Lisette’s Education Ch. 04


That afternoon with Cindy I reached new levels of depravity. Looking back on it I still blush to think of how easily I was persuaded to let all my barriers down and give in to the wild, filthy desires she had unlocked in me.

Cindy wanted to be dominated by me for a change and I discovered that though I am undeniably and invariably submissive with men, I can enjoy forcing a pretty slut to worship my body. Cindy explained in detail what she wanted me to do and I was so turned on I didn’t hesitate. From her overnight bag I took an obscenely large black dildo, an equally impressive black butt plug, and a pair of nipple clamps. Cindy, still wet from the shower, was lying on the tiled floor of the bathroom when I returned with the toys. I immediately applied the nipple clamps and squatted over Cindy’s face to complete the first of Cindy’s requests. I had never even peed in front of someone before – now here I was preparing to empty my bladder on the face and clamped tits of the first woman I had ever slept with.

‘Are you sure?’ I asked, still not totally comfortable in the dominant role.

‘Make me your slut,’ was the reply.

With that I relaxed and let loose a stream of hot piss onto her face. I looked down to see her catching as much as she could in her mouth, gulping it down while her right hand rubbed frantically at her own clit.

Mindful of her other requests, with difficulty I stopped the flow and stood up.

‘Turn over, on all fours and spread your ass cheeks,’ I ordered the gorgeous piss soaked blonde at my feet.

I knelt behind her and admired her pussy and asshole for a moment. I ran my hands over her smooth buttocks and then leant in to taste her sweet puckered anus. Cindy was still spreading her ass cheeks wide apart but I knew her clit was aching for attention. I reached between her legs and gently rubbed her.

‘Oh, fuck yes..’ she writhed.

I pushed my tongue into the taut resistance of her asshole, and sped up the motion of my finger on her clit. Almost magically she began to come, her asshole relaxing and contracting as the waves broke in her. niğde escort I pushed harder with my tongue and continued to play with her clit, reaching with my free hand to tug at the nipple clamps, making her moan and wriggle, and in no time she came again.

Reluctantly I stopped rimming her and reached for the butt plug. I could not believe that her tight perfect little anus could accommodate such a thick object. She knew otherwise though, and as soon as i eased the first ever widening inch of it into her rectum she began thrusting back against it.

‘Stretch my asshole, honey,’ she pleaded.

I did as she asked, pushing steadily and firmly until suddenly the thickest part of the plug slid through her sphincter and she was filled.

I grabbed the nipple clamps and tugging them roughly made her crawl around the bathroom floor, telling her what a filthy bitch she was and spelling out the pleasures in store for her.

‘Do me, Lisette; please do me like a slut. Make my ass gape …fuck me…do me, harder.’

I returned to her ass. I eased the butt plug out a little so that her anus was stretched wide by the thick part of the plug. She gasped through clenched teeth. I slid it back in, then out again. I spent ten minutes working on her ass like this until I could hold on to my pee no longer. Positioning her on all fours, spreading her self before me I pulled the butt plug completely out of her and quickly forced it into her mouth. Her once tightly clenched anus was dilated now. I made her look at her own gaping hole in the mirror and rubbed her clit a little, before standing over her and letting loose the rest of my piss-this time spraying her ravaged asshole. She cried out, the butt plug spilling from her mouth.

‘That’s right…piss in my asshole…use me like a toilet’ she moaned between gasps, and she came again.

Slowly recovering Cindy unclipped the clamps and moved gingerly over to the toilet where she sat and let my piss drain out of her ass.

‘That was very good, Lisette, you make quite a good dominatrix, but now I’m going to show you how nişantaşı escort its really done. And you can start by licking my ass clean.’

She stood and bent over with her hands on the toilet bowl. I obediently knelt behind her and began licking her. Her anus had recovered its tightly clenched, puckered beauty though she was a little red and swollen. I could easily slide my tongue into her and taste the musky taste of her filthiest place mingled with my piss. She told me she was going to make me ‘her little scat whore’ and threatened me by saying she’d tell Max what a slut I really was and how I spent the days when he was out fucking the landlord’s assistant, if I did not do everything she wanted. I gasped as she applied the clamps to my stiff nipples, giving each a sharp pull to make sure they were hurting sufficiently.

Satisfied I had tasted her ass for long enough she informed me she was going to teach me about enemas.

‘When you’re going to have anal sex with several guys -and girls- its best to have a really clean ass,’ she explained, somewhat late in the day I thought having just had a prolonged taste of her anus.

She went back to her bags and brought out an enema bag attached to a length of rubber tubing with a plastic nozzle on the end. She filled the bag with warm water and told me to get on all fours again. I felt her finger on my asshole and then I felt the nozzle being inserted and slowly fed some 6 inches into my rectum. Then suddenly I felt an incredible warm rush as she raised the bag and let gravity force the water into my bowels. It felt incredible, but it also made me feel a violent urge to shit.

‘Cindy, I…’

‘Shut up and hold it. I’ll let you release when I’m ready. Its good for your muscles- Max will appreciate your asshole better!’ She giggled as the bag emptied into me.

When it was done I felt her pull the tube and nozzle out. A trickle of fluid escaped my ass.

‘Hold it, I said’, Cindy barked the command and accompanied it with a really hard smack on my buttocks.

‘I can’t,’ ankara olgun escort I whimpered, smarting from the smack, and feeling incredibly humiliated to be treated this way.

‘You will,’ she countered, and began spanking me, working her hand hard and fast , covering each buttock with stinging blows, and occasionally reaching beneath me to pull painfully at a nipple clamp.

After an age she allowed me to hobble to the toilet and with a glorious relieving rush release the water from my ass.

She repeated the procedure twice more, and then spent a delightful ten minutes rimming my squeaky clean anus.

‘My turn now,’ she said and proffered her tanned backside to me. Here I am, i thought, about to give a beautiful woman an enema when a few months ago I was still going to church every Sunday and did not believe in sex before marriage.

I followed the same routine. When Cindy was full she immediately stood up and told me I was lucky she wasn’t going to empty her self on my face and ‘in your shit eating little mouth you filthy bitch,’ were the precise words she used.

After our enema session Cindy and I showered again and ended up in a lengthy 69 on the bed, licking each other gently at first and then faster. Cindy used the enormous dildo on my dripping pussy while flicking my clit with the very tip of her tongue and all the while grinding her own wet labia onto my mouth. I must have come a dozen times- I lost count, and Cindy had a few solid, quivering orgasms, coming with a low guttural moan which turned me on even more and made me want to lick her again and again.

Eventually we lay next to each other, half sleeping, idly stroking each other’s breasts and thighs.

I looked at my watch- 6.30. In half an hour we were supposed to leave for the club. A few hours earlier I had sworn I wouldn’t go, but now, just as Cindy had no doubt planned, I was no longer so sure. The thought of spending the night alone while Cindy, Ricky and my Max engaged in wild debauched sex seemed as absurd as the idea of submitting to Cindy’s toilet sex games would have done only a few hours earlier.

‘I’d better get ready,’ I said.

‘Good girl,’ Cindy grinned as she looked at me. ’Don’t worry I’ll hold your hand-or something.’

‘Is that supposed to reassure me?’ I asked jokingly as we stepped yet again under the shower.

To be continued

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