Kip and Salina Ch. 02


Starting with the first chapter will help understand this one better. Strong sexual content!


Kip and Salina had been home from their vacation for almost two weeks. They enjoyed their jobs so were glad to be back to work. Kip was an electrical engineer and Salina was a translator for a government agency. She had just gone back to work two to three days a week. She was of Spanish decent so spoke it as a native. Kip was also working on his master’s degree and went to school 2 nights a week. He had polio when he was five and both legs were totally paralyzed from above his waist down. He had full feeling unlike what a spinal injury caused. He had used braces for a long time but in high school started using a wheelchair because the school was so big and he had trouble walking and getting to class on time. He now used it full time but still wore his braces because he liked the feel of them on his legs.

Kip is 6 feet tall and weighs about 180. Salina is a bilateral upper arm amputee by choice. Her right arm stump is quite short and her left is just barley long enough to be able to use a prosthetic arm with hooks. She has both, just a left arm and a set up with right and left prosthetic arms attached. It is fairly heavy and she does not wear it all the time, mostly just the left or none. She is 5’8″ tall, 130 lbs and 35 D breasts with large nipples. She has light brown skin with short black hair and her pussy is completely shaved. They live in a house they had bought when they first moved to town and it is totally accessible for Kip and his wheelchair. They have a large guest room that also has an accessible bathroom.

Kip just got back from lunch at work and was at his desk. Something at lunch had reminded him of his college days and he reflected back some more. He remembered at the start of his senior year being on the way out of the library. As he was going through the manual door, he pushed it by accident into another student. She pulled it open for him and indicated for him to come on through it. Kip apologized and introduced himself. Salina told him her name and said no problem, it was her fault as he was not paying attention. She looked at him and asked if he would have something to drink with her and he accepted. The student union was just next door and they headed there. Kip noticed she was watching him quite closely as they went.

When they got there she held the door for him and he found a table while she got the drinks. They were both done with classes for the day and talked for some time. She readily gave her phone number when he asked and he gave her his. They lived close to each other they found out. Kip was in an apartment that was accessible and Salina lived in one of the dorms. They seemed to hit it off right away and Kip asked her out Friday. When Kip got up to his unit he thought how beautiful she was and she seemed to show a lot of interest as he told her why he was in the wheelchair. He thought she might be a devotee which was no problem for him as he was one also even though he was badly crippled himself. He had a thing for amputees.

When Salina got to her room she was almost beside herself. She had met someone that was a paraplegic in a wheelchair and he had just asked her out! Her panties were soaked. She was braless and put her hand under her blouse to squeeze her breast and nipple. While she was doing that the phone rang and she almost did not answer it. She did though and it was Kip; he said he forgot to thank her for the cold drink and wanted her to know how much he enjoyed talking with her today. While pinching her nipples she said you are welcome and I enjoyed it also. She asked what he had in mind doing Friday and he suggested a show. He then asked her if she was sure she did not mind being seen with him with his braces and wheelchair.

Salina said are you really that way, I hadn’t noticed that. They both laughed and she said no, she had no problem being seen with him. Kip mentioned which show and she wanted to see it also but the movie was always so crowded. He said well that is one advantage I have. There is an area reserved for wheelchair users and their attendant. That makes you my attendant and we will have seats with no trouble. She thought if he only knew how much I want to be his attendant and take his braces on and off for him. Salina said it sounded good to her and he told her what time he would pick her up. They said good bye and hung up. Salina’s other hand went to her drenched pussy and she quickly came. She was glad it was Wednesday night already.

The next night as she was studying, she could not stand it and called Kip. He was home and said he was very glad to hear from her, he was just thinking about her. She asked what he was thinking about and he said he was just wondering what she was doing and looking forward to going to the movie with her. She admitted she was also. They talked for a little while longer then said they had more books to read and hung up. Kip had a big smile on his face and really wanted to get to know her better. Salina took a brake and looked for what she was going to wear tomorrow lara türbanlı escort night. She changed her mind three times but finally decided and made sure things were clean and pressed.

