Fantasies of Katrina Ch. 02 Pt. 02


As you remember from Chapter 2, Part 1, Katrina and I had just had an intense experience and were cuddling on the bed. I have added the last few lines from Chapter 2, Part 1 for clarification.

Chapter 2, Part 2

She said “That was wonderful, What can I do for you?”

“My dear, that is up to you, anything or nothing.”

“Well first I have to pee really bad, I’m about to burst..”

“Well there you go again, teasing me.” I say with a wicked grin.

I often made this off handed remark at the Coffee House, when she would say she needed to go pee. Or I would ask if she needed any help?

Kat say’s “You keep joking about that, but I really don’t know what you mean.”

“Well, how do I explain this to you. I have a fetish for women peeing. It excites me intensely. It doesn’t really matter how it happens, but the more I am involved in it, the more exciting it is.”

“So what do you want me to do, I really have to pee.” She did look a bit uncomfortable.

“Well lets start out simple and work into it, come, with me.”

I took Kat’s small hand in mine and led her from the bedroom into the bathroom. Her body was so beautiful, her full breasts, rounded tummy, full firm bubble ass, and bountiful bush, were hard to keep my hands off of. She looked so wonderful on the short trip to the bathroom, jiggling and bouncing in all the places I liked.

When we entered the bathroom we stopped, and there was a pregnant pause, as if Kat was waiting for me to tell her what to do.

I said “Sit down on the toilet like you normally would to pee, but don’t pull your lips open, hold your lips together so the pee runs all over inside your lips”. “I’m going to bend down in front of you and watch, while you do it”.

Kat looked at me with a quizzical look on her face, but sat down on the toilet and spread her legs wide enough for me to have an excellent view. Just as requested she adjusts herself to make her lips press together instead of pull apart.

Her pussy looked so delicious, still coated in her juices. The hair matted down due to being so overloaded with her natural lubricants. Even though I had just eaten it for a very long time, I couldn’t wait to get my tongue back into it. This time though, the sensation is going to amplified immensely by the added taste and aroma of Kat’s sweet, salty pee added to the incredibly tasty juices already there.

I bend down in front of Kat, placing my face on the toilet seat right in front of her marvelous bush.

Kat says “I don’t know if I can do this Will. I want to because you want it. But I’ve never had a man watch me pee before.”

“Don’t think about it, just relax and let it happen. Just close your eyes, pretend I’m not here, and think of warm running water.” I say.

I gently reach out with my hand and run my fingers between her lips, my middle finger locating the entrance to her urethra. I gently massage it. A sigh emits from Kat.

She say’s “That feels good and makes me want to go bad.”

“Well then go”. I remove my hand and slowly lick Kat’s juices from them, glancing up at her to watch her eyes as I do it.

As I watch, I see her pussy lips contract as she strains to start the flow of golden nectar that is to come.

To break the ice, I tell her “Just think of all the money you could save on toilet paper if I lick you clean every time you pee”.

This gets a laugh and relaxes her some. I look in her eyes and that sparkle is still there. She is so lovely, such a woman, I long to have her, to take her, in every way possible. To give her experiences and pleasures no one has ever taken the time to give her. To make her happy.

Soon I hear the familiar hiss of sweet pee passing between closed lips. I look down to see a fan shaped stream coming from Kat’s hairy pussy. It is running out all over, droplets sticking to her pubic hair. I put my hand in between her legs, and into the stream. It is warm and feels incredibly good to the touch. The scent of her sweet pee hits my nostrils, and they flare open to get more.

I pull my hand back, a small pool of Kat’s warm pee is sitting on my fingers. I make eye contact with her, and she has a puzzled look on her face. I move my hand to my face and breath in the aroma of her sweet hot pee. My erection goes to full force instantly. A shot of pre-cum drools out on the rug surrounding the bottom of the toilet.

Still keeping my eyes locked to hers, I raise my hand to my mouth, and lick at the fresh wetness on my hand. The taste is enough to cause my senses to go into instant bingöl escort overload. It is salty, sweet, and warm, and sends my head reeling.

I look back at Kat to judge her reaction. She has a strange look on her face half lust, half confusion. I tell her how delicious it tastes, and how much it excites me. I show her how hard I am, and the long string of pre-cum hanging from my cock and contacting a pool on the rug.

Kat is still peeing, and I ask her “Can you cut it off.”

She says “I don’t know, but I can try.”

“Please do, I want tosave some. I’ll explain it later.”

With that Kat tries as hard as she can, and eventually the hissing comes to an end. I look down at Kat’s sweet pussy. It is covered in droplets of pee and looks so delicisous.

Instinctively she reaches for the toilet paper to wipe herself.

I say “Your not going to need that. Just scoot forward on the seat and open you legs wide.”

Again she looks puzzled, but does as I ask. I am presented with that fantastic bush, now coated in a combination of her juices, and fresh pee. Little droplets are hanging on the hairs all over. I lower my head and breath in the heady aroma of the combined scents. I want to just dive in, but I must take it slow. I let her know how much this means to me, how much I appreciate what she has done for me.

