Debbie – The Cougar Part 2


Debbie – The Cougar Part 2I was still recovering from the first wave, and knew it was my turn to please her at least the same way she did, if not more (if possible). I slid on the bed to lie next to her and turned her to face me. Stroking her hair away from her face, I leaned closer and kissed her mouth, tasting my own cum on her lips. She sucked my tongue as greedily as she had done my dick and I felt my balls tighten a little as life pounded back into my shaft. I so wanted to fuck this beautiful, sensuous young woman, but first I was going to return her favor.Pushing her back on the bed, I began to kiss her breasts, moving my tongue around her nipples, taking one, then the other, between my lips and licking at the tips. Debbie trembled as she felt the caress of my tongue against her skin. Releasing her nipple I kissed lower on her breast making tiny trails of damp kisses over her firm belly and down toward her pussy. I could smell the tang of her juices as my lips edged closer and closer to the opening of her fragrant passage. Her cunt lips glistened wetly, where her pussy juice had seeped from between the lips. Running my fingers along the inside of her thigh, I pressed gently, spreading them and opening her pussy.The whole time we had our eyes locked on each other. I grabbed her by the hips and she let out this OOOOHHHH! of anticipation. I was so desperate to just plunge my dick in her O! – So – Hot & wet pussy, but I was not ready to do so post the best blow-job of my life.I knew I would come too soon if I fucked this hot cougar right away, even before she had any orgasm. So, instead of fucking her right away I decided to bury my face in her cleanly shaved pussy and start eating her like it was my last meal alive. Her beautiful pussy was just there asking to be lick and pleasure her.I started of licking the outer lip and then her clit which make her let out a “Yesssss…” as my tongue make contact.Lowering my head, I blew gently across her pussy, as I used my fingertips to spread the lips to expose her bubbling pink vagina. Her clit was hard and erect, glistening with the juice that had already bubbled out of her and matted the silky pubes. I dipped the tip of my tongue into the tight opening and lapped gently, moving my tongue along the length of her tender lips, almost to her clit, which was peeping out from its protecting hood. Then I stiffened my tongue and slowly ran it back along Debbie’s now dripping slit, down between her buttocks and flicked the tip against her asshole. She groaned and bit her lip hard, so that she did not cry out loud as she trembled, her whole body shaking. She was writhing around with her hands türbanlı düzce escort trying to grab my head as she orgasmed in my mouth while I continued eating her and slowed the movement of my tongue. Her pussy juices tasked salty and I just loved it. Debbie’s body shivered into ecstasy as she pushed her pelvis towards my face. All along she was mourning expressing how much she missed a good head. I paused and then took her clit between my lips, holding it there while I lashed the tip of my tongue over and around the sensitive nub. Her sweet fluid gushed over her thighs and trickled between the cheeks of her ass. She bucked against my mouth and I reached between her thighs with my finger. I pushed it slowly into her pussy turning it a little from side to side, feeling her gripping it as I gently stretched her. She whimpered when I slid my finger out of her but sighed contentedly when I pushed two fingers slowly back inside. A last flick of my tongue against the tip of her clit had her cumming over my fingers and shrieking, heedless of whoever might hear her mourns. As the second orgasm happened, she just squirted all over like a broken dam. I could see goose bumps all over her body which was all red due to the flush of blood and her body was so hot as she sweat all over. I released her as she lay, panting, her chest heaving and her nipples bright red and swollen, and lay beside her on the bed, murmuring into her ear “I’ve always wanted to do that to you, since a very, very long time.”Still trying to recall & calm her breathing Debbie asked “What else have you been fantasising about me? Tell me….. Today I’ll fulfil all your fantasies. I’ve never been so satisfied.” “You want to fuck me?” I said “Yes…. I want to ravish you.”Her moaning was so sexy when she replied “Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!… Fuck me baby and make your whore. Fuck me till I can take it no more.”I knew this is the moment, I moved her around and up on all fours on the bed. Holding her by the hair with one hand I rubbed my stiff dick on her pussy lips slowly teasing her to beg me to plunge my dick (Now in all its vigour) deep into her love dripping cunt.”Darling,” she begged, breathlessly, “Don’t tease, take me now I need you so badly.”I saw a tear in her eye as I pressed my dick as far into her pussy as I could, savouring the tight grip of her pussy, as I began thrusting slowly into her. Her tender pussy gripped my dick as I began to thrust and withdraw, settling into a long, deep, slow rhythm. Every few thrusts, I shortened my stroke, making sure that my dick brushed firmly against her pussy lips, and then followed türbanlı düzce escort bayan it with a deep, pounding, stroke, right to the mouth of her womb. She shivered all over, every time I followed the shallow