The first time.


The first time.I had just dropped my husband off at the airport. He was going away to visit his mother, I had to work, well that’s what I told my husband. I watched his one thirty flight leave for Sydney. Hooray yes he’s gone I said to myself as I watched the plane go out of view. Dressed in tight black leather jeans, a loose top that covered my 48dd inch size tits, yes they’re massive, and by far my best asset. I got into the jeep and removed my loose top and put on a red satin blouse and only did three of the six buttons up. I drove to the shopping centre and headed straight from lay buy. I picked up the lay buy, which was a long black satin nightie and robe as well as a white nightie and robe. On my way out I noticed a leopard print nightie and matching robe, I brought it as well.Before I left I went to the bottle shop of the local supermarket and picked up a six pack of Jack Daniel’s and a bottle of wine. I got home and put the booze in the fridge and headed up stairs and laid all three outfits on my bed. My husband phoned me from Sydney, saying he got there okay and was waiting for his connecting flight to Melbourne. We talked for a good ten minutes when he said he may stay about a week or two. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and said okay, no problem. We said our goodbyes and I stripped down and ran a bubble bath. As I was about to climb into the bath, my best friend Gail phoned me. I picked up the phone and said hi. We talked for about ten minutes and agreed to meet at the bar that night for a meal and a few drinks. I knew what I would wear. A long sexy pink dress that didn’t leave anything to the imagination.I arrived at the bar a little before seven and found two guys chatting up Gail. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist and gave her a long kiss on the back of the neck. Slowly running my hand down between the leg of her türbanlı batman escort silver leather jeans. Gail said hi and turned and kissed me on the lips. I looked down to see like myself Gail wasn’t wearing a bra. I got a white wine and headed for the restaurant with Gail’s hand tucked firmly in mine. Gail said the tall black guy said he has a thirteen inch cock, I smiled and said do you believe him. Gail said maybe.I looked over to see the big black guy and his friend looking at us. Gail asked me what it was like having a black cock inside me. I told her spine chilling. Gail and I ordered our meals and found a table near a window of the restaurant. Sure enough the two men approached and asked if they could join us. I looked at Gail and said at a hundred dollars an hour sure. The looked at each other and said sure. The big black guy who wanted Gail so badly pulled out a wad of hundred dollar notes. The other guy a tall blonde guy handed me five hundred and said there’s plenty more. The guys went and ordered there meals. I put the money in my handbag. Gail put her money inside her leather jeans.The meal and booze went down a treat, then we hit the dance floor. My man David pulled me tow him and asked if I lived far from the bar/restaurant. I said no, we kissed passionately and could feel his hardness. I told Gail we were heading off. Gail said yeah good idea. I told Gail to give me a call next morning. Gail said we’ll meet for coffee at her place at around ten. I said okay.I told David to make himself at home I’ll be down in a few minutes. David said okay and asked if I’d like a drink. I told him there were six Jack and coke stubbies in the fridge. I walked into the bedroom and removed my dress and put on the sexy black nightie and matching robe. I returned down stairs a few minutes later and slowly türbanlı batman escort bayan made my way down the spiral staircase. I lent over the railing, my tits, almost falling out and looked at the shocked expression on David’s face.He stood up and walked towards the bottom of the stairs and held out his hand to take mine. He pulled me to him and gave me a long lingering passionate kiss, I let David’s hands roam all over my body, gently squeezing my tits and rubbing my bottom. He took me to the couch and handed me my stubby of Jack and coke. I sat on his lap, he opened my robe and looked at my heavenly pair of boobs that I knew would be kissed, licked and fucked later that evening. After we finished our drinks in record time for me. We locked lips again, I undid David’s shirt, kissing his hairy chest and working my way down to his trousers and pulled out his massive piece of lovely meat. I took David’s cock in my mouth and sucked away down to the base. He was letting out moan after moan. David told me it had been a few months since he had been with another woman. I looked up at him, stood up and held out my hand. Smiled and said the bedroom awaits us my darling heart.On our way upstairs, we stopped several times and kissed passionately, feeling each other, my robe fell to the floor, my nightie was half off. We went into the bedroom, I removed my nightie and pulled David onto it. He was super hard, oh my baby I moaned, this is going to be a pleasure. I laid on my bed, spread my legs and let David work his magic over my pussy, his tongue knew the best parts to work on. I let out moan after Moan of delight as David’s tongue, attacked my clit like nothing before, my husband is good at licking pussy, David’s tongue was wonderful. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a loud moan of lustful delight, türbanlı escort batman I came all over David’s face. He looked up and me, his cum soaked face, smiling at me. I pulled him up to me, kissed him passionately, the rolled him over onto his back and worked my tongue down his chest and stomach, I took his nine inch cock in my mouth and sucked away. David’s cock was so full of love juices that it wasn’t funny, I’ve sucked enough cock in my time to know when a cock is fully loaded and when it’s not. David’s was loaded if not overloaded. David asked me to ride him. I saddled his cock and reached over and got a large bottle of baby oil. I poured it all over my tits, and rubbed my boobs against David’s chest. Kissing his lips as swayed my boobs over his chest. I then slid myself up and down David’s wonderful piece of thick loving meat. Mmmmmm, I closed my eyes as I continued sliding up and down the piece of meat. I soon let out another load moan, I felt myself cum, David smiled as he felt my cum hitting his cock. Oh baby I moan. David then rolled me over onto my side and spoon fucked me before pulling his cock out and hitting me with a good two gallons of cum, all over my tits, stomach and trimmed pussy.We rested for a few minutes, then David got me on all fours and doggy fucked me, he got the bottle of baby oil and poured it all over my back and rubbed the palm of his hands all over my tits.Oh god, David knew how to work his cock in and out of my pussy. We fucked for hours and hours. I woke up a little after eight thirty to see David just starting to stir. I kissed the back of his shoulders. He rolled over, I took his cock in my mouth. David moaned and said that he could wake up to this every single day. I mounted David until he blew in me one last time. We hit the shower. After a good fifteen minute shower, I put went down stairs, put my robe on and put the kettle on. A few minutes later David came down stairs and placed another five hundred dollars down on the table, kissed me long and hard, said thanks for an awesome evening and said he had to leave. I walked him to the door and watched him get into a taxi. I phoned Gail to see how she went, Gail told me to get on over to her place asap. More to come.

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