My Black Guy Experience – Part 2

My Black Guy Experience – Part 2
Continued from Part 1

I smile and immediately gasp as the black guy eases the head of his big cock in me, my pussy stretching around his large girth, slowly easing it into me letting me feel every inch go in as i cry and moan out “omfg it’s too big please stop, please stop” I panic a little! He stays still resting for a minute saying “fuck your pussy is super tight” then forces the rest of his big black cock into me in one big thrust making me scream out so loud. He lets my legs down and leans forward to kiss me letting me get used to having his big black cock deep in me and says “feels good?” And I moan a “yesssss, yesssss” as he starts to grind and we tongue kiss so hard, pausing to say “omfg I love how your big black cock feels in me.” The black guy smiles and continue to grind before pulling out a fraction then thrusting back in, he keep that rhythum going gradually getting a little faster and harder making me moan out loud with every thrust “oohh yesss, just like that, it feels sooo good” already feeling an orgasm building as he thrusts faster and faster, harder and harder, his big heavy balls slap against my bum as he fucks me so hard and fast. Soon saying “omfg. you’re going to make me cum” the black guy continues thrusting hard and fast as I cross my legs over his bum and scream out “I’m cuming!!” Panting and moaning out so loud, my body shakes and shudders as i orgasm hard on his big black cock, soaking it in my juice. The black guy continues fucking me hard and deep through my orgasm until i cum again, making me scream so very loud, also the bed squeaking and creaking! We lay together catching our breath, kissing before he pulls out, his big black cock covered in my juice! He uncuffs my hands from the headboard and says “get on all fours and face your husband” which I do but with my head dropped, trying not to make eye contact with hubby. I feel the black guy getting into position behind me, thrusting deep into my wet pussy, grinding against me and getting hold of my long hair, pulling my head back saying “look at your husband and tell him whose cock you love the best!” I just moan and feel the black guy continue grinding from behind, he then brings his hand down hard on my bum giving me a hard stinging spank saying “tell him!” So i reply saying “i love your big black cock the best hun, omfg it feels soo good, you fill me up and definitely fuck me the best!” the black guy replies “good to hear you say it” as he starts thrusting again gradually getting faster and harder, still tugging my hair like reins. I cry and moan out in so much pleasure as i grip the bed, my tits swing and bounce around as the black guy reaches round to rub my clit whilst his big cock works hard giving me another big screaming orgasm! Still deep inside me from behind the black guy says ” you want more?” And i reply saying “omfg yesss, yesss, please, fuck me, I love feeling your big black cock deep inside me!” I can’t help but look at hubby who looks horrified! The black guy then pulls out, laying back on the bed, his big black cock pointing to the ceiling and says “its all yours, come and get it”. I soon turn around and straddle him, positioning myself over his big black cock and gasp as I begin lowering down on him, looking him in the eyes saying “omfg, you’re big, I love it so much babe” and the black guy smiles as I sit down on him and grind back and forth, leaning forward to tongue kiss hard. Pausing from kissing the black guy says “I love how your tight pussy squeezes my cock, now show me how good you ride cock!” He starts to play with my tits, sucking on my nipples as I slowly start to fuck his cock gradually getting a little quicker. Still kneeling, I sit up on him straightening my back and place my hands on his chest to steady myself and begin bouncing up and down on him moaning with so much pleasure. I feel the black guys hands on my bum, fingering my arsehole a little with one hand and other spanks me bum hard saying “faster, faster”. I try bouncing faster moaning and groaning, panting like crazy saying “i’m going to cum babe” as the black guy says “good girl, keep going, come on my black cock!” I continue riding hard and fast, our bodies slapping together, panting and sweating like crazy as I work hard. I’m soon shouting out “I’m cumming” as i cry and scream, collapsing onto the black guy, his arms wrap around me holding me close as I orgasm hard on his big black cock. As I recover the black guy rolls us over, I’m on my back and he’s on top, still deep inside me he says “it’s my turn now” and as he’s saying that he starts thrusting back and forth, gradually getting faster and faster, harder and harder. I run my hands/nails up and down his back, starting to hold onto him as he starts to really pound me so very hard, growling. The bed is protesting with loud squeaks and creaks and the headboard thumps the wall as I moan and cry out “omfg, omfg, yess, yess give me your cum babe, fill me up with your hot seed!” He continues to pound me relentlessly, soon saying “here it comes” and he growls even louder as he fires stream after stream of hot black cum into me. “mmm.. thats it babe empty them full balls in me, give me every last sticky drop” and i giggle as he leans forward kissing me hard, pausing to say “are you on the pill?” I shake my head saying “no I’m not” and we begin tongue kissing again for a while, laying together. The black guy then says “you enjoyed that hard fuck didn’t you?” And i smile saying “I loved it babe, love how you fuck me and the feeling of your big black cock, it’s the best.” The black guy replies saying “Good to hear, I love how your tight pussy clamps onto my cock so will be fucking you a lot more”. I smile happily kissing again. The black guy slowly pulls out climbing off me looking at my messy, creamy pussy then turning to look at my hubby, looking back at me he says “think your husband has been enjoying watching, look his little white cock is stiff” and me and black guy giggle. Still facing me the black guy says “you should give your hasbaand a little treat”. The black guy lays the chair flat back on the floor with hubby still tied to it, pulls the boxers out hubbys mouth and says to me “come and rub your creamy fucked pussy all over your husbands face so he can taste our mixed cum”. I soon hop off the bed and straddle hubbys face gently lowering myself down, moving back and forth and round and round feeling his tongue licking me as I move. The black guy says “clean that pussy” as he watches then walks towards me saying “open your mouth wide like a good girl and clean my cock!” So I enjoy sucking him clean, gagging a little as I remain sitting on hubbys face. After a few minutes the black guy removes his cock from my mouth and pulls me up saying to my hubby “how does she taste?” Hubby replies saying “she tastes good”. The black guy continues “I think you have something to tell your husband don’t you Kelly!” Hubby says “He knows your name?” I reply saying “yes, this is Mark, we met online a few weeks ago, and I also invited him to the club earlier tonight, we set this whole thing up didn’t we Mark?” “Yes we did” says Mark the black guy. Hubby says “Why Kelly?” I reply saying “You know I’ve always wanted to experience black cock and you wouldn’t let me!” We continue chatting / arguing for a little while then the black guy agrees to untie hubby. When hubby is free I say “you’ve seen how much I’ve enjoyed his big black cock tonight, he’s going to fuck me regular but I’m happy to stay married to you if you want to as well?” Hubby says he will for now but needs time to come to terms with things and we all agree. The black guy says “you’ll be Kelly cuckold husband you realise?” And hubby nods saying “yes i know” and with that the black guy picks up his gun off my dressing table and hands it to hubby who then realises its a toy plastic gun and throws it on the chair. The black guy says “we all need some sleep, we’ll discuss things again in the morning” so we all get in our marital bed, me in the middle and the guys either side and we soon fall asleep.

Please let me know if you’d like me to add further parts. Thank you for reading. Kelly xx

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