep with us. Carrie just laughed and said and no clothes while in the house.

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