Lady Bird


A man is ordered to present his charms to a wealthy woman.

“Excuse me Ma’am.”


Even though he was enormously agitated by the sudden turn of events the strong suppressant still worked efficiently, allowing for only an indistinctly red shade to be visible in his handsome face, noticeable only by the most attentive of aficionados.

Only moments ago his Mistress had indifferently informed him about a staged bidding auction and had instructed him on what to expect. A potential client was waiting for him. He was going to be sold. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn’t been able to cope with the implications a sudden change in ownership meant. He was humiliated beyond belief; he hadn’t anticipated going through an adjustment period so soon. His mistress had coldly ordered him to alluringly display the only thing she considered noteworthy – his physical assets – to a prospective buyer, an incredible wealthy woman, patiently waiting outside on her porch.

One last time she had contemptuously smiled at his silent protest. He had realized then, he wasn’t going to see her again.

“I’m ready for inspection, Ma’am.”

“Oh! What a pleasant surprise to meet such a good looking boy here in the wilderness.”

The mature woman watched him intently as he slowly approached her. Their eyes met only briefly, before he lowered them timidly. Yet it had been enough for him to assess the mood the exquisitely dressed woman was in. He felt her gazing stare observing every inch of his perfectly muscled body. He had only been allowed to wear black hipster panties. The female underwear looked alien on his tanned and muscular body. Yet provocatively concealed the one part this peculiar woman seemed to be predominantly interested. He knew his Mistress to be very attentive to prospective clients fetishes.

“You are a shy one. I like that. I like boys to be modest, to know their place.” She was visibly delighted by his apparent embarrassment, because it was real. Her obvious attention to detail made him feel extra naked.

“Step closer.”

As he had been instructed, he positioned himself next to her, too close for his taste, yet close enough for the mature woman to comfortably touch his sex. It increased his feeling of vulnerability. He tensed, not knowing what this woman was going to do with him, his curbed emotions in uproar. Only the rigorous training and his unmitigated conditioning ensured his compliance. He was a very strong male after all.

“Mm! You smell nice. I like flowery deodorants on boys. It somewhat conceals their masculinity. I assume you’ve been thoroughly dolled up.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The low timbre of her voice was playful, his perception still sharp to quietly collected as much information as possible, to adjust to her expectations. It was obvious the woman was excited and appreciative of his immaculate physique – his morning workout had been excruciating – yet her tone carried the strength of one accustomed to wealth and power.

“But I’d like to check nonetheless. Look at me boy!”

He raised his head to meet her gaze.

“Have you been fully trained, malatya escort boy?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“I’m curious on how much milk you’ve pent up in your reservoir. When was the last time you were allowed to spend?”

He had been trained to mirror whatever alluring talk or fetish a potential owner might prefer. It’s been deeply imbedded into his conditioning. It had become second nature to him.

“A week ago, Ma’am.”

“Excellent. How long does it take to spill your fluid, boy?”

“I was trained to emit only on command.”

“Really? That’s even possible? Very nice, indeed. Well, do you know why I’ve sent for you?”

“You need me for breeding, Ma’am.”

“Exactly. My lovely maid has been in my service for some time now and I’ve decided to have her inseminated. I’ve been told your seed is excellent for breeding. Let me have a look at your package.”

“I’m not allowed to touch myself, Ma’am. Would you please lower my panties, so you have unhindered access.”

“Oh, that’s a nice feature. So if I’d decide to bid on you, I’d have to help you pee?”

“No, Ma’am, I’m normally wearing a cage allowing me to pee on my own, so I don’t require guidance.”

“But what if I’d like to oversee your discharge of liquid waste.”

“I would politely ask you to allow me pee, Ma’am.”

Although now calm on the outside, apart from his still somewhat glowing face, her obvious fetish troubled him. She expected him to have the mindset of a little wayward boy and he had to act accordingly.

“Well, let’s get rid of your naughty panties first.”

She alluringly dug two of her long and well pedicured fingernails under the tight waistband and moved along the hem slowly, triggering goosebumps on the surrounding skin. She chuckled mockingly at his docile excitability. The woman was in a playful mood and continued to tease him along the edge of his delicate panties and then slowly lowered them exposing his magnificent manhood. She didn’t mind when the fine lingerie slowly slid further down to his bare feet, because her focus of attention had shifted.

“Oh, you’re quite small. Just like a little boy ought to be, perfect.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Size doesn’t matter to me, as long as you’re fertile. How do you normally get milked?”

“My organ gets attached to the machine, it extracts my milk automatically.”

“Do you feel euphoria when you’re drained by a machine?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“How long does it take to harvest your milk?”

“That depends entirely on my Mistress.”

“How does it work?”

“I’m positioned on the milk-bench …”

“Explain in detail.”

“I’m blindfolded, gagged and hooded, then typically my arms are tied in kinbaku style on my back to assure rigidity during the procedure. Then I’m positioned face down on the bench…”

“The bench?”

“It’s merely an expression Ma’am. It’s an uneven stool, three to four feet in height and designed to maximize the exposure of my privates. My organ is briefly stimulated and inserted into the teatcup. The suction starts immediately. Additionally a rectal tamer maltepe escort is implanted. Its dual purpose is to force submission and to help speed-up extraction. By design it presses hard against my reservoir and usually forces the involuntary discharge of my milk within a minute.”