Both of them were glad that Friday arrived quickly and he picked her up right on time. She was waiting for him by her front door as there were steps he could not get up. He got lucky and there was a handicap parking space right by the movie and Salina watched him go through the drill of getting out of his van. He got the tickets and they waited in line for the first show to get done. He got a good look at her in the light and liked how she was dressed. She had heels, which made her pretty tall, no stockings, a short skirt and long sleeve blouse. It was unbuttoned a couple and she could just make out the top of her breasts. He thought she was braless but as it was cool, she had a sweater on. He hoped she would take it off when they sat inside.

They made it in to their seating area and no other wheelchair was there yet so they had the pick of seating. She took a seat that would put her on his right and he pulled up alongside of her and locked the wheels. She took the sweater off and he was sure. She did not seem to be flaunting anything, was just being natural. They had gotten some popcorn and started in on that. A few minutes later the lights dimmed and the show started. Shortly Kip reached for and found her hand and took hold of it. She squeezed it and put her other hand over it also. A little later when the couple was kissing on the screen, she let go of one of their hands and put it up to his upper arm and pulled him over to her. She put her head on his shoulder and pulled his upper arm into her breast. Kip turned his face to hers and she gave him a big grin.

A little later she took his hand and moved it under her sweater that was across her lap, and put it on her exposed thigh. She then let go of his upper arm with the other hand and moved it down to his thigh and found his braced leg. She moved her hand off the brace and on to his thigh. Kip moved a couple of fingers on her thigh and she did the same on his. Again they looked at each other and grinned. At the end of the movie before the lights came on, Salina turned his face to hers and she kissed him on the lips. They got back to the van and again Salina watched very closely as he got back in and to the steering wheel. As they got under way she asked him if he liked ice cream Sundays. He said sure and she said the drive-in, her treat.

Everyone in town knew the drive in; they had the best ice cream in the area. Kip got lucky again as they had a few handicap parking spots and one was empty. He pulled in and a cute girl on skates came and took their order. Kip decided that with how things had gone tonight he was going to go for it. He looked at Salina and said you like me being in my wheelchair don’t you. She did not bat an eye and said yes, you are very sexy that way. She added she was a devotee and did he have any problem with that. Absolutely not he said, and I am glad you are. They both leaned towards each other and this time the kiss was more passionate.

After they broke Salina said can I ask you a personal question? Kip said you can ask me anything you want and nothing is too personal. Salina said the same goes for me but my question is, and the answer makes no difference, do you have any sexual problems, can you get hard? He paused for effect and said yes he had a big sexual problem, paused again and said a total lack of sex lately. It took a few seconds for what he said to sink in with Salina and then they both laughed hard. He then said yes, he got quite hard and she could feel it right now if she wanted. She did reach over and feel him and said WOW. She did not want to stop but did.

Kip added he really did have a sex problem; remember, he was totally paralyzed from just above his waist down. Therefore, he could not make any sexual moves with his pelvis, like thrusting, being able to be over her in the missionary position for example, and so on. All he could do is lie there and let her use his hard penis to pleasure herself. It was sure not how he liked to be with his sex partner, but it was real, and he did not want her to be disappointed with his lack of performance that way. Salina smiled and said yes, she was becoming very much aware of his limitations with that part of his body, but she felt sure there were other parts that worked very well to satisfy her. She leaned over and kissed his lips giving him a grin after.

He said yes, and that it would be his goal to always see to it that she was satisfied sexually and kissed her back. Kip asked if she liked being braless and she said she sure did. She was that way most of the time. She tried not to flaunt it but did not like bras. Why, do you have a problem with it she asked? He said oh no, he was just wondering. She took her hand and got his and put it on her breast. TIT for t ‘at she said pointing at the bulge in his pants. They laughed again enjoying that they could be free and open with each other. There ice cream lara ucuz escort came and they ate it enjoying the night.

