The hunky Dad

The hunky Dad
I will start off by saying that I have always been a loving wife to my husband and a good mother. I have been with hubby since I was 18. I lost my virginity to him and we have a very good sex life. My name is Ruth, I am 32.

After being a stay at home mum for five years, I decided to get a part time job, and got one working at a local nursery. I work with five other women and for the first year all went well.

In September, a new boy started and his Dad, John dropped him off and collected him each day. All my work colleagues thought he was nice and one of them even wolf whistled once and blamed me when he looked round!

John is a good looking guy, late 30’s, well over 6ft tall, nice physique with greying hair, and have to admit, I shared my colleague’s admirations.

On Wednesdays, I always go swimming at lunchtime when I finish work. I got to the pool and someone said “hello you”. I turned around and it was John. He had taken his son swimming and I said “hello, you again?” I was little taken aback because I get embarassed by my body, although my hubby loves it.

I am 5ft 2″, and very small frame, but I have 32gg breasts which are full and heavy. I have a bit of a tummy with a few stretchmarks which is why I wear a swimming costume rather than a bikini.

However, I had just got in and the water was cold, my nipples were really hard and I instinctively lowered myself into the water. I went off to do my laps of the pool and got out 30 mins later.

John and his son were in reception when I was leaving and we started chatting whilst I used the vending machine. He mentioned that he had to drop his son off at his grandmothers locally and asked if I fancied a drink at the coffee house in the high street.

I only had housework and an empty house to go to, so I thought “sod it, why not?” We met ten minutes later and were chatting about family and his sons progress when I recognised someone my husband knew. I told John this, and he told me to swop seats so my back was to my husbands friend but I still felt awkward. My husband would be upset if he knew I was having coffee with a good looking guy like John.

He knew I was still feeling uncomfortable so he suggested we left giving it 2 minutes between him leaving and me leaving. When I got outside, John was waiting around the corner. “Coffee at mine?” I replied “All coffee’d out I think”. John said “look, forget coffee and lets forget your husband and my wife for an hour”.

I was shocked at how forward he was but laughed. I then realised he was serious
He pulled me towards him and I didn’t resist as he pecked me on the lips and said “well?”

I said “how far to your house?” John replied “about a mile away” I said “lets go, before I lose my bottle”

Following him in my car, I was so nervous, I never remembered the journey and when we got to his house, I was visibly shaking and I nearly carried on driving. Once inside, John started kissing me passionately, my lips, my neck, my ears and I realised that not only was I going to see and feel another man naked, I was going to be naked in front of another guy.

He started pulling at the buttons on my shirt and my hands were under his top feeling his back muscles. He pulled off his shirt and I kissed his chest and nipples whilst he slipped my top off revealing my bra. John pulled me upstairs, just in my bra and jeans and him just in his jeans. Once in the bedroom, he sat me on the edge of the bed and kissed my tummy before undoing my jeans and slipping them off. I was wearing French knickers and he kissed my pussy through them, making me groan and hold the top of his head pulling him into me. He pulled them down and sucked my clit hungrily pushing my legs back to get his tongue deep inside me. “What am I doing” I thought to myself as I let this man, lick me and put his fingers inside me.

I pushed him off, and he stood up. I undid his belt with shaking hands and slid off his jeans. His cock looked lovely in his tight boxers and looked huge. The end of it was on his hip bone and as I eased it out, it sprang out and I looked at it in awe. It was only the second one I had seen and it was different. John was circumcised and it was so thick
He was shaved too and his scrotum was huge. I massaged his balls as I sucked him and he groaned. I licked and sucked him for ten minutes before he pushed me on my back and looked into my eyes as he entered me. It felt amazing and so deep, as he fucked me slowly. I hadn’t even thought about contraception until now. I didn’t care as we kissed passionately. He picked me up, still fucking me and holding me, then turned around and lowered himself onto the bed. He said “I want to see those big boobs of yours” and he laid back whilst I unclasped the bra and slowly slid it off my shoulders, placing my arm across them and throwing the bra to one side.

He immediately sat up and moved my arm letting them fall. John immediately started sucking my nipples hungrily as I rode him, feeling his cock so deep in me. I held each breast to his mouth as he took turns to suck them.

He then put me on the edge of the bed and holding my ankles, started fucking me hard, I just kept saying “fuck, fuck John, your cock feels so good, so deep”. I started to cum and John realising this said “Ruth, Ruth, I can’t hold on much longer, I’m gonna cum”. Knowing it was too late to stop him, I just started cumming, writhing underneath him, screaming his name. All of a sudden, John pulled out and sat me up, wanking into my face and knowing he was cumming, I opened my mouth wide.

He held his cock to my lips, and roared as his spunk hit my lips and mouth, and I swallowed it, loving the taste of it but it just kept cumming! At least seven shots in my mouth and I loved it. He collapsed beside me, and we just smiled at each other, not knowing what to say.

I then said I had to leave as I had the school run to do, and I would see him tomorrow when he dropped his son off.

We haven’t had sex since, but when I see him or the girls mention him, I have a quiet smile to myself!

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