Kansas City


I’d been in Kansas City for a week on business. Originally, that was all the longer I was supposed to be in town. But as is often the case with my job, things didn’t go as planned. What this meant to me was that I would be staying the weekend in Kansas City and several days into the next week as well. Needless to say that left me with a weekend of nowhere to go and nothing to do in a city I didn’t know much about.

I ended up spending most of Friday night in a bookstore and an adjacent coffee shop. While it was enough to keep me occupied I figured there had to be more to do in Kansas City than drink coffee. The next morning I resigned myself to finding something a bit more interesting to do that night.

On my way out and about looking for lunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon I saw a billboard. I hadn’t realized it before, but Kansas City is a gambling town and the billboard was advertising a nearby riverboat casino.

I’d never really been gambling before, but I’d heard my friends talk about blackjack so I at least new the basic rules and strategy, and at that moment a night at a riverboat casino seemed much more appealing than passing the time in a book store again.

I arrived at the casino around seven in the evening. Early enough that it wasn’t crowded, but late enough that is wasn’t empty. I spent the first half hour wandering around the place trying to get a feel for it. As I walked around, I found it hard to ignore this beautiful woman I saw playing blackjack. She was a bit older than me, but she had this air of sexiness that practically made me look at her.

She work a black suit, with a white blouse, a black button down jacket, and a skirt cut right above the knees. To top it all off she had on black stockings and 3 inch heels. She looked very classy, not to mention incredibly sexy.

I found myself walking by her blackjack table several times just to look at her. She had this magnetic quality that kind of drew me in, almost like she was teasing me and didn’t even know it. On the third pass she must have noticed and she gave me a mysterious grin when she caught me eyeing her. She quickly turned away to whisper into the woman’s ear sitting next to her.

Even after being embarrassed I couldn’t help myself, seeing her perched on the stool in her black suit sent all kinds of visions racing through my head.

Finally I managed to come to my senses and decided I needed to do what I came here to do, relax, have a few drinks, and play some blackjack. I sat down at a table at the other end of the casino and tried to take my mind off the beautiful woman I’d just seen.

I’d been playing for about fifteen minutes when I saw her again. Apparently she changed tables and was now sitting directly across from me, about ten yards away at another blackjack table.

I continued to play and tried to focus on the game at hand, but in the back of my mind, I was pre-occupied with her. More than once she caught me looking and she always gave me the same sly grin.

I couldn’t focus. The way she moved, the way she looked, the way she smiled, it was all driving me mad. And the thing was, she knew it too. She’d whisper to her friend and giggle as they looked across at me, well aware of the effect she was having on me.

She put off an air of innocence and sensuality, but it was obvious underneath she enjoyed flaunting the power of her sexuality. She seemed to know instinctively the slightest glance or movement of her body could have a profound influence on me.

My looking and her smiling back continued for about an hour as I tried to play blackjack. My money was quickly dwindling away as my eyes and mind focused on the beautiful lady across from me and the way she constantly teased me.

Finally, she and her friend got up from there table and walked away. My torture was over. Seeing her across the way caused a lapse in focus and now that she was gone I could go back to concentrating on the game. But being free from the torture didn’t last long. I still couldn’t get her out of my head and I found myself sitting at the table and looking around the casino trying kütahya escort to figure out exactly what happened to her. Fifteen minutes went by and I hadn’t even caught a glimpse of her.

Then the next thing I know, an empty spot at the table opens up next to me and no sooner had the person left than the woman I’d been looking for sat down next to me and gave me her trademark sly grin as she did. Needless to say I lost focus on black jack immediately.

Sitting next to me, she was even sexier than I could have imagined. She had a hint of perfume on that drove me absolutely wild. She spent quite a bit of time shifting her body around in the seat as well. She caught me watching her as she did and her only response was to smile.

A few hands were played before she caught me looking at her again. This time though, instead of just smiling, she extended her hand to me.

“I’m Carol,” she said.

“I’m Jason, it’s nice to meet you.”

She pulled her hand away but we kept eye contact for a fraction of a second longer.

“I saw you earlier, when you were playing at that table,” I said as I pointed across the casino.

“I know,” she said as she grinned and went back to playing blackjack.

Soon the teasing continued. She kept on fidgeting in her seat, making sure I noticed, running her hands over herself, arching her back, fluttering her eyes. She soon caught me looking again.

“I’m married, you know,” she said without missing a beat. She kept right on playing, hardly acknowledging me or even what she just said.