On the way out of the drive-in he apologized for the lack of friendliness on his part in the van, but as she could see, he needed both hands to drive, one for the steering wheel and the other for the hand controls. Salina said not a problem, she understood and she was sure his hands would make up for it later again giving him a grin. He also said he wished there was a bench seat but not possible in vans. She asked him how long it had been since he had a relationship with anyone and he said over a year. How about you he asked and she said just a little longer. He laughed and said we must be a pathetic pair to which Salina said speak for yourself! Kip said touché and he pulled up in front of her place.

Salina turned herself sideways in her seat facing him and they kissed some more. She reached her hand over to his leg and put it on his thigh rubbing it some. Kip said he liked her doing that and asked if she wanted to come to his place tomorrow night for a pizza. She said that would be great and got quiet for a bit. He asked what…….and she said any chance you could wear shorts, I am dying to see your legs. He kissed her, and this time used his tongue, and after a while withdrew his lips and said that could be arranged. She guided his hand up to her breast again and they kissed and fondled for a while. Finally Kip said they had better stop for now. Salina ran her hand up his leg and hard on and said yes, but she did not like the idea.

She thanked him for the movie and he did for the ice cream and she got out. He waited until she was safely inside and drove home. He got into his place and transferred to the bed. He pulled his pants down and the front zipper area was soaked with his pre cum as was his very hard cock. He did not wear under pants and wondered if she did. He removed his braces and put them on the floor holding on to be sure he did not tumble off the bed. He was about to get back in his chair when the phone rang. Salina was laughing and said I bet my panties were wetter than your pants were tonight. Kip laughed and said no bet.

She asked what he was doing and he said he just got undressed and his braces off and was headed to the bathroom. She asked if it was urgent and he said no. Salina said she wished she had been there to take his braces off for him and he said so do I. She asked if he was still hard and he said you bet, you have that effect on me. Are you going to do anything about it she asked? He said yes and you? Salina said yes and is it ok if I think about your legs as I do and Kip said it sure was ok with him. She said are you going to think about me when you get off and he said yes, you already answered one question but you seem to have very sexy breasts and I am a breast and leg man. What question did I answer she asked, if you had panties on tonight he said. I did not even think about it until I got in bed a little bit ago he laughed.

She laughed also and said they got soaked the minute I got in the van with you. I was hoping I did not have a wet spot on my skirt as we left the theater. I did when I got undressed just now. I guess I will have to wear a sanitary napkin around you. Kip asked her if she got herself off much and she said now that I am around you yes. Three or four times a week before. How much do you masturbate she asked? Kip said same answer and they both laughed again. He asked if she was on birth control and she said yes, the pill. She originally got it to regulate her periods. She admitted she was worried about the long term effects she said.

Kip asked when she was due again and she said just finished yesterday as a matter of fact, why I am so Horney. He asked if she ever had sex during her period and she said no one ever wanted to, why, do you, and he said yes, if you want to. Salina said she would like to try it and see. Kip said I’m still hard with this conversation and she said go ahead and get off then, I want to listen. He started in on himself and told her what he was doing. He had been hard for some time and it did not take him long to cum all over himself. He was sure she heard him and before he could say anything he heard her cum.

He waited for a little while then asked if it was good for her and she broke out laughing so hard she could not talk; he joined her. Salina finally told him she was so glad that they could be so open and honest with each other like they had been tonight, that it really meant a lot to her. She said several of the other men she had dated had outright lied to her about things. Kip said he would never do that to her. She said she needed to get to the bathroom and they said good night, see you tomorrow. They both hurried to pee, washed the cum off and went back to bed with big smiles on their faces thinking/wishing this might be the one.

Saturday came and Kip studied for a few hours in the morning. After lunch he straightened up the place, changed the bed (wishful thinking?) and took a shower. He wondered if he should put üniversiteli escort on his braces and decided no, she said see his legs. He could always add the braces, even letting her put them on if needed. Four o’clock arrived and the buzzer from the lobby sounded. He pushed the intercom button and said hello. A voice came back special delivery and he knew it was Salina. He reminded her of his floor and apt number and pushed the door lock. A few minutes later there was a tap on the door. He opened it and pushed his chair back. When she saw him her hand flew up to her mouth and she said oh my god. Kip just had shorts and a blue t-shirt on with penny loafers on his feet.

