Interesting Job Ch. 2


Suzanne called me the other day and said that she had really messed up. She said that she was supposed to run some errands for Robert, but had taken too long at the beauty shop to get them all done. She had not had time to pick up Robert’s dry cleaning, and he had a dinner meeting tonight with a very important client. When she had called to tell him about her day, he had asked about the dry cleaning right away and when she told him that she didn’t have time, he went off.

As she was talking, she told me that he had told her to call me and for me to come to her apartment right away. I was to bring whichever ‘friend’ I needed to ensure a completely blistering experience. I was to knock once on the door and then enter. I hung up the phone, got my things in order, picked up Mr. Ping Pong Paddle, and set out down the hall.

I knocked once, as instructed, and entered her apartment. I saw no one, but heard a meek call for me to come in the other room. When I entered, I was treated to Suzanne, naked and bent over the arm of a leather couch in Robert’s office. I noticed that the telephone was out on the cushion in front of her and that the button for line one was lit. As I stepped closer, I also noticed a large dildo sitting on the cushion beside the phone.

‘What is going on here?’ kocaeli escort I asked.

Robert is furious with me and I have to be punished, while he listens to it over the phone. He will tell you, via speakerphone, when my bottom has had enough, then he wants you to do one other ‘small’ favor.

‘Have you brought Mr. Fuller with you’ asked Robert. I told him that Mr. Fuller needed some rest after so many workouts on Suzanne’s bare bottom. I went on to say that I had brought Mr. Ping Pong Paddle instead to which he replied ‘Perfect!’

As I stepped around to the rear of Suzanne, I saw her eyes follow my movements with a look of fright on her face. As I rested the paddle on her bottom, I could still see the marks that Mr. Spatula had left from the day before. Angry deep red marks from a terrible spanking Suzanne had brought on herself by hanging up on me the day before.

When Robert announced that he was ready, I proceeded to whip the daylights out of Suzanne. She was screaming, crying and pleading both with me and with her husband. She was begging him, saying that the paddle was too much and that she couldn’t take it. The only response she got was silence from the phone and crisp smacks from the paddle on her poor bottom.

Robert finally said to stop, kolej escort for a moment. Suzanne was limp across the sofa, her bare bottom angrily red. Robert asked Suzanne to describe what was happening to her.

‘I’m getting killed here…my bottom is on fire and every smack with that paddle burns my poor fanny. I am so sorry I let you down, but believe me, I have learned my lesson.’

‘You have learned a lot of lessons lately, haven’t you hon.’

‘Yes, I have. And I am so sorry.’

‘I’m sure you are, but not sorry enough yet. Please continue with the paddling until my wife is blistered.’

As Suzanne shrieked ‘NOOOOO’, I continued my attack on her defenseless bottom. Time and time again, the ping-pong paddle fell and flattened each cheek completely before raising and revealing its angry red signature. Suzanne was a mess and her bottom was bright red and glowing…when Robert finally said enough. Suzanne was crying and gasping for air, slobbering all over the couch and the phone. Robert spoke next.

Suzanne, hand back the dildo that you have so we can prepare you for my visit home. Explain what I expect to happen next.

Still blubbering and gasping, Suzanne handed me the dildo and told me to coat it with lotion that lay on the coffee konak escort table. She then asked me very politely to please push it into her bottom, careful to make sure that it was firmly in place.

After coating the dildo with a generous amount of lotion, I stepped behind Suzanne and pushed this monster slowly into her bottom. She moaned and wriggled a bit, but I was able to slide the fake penis in to the hilt.

‘Is it in place’ Robert asked, to which Suzanne replied ‘Yes.’

‘Good, I’m on my way then.’

Suzanne, who was still panting from her spanking, now told me that I had done a good job blistering her bare behind. She hung up the speakerphone and told me she was sure she would see me tomorrow. Here was this stunning woman in her 20’s, bent over the arm of her own sofa, displaying her thoroughly reddened bottom, now fitted with a huge dildo in her rectum. I told her to have a good night and she told me that Robert had other plans for her. She said that he was bringing home the client he had dinner reservations with and that I needed to ‘make it up’ to him…by a little ass reaming. He will be here in a few minutes and I’m sure that I will be standing for most of the day tomorrow.

Once home, I got out my paper to read. Soon, I heard a door open and Robert’s voice saying something to Suzanne. Once the door shut, I imagined what Robert’s client must think. Later on, I heard muffled shrieks coming from down the hall. They were in a steady pattern, and I could tell that Suzanne was paying for her mistakes again with her ass.

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