MY FIRST PAPER ROUTEI now look back with fond memories of that summer when I was delivering papers in the old part of the city where the houses were large and the women were mature. The one that I will always remember is MsPaddySpurs, she was about 56, 5 Foot 4 in Black Nylons, 124 pounds, reddish brown hair, pouty Red Lips, hour-glass figure and 36DD breasts which were always cradled in a sexy Bra. The reason I remember her is that when I came around to collect she was always wearing Black Nylons, a Tight Skirt or Dress, Tight Sweaters or Blouses, MsPaddySpurs Red Lipstick and Spike 5 Inch High Heels. She was always very friendly and would ask me in while she sauntered into the other room to get the money. My eyes always popped out of my head as she walked away. I think she enjoyed teasing me and later on I was to find out that I was right.I was riding up to the house one day as she was driving up to the garage and I got there just in time to watch her get out of the car with her Skirt riding up High on her Black Nylonned thighs. I nearly fell off my bike as I saw the Tops of her Black Nylons and Garters. She seemed to sit there on purpose for a moment as I took in the view. She looked a little embarrassed but slowly stood up so her Dress stayed up for a moment. What a sight, Black Nylons starting from her Spike Black Suede 5 Inch High Heels and ending with Black Garters holding up her Nylons. She asked me to help bring in the packages she had just bought and I was more than willing to lend a hand. MsPaddySpurs told me that she was out shopping for clothes, Shoes and Lingerie because her wardrobe was getting old and she did not want to be caught wearing old clothing.She made a comment to the fact that she knew that I liked to watch her walk in High Heels and asked me if the sight of a woman wearing Spike High Heels was a turn on. I tried to tell her no, but she said that it made her feel sexy and naughty when she knew someone was watching her. As the words came out of her Mouth she spun around on her Heels unzipped her Dress and walked away wearing only Black Nylons, Black Bra and Panties, A Black Garterbelt and 5 Inch türbanlı ankara escort Spike Black Suede High Heels. I nearly died from the site. She returned a few minutes later wearing a Tight Fitting Full Black Lacey Slip and asked if I had enjoyed the view, all I could manage was to move my head up and down; she smiled.She sat down on the couch and motioned me to come sit down beside her, as I sat down she placed my hand on her inner thigh and told me to feel her Black Nylon Stocking Tops. I ran my hand up and down her thigh feeling the soft Black Nylon material. She stood up in front of me and told me to place my hand on the back of both of her legs and rub up above her Nylon Tops and down her thighs to her High Heels. The sensation was overwhelming and my cock was as hard as a rock. MsPaddySpurs saw this and had me stand up, we were within inches of each other when she put her arms around me and French Kissed me with her Red Lip-Sticked Mouth. We kissed for along time as she rubbed her Black High Heeled Nylonned leg up and down my thigh and put her thigh into my crotch and rubbed on my rock-hard cock.She then went and got a chair, sat down and had me lie on the floor and straddle the chair. My cock was in front of her and to my astonishment she lifted her Black Suede High Heels to my cock and began to rub my cock with her Black Suede Shoes. She asked if I had ever fantasized about this and I told her yes, but thought in my wildest dreams that it would never come true. She laughed and told me to lay back and enjoy the High Heeled cock massage and the view up her Black Slip.She rubbed my cock first with the toes of her Heels then the Spike Heel itself and then the bottom of the Shoe. She managed to put my cock between her Heels and rub from side to side. The view up her Slip between her Black Nylonned legs was incredible and I knew this was heaven.I felt the cum ready to explode so she told me to unzip my pants and take out my cock, as I did this she removed her Spike High Heels and resumed massaging my cock with her Black Nylonned Feet. I moaned as I shot the cum türbanlı ankara escort bayan onto her legs and Feet and she continued to rub my cock making the pleasure even more intense. MsPaddySpurs then put her High Heels back on her wet cum stained Nylonned Feet and told me how much pleasure she got from the wet feeling in her Shoes.MsPaddySpurs asked me if I would like to eat her pussy, I told her that I did not know how and she told me not to worry that she would teach me. She walked up to me and told me to lift up her Black Slip and remove her Black Panties. I pushed up her Slip and lowered the Panties down over her thighs, legs and Black Spike Shoes. She walked over to the couch, sat down and lifted her Slip up to her waist revealing long Black Nylonned covered legs with Spike Black Suede High Heels. She leaned back and motioned me over; she drew my head between her thighs up to her wet mound. The aroma was mesmerizing as she instructed me how to lick and where to stick my tongue on her clit. She taught me how to suck her clit, lick the vaginal Lips and poke my tongue inside her pussy. She humped my Mouth as her Black Nylonned covered legs and Spiked Shoes were resting on my back as I continued to eat her cunt. Her pace quickened and within moments I could feel her Heels tighten around my waist and then juices started running down my chin as she gave out a long cry of passion and relief.She looked up at me out of breath and smiled. She told me that no one had eaten her pussy that way before and what would it take to get me to do it all the time. She said she would consent to anything involving sex that I could come up with. My mind was racing a mile-a-minute and she knew that the fun had just begun. My cock was beginning to get some life back and she told me to come and sit on the couch which I did. She reached over to the table and picked up a tube of Red Lipstick and applied a heavy layer to her already wet sensuous Lips. She knelt down in front of me and expertly worked her hand up and down my shaft and massaged my balls with her other hand. Her Mouth türbanlı escort ankara came in contact with my cock and electric shocks went through my body. She moved her Mouth up and down leaving a thin coat of Lipstick on my cock that she used for lubrication. Her Lips tightened as she picked up the pace and her hands matched her movements.I had my eyes half closed as I felt a strange sensation under my cock and looked up to see that MsPaddySpurs had taken off one of her Spike Black Suede High Heels and was rubbing it up and down the shaft of my cock right in tune with her Red Lips. She also took off the other Spike Shoe and placed it under my balls slowly rubbing the sac. I was in total lust as she picked up the pace. What a sight it was watching this woman sliding her Red Lips up and down my cock and watching her move those Spike High Heels up and down my shaft and rubbing my balls. My breath quickened and she looked up as to say finish anytime I wanted, as she was ready. The sensation was unbearable as I let out a groan and the cum started spilling out of my cock into her waiting Mouth. MSPADDYSPURS sucked harder not wanting to miss a drop of my cum. When she had taken all that I could give her, she put the High Heels back on climbed onto the couch and cuddled my face against her breasts saying that the fun had just started.We rested and talked about sex in detail as she told me that wearing sexy outfits during sex was a real turn-on and I agreed with her especially the way she used her sexy High Heels. She told me that her ex-husband had taught her how to use the Heels and when I always would watch her walk she suspected that I would appreciate her talents, which I did to no end. She asked me if I had ever fantasized about 2 women at the same time, I told her yes as I thought all males had this fantasy.MsPaddySpurs told me that she had a friend a few years older named Janet and that she loved 3-way sex and would call her up the next time we got together. MsPaddySpurs also told me that this woman loved wearing Nylons, and Spike High Heels, it just doesn’t get any better than this I thought to myself as I got up to leave. MsPaddySpurs and I Kissed at the door and just before I left she grabbed my hand and placed her Black Panties in them saying that they would give me a wonderful sensation when I used them to jack-off with. Her last words were to make sure that I brought them back so she could make sure that I had used them for pleasure. Boy did I ever……………..

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