Pain. My head. My chest. Dulled, but present. Squinting, I barely open my eyes, looking towards the beeping. I take notice the light pressure of the heart monitor currently clamped around my finger, as well as something smooth touching my wrist. I try to move my other hand to try to feel what it is, but discover that I can’t.

Focusing more on what is happening, I fully open my eyes, having adjusted to the ever-so-slightly too bright lights. I lift my head to look down at my wrists and find them secured to the bed. I panic slightly, but retain my composure.

Ok ok, calm down, I think to myself. You probably had an accident and you’re just secured so you wouldn’t accidentally injure yourself.. or, less likely you might have attacked someone while under the influence of whatever drugs they may have had to use… Yeah, probably the first one.

I take a look around the room, seeing many of the things I was expecting. The heart monitor, an IV, a window, some overhead lights. The walls are painted a muted periwinkle. Besides those, the door and my bed, the room is barren. I try to look outside to get a better understanding of what hospital I might be at, but I can’t seem to see outside.

“75 beats per minute,” says a robotic voice.

I turn my attention to the heart monitor. Huh, I didn’t know they did that, I think to myself. I know they beep, but since when do they call out the rate?

I then hear a higher pitched beep to my left, and the door swings open. In walks a rather buxom and beautiful blonde mature woman, about 5’6″, wearing scrubs, and holding a clipboard. I look at her in shock, Wow, how could this figure possibly be my nurse?

She’s staring at the clipboard, I guess double checking my results from any tests that they ran while I was unconscious. She finally looks up and gives me a light smile.

“Glad to see you’re awake, boy,” she tells me. “How do you feel?”

“Well, I’m sure there’s some pain reliever in the IV, so doing alright. My chest and head still kind of hurt though. Can you tell me what happened?” I ask.

“Well,.. I’m not quite sure, you just wound up on my doorstep unconscious. No note or anything, so I thought it best to keep care of you,” She says sweetly.

Something felt a little off with what she said and I look at her with a puzzled expression on my face. “Wait, what do you mean ‘your’ doorstep?” I look towards the window, then back at her, confused. “Am I not in the hospital?”

“If hospital means a place where you can receive medical treatment, then yes. You’re in a hospital,” she replies and continues smiling innocently.

I stare at her for a few seconds. I shake my head a bit. “Um well, you know what? I’m feeling much better actually, I’m ready to leave now, release the restraints,” I say trying to keep my growing panic out of my voice.

“Oh dear, you can’t leave. Not until you’re at 100%,” she tells me. “I have to make sure that you’re not hurt in the least. That’s my job as a health care professional,” she says, her smile not looking as friendly as it did before.

“I told you, I’m better,” I said. “My head doesn’t hurt even a bit, and neither does my chest, so just let me up and I’ll be on my way.”

Ignoring me, she checks the IV bag, taps it, then puts her clipboard down on me as she pulls a capped syringe and a small glass bottle from her pocket. She smiles at me, “Time for your medicine.”

Starting to internally freak out about everything, I nervously ask, “Uh.. w-what konya escort medicine?”

“Aw, is my boy afraid of needles? Not to worry, this is just going in your bag, its some essential vitamins and drugs that you need to recover, as well as a sleep aide..”

Something about her statement helps me to feel more secure and calm, “Oh, well, do you think maybe you could let me out of the restraints then?”

Her chilling smile returns as she starts depositing the concoction into my IV, “Oh no no no, boy. I have to make sure you don’t get away before you’re all. Healed. Up.

My eyes widen at the malice that she managed to contain in her last few words. Almost immediately, I start to feel myself drift, but as my mind starts to sink deeper into unconsciousness, I swear I hear her say, “You’re all mine to play with now, boy. Welcome to the Intensive Tease Center,” and she giggles, rather maniacally. Then everything goes black.


Some time later, I finally came to to the same beeping as before, if not just a little slower. I felt rather stiff, probably from having been in this bed for who knows how long, but I realized that my waist was also feeling.. rather cold. My eyes sprung open and I struggle to raise my head up to look down to see that my cock was on full display, raging hard. I stared at it for quite a few moments not really believing my eyes, then I remembered my situation.

