Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 04


For those sisters who had no previous plans for spring break, the sorority officers had arranged a camping trip to a scenic woodland lake privately owned by a GLK alumna who had made quite a fortune since her graduation and reserved the land for active GLK members to use whenever and however they wanted. If the photos Melanie showed us were any indication, it was going to be a beautiful and idyllic campsite, complete with a clichéd tire hanging from an expansive tree over the pristine-looking lake!

So the morning after Raquel and Dani left for their hometown, the dozen and a half of us that stayed were bustling about the house showering, getting dressed, having quick breakfasts, and gathering our provisions for the excursion. Wendy and I had had a nostalgic sleep-over in my room the night before, and just as we were nestling into bed, my BFF checked her e-mail and got notified of a comment on a YouTube video of hers. One thing led to another, and it was an hour or so later before she was finally able to tear herself away from the apparently engrossing chain of related videos. I only saw the beginning of the process before I fell asleep, so I didn’t know how long she’d stayed awake until she told me very groggily that morning as she insisted on sleeping in a bit longer. She promised that she’d be ready to go on time, though, so I just shrugged and went into the bathroom to take a shower before breakfast.

On the way to the kitchen, I walked by Heather and Nicole’s room and saw through the open door a clever but by then unsurprising sight. Heather had propped herself up with her pillow against the headboard of her bed. On her nightstand sat a simple plate of scrambled eggs and bacon on which she was idly chowing down while Nicole straddled her in a semi-crouch and sucked just as contentedly on her ample breasts. The raven-haired beauty was clearly gulping down her fill of sweet and satisfying milk while her source of food fed herself at the same time.

“Hey,” Heather called as she caught my eye, “Vicky’s serving all the quintessential breakfast foods downstairs! Pancakes, French toast, the whole nine yards! I was in the mood for some breakfast in bed before we all start roughing it, so I brought my grub up here.” She and I both chuckled at Nicole’s indulgence. “Then this one woke up, and when I told her about the great-looking food down there, she just smiled and said, ‘Why bother? My bestie’s milk is just as good!'”

“You must be proud of yourself!” I teased, though it was a somewhat sincerely heartwarming sentiment, much like when Dani had left her rebooted computer alone for a while just to enjoy my own milk.

Heather nodded. “I have to admit it. There’s nothing like knowing that, not only is my milk filling enough to stand in for one entire meal per day, but also that it’s actually something of a preference for one or more of my friends!”

I smiled back. “Well, some pancakes actually sound really good to me right now, so I’m gonna go chow down on a few so I have some extra energy to drag Wendy out of bed if I have to.”

Heather’s call of “Good luck with that!” was accompanied by a muffled “Mm-hm!” of agreement from Nicole as I left them behind to fetch my own breakfast.

After wolfing down a quick but delicious breakfast, I returned to my room just in time to catch Wendy coming out of the shower wrapped in a towel. “Just how long have you been up?” I asked.

“Long enough,” she said with a playful nudge. “C’mon. Let’s get dressed.” She dropped her towel and began shuffling through my closet, which was not unusual, because we had regularly shared clothes since we were kids.

I almost asked if she wasn’t going to at least have a granola bar or something first, but I shrugged it off and selected a pair of faded jeans and a red spaghetti-strap top, while my ginger companion decided on some beige capris and a white tank top. We had just barely finished getting dressed when the whirlwind of final preparations began, as Melanie called for us to begin loading our supplies into the two vans we would be taking to the campground. Fortunately, there elazığ escort was very little that needed to be done to Wendy’s mane of naturally wavy red hair, and my own style was simple and straight with a part in the middle.

Wendy joined me in the van that would be driven by Vicky and claimed the seat next to mine. We had barely started pulling out onto the road when she reached over, gently lowered my top in a swift and practiced motion, and immediately leaned in to enclose as much of my exposed right breast as she could in her mouth. I rolled my eyes in amusement. I suppose I should’ve known. I certainly wasn’t about to complain, though, so I just leaned back and let her suckle to her heart’s content, easily giving in to the pleasant sensation of nurturing and intimacy. She wasted no time in settling into an efficient rhythm of sucking on the areola, gnawing softly on the surrounding flesh, and letting plenty of warm milk pool in her mouth before visibly swallowing it with clear satisfaction. I purred and absent-mindedly stroked her hair, happy to be the source of my best friend’s breakfast. In about ten minutes, when I felt the milk quickly running out, I cupped my left breast just as Wendy turned towards it and smoothly thrust it into her mouth before she even had to seek it out. Within seconds, she had latched on and resumed feasting on my milk, causing me to bite my lip and moan softly.

