Got Milk? 02 – The Reunion Ch. 01


[Author’s Note: Thank you all for all the wonderful support from my first story involving these characters. I am excited to continue the journey of Mac and Delilah as they have more foot adventures. We are back and better than ever. Enjoy!]

Act 1 – The Black Low Top Converse


“UUUGH…! Damnit…”

Pressing the alarm button on his phone, Mac wakes up from a decent night’s sleep. He sees that it is 8:30 am, wiping the crust from his left eye as he finally opens both. It is a bright Saturday morning, and the sun spreads through the window blinds in the center of Mac’s room. He regains full vision of his surroundings and looks around, almost reminding himself of his current whereabouts:

His old computer sits on its desk towards his left side of his bed, and he looks up to see the partially torn Eminem poster that is stapled about it on the white wall. He smirks as he looks to his right, his 32″ LED flatscreen nestled neatly on his wooden food tray. Above it hangs another poster, although it is of the late wrestler Eddie Guerrero, one of Mac’s favorites. Mac smiles once again as he stretches his arms out completely, sighing from his shoulder joints popping from extension: It feels really good to be back home.

It has been 3 years since he graduated from high school, and he was accepted to a university to major in music composition for the Fall semester. Over the college years, he has learned to read music notes, play chords on piano and guitar, and even got hired for video game soundtracks under independent game companies. All in all, things have been going well for the now 21-year-old Mackenzie. He has been blessed to live out his life goals so far, and he is optimistic for the future.

In the meantime, it is the start of summer, and he is excited to finally return to his hometown and relax with his family and friends. Mac reaches over on his bean-bag chair to retrieve his black tank top, and puts it on. As soon as he enters his right arm into the shirt, a knock is heard on the door.


“Mackenzie?” a feminine voice softly speaks behind the door. Mac looks up and smiles, saying “Hey, I’m up, Mom… come on in.” The door opens, and in steps in Jessica, Mac’s lovely mother, revealing her excitement to have her son back home. “Hey there, champ… good morning. How did you sleep?” she asks as she steps into his room towards his bed.

Scratching his head, Mac answers “It honestly felt kinda weird when I first laid down last night. Haha, I’ve gotten too used to sleeping in a bunk bed with my dorm mate.” Jessica chuckles as she sits down in front of Mac, leaning in to give him a affectionate hug and kiss on the cheek. “I bet. How is your dorm mate? Jeremy is his name, right?”

“Yeah, Jeremy. He’s fine. He told me he was going back to Texas for the summer. He’s been a great guy so far. He doesn’t like wrestling like I do, though.”

Jessica laughs “Oh, dear… I bet he won’t be a part of that little group of yours.”

Mac laughs with her, knowing what she is referring to. “Haha, nah… I don’t think the Kliq would accept him.”

“Are you all getting together today?”

“Mmm-hmm, that’s the plan. Just catching up mostly. But if you need me to stick around, I can just cancel and—”

Jessica quickly shakes her head “Oh, no, not at all! We’ll have our time to catch up! You enjoy your day with your friends.”

Mac looks at his mother with a slight concern. “Are… are you sure, Mom…? I mean… we haven’t really… talked about Dad, and I—”

“We will… we will… just… it’s just today’s not a good time….”

Mac nods, and quietly puts his head down, licking his bottom lip in a pondered gesture. Jessica brings her arm around the back of his head, and he looks back up at her. “Just know… that wasn’t your fault, Macky… nothing is your fault, ok? It was… it was just his t-time.”

“I know, it’s just… just… I miss him, Mom… I miss Dad…”

A tear escapes her cheek, causing etiler escort Jessica to tightly hug Mac, who returns the loving embrace back to his mother. “I miss him, too, sweetie… even though he died a year ago, it’s still fresh to me…” Kissing her son again, she clears her throat. “But we shouldn’t mourn him today. I want you to have fun. We can talk all about this tomorrow, ok?”

Mac smiles at his mother and says “Sounds good. I guess I’ll go on and start getting ready for today.” Jessica sobs a laugh, and says back “Same here. I’m gonna go meet your aunt for lunch later.”

“Tell her hi and that I’ll see her soon.”

“You got it, champ. I’ll let you get dressed now, sweetie. Love you lots!” she says as she gets up and heads towards his door. “Love you too, Mom! Good to be back!” Mac says to her, and she waves before closing the door.

Mac finally leaps out the bed, taking his phone with him. He heads out of his door and walks down the hallway to the restroom on his right side. Before he enters, he takes a big towel and a small towel with him to prepare for his shower. As he enters the bathroom and shuts the door, his phone vibrates, signifying that he is getting phone call. He looks at the screen, and the name “David” displays itself. Touching to accept the call, Mac brings the phone up to his ear and blurts out “What up, little bitch?!”

David’s voice on the other end blurts back “HAHA, what up, cunt?! Me and the guys are about to head to the park in about 30 minutes so we can ball. You’re gonna be there, yeah?”

