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Asian Hotel Bi sexHotel Indochine française – Room 54I spent 6 months on a writing assignment in a bustling south east Asian capital staying at small boutique French colonial hotel. My comfortable room, located on a quiet third floor, was very secluded with a lounge, ensuite, a small study, a cool inner bed room, and a shady verandah, under a giant Tamarind tree over looking a sweeping view of the massive river, an esplanade and bustling street below. Next door was a service room stored with linen, fresh towels, ironing boards, trolleys, and cleaning materials. Working from the service room were two young polite hotel staff, Jenny 20 and Mike 18, who each day did a very professional job quietly making up the bed cleaning my room. I ventured out for meals in the small coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Putting in 10 hour sessions on my writing project, I got very horny.Some evenings I trawled the bars and night clubs taking home bar girls for all night fuck sessions. Sometimes I took two girls back the hotel so together they could last the distance.Mike would smile modestly seeing the bar girls, coming and going. Jenny did not miss them either, and would blushingly acknowledge the sexiness of my choicesUnbeknown to me Jenny and Mike would sometimes sleep over in the service room among the shelves of the linen, where they could hear my fucking next door. Mike listening in would beat off. Jenny noticed and fingering herself. After a while they found themselves fucking each other to the pleasure sounds of my fuck sessions. Jenny was a very cute girl from the provinces. She had a pretty face with a cute button nose and a charming smile of large wine red lips and large white teeth.Her body had a delicious cinnamon tan, was fulsome, just short of full bloom. She had glossy black hair down to her waist, which she tied up into a bun while working.In the village she had experimented with covert sex with various boys. Now working in the city 6 days and nights a week, sending money home to her parents, she had no opportunity to find sex partners apart from the expediency of fucking Mike, her immature co-worker in the linen room. But she wanted sex so badly she took the only prospect on offer.Her beautiful body was swimming with sexual desire. In her fantasies she found herself secretly attracted to all sorts of dirty sex. Jenny had a certain earthiness which exuded simmering sexuality ready for the taking.As for Mike, he was a cheeky slim tanned twink with skinny arms and a small non-muscular chest frame. He had an emo style hair. As a typical very horny teen boy, Mike thought of sex all of the time and frequently jacked off in the toilets. He was very lucky to have fucked Jenny, but knew it was on sufferance only, as their relationship was based on the expediency of pure lust türbanlı trabzon escort – Jenny because she had no other option- Mike because he was uncontrollably randy.Mike really wanted to fuck naked bar girls which for him were unobtainable. For such a young guy he had a very high sexual awareness, with elevated naked body awareness. His outward innocent boyishness hid sophisticated sexual desires. He had heard the bar girls talking about my thick long cock and the effect on them as they grunted and groaned in sexual pleasure grinding on it during the night time fuck sessions. Mike was so horny he sought sex with boys as well as girls. He imagined what it would be in bed with me.To this end Mike and Jenny lured me in, although it is hard to work out who initiated it. Turned on by my fucking next door, either Mike or Jenny, sexed the other up and they fucked wanting more than each other had to offer. Sneakily Mike used Jenny’s sexiness as bait, his aim was to maximize his own sense of sexual gratification by getting us going at it all together. But Mike not only wanted to fuck bar girls but also to my taste my hard white cock.I had been so absorbed in my writing work I did not see it coming. Without realizing what was about to happen, circumstances coincided around me synchronizing into creating unanticipated events of extraordinary sexual pleasure.One day after he made up the room Mike surprised me by humbly asked in a quiet voice if he could discuss something privately. And then he told me: “My friend, Jenny, she think you so sexy. You make her sexy. Sometime we sleep in linen room. We get very sexy cause you fuck so sexy with bar girls. So we fuck hard together when we hear you. She want fuck with you.” I was surprised but then became very excited. My cock began to swell in my pants, I replied: “Jenny is very cute. Yes she is sexy.”He smiled politely and said: “Oh she very very sexy for you.” He then asked if he could also ask something very personal. “You cute too. I think you sexy too much.” In a shy whisper he said: “But I also sexy for you. Maybe you like boy too?”Remaining cool so as not to appear to eager I replied: “Maybe sometimes. No fucking, jack off, suck play only.” I paused and said softly to him: “ Yes, you cute too.”Wide-eyed he nodded eagerly and pleaded: “We make threesome love – Jenny, me, you? Ok? Please?”Without hesitation, with a hard boner rising in my pants, I asked: “Where and when, you wanna?”Mike again whispering said: “We finish work 8:00 tonight. Jenny and me knock your door after 8PM? OK with you?” Putting his finger to his lips Mike whispered: “Shhh, no tell hotel boss. OK?” I replied: “OK with me. We have fuck fun. Eight tonight my room.” At that he left, slipping out the door türbanlı trabzon escort bayan closing it behind him.I couldn’t believe my luck. At first I could not concentrate. My heart was pounding. My cock