He led the way into the living room and she stood in front of him asking if she could look closer. He said yes and she got on her knees. Just as she did he added and you can touch. She immediately put her hand on one of his calves. It was so atrophied she could almost get her thumb and middle finger around it. She ran her hands all over one leg then the other even lifting it. Kip saw tears running down her face. After several minutes Kip asked if she liked; Salina said no she loved! He said good he would be glad to share them with her.

She stood and sat in his lap then kissed him. He rolled over to the couch and Salina got up. She took her sweater off and he looked at her for the first time. She had short shorts on and a skimpy cloth halter that tied in front between her D cup breasts which were barely covered. She had kicked her sandals off earlier. Both the shorts and halter were white which contrasted nicely with her brown skin.

Their eyes locked after he looked her over good and she said you like? I like he said back. This time she sat straddling his legs facing him. She told him he had the sexiest legs she had ever laid eyes on, thank you for letting me see them. Any time, and would you like to see the rest of the place? She said yes and he rolled her around with him. It was not large but it worked for him very well. He asked if she did any studying today and she said she tried but was very distracted for some reason. The way she was sitting, they both knew she could feel his hard cock pressing into her crotch. She had looked down at it when she first sat then looked in his face and grinned. All she said was nice and Kip just nodded his head.

They went back to the living room and put some CD’s on and Kip got some sodas to drink. Salina sat on the couch and Kip transferred over with her. She watched and saw how his legs flopped around. That was the first time she had seen him get out of his wheelchair. He put his arms around her and pulled her close to him. They just sat quiet for a while. Kip then asked her if she had thought of any more questions she wanted to ask him. Can you, do you ever walk at all she asked. He said not very often but sometimes he did. Looking at her he said do you want to watch me and she nodded yes. He asked her if she ever had a desire to be crippled in some way and she said yes. I would like to be an arm amputee, both of them, very high, maybe even one shoulder missing also. He asked if she knew why and she said not for sure just BIID. He nodded his understanding.

Salina looked at him and asked if that bothered him and he said no, not at all, she would be very sexy without arms. Have you thought about prosthetics and she said yes, plane ones with hooks. He said I can think of something I would like to have done with hooks and she laughed and said yes, she had thought of it also, big turn on. They started kissing again and she put her hand down on his naked thigh then lightly used her fingers to rub up and down it. When they stopped kissing Kip looked down and asked what would happen if he pulled the knot. Salina said you would expose two very beautiful and sexy tits. Without looking up he said should I? She said she would if she were him. He reached up and tugged on one tail and it opened.

He pulled the halter away and she moved out from him a little so he could get a good look. They were beautiful, tear shaped that stood out from her body and the pink nipples were very large and up turned from her breast. Large, dark areolas surrounded them. He looked at her and said she was sure right, they were very sexy. Salina said thanks and since he had given her free access to his legs she was giving him free access to her breasts. He brought his hand up and just touched her nipple with a finger then put it back down saying thank you as he did. As she snuggled against him again the door buzzed again and Kip got into his wheelchair with Salina moving his legs and went to the intercom. The pizza was here and he buzzed the guy in.

Salina was out of sight on the couch and Kip got the pizza and paid and tipped the delivery man. He came around to the living room and said shall we eat while it is hot and Salina said good idea, she was hungry. They went into the kitchen, Salina did not put her halter back on, and Kip got plates and napkins while she refilled the soda glasses. They finished off the pizza while talking about classes. They had none together. Salina put the dishes in the dishwasher and sat back down to finish their drinks. Kip took her hand and then asked if she would like to see him in his braces. You would have thought he offered her a pound of candy as she said yes, please! He said you have to put them on me like it was punishment and then led her to the bedroom.

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