Then she proceeded to take it a step further. Instead of just fidgeting in her seat, she started to brush against me. First with just her legs, and then her arms, and eventually her hands as well. I couldn’t stop looking and she knew it. You could tell she got a kick out of driving me crazy.

Then the shoe ended and she stepped her teasing up a notch further as we watched the dealer shuffle the cards. This time she blatantly reached under the table and ever so slightly ran the back of her hand up and down my thigh. Her touch sent shivers throughout my entire body.

Then without warning, just as the dealer was done shuffling and the game was getting ready to start again, she leaned toward me and whispered in my ear.

“You know, I’m not wearing any panties.”

She smiled slyly as she turned away and went straight to her cards. She flirted a bit as we continued playing. Finally the curiosity got the better of me.

“So where is your husband?” I asked.

“Oh, he’s not here,” she replied coyly.

“Oh,” was all I could think of to say.

“This is a girl’s night out, my husband is away for the weekend, and I’m staying at the hotel next door with my friend.”

I nodded as she went back to blackjack, not entirely sure what to think.

So the game continued, her teasing me, and me lusting after her, and her enjoying every minute of it. She knew she was driving me wild and that seemed to spur her on even more. She became bolder in bolder as the night wore on and our losses mounted. By one in the morning Carol was down to her last twenty dollars. She bet it all, and then drew an obvious double down hand, but she didn’t have the money ready to back it up. I put down the twenty for her, not wanting to waste a good hand. She flashed a sly smile as the dealer flipped over her card. She drew an eight giving her a total of nineteen. Before the smile even faded from her face the dealer drew to twenty-one and the game was over. But Carol didn’t seem to care, she just looked at me with the same sly smile, and asked “So what do I owe you?”

Fifteen minutes later we were back in her hotel room next to the Riverboat.

I didn’t waste any time. I grabbed her by the wrist and forced her over the arm of the couch. In no time she was bent over the couch, face down, ass up. I hiked her skirt up over her hips and left her bare ass and black garters staring me in the face.


I slapped her hard on the ass.

“Is this what you wanted to show me?”


I slapped her ass lara escort again.

“Yessss,” she meekly said.


Again I smacked her ass. A hint of red was beginning to show.

“Is that what you wanted? Is this why you’ve been teasing me all night?”


By now her pussy was dripping wet. You could tell it was exciting her to be treated this way, like a bad little girl being punished for being such a tease.


“Do you like that?”

I spanked her again just for emphasis. She yelped a bit this time and her body seemed to jump. Before she could recover I had two fingers buried deep in her cunt. It must have taken her by surprise, as she gasped and whimpered with my touch.

“Do you like that my little slut? I bet you do.”

I slid my fingers in and out of her tight hole as I asked her. She whimpered some more as I did.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you? I bet you’d like it even more if you had my cock in your mouth wouldn’t you?”


I took my fingers out of her pussy and slapped her on the ass again.

“Get up!” I barked. With her skirt still up around her hips, Carol got up from her position bent over on the couch. She stood meekly before me, a bit taken aback by the position her teasing put her in.

“Get on your knees,” I told her. In no time she was on her knees in front of me. I wasted no time. I unbuckeld my pants and took out my cock.

“Is this what you want? Do you want to suck on this?”

She didn’t answer right away. She was a bit flabbergasted by this point. I was so close to her I took my rock hard cock and slapped her face with it. That brought her back to reality.

“Is this what you want to suck?”

She nodded. Before long her lips were sliding up and down the length of my shaft. I let out a low moan. Her lips felt so soft and moist.

“Mmmmmmm. You like that don’t you? You like being a little slut, on your knees sucking my cock, don’t you?”

She just kept sucking. Slowly sliding her mouth back and forth along the length of my shaft. I was in heaven. It took all my concentration not to cum right then and there. You could tell she reveled in sucking my cock and was focused on the task at hand. As she continued, I stood there, running my fingers through her silky dark hair, as the pleasure in my cock ran through my entire body.

The feeling was intense as I looked down on this incredibly sexy woman, on her knees before, with the soft sensation of her warm and silky lips sliding over and around me. Slowly the sensations overtook me. My eyes rolled back in my head and my breathing became ragged. I began to whimper myself as I felt the control sift from my body. The way she moved her tongue and her lips was incredible and she knew it. As I moaned with delight she did little more than look up with a knowing smile.

It was like we were even know, her teasing from before and the hunger I felt gave way and I wanted nothing more than to please her and give her the sensations that she gave me.

