Forbidden Pleasures Ch. 4


Whilst waiting for the grocery boy to call Kate changed into the little black mini skirt that had had such an unexpected effect on the boy. A flimsy shirt was round her shoulders but she had “forgotten” to fasten it. Wearing a pair of lacy white panties completed her mode of dress and once again she was wishing she had bought a much sexier bra. Thinking about what she hoped might happen; Kate was becoming moist between her legs. She hadn’t bothered with stockings. “When a man is giving you a good hard fucking it ruins your hosiery,” she had told herself. Just hearing those nasty forbidden words coming from her mouth made Kate feel decadent and wicked.

She tweaked her nipples – then the doorbell rang. It was time again for pounding heart and butterflies in stomach. She opened the door slowly to make sure it was the boy. Seeing him stood smiling with box of groceries in hand she opened the door fully and let him see her unfastened blouse. “Come in – through to the kitchen,” she said nervously. “I was just getting changed.” Closing and locking the door she followed him into the house.

The boy had placed the box of groceries down on the table and was stood by the kitchen sink smiling. Kate could already see a bulge at the front of his pants. Not quite knowing what to do next Kate began to rummage in the box. “Would there be anything else you want, madam?” the boy joked. Kate turned and faced him, discretely opening her blouse to expose her white bra.

“Perhaps you want some of this,” he said, then slowly unzipping his fly he took out his monster penis. Kate gasped as it sprang upright into view and watched as he massaged the shaft. “Am I right?” Kate could only nod as she tried to steady her shaking body. “Show me – that you want it,” said the boy. Kate felt the fear, the loss of control, the anticipation of the dirty deeds the boy wanted to perform with her, the excitement of letting herself give in and be totally submissive to any of his perverted sexual wants. She lifted her skirt slowly over her thighs to expose her now damp panties.

“Pull them down,” he instructed.

As she lowered her knickers he suddenly commanded her to stop. “That’s enough,” he said looking lewdly at her lower body. “There’s something that turns me on about a woman with her pants round her knees. Play with your twat for me.” Kate obediently pulled her skirt back up to her waist and rolled a finger around her clit.

“So which do you prefer, my cock between your legs or would you like it in your mouth?” Saying that he walked toward her and began to play with her tits. He watched a while as Kate obediently carried on pleasuring herself. “Well, which? I bet you’d like both if you could wouldn’t you?” Leaning forward he whispered in her ear, “Would you?” Kate answered him, “Yes,” she said shyly.

“Is that why you ordered this?” Reaching in the box the boy pulled out a long thick cucumber. He laughed as Kate became bright red and denied his implication. Her fingers were still working on her wet vulva, her clitoris was now swollen and she unconsciously pulled apart her cunt lips – the boy noticed.

“You’re a sex mad little bitch aren’t you?” Before she could even attempt to answer he closed his lips on hers and roughly kissed her. He was now losing control of his own arousal. Kate felt a hardness pressing between her legs and yelped when she realised that it was the cucumber. “No!” she protested.

“I want to watch you to fuck yourself with this while you suck my cock. Open your legs wider.” Kate shivered as the object entered her body – she had never felt her hole so full and tight. He pushed higher making her close her muscles around the dildo. “Sit down!” he commanded dragging a chair from the table. As Kate lowered herself onto the seat he told her use the vegetable for his perverted enjoyment. “Go on – move it in and out – pretend it’s a cock fucking you!” Kate closed her eyes and did just that. But only for a few seconds, just until she felt her head being turned to the side and the boy’s penis touched her lips.

“Open your mouth and suck me.” His hand moved rapidly up and down his throbbing cock. “Let me shoot my spunk down your throat. You’re loving this aren’t you?”

Kate licked the drop of liquid that had formed on his pee-hole and before she took his purple helmet fully into her mouth mumbled, “Yes.”

What would her husband, St. John think of if he knew about this, she thought? Sat on a chair with her knickers round her knees, fucking herself with a large cucumber. And letting an 18-year-old boy watch her while he masturbates in her mouth. With her spare hand Kate held her skirt high on her waist to give the boy the best possible view.