“But what if prefer manual extraction?”

“If properly stimulated I’m able to emit on command, Ma’am.”

“Of course, you’ve said so earlier. Have you been put on a female yet?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Very good, so far you look like a bargain to me. What about servicing a woman?”

“I’ve been trained to provide oral assistance to any female, if so desired.”

“And you’ve been trained on your Mistress?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“What do I have to do to make your organ swell?”

“I’m very sensitive on most parts of my body. Any brief touch would suffice.”

“Very well, lubricate my thumb.”

Obediently he interlocked his muscular arms behind his back and lowered himself until he was able to carefully nibble on her thumb. She enjoyed observing him immensely, the power she could exert over this striking male appealed to her, and especially such a well proportioned one. She was going to buy him as her personal pet. Of course she would put him on her maid, but mostly she wanted him for herself. He was delicious. Beautifully built, his facial features very handsome, a Greek god must have looked like him, most appetizing. His general physique reminded her of Michelangelo’s David.

She had read in his profile summary that the young man was classified as A+. Which meant he would only be sold if certain conditions regarding accommodation and medical care were guaranteed. She was looking at the most expensive toy money could by.

This young male was exceptionally bright. Of course chemical inhibitors or blockers to make him docile and shy like a pubescent boy have suppressed and manipulated parts of his brain functions. And she loved obedient boys.

If she were going to bid on him, she would have to make sure, all the requirements for keeping him manageable are met. His mistress had been very blunt on her conditions.

While she closely observed his gentle effort to lubricate her thumb, she could already see, the young man would be worth the small fortune she had to pay to make him hers. He alternately kissed or softly licked her thumb as if it was something rare and special. When she felt the slight surge in heat mounting between her thighs, accompanied by the prickling sensation when she becomes aroused, she decided to repress her excitement and ordered him to stop.

“That’s enough.”

“Thank you, Ma’am.”

“You’re a darling. Why don’t you call me Auntie from now on.”

“Thank you, Auntie.”

“Auntie is going to make you feel real good. But it’s going to be naughty. Do you want to play a naughty game with Auntie?”

Playing the role expected of him he whispered, “I’m a little scared, Auntie.”

Pointing her thumb upwards, she formed a fist and positioned her hand on the simple stool close to her. He stepped over her extended arm, his well-built mamak escort legs on either side, his superb manhood in plain sight, perfect for her to observe. Trained to display submissiveness he put his arms behind his head, waiting for her command.

“You’re a naughty little boy. I can see you’re longing to sit on my thumb. Auntie is appalled by your eagerness to put things into your naughty spot. Yet you like it when your little Willy feels all tingly and grows. Am I right?”

“Yes, Auntie, I can’t help it. It always makes my thingy grow hard.”

“You’re such a wicked child, you should be ashamed of yourself. But Auntie is going to allow it nonetheless. Only this time, because you’ve been such a well-behaved and obedient boy. But you’ve got ask for it. And be very specific about your intentions.”

“Please Auntie. I feel funny in my dirty spot. It itches. Please, help me, to make it go away.”

“How could I?”

“Maybe you could rub me there. Please allow me to sit down.”

“You want to sit on my thumb?”


“You’re a wicked child. You think this would help?”

“Yes, Auntie.” he whispered.

His role-play was spot on. The mature woman was highly aroused. He could see it.

“Ok. Now impale yourself, if you must, but do it slowly.”

He widened his stand and then little by little lowered himself until he felt her thumb on his anus.


She commenced to softly fondle his exposed rosebud. Of course he was completely hairless below his neck.

“Does this feel good?”

“Yes, Auntie.”

Her center of attention was now focused on his manliness, which gradually swelled, steadily increasing in size. She continued her soft teasing, circling his sphincter and was awestruck how large his initially small package quickly grew in size.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, displaying your Willy so lewdly to your Auntie.”

“I’m sorry Auntie, I can’t help it.”

Fascinated by its perfect shape, the large shaft bent slightly upwards, its protective hood fully withdrawn, exposing its bulbous head. She admired the distinct shape of his glans, completely exposed for her lecherous judgment.

She wondered if he would be able to ejaculate only by her delicate rectal stimulation. Unfortunately she wasn’t allowed to make him emit his seed prior to contract.

Finally she was able to tear away her eyes from his beautiful organ and was taken aback when she saw his slightly flushed face, rationalizing he must still feel immense humiliation, despite the chemical suppressants.

“Beautiful, this is real shame. He is still ashamed exposing himself, even after the rigorous training he must have been through. I need to get my hands on this pearl.”

Their eyes met again for a brief moment before he lowered them reservedly.

“Resume you position.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

She had to touch him at least once, before she negotiated the details of his transfer.

He felt her cool fingers on his shaft, skillfully stimulating his engorged manhood. This woman not only knew what she was doing, she liked doing it, he could see. He concentrated hard on fighting her gentle teasing, his urge to emit his potency rapidly increasing.

Then she abruptly stopped, got up, grabbed his chin, and forced him to look at her, “You’re mine now. Wait for me her.”

She left without another word.

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