I did my damnedest to will it to soften, so that my nurse(?) would hopefully not notice that my cock had somehow made it out of the garments I was in. I tried tensing all my muscles in an effort to redirect the blood flow, but it remained stubbornly hard. Through all my effort, I must not have noticed the beep of the nurse entering my room, because as my eyes were shut in concentration, I suddenly felt warm pressure upon my organ. Shooting open, I saw that she had not only entered, seen my dick, come over, and grabbed it in a very tight, rubber-gloved grip, she was now stroking it. Involuntarily, I groaned in pleasure, then blushed realizing my embarrassing, vocal reaction.

She looked at me and smiled, a mischievous look upon her face. “Aw, is my boy desperate to be touched?” Noticing my red face, she added, “Don’t be embarrassed, I know how you boys get with your uncontrollable erections.”

I went to try and speak, but found that I couldn’t form words with my mouth. All I could do was make sounds, “Auhhh”.

“Oh, don’t bother trying to speak, boy. That cocktail I gave you earlier included a fun little concoction that causes muscle paralysis in non-vital bodily functions, as well as a huge dose of viagra,” which she ends by winking and squeezing my cock really hard.


“Oh, and a little bit of something I like to call sextasy. It’s a mix of a few different drugs that enhance the pleasure centers on your body, and basically turns you into a masochist,” to which she punctuates by slapping my cock with the force of a truck.

No sound comes out of my mouth after that, just a nearly breathless gasp.

“Ooohh, does someone like it when I’m rough with his cock?” She asks, knowing I can’t answer. She starts to stroke me, her hand in near death-grip territory. She speeds up her hand slowly, and goes from uncomfortable milking to breakneck speeds over the course of about 5 minutes. Then, just as I’m starting to feel the telltale signs of the approaching orgasm, she stops, grips the base and slaps just the head of my dick.

“Ghuhhuhhhhh,” I half moan, and sort of gargle.

Then konyaaltı escort she lets it go, and leans in really close to my face and whispers, “I like boys that can stand my teasing, and you are no where even close to done yet, but maybe, if you’re a good boy, I might just let you enjoy a few orgasms. So make sure to be nice and vocal for me.” She then takes a look around the room, and seems to realize that she forgot something. “Well damn, I forgot my toys. I’ll be right back,” she says as she leaves, giving my cock head a squeeze as she walks out of the room.

With not much else to do, I lay there and try my best to calm down. I can barely move my body, let alone speak, so I just take as many deep breaths as I can.


My eyes shoot open to the most intense pain yet. My balls feel like they just got hit by a freight train. Out of the bottom of my eyes, I just catch the nurse retracting her hand from beneath my dick.

“I don’t like it when my toys fall asleep on me, especially when I was only gone five minutes. Do that again, and I won’t go so easily on you,” she said with a menace that I absolutely did NOT want to test.

I shake my head as much as the drugs and restraints will allow, “Uh uhh, uh uhh,” I manage to get out.

“Well, as long as you learned your lesson, boy.” She leans in close again, right up to my ear, and whispers, “I’m Nurse Pam, and you’re gonna be here until I give the all clear.” Pam moves so that her face is in front of mine, and noticing the sweat on my brow, she says, “Aw, poor boy, is this not quite the work out you’re used to? Here, let me get some of that for you,” she says as she licks some of the sweat from my forehead. “Mmm, filled with frustration, and pain, perfect.”

She then goes to the stuff she brought in, which is faced away from me so I can’t see. She turns around with a blindfold which she wordlessly puts onto me.

“Uhhhnnn..?” I question, to the best of my ability.

She doesn’t respond and continues doing what she was, without my prying eyes. I feel her slip my cock and balls through something, and I can hear what sounds like the sound of a screw being thread through something. Then I feel a light pressure on my balls. Slowly, the pressure starts to increase, almost pleasurably at first, but it keeps increasing. And increasing, steadily becoming more uncomfortable, and very quickly painful.

“Nnnn!! NNNN!!” I moan in pain as it feels like my balls are being crushed in a vice. “HUUU HAAA!” is all that comes out as I try to tell her to ‘please stop’. The pain continues but stops getting worse.