It couldn’t last long – the excitement was too great – they both began to quickly reach a climax. As Kate moaned louder and louder the boy’s hand worked faster on his dick. “Let me see it go in your mouth,” he hissed. Kate released the cock from her lips and opened wide to take the hot salty çorum escort liquid. Her eyes focused on the little hole that opened and closed like an eye. She was going to drink every last drop. “Fuck yourself harder for me – make yourself come!” ordered the boy in an attempt to heighten his climax. Kate moved faster – she was enjoying being watched.

As the boy shot his load into her mouth Kate felt her own orgasm explode. It was intense and long and the best she had ever had. She swallowed spurt after spurt and then licked and gobbled his cock. Her frantic actions surprised the boy who was used to being the plaything of many housewives.

“I always thought you was a bit of the frigid type. You have surprised me; you are dirty little bitch. Even though his cock was now flaccid Kate sucked and licked. The boy held her head and let her get her fill, relaxing his muscles so that little spurts of liquid continued to dribble into her mouth. By now it wasn’t sperm – it was the piss from his full bladder. He realised she must by now know this.

” Fucking hell!” he said quietly, “You are a kinky piece of arse!”

Kate finally let go and sat back in the chair, the cucumber still sticking out from between her legs. As she looked up at him she licked her lips.

Without any pretence of protocol or good manners the boy zipped up and declared it was time to go. “Thanks – see you soon,” were his parting words. As he was halfway through the door Kate shouted him back. “Wait! I was just wondering – my husband is away on business. If you want to call round later this evening – for a drink – well – it’s up to you.” She was taken aback by his answer.

“Not sure – I’m playing pool tonight with a few mates and then we was going to watch a video.” Kate felt a little insulted and disappointed. “Unless we watch it round here with you.” He laughed at his joke.

A shiver went through Kate. “Maybe me and you can go in another room if the film’s no good,” he added.

“OK,” whispered Kate, “Just a couple then.”

The boy could hardly hear her.

“What, I didn’t catch that?” he said, not understanding what she meant.

“Just a couple – you can bring your friends – but only a couple of them. To watch a video – that’s all.” Kate couldn’t believe what she was saying and was about to change her mind.

“Maybe I’ll phone you later then,” said the boy. “Just to make sure it’s still OK.”

He was gone, and Kate was still sat with knickers round knees and cucumber in cunt. She was becoming a little frightened of her insatiable appetite for sex. She thought about the day’s events and began to move the pretend penis in her twat. Her arousal increased when she thought about what she had just arranged for the evening. The delivery boy who she had let use her was coming back with some friends. And he would expect to fuck her again – while they were in the house. The cucumber was now pumping in her twat very fast – her eyes closed and she pictured what might happen.

Later that evening when the telephone rang Kate was quickly brought back down to earth. It was her husband John, moaning, winging and, more annoyingly, giving her instructions on how she should spend her evening and telling her she must not go out – not even to a friends for coffee – or see a film – oh, and she mustn’t have more than two drinks. He would know, he told her, because he was going to phone again later. Just to make sure she was behaving herself.

Kate was about to tell him that there was no need to go out because she had arranged to have a gang-bang – but then- she thought perhaps not. When he finally rang off Kate was wishing she could just spend the evening curled up with a box of chocolates and a drink watching her video – a quiet night, for once on her own with no hassle. Maybe the boy wouldn’t bother phoning.

Time passed and despite her husband’s orders, Kate had filled her glass several times. She was watching the TV but her thoughts were elsewhere when suddenly the phone rang. True to his word it was John checking up on her. When he had finally finished his second round of moaning, Kate said, “OK – See you in a couple of days then.”

“What do you mean?” he snapped back, “I’m home tomorrow.”

Kate realised that either, she had just “stuck her foot in it” and no one had yet told him his trip had been extended or, there had been a change of plan. Maybe he was coming home tomorrow – which meant she wouldn’t be getting any visitors then either. She felt a wave of disappointment come over her, like a child who had just been told she wasn’t going to the fair afterall.

Excusing herself, Kate waited patiently until he hung up then poured herself another drink. “Might as well get “sozzled” now, she said loudly. She was feeling quite relaxed and merry, a warm glow flowed through her body – she wondered whether she was in the mood to watch her sex video. “Maybe it wouldn’t have been a good idea to have people round at night anyway,” çukurambar escort she told herself. The phone rang out once more. “Not him again, for crying out loud!” she cursed.