“Sure thing, bro, just getting a shower in first.”

“See? See, that is a concept I will NEVER understand. Who the fuck takes a shower BEFORE they workout? That’s like me watching Infinity War BEFORE the first Iron Man movie! Why even bother?”

“Hey, just because you like to smell like rhino feces all day doesn’t mean I have to, too. Haha, I just want to be fresh before I see you guys again. It’s been a year since we last hung out, man.”

“Ok, fine I’ll give ya that. Haha, is Del coming to play, too?”

“I haven’t heard from her yet, so I guess she is still sleeping. She texted me saying she got back into town kinda late last night.”

“Man, it just sucks that you guys are at different colleges now. Took you both 6 years to finally admit what we all knew, and just like that, you’re in different states.”

“I appreciate that astonishing reminder, dude.” Mac says in a sarcastic manner.

“Just sayin’, man” David says back chuckling.

“I’ll let you guys know when we are on the way to the park.”

“Alrighty. I already picked up Jesse. I’m about to call Wingz as soon as I’m done with you, then we’ll start heading out. Should be at the park by 10.” As David says that, a distant and cut off voice can be heard through Mac’s phone shouting “You’re a WHORE!!”

“Oh, Jesse says ‘hi’,” David says in a stifled laugh.

“Hahaha, I’ll see you guys soon. Try not to get pulled over again!” Mac says as he ends the call.


The Megalovania song from the video game Undertale blasts through Delilah’s phone, waking her up from her sleep. She almost drops the phone off her bed trying to turn it off, sighing in disgust. “I swear I’m gonna fucking toss you out the window. GOD!” she tiredly shouts, finally turning the song alarm off. Looking at her phone, it says “8:30 am” on the lock screen; time for her to get up.

Pressing with her hands against the cot-sized bed, Delilah pushes away and swings her bare legs to the side, her bare feet barely touching the plush carpet floor of her room. As she twirls her bed hair into a ponytail, she yawns as she looks at the sun light that attacks her right wall. Her unpolished toes finally smother into the carpet, and she stands up, stretching away. Wearing only her black bra and panties, she looks down at the suitcase next to the right side of her bed. She was so exhausted from the plane ride last night that she didn’t even bother to unpack. And since her parents were etimesgut escort already asleep, she just went right to bed.

She unzips her suitcase and reaches in to pull out a plain white T-shirt, and begins to put it on. Before she can even enter her head into the shirt…


“Delly? Delly, are you in there?” a masculine voice calls out.

“Yeah! Um, yeah, Daddy, I’m here!” Delilah answers. “Just a sec, just putting on my shirt!”

“Oh, ok! Chris! Chris, she made it back! She’s here, baby!” Del’s father yells. Another feminine voice yells back with approaching distance “Well, don’t just stand there, George! Del, can we come in?”

Finally into her shirt, Del giggles “Yes, you can, I’m good now. Come in, guys!”

The door opens, and in burst Del’s father, George, followed by his wife, Christina, Del’s mother. Almost in unison, they both happily shout “DELLYYYY!” Delilah laughs as she rushes towards her father. “DADDYYY!” she yells as she hugs her father tightly, and he picks her up off the ground, hugging her back. “GAAAH, I missed you, baby girl!” he says, kissing her twice on her left cheek. Del kisses him back on his own left cheek, feeling her feet land back onto the floor. “MOMMYYYY!”

Christina darts in for her own hug, screaming in delight “My sweet angel, how are yoooooou? I’ve missed you so much!” Delilah hugs back at her mother, kissing her left cheek. “I missed you, too, Mom. I’m so sorry I didn’t let you guys know I was back last night. But you were already both asleep and I was dead tired and I didn’t wan—”

“Oh, don’t worry about that!” George says with a hearty laugh. “We’re just glad you made it back safe.” As Christina stops the hug, she asks her daughter “How was the flight back?”

“Well, aside from my ears popping, it wasn’t that bad for my first time on a airplane. It’s a lot quicker than a road trip. Hehe” Delilah says giggling. George shakes his head in amazement, looking at his now 21-year-old daughter. “You’re finally the last of the kids to go to college. I remember when we first moved here and your oldest brother Marcus just got transferred to the university. Time sure does fly…”

“Speaking of Marcus, how is he and the rest? I miss my brothers…” Del says as she asks her dad.

“They’re doing fine, sweetie. Marcus is on a cruise with his wife, and Jeffrey should be here in July. Kyle is taking summer courses, unfortunately. But he sends his love to you. They all do.”

“This house has been insanely quiet since they all left” Christina says, chuckling. “It feels weird not waking up to them fighting almost every day.”

Delilah smiles, taking in the memories. “Yup… those are my bros. I love those guys. They made me the person I am today.”

“That used to worry me. Haha. Your brothers were always your biggest influences” George says. “And now it’s your turn to shine. I still can’t believe it sometimes. Even though you started college 3 years ago, it still feels like only yesterday you were begging me to take you to an arcade or something. Hahaha.”