strokes with a hard, deeper one, crying out as she felt my dick penetrating the depths of her pussy. The air was filled with the scent of our juices as they seeped around my dick to trickle down the thighs. Slowly I built the tempo of my thrusts as her ecstasy also built up.I fucked her hard doggie style and was slamming into her and with every thud she was exhaling and going…. HARDER…HARDER… I start pounding into her tight cunt as she scream in ecstasy and she start to push back into my dick in rhythm.I loved the power and control I had over this hot divorcee twice my age and I was giving her twat a good filling and she loved it. I had a handful of Debbie’s big ass. Squeezing and smacking it as I fucked her pussy from behind. Pushing my big dick deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her loud mourns was makes this more fun. “Do you like that Bitch? Do you like me fucking you hard like this?” I said as I smacked her ass. She gasped and grinned. “Yes Daddy I love it. I’m your Bitch! Give me more. Fuck me harder you bastard!” She yelled I let go of her hair, held her hips from both sides and pounded her pussy as fast & hard I could. Debbie tightened her grip on my dick. I felt my orgasm building inside me, like a volcano ready to explode. Debbie too was nearing her own orgasm as I could feel it throbbing with spasms that were now starting to move through her entire cunt. Our bodies started to shake as our orgasm peaked. After a few minutes I could feel my own orgasm building up. Debbie’s cunt was really milking my dick. I slowed and leaned down and said in her ear “I’m almost ready to come… Where do I come?”She mumbled “Inside… Inside me.”“I didn’t hear her right” I thought. So I asked again “Want my cum Debbie? Huh!… want me to blow my hot load in your little pussy?”Debbie shouted “YES!! I WANT TO FEEL YOU CUM IN ME. Fill me up. Shoot inside.”My movements grew quicker, almost urgent and Debbie matched me stroke for stroke. Sweat runs down my face, my neck, my back. She started to let out low groans to each strokes. I moved my right hand from her hips and started titillating her clit. This increased the volume and intensity of her mourns. I felt my knees weakened. Everything became a blur of back and forth motion. Our breathing was so fast, our heart pounding in our chest. I opened her mouth and no sound comes out. Her body arches, I feel her legs contract, her türbanlı escort düzce muscles tensing. I open my eyes and look up. Her head is quivering madly. Her back rising and falling. I can feel her pussy clenching and then I hear what I have been waiting for. It escapes her lips with without any restriction. A scream loud enough to disturb the neighbors. My name falls from her throat, I smile as I hear it over and over again – “Vicky! I’m coming……..”Her body locks in convulsions as her orgasm takes over. Her fingers dig into the bed, her ankles extend out against the silk fabric. Her head digs into the pillow…she literally explodes from an unending passion.As the orgasm flew through Debbie, it built up to the point of no return and I finally released my load inside her. An exquisite orgasm I felt my gland stretched as the stream of semen pulsed out of me and deep into her pussy, timing my thrusts to the spurts of spunk I had the best orgasm I have ever had, before or since. Jesus, I’d never had such a mind-blowing orgasm and Debbie took me to places I never thought possible. Exhausted she put her head down between her hands on the bed arching and I too bent over her to stay in her as long as I can. Her face was so radiant with the afterglow…. Divine. My dick was pulsating more strongly than it had ever done before as I emptied my balls deep inside her pussy. Debbie’s cunt is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had. As I was getting drained, I was still hard and pulled it almost out and then rammed in hard for a last time, deep in her. I held her tight; as I felt the last spurts of cum jetting from my dick. I did not want the end the feeling. Debbie giggled and said “You just can’t get enough of me… haa?”I eased my grip on her hair slowly, keeping my softening dick deep inside her. Gradually, it slipped out, leaving a thin trail of cum from her pussy to the inside of her thigh. Debbie turned below me to lie face to face with me and pulled me on her to give me a tight hug. I held her close, feeling the shower of soft kisses she rained on me. That evening she sucked and fucked me until we were both spent and fell asleep naked in the bed and I awoke and gave her a kiss and said I would call her and she said “You better.” We were very careful not to be discovered and did not meet anywhere but her house. Debbie loved to fuck me especially by the pool which really turned her on. I would fuck her standing up in the shallow end of the pool and she would ride me as I layed out on a reclining lounge chair by the pool and she loved to blow me and enjoyed me Cumming in her. In the coming weeks she spoke several times of wishing we were closer in age and having strong feelings for me but I knew lust not love. Our relationship went on for a year and once I finished my graduation I moved on to a different city and I started to date another girl my age and that was it. So hats off to Debbie, She’s probably making some guy happy to be alive even though she is probably in her 50’s now.

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