Mr Daniel’s Milk Ch. 03


I had been “working” for Mr Daniels for just over a month, and still enjoying it. Due to feeding two hungry boys my milk supply had almost doubled, my breasts had grown and my nipples had lengthened. The others at the office couldn’t seem to stop staring; although they never had the chance to leak because Mr Daniels was constantly sucking at them, my nipples were always hard and poked through the tight silk shirts that he insisted I wore. So he relaxed his first rule and insisted I bought new underwear – he couldn’t bear others looking at what he considered to be his property. The men got flirtier, and the women disliked me. I ignored all of them; I didn’t care what they thought as long as I got my tits drained and my pussy fucked on a regular basis, which I did.

During my weekends I would relax with Noah, do yoga to keep my body tight and firm, and on the odd occasion visit a spa in the local town. The weight of my tits producing for two hungry boys was making my back start to ache slightly and a massage seemed to relieve any tension in it. My generous salary afforded me anything I really wanted – silk or lace underwear, perfume and beautiful clothes. The last thing I wanted was for Mr Daniels to lose interest in me, so I tried to keep myself looking as good as possible.

When he was free at weekends he would pay me the odd visit for a drink. As summer was ending we made the most of the good weather by lying out on the grass in my garden while he drank from me, relieving my sore breasts. I found feeding him at home far more relaxing and pleasant; there was no risk of anybody walking in on us and we could take our time. Whenever he suckled from me it would always make me horny and wet, and I was fed up of sucking him off or being screwed on his office floor. I was desperate to fuck in a bed, without being limited by time or anxiety that we would be interrupted by one of his employees. But he felt uncomfortable that Noah was so close by. When he was sleeping and Mr Daniels had finished with my tits, he would occasionally pick me up, carry me to my bed and lie me down, and place a hand over my mouth so I wouldn’t scream too loudly as he fucked me roughly and I came around his cock. Otherwise he would leave after his drink, and I would have to find some other way to make myself come.

He was generally very generous when it came to sex. He would rarely come until I had at least once; I think the narcissist in him wanted to know that he had given me pleasure. But sometimes when he was busy and couldn’t wait, he would drink from me roughly, pulling my milk into his mouth while I straddled him and could feel his cock growing. He hurt me sometimes from his impatience – he would suck so hard that he would clench his teeth into me and squeeze his hand around my tit so more milk would pour into his mouth quicker, forcing my nipple into the back of his mouth. When he had had enough he would bend me over his desk, and pull down my underwear just enough that he could access me quickly. He insisted that I wore suspenders instead of tights – sexier, and when he was in a hurry there was less fuss. After feeding him I was always wet and horny, ready for his cock to sink into me.

It was a Friday evening at the office, half an hour before I left to collect Noah and go home, when Mr Daniels buzzed through to me.

“My office in ten minutes please, Emily.” This wasn’t unusual. He generally wanted me at this time of day to have a last suck and fuck before we both went home.

I knocked and walked in, locking the door after I’d closed it. He was sitting at his desk flicking through a pile of papers, so I walked towards him unbuttoning my blouse, feeling my breasts ache in anticipation. uşak escort He smiled at me before sitting me on his lap and pulling my right breast out of my bra, my nipple firming immediately as he wrapped his hands around my tit and started drinking, squeezing and sucking out my milk hard. He moved a hand down and eased it up my skirt, before starting to rub my throbbing clit through my thong. I was already starting to moan – something about this man and his dominative character and obsession with milking me made me so incredibly horny.

He suddenly stopped and let my wet nipple slip out of his mouth.

“I have a request to make from you, Emily.” He gently took my nipple and grazed it with his teeth.

“Yes Mr Daniels, what is it?”

“I have an important meeting coming up, and I would like you to be there. I find having an attractive girl present always slightly relaxes a situation, and I wish to make a good impression on these people as they are potential investors.”

I saw no reason why I shouldn’t, and agreed.

“We’ll be gone for the day – we’ll leave as soon as you arrive on Monday morning. It’s an hour’s drive, but I imagine I will be thirsty on the way so it could take a bit longer.”

