Milk and Magic Ch. 02


[- Anais -]

Vanessa opens a set of double doors for me, and the chatter in the room hushes. I smile and apologize for our tardiness as I walk toward the private room. As I open the door, I remind the guests that Vanessa has the order of when each guest will participate. There is loud shuffling as I close the door.

I completely undress and stack pillows on the bed so I am comfortable while I lay with the participants and support their heads. When I’m comfortable, I smile and sigh. I’ve seen this group for the past five years. We’ve developed close relationships that allow for experimentation.

Marcus, however, is not much of an experimenter. Every year he comes alone and is satisfied quite quickly, which is why Vanessa always schedules him first. “In and out,” she says.

He enters the room with a polite hello and removes his shoes. He places them beneath the couch in the room, then removes his trousers and underwear, folds them, and places them on the couch. When he climbs onto the bed, he is only wearing a sweater. He prefers to lay across my lap rather than beside me. Silently, he positions his head in my arm and accepts my breast.

He is a gentle suckler, seeming to prefer feeling the fullness of my breast on his tongue than my milk. As he quietly suckles, I rub his back until his penis rises in hardened arousal. Like with Martin, I gently stroke Marcus’s penis. I swirl my thumb around his wet tip and fondle his testicles. He begins to whimper as pleasure grows in his penis. He takes my breast fully into his mouth and sucks out the milk I happily love to share. He sucks and swallows and I stroke him until he shudders and comes, shooting his seed onto the sheets. Group events are never the neatest, but the participants don’t mind. As his breath settles, he returns to his gentle suckling, feeling my breast with his curious tongue. When he is completely calm and satisfied, he rises off the bed, cleans himself up in the bathroom, dresses, and leaves with a quiet thank you and goodbye.

Next are Daniel and Patricia, a husband and wife who each lay naked beside me as they suckle. They have told me that they fast the days of our events, so I often experience them hungrily sucking out my milk. Today is no different. Daniel takes large mouthfuls, and I often spend time wiping his mouth and letting him suck the milk off my finger. Patricia prefers a steady rhythm that neatly and efficiently drinks until she is satisfied for the moment.

After both are satisfied, Daniel enjoys watching Patricia and I kiss. We sit on our knees and share our mouths and tongues while Daniel strokes himself. Patricia squeezes my nipple, and some milk flows out, which Daniel eagerly licks.

Patricia and I advance tandoğan escort to grinding ourselves against each other, pressing our sensitive clitorises together and slowly circling. Our legs part, and I slide my wet petals along hers. We moan as the sensation intensifies along with our longing for hard manness inside of us.

Daniel kisses his wife passionately, and I stroke him as they express their love with their mouths and tongues and quiet moans of synchronous pleasure. We are all tangled together as a mass of heat and lust.

Daniel kisses me with sweet appreciation for what I give to him and Patricia, and then Patricia joins. We sit in a circle of three and take turns tenderly kissing each other. Patricia strokes her husband’s penis while he pleasures our clitorises with his fingers.

Next I lay on my back, and Patricia takes my breast into her mouth again. She cries when Daniel inserts himself behind her, and then suckles as he glides in and out of her. She isn’t as neat as before because she needs to steady herself against her husband’s loving motions. I often feel like I am floating on water while we share this position, and it is exquisite. Patricia’s mouth and nose rock against my breast, and Daniel’s activity rocks the bed. Exquisiteness, however, turns to longing as I hear Daniel and Patricia share his manness. I imagine it inside of me, filling me and enjoying my slick wetness, but I never ask for it. What Daniel and Patricia share with me is their choice.

Daniel asks me to turn onto my hands and knees and for Patricia to do the same beneath me. We do ask he asked and present our wet petals to him, mine above hers. I don’t tell him how he tortures me when he glides the tip of his penis along my glistening womanness or how I wish I could see him do the same to his wife below me. Slicked from both of us, he slides his penis between us and glides it between Patricia’s buttocks and along my clitoris. We both whimper, and some of my milk drips onto Patricia’s back, and I long for Daniel. I long for a moment of what he gives to Patricia when they are alone.

He slides himself inside of me, and I curl against Patricia and shout. After only a few glorious thrusts, his full length reaches my sensitive cervix. My body stuns into a fit of quivers, and Daniel continues as I shake around his wife. Patricia comes as well, and she whispers thanks to me as we shudder together.

Daniel and his wife join each other beside me on the bed. Laying on top of her, he looks into her eyes and professes his love while he thrusts. I watch them live in their love as Daniel ejaculates inside of her. His release inspires Patricia to come beneath him, and they quiver in each tekirdağ escort other’s arms until they are blissfully spent.