Wanting so badly to touch her, to taste her, yet not wanting the incredible sensation to end, I finally managed to allow myself to push her away. I stood her up and pulled her close and pressed my lips to her neck as my hands roamed her luscious body. I reached behind her and before I was even aware of it I had her skirt unzipped and around her ankles. My hands caressed her perfect ass, and as her breathing picked up my hands gently slid along her crack.

We fell back onto the bed in a heap. Me with my white button down shirt open but still on my back. She still had on her black garter belt, bra, and high heels.

I wanted to taste her so badly. I slipped my hands between her legs to feel her wetness. She arched her back and let out a groan when I first touched her there, her hands digging into my back.

“Eat me, please…please eat me,” was all she could say.

With her legs already spread wide, I put them up over my shoulders to spread them even wider as my face dove into her sopping wet cunt.

“Oh my God, oh my lara eve gelen escort God,” she squealed as my tongue dove deep inside her.

She tasted so sweet. I ate her like I couldn’t get enough. Fucking her deep with my tongue, and then slowly pulling away and licking her gently. The alternating rhythm was driving her wild. Whenever I licked her lightly she arched her back thrust out her hips, begging for more. Whenever I fucked her wildly with my tongue, she did the same in return, thrusting her body in rhythm to meet me, grunting and moaning with abandon as she did.

“Please fuck me, please fuck me,” she begged.

I continued to eat her and let my hands roam over her entire body. By now the control had shifted once again, and now she was at my mercy instead of the other way around.

“Please fuck me, please…” she whimpered.

I finally pulled away, as she reached out her hands furiously toward my head in an attempt to keep me there, not wanting the pleasure to end even for an instant as our positions changed.

Quickly I rolled her over, with her face now buried in the pillow.

“Please…” came the muffled begging.

She lifted up her ass like a dog in heat with her face buried in the pillow.

“Please fuck me…please,” she said with her ass up high and her pussy waiting to be filled.


Again I smacked her. I wanted to see her beg some more.

“Do you want to get fucked?” I sternly said.

“Yes, please.”

I smacked her ass hard again.

“Do you really want to get fucked?”


“Do you want fucked hard?”

“Yes, please just fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please…”

With her last whimper begging to be fucked I positioned myself behind her and grabbed her hips. I took my cock and slowly slid it inside her tight, slick pussy. A long low moan escaped from her lips and I slid inside her cunt and then withdrew.

With my hands firmly on her hips I slid inside her again. Then out. Then in and out again. Ever so slowly I picked up my pace to the moans of pure delight emanating from Carol.

Ever deeper and faster I went with each thrust and soon her moans were interlaced with groans as she thrust her ass back to meet me. I continued to pound her from behind and soon my grunts were mixed with hers. In no time the room was filled with nothing but the incessant sounds of animalistic sex echoing off the walls.

Carol a wild mixture or moans, grunts, and whimpers combined with my own grunts, groans, and moans.

Fucking this beautiful woman was pure heaven. To look down and see her, her face buried in the pillow, and her ass straining to meet me, as my cock slid in and out of her was more than I could take.

I wanted to hold off so badly. I didn’t want to cum like this. I wanted to cum together with her, face to face, and see her face wrenched in ecstascy.

I quickly withdrew my cock and immediately flipped her onto her back. In no time her legs were wrapped around me and I was pounding her again, only now we were face to face and grunting together in unison as we fucked each other.

I felt her pussy clamp around me and saw her eyes roll back into her head. Her arms around my neck began to dig into my back. She struggled to catch her breath as the intense pleasure overtook her. Her nails dug deeper into me and her pussy clenched my cock even tighter.

And soon the pleasure overwhelmed me and I was overcome with delight. An odd mixture of moans and whimpers soon replaced my rythmic grunts.

I came in a burst with her, her legs and hands squeezing me tight, my cock thrusting deep inside her. We both yelped and whimpered uncontrollably as we came, both completely out of control.

As the feeling subsided in both of us I kept thrusting deep inside of her as long as I could. Soon our breathing was returning to normal. When I couldn’t continue I simply remained on top of and inside her, her arms still wrapped tightly around me. We smiled at each other and kissed again and again, basking in the glow of our pleasure.

Finally I rolled off and laid beside her, my hands continuing to trace the outline of her body. We fell asleep together, my arms wrapped around her.

I awoke in the morning to the feeling of warm, wet lips in a place I so fondly remembered from the night before. Ready and willing to do it all over again and again.

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