That was when her smartphone rang, and without thinking, I took it from her belt clip and said, “I got it.” I saw that it was her mom, a woman who had also been like a second mother to me for most of my life. “Hey, Linda,” I greeted with a sincere smile. “It’s me.”

“Hi, Josie!” sounded her warm voice. “I was calling to check up on Wendy and ask her how the both of you were doing, but I can find that out from you just as well. Is she nearby? How are you two?”

“Actually, she’s right here, having a special GLK-style breakfast, if you catch my drift,” I answered.

Linda’s hearty laugh was almost contagious. “Gotcha. When Wendy told me that you induced milk, I knew it would only be a matter of time before she took advantage. How does it feel to feed?”

“It’s hard to describe, but in a very good way!” I replied thoughtfully.

“I’d say you’ve described it perfectly, Jo. I’m sure it feels great for her too, but I was mostly a feeder back when I was in college, so I can relate more to being on your end of it. Honestly, I miss it. Had my husband not been put off by the idea, I probably never would have completely weaned any of my kids. I’ve kept in touch with several of the GLK sisters that I went to school with back when it was first getting started, and practically all of them have kept it up within their own families in some capacity or other.”


“Yep.” I heard her sigh in reminiscence. “For a few of them, it’s evolved into more of an erotic thing with their husbands. On the other hand, a couple of them not only still enjoy it with their practically grown kids, but they’ve also had their eldest daughters volunteer to induce milk and help feed the younger ones. The girl that was president when I was in school has a 22-year-old and an 18-year-old now, and it’s become completely normal for the older one to breastfeed the younger one whenever she wants a convenient snack. That is, if their mother isn’t around.”

“Wow!” I gazed at Wendy, whose alert eyes belied similar thoughts despite her still being busy with her milky meal. “I can’t say I blame them, though. I may not be willing to give this up after I graduate and move on!” I hummed in pleasure as Wendy kept suckling. “I do plan on having kids someday, but the idea of only ever nursing my children – and even then only as babies – seems like such a drag now that I know what this feels like.”

“You just be sure to find yourself a man who’s not squeamish about extended or non-maternal nursing,” Linda advised. “If I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn’t have let Wendy’s dad talk me out of it.”

The conversation carried on for a while, and as soon as she had completely elvankent escort emptied both of my breasts, I handed Wendy her phone. She talked directly to her mother for another five minutes or so before we both said our good-byes and she hung up. About an hour later, we finally arrived at the campsite. It was indeed as beautiful as it had looked in the photos. The lake itself was clear and inviting, surrounded mostly by an area of woods with a dense canopy but easily navigable underbrush. On the north side was a cozy natural clearing enclosed on three sides by the forest and bordered on the remaining one by the water. As promised, a particularly expansive tree was used to anchor a tire swing on a sturdy overhanaging branch. We spent about an hour pitching our tents, each of which would house two occupants. Mine and Wendy’s was a large but fairly simple one patterned like military camouflage. Vicky instructed us to place our tents in a loose circle hugging the outskirts of the surrounding woodland, and after she and Melanie set up their own tent, they gathered stones and firewood in preparation for a central campfire to be built later as the sun set. After that, they hauled out the food and drink that they had packed for everyone as well as a portable grill. This sorority seemed to have a predilection for cook-outs, but I wasn’t about to complain. To top it all off, as if the tire swing wasn’t enough, there were also plenty of s’mores ingredients in our stockpile.

Perhaps the ambience of it all brought out our inner children, because we weren’t done setting everything up for even a minute before Nicole stripped down to her bra and panties, ran up to the tire swing, and launched herself into the lake with a loud splash. Within about ten minutes, most of us had either waded or dived into the water. Inner children or no, there were plenty of things there that an actual child probably shouldn’t see. The shyness of various members spanned the spectrum from Vicky and a few newer sisters, who lept in fully clothed, to Heather and Melanie, who abandoned even their underwear and jumped in completely nude. Like Nicole, Wendy only shed her outer clothing, while I ventured into the lake in just my panties. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and being a feeder, I saw little point in being modest about my breasts. In fact, that was probably the reasoning behind most of the topless or outright naked swimmers, since a quick tally showed that they were almost all feeders. Of those who swam without a stitch on anywhere, I recognized at least two of them as being particularly down-to-earth anyway, so it made even more sense for them. Especially consistent with this trend was the fact that all but one of the skinny-dippers had completely natural pubic bushes. On her part, Wendy swam in her bra and panties, which I’m sure would have disappointed any hypothetical voyeurs. She already sported a D-cup bust even without any milk, and the freckles that covered almost her entire body frequently tended to deter neither male nor lesbian admirers from stealing glances at her cleavage.