“Yes – hello!” she snapped down the receiver.

“Your still up then?” said the voice, “Do we come round or is it too late?”

“Yes it is late,” Kate agreed – she had been taken by surprise and was at a loss for words.

“Doesn’t make any difference if your husbands’ out of town doe’s it?” said the boy simply.

“OK, just for a short while then – a couple of drinks.” Kate wasn’t really taking things in.

When the phone was put down Kate cursed her-self, “Shit! I didn’t ask him if he was alone or bringing a mate. What am I getting into?” She began to giggle at the use of her expletive! “I’m not supposed to swear!” she laughed. In a trance she put the video that had been in her hand on the table and climbed the stairs to change into something nice to receive her visitor.

A couple of questions ran through Kate’s mind as she was getting changed. If he came with a friend how was he going to introduce her? How would he explain their acquaintance? He was only the grocery delivery boy. Why would she be asking him round for a drink so late in the evening? Would he have already told his mate that she is a housewife whose husband is away and she wants his cock? Kate started to feel damp between her legs. The thought of having forbidden and elicit sex with the grocery boy while his friend waited for him in another room turned Kate on. It was like having sex on demand – no one needed to pretend – they all knew why they where there.

Kate had just enough time to freshen up and get changed before the doorbell rang. She felt the now familiar mixture of excitement and nervousness, bordering on fear – a feeling that perversely made her sexually aroused. As she was about to open the door she realised that she didn’t really know a thing about the males that she was about to let into her home.

The first person to catch her eye when she opened the door was a friend of her delivery boy – she immediately decided he was very good-looking and “dishy”. He looked slightly younger and a little more refined and smarter. She smiled and asked them into the living room. The conversation at first was somewhat awkward as Kate seated them with a drink. They had chosen to sit on opposite chairs rather than the sofa so Kate poured herself a drink and sat in the centre of the couch. She did wonder why the boy hadn’t chosen to sit by her – but she would wait until he suggested they go into the kitchen. Perhaps on the pretext of getting some ice or maybe he would ask to be shown where the bathroom was and they would sneak into the bedroom. Many thoughts went through her head.

“So, how did your pool game go?” asked Kate quietly.

The next few minutes made Kate feel relaxed as the ice was broken and they chatted away. He had introduced her just by saying, “This is one of the ladies that I deliver to.” Kate had to tell his friend what her name was. “And what is your name?” she asked the younger boy. He looked deep into her eyes as he answered, “Steven.” Kate felt a tingle – she wished he was the boy that got to call at her house every week. She let the rim of her glass rest on her bottom lip as she smiled at him.

A couple of drinks later Kate was wondering why nothing seemed to be happening. She was debating whether to influence events herself when the delivery boy, whom she now knew was called David spoke.

“You’d better go easy on that drink – you’ll be falling asleep and it will spoil all the fun.”

“What fun?” asked Kate, not being able to think of anything else to say. She knew though that the boy was right – she didn’t want to start feeling ill now. Steven stood and began to walk out of the room.

“If you don’t mind I’ll visit your bathroom then get a drink of water from your kitchen.”

Kate stared into her glass as David then seated himself next to her on the sofa. That must have been a signal, she thought. Steven has excused himself and will probably stay in the kitchen – maybe he will spy on them though the door. David told her to put down her glass; one arm went around her shoulder while his other hand began to caress her breasts. Slowly he unfastened her blouse and pulled the two halves apart then gently ran his fingers over her tits.

He kissed her roughly and she opened her mouth to take his tongue and used her own to engage his. A hand touched her thigh and climbed to her stocking tops – she realised it couldn’t be David’s. Steven had come back into the room – she felt his body fall onto the seat next to her, his hand still resting on the top of her leg. David broke away from the kiss and spoke to his friend.

“So what do you think of her? She just loves plenty of cock!”

“Yeah! She dressed for it, stockings and suspenders and sexy little knickers – and she feels wet.” As he said that his ankara escort hand went between her legs and squeezed her moist cunt.