Patricia likes to sweetly kiss me while Daniel catches his breath. I resist from grinding against her so to not arouse her now that Daniel is finished.

Once they’ve cleaned up and dressed, they give me a kiss on each cheek and leave an orchid on the vanity for me as a gift.

Next Vanessa sends in Eliot and Roger, two lively men, best friends and both twenty-somethings who are wealthy from the finance industry. Though they love to suckle on my breasts together, they are heterosexual, so they share kisses only with me. I do not mind their undivided attention.

Scientists by trade, they work together to find out how they can pleasure me most. They’ll discuss their hypotheses before experimenting with me and then recall what was most effective. Their energy and inquisitiveness charms me, and I find myself giggling almost as much as moaning. Today, they try to find an erogenous zone that has not yet been discovered. They ask me to lay on my side and sit at either end of my body, one at my ankles and the other my shoulders. They kiss and lightly bite my skin. They suck. They stroke and massage. They try with their mouths, and hands, thighs, and penises.

Roger nips at a spot just under my buttocks, and I gasp and ask for more. He slowly licks and sucks on the spot as he massages my buttocks, and his fingers quickly find my drenching petals between my legs. I laugh and tell him he’s cheating by playing with me between my legs, but he persists. Soon his intuition takes over, and he forgets about his mission. He pulls himself closer to me. Then he rests his head on my hip as his hand explores my thigh. I shiver when his fingers dip into my inner thigh. I slightly lift my leg, and he slides his fingers into the wetness. I moan as he caresses me from the front and back, and I gasp when he slides two fingers from behind inside of me. He lifts my leg over his shoulder and sucks my folds, lapping up the wetness between them, seemingly entranced.

Eliot migrated from my shoulders to my belly some time ago by following my curves to my waist. Laying in front of me, he kisses his way up my body. I reactively clench around Roger’s fingers as Eliot approaches my breast. Whether he’s aware of it or not, he has always enjoyed my breasts more than Roger. His hand slides along my ribcage and rests with his thumb under my breast, and my breath catches in my throat as his lips approach my nipple that stings for him. He seizes my breast in his entire mouth and sucks my milk out of me.

My body tenses and I find myself whispering, “Eliot.”

He whispers what so few men tokat escort are comfortable enough to say: “Mommy.”

I cry out and pull him closer. I love how I can comfort them, how I can make them feel safe and loved in a world that doesn’t. If only there were another way for them to verbalize their appreciation.

Eliot and Roger suck me as if their judgemental minds have quieted and their crushed emotions have blossomed. Roger’s lips and tongue silently revel in the wetness and softness between my legs. His head bobs in rhythm, and his hands pull me closer to his mouth. He isn’t desperate to pleasure me or himself. He is content and calm. Eliot can’t get enough. He holds me close as he pulls my breast into his mouth and desperately drinks. I pet his hair, and he lets go of my breast and latches onto my lips. He holds the back of my head as he nearly consumes me with wide-mouthed kisses. He moans as his bottom lip shakes with energy and urgency.

I avoid names while I’m with more than one person so not to imply favoritism, but Eliot is so desperate and Roger is so engrossed between my legs that I break my rule.

I whine his name. “Eliot.” He whines in return and bunches my hair in his hand, and I can’t stop myself. I say his name again and again between his starving kisses until I’m nearly crying with longing.

His voice drops to a guttural, primal growl. “I want you.”

And I want him inside of me.

I pat Roger’s head and encourage him to hug my back. He’s biting my shoulder and grinding against me before I recognize it’s happening.

Roger presses his fingers to my clitoris and Eliot slides himself inside of me in a blinding flash of ecstasy. Eliot squeezes my buttocks and growls my name.


Roger slides himself inside of my anus and I cry out in euphoria. They move in and out one at a time, and I whimper between them with shallow, overwhelmed breaths. Eliot growls my name until he too gets lost in us. His growl softens until he is whining my name into my neck.

Roger’s firm chest and abdomen roll against my back, and he pulls me closer by a hand around my waist. His embrace sets me on fire. He presses himself deeper into my anus, fills me with more of his arousal, and I wail and convulse.

Both men clutch me and slide in and out of me as I quake, shaking more violently with each fluid movement. Their breaths labor and they each press their heads into my body as they quicken their pace until they’re both smacking into me at the same time. My eyes roll into the back of my head. I’m shaking all the way to my fingertips and shouting with the little breath I have.

They shudder simultaneously and expel themselves inside of me. We shake, and together we gently calm until we are laying silently on the bed.

Like usual, they suckle my breasts one last time before they clean up. I’d like to pet their hair, but I am too tired today.

After they’ve cleaned up, they each give me lingering kisses, and then they leave.

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