Sex Club Adventures

Sex Club Adventures
Walking into the sex club that night, there was no mistaking where we were. The lights were turned down low and bass-heavy music pulsed insistently from the sound system. Colored lights gently strobed the crowd. There were dozens of shined up, hungry looking men, each one coupled with a woman dressed in something you would normally only see in the bedroom. Porno movies played silently throughout the room. We took our drinks and sat down beneath a screen, watching as a lithe blonde slid a large, stiff cock into her mouth.

I poured champagne on top of the whiskey already in my belly, and stared with lust at my girlfriend. She looked amazing; auburn hair, full lips, and a mischievous gleam in her eye. Her chest pressed tightly against the the fishnet dress wrapped around her body. As she sipped her drink, I slid my hand slowly up the inside of her thigh.

We watched the other couples for a while, the way they talked, the way they looked at each other. It was thrilling and strange knowing that very soon we might be watching some of them naked and fucking in the back room. It was even more thrilling to think that we would be joining them.

It didn’t take long before we were both buzzing with desire. My pants were tight against my crotch as my girlfriend pulled me from the couch and led me past the bar. We dropped off our empty cups and slipped through the beaded curtain separating the dance floor from the changing area. Beyond that was the play room.

We stripped down to our underwear—a pair of high-end boxers for me, a lacy bra and panty set for her. We stashed our clothes and stepped down into a room piled high with naked bodies. On the right a skinny sitting area ran the length of the room. Couples lined the wall, casually fondling each other. At their feet was a padded area about as wide as a queen bed. Here couples lay pressed against each other, caught up in their own passion. One man had his face buried in a woman’s crotch, shaking his head as he licked her pussy. Next to him a couple fucked doggy style, while next to him a skinny many was getting his dick sucked by a woman with pendulous breasts and a big ass. I could see her pussy glisten in the dim light as she swayed back and forth while her head bobbed up and down.

The couples stretched all the way to the back of the room, which was separated by a narrow walk-way. That’s where we stood, my girlfriend and I, pressed together as we turned our attention to the other side of the room.

On this side there was just a big open space. The ground was padded like a giant mattress, with a big couch pressed to one side. We stepped past the other couples, brushing against their naked bodies as we went. We found some space on the couch. On our left a woman sat facing her man, bouncing slowly up and down on his cock. On our right, a busty woman leaned back in ecstasy as a bald man on his knees lapped at her shaved cunt.

In the space before us, naked bodies writhed together in every possible combination. A thick and curvy woman on all fours tongue-kissed a slender woman pressed beneath her, fingering her dark, hairy cunt while they made out. A man straddled her from behind, fucking her fast and hard while she kissed the woman beneath her. Next to them a couple embraced in a tight 69, slurping loudly, lost in pleasure. Beyond them a dozen other bodies slipped against each other, touching, sucking, licking, and fucking.

Watching this scene was making both of us hot. My girlfriend stroked my hard cock through the thin fabric of my boxers. My fingers had already found their way into her panties. But now I wanted more. I turned and quickly undid her bra. Her panties came next. I pushed her back into the sofa cushions and slid down to the floor. I kissed my way up her smooth thighs and forced her knees apart. As I made the final dive, I looked up to see her kissing the busty woman hard on the mouth.
I licked hungrily at her wet pussy, first sliding my tongue from the bottom to the top, then running circles around her clit. I slurped in sweet delight as her already soaked pussy got even wetter. I heard moan as she kissed her new friend tightly on the lips. But soon she wanted more.

“Can I touch your tits?” she asked. “They’re so beautiful…”

The woman moaned in the affirmative. As I slid my tongue up and down her sweet cunt, my girlfriend and the busty woman pawed at each other, pinching nipples, squeezing thighs, grabbing whatever naked part they could hold. My girlfriend suddenly pulled my face up and licked her wetness from my lips.

“Fuck me,” She said.

I grabbed her hips and flipped her onto all fours. The busty woman leaned back over the arm of the couch, and I guided my girlfriends face between her legs. She lapped at the woman’s pussy like a dog, as I slid my cock into her from behind. Over her shoulder I watched the busty woman’s husband shove his cock into her mouth. For a few glorious minutes, we held that position—me fucking my girlfriend’s wet cunt from behind, while she licked the other woman’s snatch, and she in turn sucked her husband’s dick, all of us lined up in a chain of sex that spilled off the couch and onto the floor.

But soon we moved or they moved. It’s hard to say. I found myself with my girlfriend on her knees between my legs, sucking my cock slowly and with purpose. The other couple had vanished, but before I had time to think about it, a slender blonde in a corset appeared next to me with a glass of ice water.

“Here, drink this,” she said in a light Russian accent.

My girlfriend sat up and our Russian friend handed her the glass. They exchanged a knowing smile and stared at each other for a moment. Then they laughed and embraced. The embrace quickly turned into a kiss, and suddenly they were all over each other. I laid back to give them space, caressing my girlfriend’s ass as she kissed and fondled the Russian woman. They separated and then we all took turns kissing each other—I licked and sucked at my girlfriends moist lips, then kissed our new friend deeply. We switched and switched again until I felt my girlfriend’s lips back around my cock. She sucked me deep into her mouth as I licked the Russian’s tits and squeezed her ass.

My girlfriend came back up to join us, grinning at our blonde companion with delight. “Do you want to sandwich his cock with me?” she cooed.