Kate looked at the boy. A minute ago they had been casually chatting – a shy young boy and a housewife – now as she looked into his eyes his hand was between her legs and he was talking about her like she was a slut. As she looked into his eyes she felt her skirt being pulled up.

“Let’s see what you’ve got under here, stockings make me hard.” Looking back into her eyes he said, “Get my cock out of my pants and play with it.”

Shaking, Kate unzipped him and released his penis, then she curled her fingers round it and began to milk him slowly. She still maintained her gaze and looked straight into his eyes.

“Fucking hell, she’s certainly hot for you!” exclaimed David. “I think you better fuck her first!”

“Who would you like to fuck you first?” asked the boy, smiling lewdly at her.

“I don’t know,” replied Kate.

“Ah! So you do want to be fucked then?” said the boy.

“Yes,” whispered Kate.

“What else do you want to do?” teased the boy, “We’re yours for the evening. You may as well make the most of it. I bet you don’t get much chance to do things like this.”

Kate’s voice could hardly be heard. “Suck your cocks – play with me,” she said.

The boy knelt on the sofa and offered his penis up to her mouth. Lying sideways Kate felt her panties being pulled off and her leg was raised into the air as David’s cock found it’s way into her pussy.

Grabbing her hair Steven held her head and commanded her to suck his dick. “Let’s start be giving you one at each end. Suck me ’til I come, then swallow it!”

Kate was busy for the next few minutes. As David pounded his dick into her pussy Steven held her head on his cock. When he told her to use her hands on his shaft as well Kate obediently obliged. When his white sticky liquid shot out from the tip she swallowed and licked and didn’t waste a drop. Watching events from behind proved too much for David, who then shot his load into her pussy.

The spell was broken by the noise from the hallway. Kate was startled as several people entered the room. Because she was still lying across the sofa with the boy holding her head her view was partially blocked. She saw four bodies but heard more voices in the background.

“Forgot to tell you – when I left the room I unlocked the door to let our other mates in. It’s OK – we won’t make too much noise and wake the neighbours.” Steven laughed when he spoke. Whereas David was a bit “slow” mentally Steven was very sharp and crafty. He knew from the beginning that she had only invited David because of his big cock – so he reasoned that she must be “game” for kinkier things. Why else would a middle-class affluent housewife want the company of a lad like David?

Fighting to stand and protest Kate’s blouse was pulled from her shoulders trapping her arms. Steven turned her round to see her new visitors. Kate was totally helpless – and a bit scared. There she was, lying sprawled flat on the sofa with legs dangling over the side, knees bent and thighs parted to maintain balance. Her arms were trapped against her sides by her blouse and it made her breasts jut out from her black bra, her white cleavage rising and falling. But most embarrassing of all was the fact that she had no panties on and as her skirt was wrapped around her waist and her legs were apart meant she was totally and blatantly exposed to their gaze.

Her eyes darted from face to face, each one smirking or licking his lips. Strangers, she didn’t even know any of their names – and already two of them had unzipped their pants and now took out their cocks. Kate, still unable to move let out a little yell. That seemed to turn on the others who where enjoying Kate’s helplessness.

“I can’t wait! I’m going to fuck her now!” shouted one as he dropped his pants and knelt between her legs. Kate’s face was still visible to the gang as the boy placed his hands on her hips and proceeded to fuck her. They watched her reaction and looked into her eyes as they removed their trousers and underwear exposing hard cocks, some long, some thick, some enormous. They seemed to tease her, hovering over, slowly wanking their shafts, each one waiting their turn.

David and Steven meanwhile had sat back into chairs, temporarily spent. “We have her all night if we want, her husband is away,” she heard David inform his friends. Kate became very scared at the last comment. She was even more frightened when she realised that more voices were coming from behind the sofa – she was being watched by more people than she was able to see. Were they naked from the waist down playing with their cocks while they waited to abuse her?

The boy fucking her slowed down, “I’m going to make it last!” he proclaimed. No one objected, no one was rushing, they just carried on watching her. Kate though very scared couldn’t help but let her eyes drift from their faces to their cocks. She was beginning to respond to the humping that she was receiving. Then she heard a voice from behind.

“What’s this then? Check out this video – there’s no title on it – might be a porn film.”

“No!” shouted Kate, “Leave it!”

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