Delilah sighs a laugh “Yep… and now here I am, almost done getting my bachelor’s. Just one more year to go!”

“I would’ve never thought my daughter would be pursuing graphic design. But then again, you were always the artistic one in the family” Christina say proudly to her. “But it’s good to have a break every so often, honey.”

“Your mother’s right, Delly. That’s why I am so glad you decided to spend your summer here” George says. Del giggles, and says to him “I know, Daddy. I’m glad, too. I just still have to stay on top of my studies. I’ll be taking one class for summer, but it’s online, so I don’t have to be on the campus. Hehe, smart, right?”

“That’s my girl!” he says with a chuckle.

“Any plans for today, sweetie?” Christina asks her. George looks at his wife and says “Oh, come on, Chris! She JUST got here, it’s not like she already has plans.”

Delilah bites her lip nervously and meekly says to her father etlik escort “… Actually, Dad…”

He looks back to her in slight shock “Oh, COME ON! Don’t tell me you are leaving already!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy, but the day before I got here, the guys and Sandra and I made plans to go to the park today in about 30-45 minutes.”

George stumbles a bit “Bu-but, uh-gah, duh… I wanted to spend time with my little girl. We haven’t seen you since Christmas and—”

“Oh, give her a break, George” Christina says laughing at him. “She’ll be in town ’till mid-August. We have plenty of time to catch up with her. Let her go with her friends this morning.”

Delilah steps in “I mean, if that’s ok with you, Daddy. Just say the word, and I’ll stay right here with you guys!”

“Aw, save the guilt talk! Hahaha, you really ARE my daughter. Fine, go on, but 8 pm tonight, you, your mother and I are going out for dinner. Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” Delilah obediently says to her father.

“Alright, go on, go play with your friends. Hahaha” he says while walking off.

“Love you, Daddy! It’s good to see youuuuu!” Del says in a sing-song manner. “Love you too, Dellyyyy” he says back walking out the door. Christina can only laugh as she watches her husband walk off back to their bedroom. Delilah laughs with her mother, saying “It’s nice to know he hasn’t changed, has he, Mom?”

“Unfortunately” Christina quips. “But that man is my life. We both just missed you a lot.”

“Awww, I missed you, too, Mommy. Both of you.”

“I’ll see you tonight for dinner, then?”

“Sure thing. I am looking forward to it!”

“Oh… do you think Mackenzie wants to join us tonight for dinner?”

“Oh, um, I could ask him. But only if Daddy is alright with it.”

“I’ll make him alright. You guys are a thing now, and he needs to finally accept that.”

Delilah nods with a smile. “Thank you so much, Mommy. Then I will definitely ask him.”

Christina reaches in for another hug to her daughter, and Delilah happily obliges with her own, giggling with her mother. “I love you, Mommy.” Christina sighs in satisfaction, and says to her daughter “I love you, too, baby. I’m glad you’re back home.” As she stops the hug, Christina heads towards the door. Del smiles, and suddenly gasps. “Oh, Mom! I almost forgot to ask…”

Christina turns around “Yes, Delly?”

Biting her lip, Delilah asks her mother “Is it alright… if I use your nail polish?”

Christina pauses a second, and laughs “Oh, Lord, hahaha! I don’t think I will ever get used to you asking me something like that. When you were a teenager, makeup was the last thing on your mind. I wonder what changed that?”

Delilah blushes, remembering that fateful day with Mac 3 years ago. But she shakes it off and says “Yeah, well… things tend to change, I guess. Hehe…”

“Hahaha, yes… which color did you want to use, sweetie?”

Delilah thinks a moment, and smiles “Have any light pink?”

Christina nods “I’ll be back with it, ok? I’ll let you use my nail dryer too so the polish can dry quicker. Shouldn’t take any longer than 20 minutes!”

Delilah smiles brightly “That is a very big help! Thank you, Mom! I’m gonna start freshening up for the park in the meantime.”

“Sounds good, honey” Christina says, and finally walks out of Delilah’s bedroom. Del resumes back to reaching into her suitcase, with the mission of now getting her park outfit ready. She pulls out white shorts that barely go above her thighs and places it on the bed. Reaching back into the suitcase, she pulls out a blue Captain America shield tank top. Lastly, she reaches down on the floor in front of her bed. She picks up her now 9-year-old low cut black and white converse sneakers, with crumpled up thin black ankle socks with white hearts on them. She smiles, and looks at the the bed. Her outfit is now ready.

Delilah reaches for her phone and goes to her Contacts screen. Scrolling down, she finally goes down to the “T” names, clicking on where it says “Tiger”. Smiling at her personal pet name for Mac, she presses the “Call” icon, letting it ring.

After the 3rd ring, the other connection finally picks up, and a voice speaks out “Hey, you…”

Giggling, Delilah returns the loving gesture and says back “Hey there, tiger… I’m back…”


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