Eventually, our initially playful swim turned into more of a relaxing bath, and we spent a couple of hours lounging in the water and chatting. Towards the end of that time, Melanie swam to the edge of the lake bed and perched herself there, dangling her shins and feet in the soothingly cool water. A few moments later, one of the four newer members, a mousy blonde named Lindsay, drifted over and lifted herself above the surface just enough to rest her arms on the president’s thighs and begin confidently suckling at her right breast. Melanie smiled warmly at her and gently squeezed it to give her customer an encouraging burst of milk.

I was one of the last ones to leave the lake, and I was in front of my tent pulling my pants back on when Heather walked up to me. “Hey,” I greeted with a smile as I zipped and buttoned my pants.

“Hey,” she replied, “I’m in the mood for a milky lunch.” She hugged me around the waist and immediately engulfed my right areola between her lips. I giggled and leaned my head back eryaman escort to enjoy the sensation of nurturing another friend. With her own breasts pressed against my belly, she sucked expertly, causing me to shudder pleasantly at the feeling of milk flowing freely from my nipple. I rested my chin on her head and gently gripped her upper arms as she kept suckling thirstily, bucking her head a couple of times against the mammary reservoir from which she was drinking. “Mm,” Heather intoned as her appetite was being sated. For twenty minutes, we stood there together while she efficiently drained both of my breasts, which had once more become just as full as they’d been before I fed Wendy her breakfast in the van.

Heather thanked me and walked away looking very content, and my milk was apparently enough to keep her stomach full until our dinner of franks and burgers was served around the campfire at twilight. We sat around it watching the sunset and its reflection on the lake’s surface, and I was content to mostly sit in silence while some of my GLK sisters followed up their meaty meal with another leisurely wandering conversation. We talked late into the night, eventually roasting some s’mores for a midnight snack before finally turning in more-or-less all at once.

That night, Wendy and I slept soundly in our sleeping bags. Wendy went to bed in panties and a T-shirt, while I just wore drawstring pajama pants decorated with classic comic strips. I suspect we had a nice and long night’s slumber, because I felt extremely well-rested when I finally began to awaken in the morning. Consciousness came gently, but I dozed for a while, groaning softly through unopened eyes. When they finally did open enough for me to observe my surroundings, I looked lazily to my side to find Wendy stretching and yawning with half-lidded eyes of her own.

“Morning,” I greeted softly.

“Morning,” Wendy returned with a smile.

“Well, I slept like a baby,” I admitted. “You?”

My companion just nodded. “Same here.” She yawned again and rolled onto her side to face me more fully, and her eyes darted briefly to my chest. “You hungry?”

“Nah, not yet. I’d rather just lay here for a while until I’m fully awake.”

Wendy shrugged. “Works for me.” She shifted a bit closer, gingerly pulled back my sleeping bag, which just barely reached my nipples anyway, wrapped one arm across my abdomen, and promptly took my areola between her lips. A soft moan escaped my own lips as she massaged and sucked on it with her mouth, sighing in contentment as she confidently pressed out a steady flow of warm milk. Within a minute, she started suckling even more deeply, opening her jaws against my skin briefly just to clamp her lips more firmly onto the areola. “Geez!” I chuckled. “You really woke up hungry this morning!” For the next twenty minutes or so, I just smiled and stroked the arm that lay strewn across my belly while I breastfed my longtime best friend, who predictably depleted both halves of my mammary endowment before she finally withdrew.

We stayed at the campsite for two more days, spending each one in much the same way that we’d spent the first. On all three mornings, Wendy’s breakfast consisted simply of my breastmilk, and on on no such occasion was she awake for longer than a few minutes before she latched onto one breast or the other and began suckling in a way that made her appetite quite clear. I could only marvel at how the pleasant sensations of nursing never seemed to get old. I became even more convinced that my doctoral commencement would not be the last day I would ever breastfeed anyone besides an infant child of mine.

Heather also feasted on my afternoon milk supply once more before our trip ended, but that was hardly surprising anymore. I did surprise myself a bit when I decided I didn’t even need panties to go swimming in the lake by the second day, and to my greater surprise, even Wendy lost her lingering inhibitions and joined me in skinny-dipping on the third day.

My breasts were now keeping up well with the demand placed on them, regularly producing a quantity of milk that I couldn’t help but feel proud of, especially since the extra weight never seemed to detract from their firmness at all. I found myself speculating about just how much milk I would end up producing on a regular basis when the growing demand finally stabilized.

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