I slowly lower my head and start to lick the droplets off her hair, savoring the taste and enjoying the aroma rising from her steamy overheated pubic area. Slowly and teasingly I start to lick harder and get closer and closer to the open wet prize in the center.

I have wanted this for so long. I remember the many times of playing with Kat when she would say she had to pee when we were working. Now it was finally happening, for real. I could just burst with excitement and happiness.

The sensation gets to me, and I intensify my dedication to the incredibly enjoyable task at hand. Even though Kat seems to be enjoying my ministrations, she looks a little uncomfortable.

“Let’s move back to the bed, where we can be more comfortable.” I tell Kat.

I get up, leaving a long trail of clear fluid from the end of my cock to the pool on the rug. It eventually swings over and plasters itself to my leg. I look down at Kat’s face and see she is transfixed on my throbbing cock, and it’ copious drooling. I wonder what she is thinking. I wish she would reach out and grab my firm ass, pull me forward enough to reach it with her mouth, and just go for it. But that is not my intention.

My intention is provide her with all the pleasure I can, even if I get nothing in return. That doesn’t bother me, I don’t care. I just want to see her pleased and happy. I want her to want more, I want her to want me to do things she has never experienced, to give her pleasures she has never had. To allow me to do this any time she feels the need. I don’t want to screw it up with my own selfish needs.

She does not have to get me off in any way. I know that sounds weird, but it wouldn’t be the first time in my life. I have often given women pleasure, getting nothing in return but the satisfaction that they were extremely pleased, and that I was the one able to please them.

I take Kat’s small hand in mine and lead her back to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed, and ask Kat to climb up and straddle my face with her ass toward the headboard. This gives me access to all she has to offer, orally, and will allow me to reach around and fondle her breasts at the same time.

She climbs up on the bed and does as I ask. I hold her hips and ease her into position. Before me lies a virtual feast for the senses. Tastes, smell, and sight all combine to make me again stand at attention. As I ease her down and slowly start licking all around the entrance to her pussy, using my tongue to explore each individual crevice and fold. Working as patiently and erotically as possible.

Kat begins to move involuntarily on my face, as if trying to make contact my tongue with a certain area that she feels needs attention. I just keeping going with it, and try to get the areas where she feels the “itch”.

She tastes so wonderful, and the more I lick, the wetter she seems to get. I start alternating the licking with probing Kat’s urethra with the tip of my tongue. Due to my passion for watersports, I have learned to locate this small opening quite proficiently..

She says “That feels good, but if you keep doing that I’m gonna pee.”

“Kat my dear that’s the whole idea. Remember the pee you saved, can bitlis escort you let it go a little at a time”.

“You want me to pee in your mouth?” she asks.

“Yes Kat, I want to taste you most private of liquids. That would turn me on more than almost anything, and show you just how much I enjoy you.”

“Well if it will make you happy, I can try. Actually it’s kind of exciting in a kinky way. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

She really didn’t have to tell me that. I could tell by the growing amount of juice, now running from her pussy, that the thought of what she was about to do was exciting her even more.

“Please give it a try Kat. Then whenever you feel me licking at the hole where you pee, let a little more go. Kind of like treats for me for doing a good job of pleasuring you.”

Kat didn’t say anything she just kept enjoying the sensations that I was trying so hard to give her.

Finally I got up the nerve to try what I had told her to do. I concentrated on finding the opening to her urethra, and started probing it with my tongue. I felt Kat tense and felt of squirt of hot pee enter my mouth. God it was wonderful, I enjoyed it greedily, and went back to licking her luscious pussy with new vigor. I reached up and started massaging her soft breasts, seeking out and tweaking her hard nipples.

The added excitement of what was happening made my cock throb and weave side to side. I could feel precum oozing out the end and flowing down the side, and pooling in my pubic hair. I only hoped that Kat was enjoying this half as much as me.

She was moaning, and moving side to side, ensuring that I was reaching every point that she needed attention to. I continued licking, using every technique that I had developed over the years. She just kept rocking back and forth, side to side, trying to get as much contact with my tongue and face as she could.

Every time I would probe her urethra I would get another tasty treat. She reached the point she could let it out in small spurts. This made me very happy, because it meant it would last longer.

All of a sudden she just burst’s from my grasp, and let’s out a huge sigh.

I say “Kat ar you OK”

She replies, “I’m fine, but I just have to do this”.

She breaks the bond I have on her, and spins herself around till she’s kneeling between my legs, over my throbbing cock. He lips are only inches away, as she grasps my cock at the base with her small hand. She squeezes it and runs her hand all the way up to the base of the head.

This cause a large amount of precum to ooze from the opening and run down over her hand. Her tongue darts out and come backs to her mouth, leaving a trail of clear fluid from her mouth to my cock.

She looks up at me, her eyes are blazing now. She says “Will watch me, watch me suck your cock. I want you to see it all. I want to be nasty for you.”

Never losing eye contact, she licks up her hand and up the head of my cock collecting all that has oozed out. She smiles at me, and like I did with the juice from her panties, she swirls it around on her tongue and swallows it greedily.

Still not losing eye contact. She moves her hand down to the base of my cock and slowly licks all over from the base to the head and back, giving my entire cock a bath with her tongue. The sensation is incredible.

“Kat that feels so wonderful. I never dreamed you would do this for me.”

In a lusty almost broken voice she replies “You think that feels good, try this.”

With that she releases her grasp at the base of my cock. She locates the head of my cock with her mouth, closes her lips over it, and at an agonizingly slow rate, devours my entire cock. She slides down the shaft slowly until I am fully engulfed in her mouth to the base, and I feel the head slide into her throat.

She gags slightly, and the reflex action of her throat muscles on my cock causes precum to spurt from the end. I am having a significant problem controlling myself. The feeling is just too intense.

Just as slowly she slide back up. She stops at the head and swirls her tongue all around the head, paying special attention to the sensitive underside. She then slides back down, bobs my cock in and out a few times and repeats the tongue swirls around the head.

After a few minutes of this, I’m sure she has gotten several spoon fulls of precum, and I am having immense trouble controlling my orgasm. I am trying to think of anything other than what’s going on, but it’s not working.

All this time, bolu escort Kat continues to maintain eye contact. She is really feeling the same need as me. She want’s to please me, give me something in return.

I finally can control it no more, and before I lose it I say “Kat, if you keep that up, I’m going to fill your mouth full of cum.”

She lets my cock slip from her mouth, swallows the precum that has collected there, and says “Will, as much as I would enjoying watching the pleasure on your face when you do that, I need you in me. I need your cock in me. I need to feel you explode inside my pussy.”

With that she climbs up and straddles my crotch. Her beautiful hairy pussy right over the head. She rubs the head of my cock between the swollen wet lips of her luscious pussy and I almost lose it. It feels like wet velvet..

I say “Kat are you sure about this? You know you don’t have to do this.”

She says “Will I need this bad, you have made me so horny. I just have to feel you inside me. Feel you bath my insides with your hot cum.”

For a second she stalls, just rubbing my cock head back and forth from her clit to her vagina.

She say “Will watch me, enjoy this, I need you so bad.”

As I watch transfixed, I see her slowly lower herself, and watch my cock disappear inside that incredible bush. The sensation is almost overwhelming, and I almost cum on the spot.

She prolongs the agony by sliding down my cock ever so slowly. Always keeping those now flaming eyes transfixed on my face, to gauge my reaction.

Finally, I am totally inside her. My cock surrounded by her warm wet vagina. As she hits bottom a sigh escapes from her lips.

She slowly starts to rock back and forth, barely moving my cock in and out. I reach out and start to massage Kat’s soft breasts, tweaking her rubbery nipples

Kat starts to move up and down on my cock. Pulling almost all the way off my cock and then gently sliding down again. During all this time, our eyes never leave flame in her eyes becomes more intense, and I know she see’s the same in mine.

Slowly Kat starts picking up the pace, and I begin to thrust up to her. I slide my hands from her breast down her sides and grab two hand fulls of that wonderful ample ass that I adore so much.

I start pushing her down against me, while pounding up into her as hard as I can.

Kat cries out “Fuck me Will, Fuck me hard. Please fill me with your cum”. I pump her as hard and fast as I can, while squeezing that wonderful ass and using it to hammer her pussy down on my cock.

I yell out “Kat, I can’t hold on much longer.”

All of a sudden Kat’s body goes rigid. A deep passionate moan leaves her lips, and her body begins to shudder. Her pussy goes into spasms on my cock as she starts a shattering orgasm. She is moaning and uttering unintelligible things.

It was all I could take. I felt the cum rising in my cock, and I knew after all the excitement I had went through I was about to have a uncontrollable orgasm of my own.

Then I was there. Spurt after powerful spurt of thick hot cum comes exploding out tobath Kat’s vagina. A deep moan escapes her lips as she feels the first power spurt splash against her cervix. It just keeps coming, nine or maybe ten spurts. It fills her pussy to overflowing, and starts running out of her pussy and down my cock. Kat continues to cum as she feel herself overflowing.

Then it was over. I had stopped cuming and Kat’s spasms slowly subside, even though we still spasm occasionally in an after effect of the intense orgasms

Finally Kat collapses on top of me, she scoot up to meet my lips, and I kiss her deeply. My now deflating cock slipping from her full pussy. I feel a torrent of cum rush out of her vagina and run out on to my lower abdomen..

“Will, this has been such a wonderful experience, I’m so worn out. But I’m so satisfied.” she says.

“It went far beyond wonderful, you did things for me that I love, that I crave. Can we just hold each other for awhile?”

“I would really like that.” Kat says.

With that Kat rolls off me and lays on her side. I scoot up to where my crotch is pressed firmly against her fantastic ass. I put my arm around her and take her left breast in my hand and hold her tight.

I move close to her ear and whisper “Thanks you Kat, Thank you for all you have done for me.”

There is no reply, she has already drifted off to sleep. I lay my head down on the pillow. The room smells of sex. My face and our bodies smell of sex. Thoughts run through my mind 9000 miles an hour. Scenes of what has transpired that day. I am exhausted and satisfied.

Before I know it, I too drift off to sleep. Totally at peace, and totally owing that peace to Kat.

Thank you Kat. Thank you for everything!

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