The Russian smiled and slid a piece of ice into her mouth. Then she grabbed my girlfriend and pressed their lips together, trading the ice back and forth until the last drops dripped from their chins. The Russian turned to me and winked. “Are you ready?” she said.

I was.

Together they moved down and pressed themselves between my thighs. They were close together, with their tits touching. I could see my girlfriend rubbing her cunt on the Russian’s thigh. They grabbed my cock and attacked it from both sides. One would lick the shaft while the other sucked the head. They would meet at the top and share a wet, sensual kiss, then run their lips back down to my balls. Sometimes I would look down and see only the backs of their heads, but I could feel wet lips and tongues, chilled from the ice, all over my rock hard dick. Other times they would pull back and I could see my girlfriend finger the Russian’s cunt while her blonde head bobbed up and down on my cock.

Right when thought I might die of pleasure, the Russian woman slid up and kissed me hard on the mouth. “Go get more comfortable,” she said, pointing the open padded area in front of us. I was pretty happy with everything this woman had done so far, so I didn’t argue. I grabbed my girlfriend by the hand and lead her the center of the room. I laid her down and spread her legs, caressing her thighs and admiring her voluptuous body. My dick stood out straight and hard. All around us couples pressed their flesh together.

Our blonde Russian friend returned with her boyfriend in tow. I recognized him as a man I had seen watching us out of the corner of my eye while the two women shared my cock. He was handsome and in shape, but he didn’t say anything. He and the Russian got on their knees on either side of my girlfriend’s head. He dropped his towel to reveal a stiff hard-on. I thought my girlfriend should return some of the affection the Russian had shown me, so I told her to stroke his cock. On the other side of her head the Russian woman unsnapped the bottom of her corset. My girlfriend quickly slipped her fingers in and begin to rub the Russian’s clit.

I leaned down and once again began to lick my girlfriend’s dripping wet cunt. The Russian woman bent over and joined me between her legs. As I slid my tongue between her swollen pussy lips, the Russian kissed her thighs and belly. Every once in a while she would come down and meet my lips above my girlfriend’s muff. We would kiss and she would lick the pussy juice from my lips and chin. As we did this, I felt my girlfriend shift her head, then I saw the Russian’s eyes light up with pleasure as my girlfriend slid her tongue into her wet slit. The Russian stretched forward, and as I licked my girlfriend’s cunt, I felt the Russian’s tongue meet my mine deep in the folds of her pussy.

I thought there was no way I could possibly be more turned on, and I decided I wanted to fuck the sweet pussy I had been licking. I pulled myself up and looked down in to my girlfriend’s beautiful, lust-filled face. I ran the tip of my cock against her clit, teasing her until she begged for more. With her left hand she fingered the Russian woman’s cunt. With her right, she stroked the boyfriend’s hard cock, which was getting closer and closer to her face. She looked at me with eyes that told the story of someone who has given themselves over completely to pleasure.

“Can I suck his cock?” she asked, her voice thick with desire. “Yes,” I said. “Do it.” As she wrapped her lips around his dick, I slid the entire length of my shaft into her until my balls pressed against her ass. While she fingered the Russian’s blonde pussy, I leaned down to suck on her tits. I felt her press against me, as she and her boyfriend kissed passionately above my head.

And in fact, this was the point at which I could not possibly be more turned on. My cock was deep inside my girlfriend’s pussy while she sucked another man’s cock. She was also fingering the Russian’s dripping wet cunt while I licked her tits and played with her ass. We were all pressed tightly together in a slick, wet pile of sex. Everybody was kissing and fucking and licking and sucking everybody all at once. It was the most incredibly erotic feeling. And I couldn’t hold on for long.

With one hand I grabbed my girlfriend’s hips and pinned her to the mattress. With my other arm I pulled the Russian woman close and kissed her deeply. While we kissed, I rammed my hard cock deep into my girlfriend’s cunt, rubbing her clit between us. My girlfriend finger fucked the Russian’s pussy while sucking deeply on her boyfriend’s dick. I slid my cock all the way into her juicy, wet cunt a final time and then let loose with an explosion of cum. The Russian vibrated on my girlfriend’s fingers, shuddering into her own orgasm, while her boyfriend pulled out of my girlfriend’s mouth and came all over her big, beautiful tits. This put my girlfriend over the edge, and I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as her body shook with one orgasm after the other.

We collapsed in a pile, catching our breath as the real world slowly came back into focus. The room was almost empty now, with only a few couples tangled up in the corners. We stood up and made our way to the water cooler, each of drinking deeply. Then we turned to say goodbye.

The Russian hugged my girlfriend close, their tits pressing together. I pressed in behind her, and her boyfriend pressed against my girlfriend’s back. We stayed in this friendly embrace for a second, but we couldn’t control ourselves. The Russian kissed my girlfriend, then turned to kiss me. Then we were in a wet three-way kiss, our tongues and lips sliding over one another. Then my girlfriend’s kissed the Russian’s companion over her shoulder while I fondled her tits. My cock started to get hard again and I pressed into the Russian woman’s ass. I could see her boyfriend doing the same to my girlfriend.

But then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, they broke away and wandered off into the dark corners of the sex club. My girlfriend and I gathered our things, got dressed, and descended the stairs into the middle of the night. Outside the air was foggy and cool, and it felt like one last kiss as it pressed against my face.

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