70’s College Flashback Pt. 01-03

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Forward: The names in this story have been changed and a few inconsequential details regarding the town have been obscured to ensure anonymity. Writing this and reliving the memory is fun and I hope someone here finds enjoyment in reading it. I plan to write the second and final chapter soon and welcome any feedback or suggestions. The story won’t change, but if I can make it more readable and interesting, do let me know. Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I’m terrible at proof reading my own work.


Part 1: A Random Encounter

Karen’s mom was oblivious to the way her daughter was smiling at the boy in line behind them at the grocery store that sunny Saturday in 1976. The young man on the other hand, noticed her eyes on him immediately. He wasn’t used to girls looking at him like that. The shy nineteen year old college student smiled back, cautiously at first, and then more confidently when the cherubic girl with frizzy blonde hair telegraphed her approval. And with that, Karen and her mother were gone.

Throughout the day, Eric played the brief encounter over and over again in his mind. With it’s emphasis on agriculture and engineering, the local university had a disproportionate ratio of men to women. That was no impediment for the athletes or the guys blessed with good looks, or those naturally born schmoozers who could capture the attention of any woman simply by the power of charm. But for Eric, meeting girls was hard.

The nineteen year old sophomore was not bad looking. He was almost six feet tall, slender, with tussled brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a golden tan. He was also well read, and among close friends, an interesting conversationalist with a clever sense of humor.

Eric’s problem in the romance department was mostly attributable to a lack of confidence around girls. Inexperience and an embarrassingly small penis compounded his insecurity. Combined with unfavorable odds at parties and dances, Eric’s self-doubt imposed a sentence no hormone-charged late teenager should be saddled with. Virginity. At nineteen. Eric was convinced he was the only guy on campus who had never felt joy of sex.

Karen had no such sexual insecurities. Four years earlier, at the tender age of fourteen, she caught the attention of a seventeen year old boy who infatuated her with his worldly knowledge, undivided attention, and his driver’s license. He deflowered her in the back seat of his dad’s Buick, and while that first time was less than memorable, the subsequent sex they enjoyed that summer was absolutely joyless.

At eighteen, and fresh out of high school, her carnal pedigree was the polar opposite of Eric’s. She had slept with many boys, and unlike Eric, had no insecurities about her body. Only five feet tall, her tiny breasts, flabby belly, and protruding ass were not liabilities. Plenty of boys paid attention to her, and the fact that she’d never fit in with the pretty cheerleader crowd in high school did not bother her one bit. She was a happy young lady with a curious mind and a powerful sex drive.

On that August day, the weekend before the start of classes, she did share two things in common with Eric. They both would esat escort be enrolled at the university. She as a freshman, he as a sophomore. And they both were unable to stop thinking about that electric encounter at the grocery store.

She wondered who that cute boy was. Was he a student? Where was he from? He wasn’t a local kid. She knew most of them in this small town. Did he have a girl friend? She hoped not. Would she ever see him again? She hoped so.

He wondered why that chubby girl with the frisky smile smiled at him the way she did. Was she just being friendly, or was she attracted to him? He hoped it was the latter. Was she too young for him? It was hard to tell, but he hoped not. Would he see her again? He hoped so!

Part 2: The Party

Karen had no plans for that Saturday night, so when her friend Sharon suggested they go to her boyfriend’s frat party, she was happy to tag along. A rollicking crowd of of students were already partying at big house on the hill when the three of them arrived. Sharon and her boyfriend immediately ran into friends of theirs, leaving Karen standing awkwardly alone on a crowded patio. She moved through the crowd, hoping to see somoeone, anyone, she knew.

A live band began to play, and she inched her way through the mob for a closer look. More people had the same idea, and before she knew it, Karen was sandwiched between warm bodies in front and behind her. The band was playing Free Bird, and as the beat got faster and the lead guitarist broke into a blistering fast solo, Karen swayed with the motion of the crowd. She was soon dancing along, and out of the corner of her eye, saw someone she recognized.

Only inches away, slightly behind her, was the boy from the grocery store. She saw him looking at her and quickly smiled and then turned away. At the same time, she moved closer toward him, with her back to him. Eric was thrilled to see the girl from the store, and even more thrilled when he felt her large ass rubbing against his crotch as she danced to the music.

Eric wondered: Did she know what she was doing? Did she feel the erection building in his jeans, rubbing against her own jean-clad butt? As the song ended, Karen turned around and looked up at him. Their eyes locked, just as they had that morning.

“Hey, I recognize you!” she said. “Yeah”, Eric replied.”You were at the grocery store this morning, right?”

“Yes” she said. “How funny that we should bump into each other here!” Then she paused, and quietly added, “I’m glad we did. What’s your name?”

“Eric.” With that one word answer, the shy young man was at a loss for words.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Eric! I’m Karen.” She was now pressed tightly against him in the crowd. She was more than a head shorter than Eric, and was looking up at him with flashing green eyes. He gazed down at her wondering what to say next when he felt her hand take his. “Let’s get a beer and find a place to talk” she said, leading him through the crowd.

Moments later, they were away from the crowd in a dark corner of the yard. Her hand was still holding his, but now he felt her arm around his waist. It felt good, and he etimesgut escort felt his confidence building. He put his hands on her thick waist and pulled her closer.