was totally erect and had begun to oze pre-cum which showed up on the outside of my pants. The thought of fucking an absolutely cute Asian couple, who were hot for me, was beyond my wildest sex dreams. After few minutes of conversation Mike had left me hyper-sex excited. I wanted to immediately tug off but I knew I had to save myself for the evening. So I forced myself to take up the discipline of my daily work routine and returned to my lap tap. I commenced writing and lost myself in my work trying to forget it, imagining it did not happen, or maybe Mike had overstepped his mark, and it would not happen, leaving me disappointed.I stepped out for lunch and did not see them working the rooms as I walked down the corridor or in the hotel foyer. I decided to eat for energy because, if it were true, I had a long night ahead of me. I did not see them on my return to my room. As I passed the linen room I thought about how they might hear me fucking.I took a late afternoon nap. After resting I got up and showered carefully washing my body all over in preparation. Just thinking about it made my cock stick out hard. Having prepared myself I prepared the venue. I laid out some fresh towels, which they would have delivered, KY jelly and condoms. The mini-bar had plenty of water, drinks and ice. Leaving the ceiling fans on I turned off the overhead lights and left a side lamp on. I returned to my lap top and worked on. Sure enough a few minutes after 8:00 PM there was a quiet knock knock on my door. My heart leapt and began to pound in my chest as I got up from my desk and approached the door and opened it. The cute little Asian couple in hotel uniforms stood expectantly smiling outside my room. I greeted them silently, ushered them in and locked the door. Jenny held her hands over her face giggling. Mike was silent but I could tell he was pumped up. Jenny stood on a tip toes reached up with an arm around my neck and kissed me sweetly on my lips, turning to deep passion as I undid the top buttons of her dress. She unfurled her hair.Mike nervously stood nearby not appearing to know what to do. Jenny undid the rest of her dress and daintily stepped out of her shoes. As she unclipped the front of her bra for the first time I saw her firm brown breasts freed partly covered by her long hair. As she gathered up her clothes, I brushed the front of Mike’s pants and felt his hard erection poking out from the inside of his pants. Jenny neatly placed her clothes to one side and turned around smiling. She did a playful little hip türbanlı escort trabzon dance as shimming out of her panties. Now completely nude our tongues entwined as I squeezing her buttocks pushing her pelvis into mine so she could feel my hardened cock. “I shower first”, she said and stepped into the bathroom. She was gifted with perfect tits, firm, half melon shaped, capped with swollen brown areolas tipped with pinkish enlarged nipples. Between her short shapely thighs rested a pronounced pussy mound dusted off with fine silken black pubic hair. For all intents and purposes she had about a perfect an Asian female body as you could get. But she was no bar girl performing for a fee. She was in this for the fun, pure and simple.Mike and I were left standing in front of each other so he began to undo my pants. My large cock fell into his hands. “Ohhhhh soooo large”, he said. He feel to his knees and commenced to lick my balls. As he did this he stripped his shirt off. He then began to run is tongues from the base of cock up and down the shaft until he reached the knob and took the whole cock into his mouth and commenced to give it a good suck. At which point Jenny stepped out of the shower drying her hair with a towel, watching Mike do my erect cock. Within a few seconds we were all nw stripped nude. Mike’s small to medium penis sticking ninety degrees upright with tight hairless balls. He had a georgeous tanned body, skinny, completely smooth and hairless, except for a gorgeous tuff of jet black pubic hair.Jenny took us each by the hand and led us to the bed, our cocks bouncing, where she lay down on her back in the middle. She breathed in excitedly as she relished the moment taking a cock in each hand. Mike and I kissed her feeling her tits and pussy. She sat up and also expressed amazement at the size of my cock. “Oh yes, so sexy, so big, love it”, she said with satisfaction as she jerked it up and down.Then with the same work ethic they displayed as hotel workers they then sat on the bed either side of me and their mouths ran over my thick erect cock and shaved balls. I could not tell whether it was boy or girl mouth running over my cock or balls. They kissed, sucked, licked my cock in turn, and rapidly pulling super lubricated by film of their combined saliva. The pleasure was intense.Reaching down with one hand I could fingered Jenny’s delicious wet pussy and the other hand with the thumb and forefinger I tugged Mike’s cock sticking up rigid hard like iron spike.Jenny then attempted to get on top holding my cock ready to mount it. I stopped her because I wanted to work over her beautiful body. So I turned her over on her back. I ran my tongue over the contours of her body, making gentle bites here and there.And so the best fuck session any one could want unfolded. Once we got started they both went at my naked white body and I went at their naked brown bodies. Our cocks were hard and her pussy was wet. Just the three of us. We both fucked her hard in turns. She handled us both very well thought the night with not a hint of pussy burn.[TO BE CONTINIED – GET THE REST OF THIS STORY YOU MUST RESQUEST ON MY XHAMSTER PROFILE]

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