“Aw, does the boy not like his new little pre-dick-ament.. ha!” She says cruelly enjoying whatever she’s doing. “Tap tap,” she says as I feel her tapping against something that makes me feel it all throughout my balls. “Now, I could say that I’m doing this because you’ve been naughty, but I was going to do this anyway, hehehe.”

“Huuh?” I managed to push out of my mouth.

“Oh, you can’t really see can you.. hold on,” she walks closer to my head and she picks something up. I’m just barely able to make out it’s some sort of connected remote. Then I feel myself rising a bit from the waist up, just putting me at about 25 degrees. A little fumbling near my face as she grabs and removes the blindfold allowing me to see it. My balls are being crushed by what seems to be two acrylic sheets with a screw in each corner, with a hole in the center where my currently, ragingly hard cock is stuck konyaaltı eve gelen escort through.

She moves back towards my crotch, “See. This. Is. What. I. Did. To. Your! Balls!!” Jabbing the plastic with her finger as she speaks each word, adding more force towards the end.

I let out an increasingly pained “Oogh” with each ‘tap’.

As my eyes are closed from the pain, I suddenly feel something cool drip onto my dick. I open my eyes to see her pouring lubricant over it and smearing it with her other rubber-gloved hand. “Nnnnnn…”, I can’t help but moan as she does it. After she finishes pouring she sets the bottle down but continues to tease my cock with her hand rubbing in the lube. Light, teasing strokes that feel good causing me to moan.

“Ohh, does the boy like my ministrations of his dirty penis? Does it feel good when I just barely graze your skin as I rub this lube in? Would someone like me to stroke their penis a little faster?” she asks as she leans into my face


“Mmmm, good boy,” and her grip immediately wraps around my cock as she starts to pump it firmly. Somewhere in my increasingly incoherent mind, I managed to ponder how she knows what to do so well, as she manages to jerk me in a way that even at her medium pace is causing me to quickly approach orgasm.

“Getting close already boy?” she asks, knowingly. “Tell you what, I’ll let you cum, but only if you can in the next 5 seconds.” With that she starts to furiously pump my cock as fast as I believe she could. She then quickly starts to count down, my orgasm imminent.


“Four,” I can feel the shift coming.

“Three,” wait no, she’s counting too fast.

“Two. One. Zero,” she lets go just as a feel myself a stroke away from blowing, my cock bobs violently in it’s relatively unconfined prison as it tries to orgasm in vain.

“Whew! That was a close one, huh boy!” She lightly mocks and then grabs the base again and gives my cock head another hard slap. Maybe it was the mix of various chemicals of both biological and medial origin, or maybe it was the situation, but whatever it was, it was enough. I feel the shift in my loins and my cock starts to spasm in orgasm but she doesn’t loosen her grip. In fact, she tightens it. “Uh uh uh, baaad boy,” her grip on the base of my cock doesn’t relent as my cock continues to twitch and twitch trying to release my pent up cum.

As it jerks in her hand, they slowly start to get further and further apart, “Hmm… now!,” she says suddenly as she starts to jerk me again quickly.

“HAAAAAH,” I manage to scream out as she finally loosens her hand around my base and my cum erupts out. As she renews her stroking, she forces me to splatter myself from my neck to my crotch in my own sperm. Even with my muscles paralyzed from the drugs, I manage to spasm in my restraints as she literally starts to milk my oozing cum from my cock.

Finally, her hand slows and she lets out a moan of her own, “Mmmmm, gooood boy. So much cum for Nurse Pam. I love that slapping your penis produced so much, we’ll have to explore that in the future, but for now…”, she trails off and scoops some of the cum off my chest and into her own mouth. “Mmm, tastes even better than your desperation sweat, but I need to go ahead and collect the rest of the sperm sample I needed.” She starts scooping what she can from my body into two cups. She also releases my balls and cock from the contraption she had them in and then smiles at me. “I’ll be back in a bit to give you a sponge bath.”

She grabs my balls and squeezes, “Be a good boy for me and don’t fall asleep again, not yet at least.” She looks in my eyes and I nod. “Good. Be right back,” and she gives my balls another squeeze as she exits the room.

God… what else does she have in store for me..

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