He carried on drinking from me and slipped a finger into my hot wet hole, rubbing my clit before searching for my G-spot. I was on the edge of orgasm before he stopped, stood up and sat me back down on the edge of his chair, pulling my legs open, knickers down and skirt up. He grabbed my hips and pushed his face into my pussy. His tongue felt cool on my hot flesh as he found my clit and began licking, then carefully nibbling on my bud, before slipping his tongue into my slit, and working his way back up to my clit again. He slid a finger inside me and curled it up towards my G-spot – I was in heaven, and came so hard, my muscles clenched around his fingers, juice flowing out of my cunt onto them.

He pulled me off the chair and onto the floor, I fumbled with his belt buckle and managed to get his trousers down and his pulsating member out. He began a rough assault on my tits, breathing deeply as he engulfed one in his mouth, before his cock found its way to my pussy lips and pushed its way in, as he slowly began to fuck me, trying hard not to come immediately. I was breathing heavily, trying not to moan too loud in case anyone heard us. He pulled his mouth off me and my nipple popped out of his mouth, before putting his hands behind my head and kissing me, biting my lip and neck as he started to slam himself into me, short and fast strokes until he knelt up, grabbed my thighs and pulled my groin into his, blowing himself into me as deep as he could. It took a minute for both of us to recover from this screwing, before I went to tidy myself up and get ready to go home.

Mr Daniels didn’t visit over the weekend; he must have been too busy getting ready for the meeting on Monday. I was hoping that there would still be time for him to milk me that day, as I didn’t want to be in a room of men conscious of leaking milk.

His chauffer drove us there. Mr Daniels nodded approvingly at what I was wearing: a dark pink knee length wrap-around dress, showing off my toned arms and a hint of cleavage, and black heels. We talked a bit on the way there, but he was mainly preoccupied in his preparations. I had been there for a month and no longer felt so intimidated in his presence, but there was still something about him that I found both frightening and sexy.

He drank very little from me throughout the journey, just a few minutes on each tit, sliding a hand slowly up the inside of my smooth leg, and briefly rubbing my crotch hard over my underwear, but van escort sliding it back down again before I got too turned on, grazing his nails down my inner thigh. I caught his driver staring at me in the mirror, and for some reason instead of being embarrassed I was more turned on than ever.

The car pulled up outside a tall building some time later. We were greeted in the entrance by an acquaintance of his, who took us into the lift up to one of the top floors. Just before we were taken into the meeting room, Mr Daniels stopped and put a hand firmly on my arm.

“Just remember, Emily. It is very important that this meeting goes well. Do you understand? I need you to be as cooperative as possible.” He looked me in the eye and raised his eyebrows, and I felt myself nodding, nerves beginning to creep over me. What did he mean?

The door was opened for us, and we walked into a large room with wide windows overlooking the city. Six men were sat around the table, and they all got up as we were introduced. Most of them were fairly young, maybe in their thirties, except for the CEO, Mr Farthing, who, although being in good shape for his age, must have been in his sixties.

The meeting started. I sat at the end of the table next to the CEO and the lights were dimmed slightly for Mr Daniels, who stood giving his presentation at the front. It seemed to last hours. I started to get uncomfortable sat still for so long. I hadn’t been relieved as much as my body was used to, and my tits were feeling fuller and fuller. Crossing and recrossing my legs in order to get more comfortable attracted attention, and I felt the gaze of several of the men every time I moved, staring at my cleavage.

It must have been an hour in when I felt a hand place itself half way up my leg, and gently squeeze my smooth, firm flesh. I tried to recross my legs to make Mr Farthing’s hand move, but all it did was sandwich the hand between my hot thighs. I began to feel uncomfortable as it moved slowly up my leg – what if Mr Daniels saw this and no longer wanted me? His hand stopped just below my crotch, and started to lightly rub my knickers with his thumb – I glanced up towards my boss, and it was clear he had seen what was going on; a small smile flashed across his face as he continued his presentation. So this was what he meant by being ‘as cooperative as possible’ – I was here to sweeten his deal.

I felt instantly outraged – how dare he even consider using me like this without my consent. I wanted to get up and walk out immediately, but as the thumb rubbed more firmly I felt myself starting to get wet. Maybe I should stay and see what happens.

Mr Farthing lent over to me and began whispering in my ear. “Your employer has told me a bit about you, Emily. It sounds like you have many assets, and as it happens, I am quite hungry. I’d like you to come and sit on my lap please, and feed me.”

I looked up. Mr Daniels could see us whispering, and he raised his eyebrows at me and gave a small nod. Very quietly I stood up, stepped across and awkwardly perched sideways on his knee. A few of the men glanced around and smiled slightly before turning their attention back to the powerpoint – obviously this was not an abnormal thing around here.

Mr Farthing moved me further round onto him and pulled the tie on my dress, so the whole thing fell loose. At least he kept it on for my dignity, but he had full access to my milky tits which he immediately tugged out and his mouth dived upon. The relief was intense – my milk immediately let down and started pouring into his mouth as he sucked hard. He hadn’t quite got the technique right, so to start with I winced as his sucking hurt, but he yalova escort soon learned how to pull it out and settled into a rhythm.

His hands slipped under my dress and started to explore up and down my back, before slipping them into the back of my knickers and cupping my arse as he drank. I could feel his cock get harder and harder, and he pulled me further onto him so our crotches were rubbing against each other. I wanted attention on my other breast, so I placed one hand around his neck and the other on my other tit to help feed it into his mouth. I forgot about everyone else in the room and enjoyed what he was doing to me, grinding my hips into his, trying to stimulate myself in whatever way possible.

Finally he stopped sucking and my sore nipple slipped out of his mouth. He moved me off his lap and, we both stood up, my legs shaking slightly. Taking my hand, he turned to Mr Daniels.

“With your permission sir?”

“Yes yes, go right ahead,” my boss replied, smiling approvingly.

Mr Farthings led me out of the boardroom through a door at the back, not saying anything. I followed in silence – I knew exactly what was about to happen and I wasn’t going to stop him. He led me into a room which must have been his office, stripped my dress off and pushed me down onto a long sofa at the back, while he struggled with his clothes. As he tugged off his shoes and trousers he ordered me to take off my underwear so I was completely naked. I obeyed, and soon his cock sprung free. It was not as big as Mr Daniels’, but made up for it in girth.

There was no kissing, no foreplay. He pulled my legs roughly open, and with one hand leaning on the sofa arm behind me, he pushed his cock into me, as deep as it could go, and he paused for a second, breathing deeply. My tits were starting to leak, and he reached for one and noisily began to suck it while his thrusting started. I was stretched open; my legs splayed either side of him, trying to get comfortable as I could while he began pounding into me.

There was clearly nothing in it designed for me; this was pure fucking, carnal lust. He was going to fuck me, suck me dry, and come as hard as he could. Why should he care about me, I was there for his pleasure, and he was going to take it. But there was something in that that made me wetter. As soon as I adjusted to his size, I began moaning in pleasure. A fat cock in me, and a mouth on my titties – what more could I want? I wrapped my legs around him and used my heels to slam him even harder against me. The sound of slapping flesh and his grunting turned me on even more.

He soon dragged me onto the floor, bored of drinking from me, and took each leg and put them over his shoulders, digging his nails into my thighs. Each slam of his pelvis into min made my tits judder, and he could not stop staring at them.

He must have been pounding into me for several minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore, I pressed my knees into each other and began desperately rubbing my clit until I came so hard, my eyes watering from the intensity of my orgasm. Waves and waves of pleasure flushed through my body, and as soon as I had calmed down, he pulled my legs down and began humping me, grinding into me until I felt him climax, his hot cum pumping up into me. He stayed on top of me, breathing heavily for a minute until he latched back onto my breast, his clammy face pressing against my skin, sucking out my milk until he was full and I was empty.

As he pulled out of me he said very little. He handed me a box of tissues, and waited until I looked presentable enough to take back into the boardroom, before saying “I hope to see more of you, Emily.”

As I sat back down, everybody was looking at me. Mr Daniels looked me in the eye and smiled, nodding approvingly. I imagine the outcome of this meeting was to be a success.

To be continued… