First Time for Us Both With Panties


This is a story about a guy finding out he liked wearing panties and a woman that found out she liked it too. She also found her first guy that would eat her out.

Yes, that’s true. I never would have thought that, but after I was roaming the internet and going into some of the old chat rooms of a few years back I happened across a woman. She claimed to be in her 40’s and I had no reason to doubt it as we chatted. We both told each other we were married and just looking for something different like chatting with someone of the opposite sex about things we may or may not do actually but just to get the old ticker going. WOW, that sounds like an old man.

We were both in our 40’s. Karen was her name. I think I was about 5 years older than she but non the less, we hit it off. I liked asking her what color panties she wore, she liked telling me what color and style.

After several weeks of talking once or twice a week since I worked at home and could chat on line during the day, we found out a lot about each other.

One of the first things she told me was that her husband had never went down on her. I almost thought it was the other way around, that there were women out there that didn’t like sucking a guy’s cock.

Now that really took me by surprise. “Never”, I asked.

“No”, she replied. “I have sucked him off”, she told me, “but he has never returned the pleasure”, she said.

That allowed me to start really turning her on. I told her that I loved to, In fact, I never thought I was that big and I guess most guys have a really hard time making a woman climax just with penis penetration but I always licked any female I had been with first or together as in a 69 option, but I at least allowed her to climax with tonguing her sweet pussy off before I entered her with my cock.

Now that turned her on big time and we talked more and more.

We found out we only lived about an hour away from each other and we talked about meeting. Our first meeting was just for coffee at a fast food place. We met, we talked, she was a little nervous of whether or not I was some rapist and soon I put her as ease.

That first meeting I found out she was a little heavier than I had imagined and I am sure she found out I might have been a little skinnier than she might have thought but it went well.

The first time finally came out with some truth. “Why do you ask me so much about what panties and bras I am wearing”, she asked? “Not that it matters”, she said. “But, I just wondered since most of the time I have ever had a guy talk so much about a my lingerie, he was either bi sexual” and this was the moment I knew might would come but never knew how to get around to it, “Or, he likes using them to masturbate with or wear them.”

I thought I felt my heart beat a couple extra beats as she said it.

“It’s OK”, she said real fast. “I don’t mind. I mean, who am I to judge someone and I mean, I guess most guys like woman’s lingerie in some way or we wear all these different ones just for the heck of it. I guess it would not be a long stretch to think it turned a guy on to touch them or to even slip them on. I mean, they do feel nice on me so why wouldn’t they feel nice on a guy. I makes sense that a guy would find them sexy and exciting, they are made for that.”

With that statement I some what relaxed. I mean, she basically said it, she didn’t mind, or did she. She didn’t really come out and say, hey, I wouldn’t mind if you like wearing panties or if you wanted to take mine but she did mention that it should turn a guy on.

So, I made the commitment. “Well, I ah…Kind of, I mean, I have a couple times.” I wasn’t for sure if I should really say it or not. “Yes, I have wore panties a couple times. I am not sure why”…

I started to explain and then she let me off the hook. “It’s OK, I think it might be some what exciting to think that a man would get excited just seeing me in my panties and bra or a guy going through my drawers while I wasn’t aware and seeing them and getting turned on by what I wore and that made him so excited that he had to relieve himself.” “Yea, that kind of gets me excited now.”

“Do you want to know what kind of panties I have on now”, She asked?

“AH, Yea, of course”, I replied. “Haven’t I asked you almost every time we talked.”

“Yes, you have and I have on a pair of dark blue, bikinis.”

Oh crap, I knew I was fixing to have to resettle my cock inside my pants shortly. Here was this good looking woman, in a nice fitting jeans, a cute top that I could see the outline of her bra telling me what kind of panties she had on right now. As we talked.

“They are a really soft material. Silky,” it kind of rolled off her tongue, she said it and it sounded sexy.

“They feel so soft against my body and I bet they would look so hot on you.”

Oh damn, that was about it. I could feel my cock starting to grow.

“I bet you like that thought don’t you,” she asked? “What would çankaya escort you do to be able to wear them right now,” she asked me with a slight smile on her lips. “Would you go into the girls restroom and change with me”?

I had to wiggle around and rearrange my cock inside my underwear. It was almost hard as a rock, here I was, sitting with this woman I had just met. She might be leading me on just to have someone come out and call me a perv or something. Oh come on, I was carrying this way out of proportion I thought. “You mean, NOW…right now, in the restroom”

I felt a hand slip up my leg. Slowly headed towards my cock. “Yes”, she said, “Right now, me and you, go in, I take them off while you take your pants off and you can trade with me. I can try and put yours on. I bet I could get yours on.”

I felt her hand touch my cock and then she squeezed it as best she could through my pants. “Oh yes, you are thinking about it aren’t you, either that or you are hard for some reason.”

Her lips looked so sexy with a slight smile on them. A wicked little smile. One that almost told me that, I don’t know, that I wanted to make you so horny you’d do anything type smile. “OK, sure, why not,” I said.

She looked deep into my eyes, “I want so bad to see that hard cock of yours in my panties.”

“I’ll go in there first,” she said. “I’ll make sure no one but us will be in there. You knock twice, lightly so I will know it is you and I will let you in, OK?”

“OK”, I replied and with that she squeezed my cock just right, like she wanted it and stood up and started for the restroom.

I couldn’t believe it. Was a woman, I had just met. I mean, I knew we had talked several times together but we really didn’t know each other, was fixing to go into a restroom and take her jeans off, and as I watched her walk towards the restroom I looked. Her ass swayed so sweetly and it looked pretty hot in those tight jeans.

She was gone. Inside the restroom and I waited a few seconds and I started walking. My heart was beating a thousand beats a second. At least it felt like it. It seemed like everyone in there was watching me as I walked but I knew, no on knew what we had been talking about.

I knocked twice,lightly enough for only someone right there could hear and then I heard the lock click. I thought I was having a heart attack. The door opened. There she stood, still dressed, but of course she was. She wouldn’t have taken anything off.

I went in and she locked the door behind me. “OK, who’s first”, she asked? Sounded like to high school kids. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

I was brave so I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Luckily I had wore my nicest, cotton bikini underwear and she tried a sweet whistle. “MMMMmmmm”,she made the comment. “I want to wear those, that’s for sure and look at that”, she reached down and slipped her hand inside my underwear and had my cock in her hand in a second. It felt so good having her soft fingers wrapped around my hard, sensitive cock.

“Oh crap”, she said. “You feel so hot and hard. I want to see it.” She placed a couple of towels on the floor and went to her knees. Off came my underwear and down to my ankles.

“OH YES,” she said as my cock kind of flipped out pointing straight at her. It easily is pressed against my body when in underwear or something but if free, it basically lays out straight at a 90 degree angle. I got a big kiss on the head of my cock that made it jump. I felt her soft, delicate fingers again slip around my cock and slowly she slipped her fingers to the base and held it in place saying, “I want to make sure this beautiful cock doesn’t jump all over the place when I,” and with that she licked it, some here and a lick there, getting it moist and then the whole thing went into her mouth.

I grab what ever was there to grab before I fell. I thought you could hear the air rush in my lungs outside as she took my cock in her mouth. “Oh my GOSH!” “OH CRAP!!”

“What”, she said as she pulled my cock out of her mouth momentarily. “Is everything O..K..”,she asked?


She smiled and took it back in her mouth and sucked it two or three times before pulling it out.

“I’m not sure about you never having a guy go down on you but you know how to go down on a guy”, I said.

She smiled and with that she asked, “You want to undo my jeans.”

“OH yea, sure”, as I tried to regain my composer. I slipped my pants off with my underwear allowing my cock to swing free. I slowly went to my knees and with a little wiggling I had her button, unbuttoned. I was so nervous I didn’t think I could remember how to take a pair of jeans off a woman. I got the zipper down and there, as I started unzipping and tugging at the waist band I revealed a sexy pair of dark blue, silky panties. They had just the slightest bit of lace around the waist band and a cute little bow in the middle. As I removed her jeans çankırı escort she held onto my shoulders and lifted her legs out and I placed them on top of mine on the toilet.

I could then see the smoothest, silky pair of panties so tightly fitting to her body. That small edging of lace on the leg openings and then I slipped my hands gently on her hips and allowed them to slide across the silky material and around to hold her ass in my hands.

Cupping each cheek in my hands and squeezing her butt through those panties, I leaned in and kissed her through her panties. I was just able to grab her pussy with my teeth and she too grabbed the wall and held on.

“OH…OH YES…OH Chuck…Yes,” she kept saying as I nibbled on her lips through the material. It was nicely moist since we had been talking inside the restaurant and she was all ready anticipating what might happen. I could smell her sex through the thin material. She smelled so good. She had the slightest, I’m not sure but I believe some type of vanilla perfume on her body that just slightly filled my nose along with her own body aroma.

I then gently slipped my fingers inside her waist band of her panties and started edging them down her hips. As I removed them, the cutest trimmed mound of curly, soft hair revealed itself. I let my fingers play through it as I slipped her panties off her legs and she stepped out of them. I then told her to lift one leg up on the toilet and as she did I leaned in and licked up between her outer lips. She grabbed my hair, fingers locked in my hair and held my head towards her pussy which so easily and as they separated, her juices started leaking down her inner legs. She was so horny she all ready had plenty of juices ready and could have taken me inside her.

“OH Chuck…that feels so …so…OH Yeeeesssss,” it trailed off as I licked up and down her lips and found her clit starting to slowly grow and harden. It was easy to suck it in my lips and nibble on it and with that she pulled my head away and I heard, “Oh wait, that’s enough. I’m going to fall right her on the floor if you keep that up. I can’t believe a guy would just lick me without anything. My husband, if I ever thought he would do something like this I bet I would have to shower and flush myself out 2 or 3 times before he’d even consider and here you go, in a fast food restaurant, about to make me cum.”

I smiled and looked in her eyes, “Now what,” I asked?

“Stand there,” and she reached over, grabbed her dark blue panties and held them out for me to step into. I did and watched as she slipped them up my legs and wiggled them gently in place on my hips.

She gently slipped her fingers in the waist band and around the edge to the back, straightening them out. Then she reach around, slipped them in the outer edge of the leg openings and down around the back and straightened them out on my ass. “Turn around, let me see,” she told me.

“OH DAMN,” she exclaimed. “Turn back around,” and as I did, she ran her fingers across the material over my cock. “Oh my gosh,” she said as she felt the soft, silky material over my hard, warm cock.

“They not only look good, molded to every little ridge on your body and your cock but it feels so good over that hard cock.”

“Help me put your underwear on, please,” she said with this sweet smile on her lips. “I want to feel something from you on my body,” and with that I grabbed mine and held them out. She had a little harder problem since a man’s don’t stretch as much but I soon wiggle them in place and I grabbed her pussy through the material and held it in my hand.

“Let’s get dressed and go out there. I want to see you in public and I am the only one that knows you have these cute , blue panties of mine on with the lace and bow on them and no one else does.”

We dressed and I opened the door, she eased her head out to see and no one was right there and she gave a little tug on my arm to lead me out and we both quickly exited the rest room. We went back to our table where our things were still there luckily and finished them.

She kept teasing me. “You like the way my panties feel on you? Can you feel the crouch that I know were a little damp against your balls,” she whispered to me?

“I do, and what about you? You like the thought of wearing a guys bikini underwear and know I know you have them on”?

“I do and I want to go out to your car, can we, now,” she exclaimed.

“Ah, sure, let’s go,” I replied and we went and paid and left to go out to my car.

“Pull out there, in the outer part of the parking lot for a little privacy,” she asked me.

I drove out and as soon as I put it in park, she reached down and unzipped my pants. She reached inside my pants and slowly slipped her hand over my cock in her panties. “I just have to feel it in there, it feels so hot, so warm, so soft,” she purred as I felt her fingers slip over it so delicately. So tenderly.

“Can you pull it out, çayyolu escort without taking my panties off,” she asked me?

“Sure, I think,” and I reached in and pulled the leg opening over a little and pulled my cock out the side of them and with that she leaned down and started licking it again. Sucking it in her mouth. I was in heaven. I had this sexy feeling of her panties, a woman I knew, on my body and now she was sucking me off in a parking lot. I was able to keep an eye out and I reached down and lifted her top up enough to run my fingers across her bra. It was so soft. A smooth, somewhat silky covering over the cups.

I then , with great care, slipped a hand inside one of the cups and was holding her bare breast in my hand. It felt so tight. I guess being held inside the cup of her bra and filling it to the max gave it little room to move but then I felt her hard nipple and she moaned as I started playing with it.

I felt her lips slip up and down the shaft. Then she would take just the head in her mouth and suck it gently and lick around it with her tongue. She’d take it out and run her tongue around the head, the shaft too, around the ridge on the bottom side. Across that special spot right at the meeting of the head and the shaft on the underneath and I would stiffen as her tongue slipped over it.

“You like that,” she asked?

“OH YES,” I tried to get it out without sounding like I was close to cumming which I was. The feel of her sweet, thin, soft lips wrapped around my cock, her tongue slipping around it and all out in public. It was kind of exciting.

“GOOD,” she said. ” Crank your car up, we’re going to my house” she exclaimed!

“But what about your husband,” I asked? “Aren’t you afraid, heck he might show up,” I asked excitedly?

“He’s out of town actually. I didn’t want to say something just in case, you know. We had never met but now, well, after feeling your mouth on my pussy and you in my panties, I just can’t…well. Let’s go…PLEASE, before I change my mind.”

And I wasn’t waiting to let her and had my car cranked and was headed down the street. We were soon at her house and inside.

“Strip for me, Please!!” she asked as she sat on her couch and I followed.

I soon had my shirt off and she loved the nice amount of hair on my chest saying her husband was way to much and I seemed perfect. Then came my pants and she giggled. “Oh my,” she exclaimed. “Looks like you have been enjoying something,” she said as I pulled them down and the dark blue material showed the wet spot at the tip if my now, bulging cock. “Will you undress me, please. I’ve never had a man undress me either,” she told me.

“Sure,” I said as I went over to her and took her top and slowly lifted it over her head. I now am able to see the dark blue bra she had on. Not quite matching but pretty close. Her tits filled it and barely bulged out the inner edge showing a cute amount of cleavage.

I then knelt in front of her and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and she lifted enough for me to wiggle them off her again.

I gave her a deep kiss as I reached around her and unhooked her bra, slowly slipping her straps off her shoulders. I peep through my eyes as I removed it and at least c cup tits with nice, actually beautifully shaped nipples were revealed. I gently kissed down her neck and she had her fingers back in my hair and with a handful of hair, she made sure I did not go past her tits which I had no idea of doing and had both nipples in my mouth, separately of course, but was sucking on both of them. She was begging for more.

“OH Chuckkkkk,” she called out. ” Yes…Oh yes,” she whispered as I continued.

I then started down her stomach and she took a deep breath as I kissed over her legs and down the inner edge all the way to her toes. She moaned out as I sucked each toe, one at a time. She loved it and I soon made my way back up, grabbing my underwear and I pulled them off as she lifted up again to allow me to remove them.

I heard this sigh or a long wisp of air out of her teeth as she seemed to know I was headed for. I spread her legs apart and licked back up the lips of her pussy. She shivered as my tongue slipped between her outer lips and touched the inner, soft, warm, wet pink flesh.

” Oh shhhiitttttt'” she gently let slip from her mouth. “Oh crap Chuck, oh my gosh…I never…ever…ever…had a MAN!” I think that last squeak came as my tongue touched her clit and I slowly sucked it gently in my mouth.

“Oh Chuck…Oh my gosh…Chuck…I’m…I’m about…to…Chuck…Oh Chuck…OH Damn…OH…OH..YES…YES…OH DAMN!!” and with that I felt her juices flood out. I tried to lick and suck them up but she started cumming so hard. It ran down between her butt cheeks and I followed it down and soon had my tongue across her ass hole.

“Oh MY GOSH, Chuck…That..Is…SO…I Never cummed so hard and , whaaaat are you doing. I never had a man go there either.” I felt her fingers in my hair holding my head at her ass hole and seeming to want more.

I slipped a finger inside her pussy to get it wet then I rubbed it against her ass hole and started easing it inside her ass. “I ah…I’m not SURE…OH Damn Chuck, what are you doing. I’m fixing to!”

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