“So tell me Eric…why were you looking at me this morning?” She said it with a naughty tone, almost scolding him. “Because you’re cute, that’s why!” Eric replied. “I think you’re cute too” she said.

With that, Karen pursed her wide, voluptuous lips, inviting him to kiss her. Their tongues danced wildly as electricity raced through their bodies. She felt her loins tingle as his erection pressed against her. They made out passionately, oblivious to the crowd, grinding and kissing.

“Do you want to go to my apartment?” Eric couldn’t believe he’d just made such a bold proposition and was already regretting it and contemplating an apology. “Mmmm, Yes, I do” she purred. With that, he silently took her hand and led her to his car.

Before starting the engine, he leaned over and kissed her. She eagerly responded, curling up against him, rubbing her hand on his jeans over his cock. Eric was pleasantly surprised. No girl had ever done that. Karen sensed his enjoyment, and deftly unbuttoned his jeans. Her fingers thrilled Eric, and his bulging penis leaped into her hand when his pants and underwear were lowered. Until now, he was the only one who had ever played with his diminutive penis. He might have been embarrassed by his lack of endowment, but feel of Karen’s soft fingers, slowing stroking his small, stiff shaft while her tongue explored his mouth was thrilling beyond belief. And suddenly, within seconds, he was filled with dread. He was losing control, about to cum, and there was no turning back.

Karen felt the tell tale pulsation of his throbbing member. Unlike Eric, she felt no dread at all. Making this boy get so turned on was arousing her. She felt her pussy getting wet as she stoked him harder and faster.

Seconds later, cum was spurting from Eric’s cock, covering Karen’s hand in warm sticky goo, and getting on her arm and blouse. “I’m sorry” he said. “I guess I’m just not used to this.” Karen licked the cum off her arm and began licking her fingers as she said “Shhhhh. I like your cum. And I want more. So now shut up and drive.”

Part 3: Eric’s Apartment

They barely said a word on the short drive to his apartment. His roommates were gone, and he led her to his bedroom. Silently, with a glimmer of light of a streetlight outside the window, he unbuttoned her blouse. He fumbled with her bra strap, so she helped him. As she undid his belt buckle, he marveled at her freckled chest, and her tiny, milky white breasts. He hurriedly pulled down his pants while she stepped out of her jeans. She then stood before him, naked except for her black panties.

Eric gently pushed her to the bed and removed her panties. Gazing at her thick, blond mound of pubic hair, wasn’t sure what to do next, but when Karen moved her hips toward his face, he got the hint. He cluelessly began kissing and lapping her loins, and she whispered, “lower.” Then “yes, right there” as his tongue found her clit. He experimented kissing it, then licking it in a circular motion. Karen etlik escort patiently and lovingly coached him, feeling the fire burning inside her.

She was soaking wet. “I want you inside me now” she said quietly. Eric lifted his face and moved his body on top of her. Her flabby belly touched his slim torso as he moved his penis between her legs, searching for the promised land. And then he found it, slowly moving the swollen head inside. One inch. Then two. Then three, then the last inch and a half. She moaned with delight. If she was disappointed by his cock, less than five inches inside her, she certainly didn’t show it. Her thick arms wrapped around him as she wiggled her wide hips.

“You feel so good Karen” Eric said. “You do too baby” she replied. Her hot, wet pussy squeezed his cock. His breathing accelerated as he thrust faster inside her. Her body stiffening, Karen purred to the pleasure she felt. He came violently, and she relished his contractions.

No longer a virgin, Eric savored the post-coital cuddling. And Karen felt warm and content with her head on his chest. For a long time, they lay together quietly as the melodic sounds of a Fleetwood Mac album played softly over his stereo.

Later, the young lovers played in the shower together. Touching, sucking, and fucking beneath the hot stream of water. There could be no better way to start the new school year! For the next three weeks, the lovers fucked every chance they could, everywhere they could. On the beach and in the woods behind the University on hot September nights, in his apartment when his roommates were gone, in her bedroom at home when her parents were gone, and at the hot tubs on the edge of town.

As the school year progressed, the excitement and lust they initially shared began to fade, aided by the pressures of their academic workloads. They saw less and less of each other and by Christmas, they were no longer an item. Eric began dating a classmate, and Karen became infatuated with a married history professor who taught her the relationship between office hour blowjobs and the grading curve.

The years would pass, but the memories of those sweet nights and hot, sweaty afternoons together lingered with both of them. A year after graduating, Karen was a happily married mother of two with an ever wandering eye. Eric took a job in another part of the state, and eventually met and married a co-worker.

Three decades passed before the two of them had any contact with one another. To each, the other was a fond but increasingly distant memory.

That changed one early evening when Eric was home alone, masturbating and feeling the buzz of a third beer. Sex had become a rarity in his stable but passionless marriage. Self gratification became his only outlet for releasing his pent up sexual energy. As he vigorously stroked himself, memories of his penis penetrating Karen’s milky white body so long ago ran across his mind. He thought about that very first time, screwing her in the missionary position. And he remembered the joy of sucking her nipples the first time she climbed on top of him. And the recalled the slapping of his sweaty balls on her huge white ass as he fucked her doggie style, their very favorite position.

Wiping his cum off his stomach with a Kleenex, he wondered what she was doing now. Minutes later, her Facebook page came up in a Google search. Karen was about to reappear in Eric’s life.

Coming soon, Part 4: A Secret Reunion

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