Cucked the Boss


I recently invited my boss around my house after an afternoons drinking at work. When we got into my room, I told him I had a treat for him. He did not expect this. I know what he likes and so I started off tying him spread eagled to the bed and then placing a blindfold over his eyes.

He loves to be tied up and I could already see him becoming aroused through his trousers. I sat on the bed next to him and gently kissed his mouth while running my hand over his stomach and legs (although neglecting his cock) I loosened his trousers and pulled then down round his knees. His cock was nearly busting out of his shorts. I stood up and quietly took off my clothes and then sat back on the bed. I held my panties in front of his face and told him to smell them. He immediately knew what they were and asked me if they were the panties I had been wearing all day at work. I admitted that they were and told him to put his tongue out. When he did, I turned the panties inside out and let him lick the damp area of them where my pussy had been all day. He nearly went mad with lust and his cock started to push out of his shorts. I folded the panties up and pushed them into his mouth and once I had done that I released his very hard fat old cock from his shorts and licked just the very top of it. I then squeezed baby oil into my hands and started to slide my hands up and down his shaft and around his hairless balls.

I could tell he was getting ready to cum so I stopped and then sat astride his chest with my bum facing his head and my head around his cock. I pulled the panties out of his mouth and told him to push his tongue out as far as it would go. Once he did that, I slid backwards and squatted over his face. As I watched, I lowered my pussy onto his tongue and rubbed myself backwards and forwards. He was straining to get his head up so that his tongue was as far inside me as it could be. As I moved back and forth, his tongue was sliding between my pussy lips and all around and between my bum cheeks. This was really horny for me as well. I then moved away from his face and moved down the bed still facing the same way. I wanked his cock for a minute and then climbed on top so it was all the way inside me. I then rocked myself on it until I came. I then went back to his rock hard cock and sucked and milked him while telling him what a poor fuck he was and how balıkesir escort much better my Aussie 25 year old bf had been. He came bucketloads within minutes and twitched for a long while after he cum. I think he enjoyed it…I know I did xx

I am a 29 year old single girl who has been lucky enough to have had a two year relationship with a fit 52 year old married man that I work with, I first realised he might enjoy being cuckolded when I was with him one day in my office. At his request, I was wanking him while he sat behind his desk. I had pulled his fat old cock out of his trousers and after licking the top of it told him I was going to take great pleasure in milking him dry. While I was tugging and squeezing him and pulling his foreskin back, he asked me if he was the biggest dicked guy I had ever been with. He was 100% sure he was. Imagine his surprise when I said no and that I had been with at least three other blokes with bigger cocks. His cock throbbed at the very thought of it. I then went on to tell him details about a French guy I was seeing whose dick was about 50mm longer than his and a lot fatter. As soon as I started to describe him pushing it into me, my boss just exploded, pumping out all my spunk over my hand and arm. It was the most intense cum he had had for years.

These conversations became a regular thing during our love making and as time went on, he asked me more and more intimate questions about my past lovers. This was particularly horny in a couple of cases as he knew two of the guys I had been with. One had worked for him and the other, a guy called Terry had been his boss for over a year. he had never guessed that there had been anything going on and had thought our relationship had been purely professional.

A couple of months after we started having these dirty conversations, I asked him to pop into my house on the way to work as I had a surprise for him. When he got there, I told him to stand against the living room door and when he did, I produced some rope and tied him spread eagled across the door with his hands tied up above his head and his legs spread. I then also blindfolded him. I will let my boss tell you the story from now as he got very horny writing about it. Here is his recolection…

(The Boss) She said she was going to tell me something she had not told me before bartın escort and that I would be jealous but very very horny. I must admit that just the situation I was in had already made me as hard as a rock.

I felt her undoing my trousers and pulling them down, leaving me in my boxers and shirt. I could also hear another noise though I could not decide what it was. She then started to rub my cock through my boxers and tug my balls. As you can imagine, I was really hard by this time. Her hands then slid into my boxers round my cock which she proceeded to pull out of the front of them.

I then felt her mouth und the top of my cock. Pulling back my foreskin, she licked up and down my shaft and licked and bit my balls. Again, in the background I could hear this sound that I suddenly realised was a camera. The dirty bitch was taking pictures of me restrained and vulnerable. This was really making me horny. (I later found out that she had showed her girl friends the pictures of her teasing me.

After removing my throbbing cock from her mouth, she said this to me:

“What I have never told you Jeff is that I tied your boss Terry up like this to this very door. I must also tell you that although his cock was a bit bigger than yours; his balls were much bigger than yours. In fact when he started to spurt, he pumped out about ten to twelve long hard squirts, not like your pathetic little dribble. When he fucked me and cum up inside me, it leaked out into my panties for hours.”

Before she had even got to the last bit, I had cum all over the floor!

Some months later, we agreed to Part Company. There were various reasons, however, this parting was 100% mutual and we still saw each other everyday and enjoyed drinks and lunches together. One day during a lunch, she told me she had met a guy in a pub and that they had snogged and exchanged numbers. This made me so hard and I told her that it was a weird but horny thought. A couple of days later when she was in a happy mood, I asked her if she would consider telling me about their fist date and what they got up to. Although she said that this did not seem right, she did agree to consider it.

Once they had organised to meet on their first proper night out, I asked her again if she would tell me all the details about what she had got up to. She reluctantly batıkent escort agreed to text me with a short message the next day which was on a Saturday. I had given her a code system so that she only had to text letters and not a full explanation. I could hardly sleep Friday night thinking about what they might have got up to and Saturday morning was just as bad waiting for the text. At about 11:00, I was at home when my phone buzzed in my pocket. My cock instantly started getting hard so I went straight into the toilet. When I opened the message, I nearly come in my pants because the short coded message read this K.L.F.S.W.X. This code meant the following K = kissing. L = Licked pussy. F = Fingered pussy. S = Sucked his cock. W = Wanked him. X = fucked. I took out my cock and wanked myself just reading those 6 letters.

On the following Monday, she came into my office and locked the door. She sat in front of my desk and I sat behind it. I opened my flies and pulled out my cock which was very hard. She said she was willing to tell me all the details of the night as long as I did not become upset. She then asked me if I was ready to hear what went on. When I said yes, this is what she said.

“Chris came round and we watched TV for half an hour or so and drunk some wine. He then started to kiss me and while he did, his left hand went up inside my T-shirt and started to rub my breasts and my nipples through my bra. He then slipped his hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my panties, when I did not object, he pulled them to one side and pushed a finger into me until I cum. I then undid his shorts and pulled them down. I could see his young (he is 23) cock sticking out so I slid my hand up the leg of his boxers and pulled it out. I was very impressed with the size and hardness of his cock and so licked up and down the length of his shaft before sliding my mouth around his helmet. While I was doing that, I was cupping and rubbing his firm young balls. After a while, Chris pulled my panties down, turned me over so I was kneeling on the bed gripping the headrest and then slid his cock into me. I was very tight and Chris groaned as his long cock slid into me. He only fucked me for about three minutes before pumping his load into me” By this time, I had cum myself with my spunk flying all over my office floor…

What do you think of this situation? Would you like to be in his sad cuckold place? Do you think he enjoyed his teasing? I have lots of other 100% true stories about me and this dirty old bastard. Please leave your comments about this true story and tell me what you want to hear about. Angie

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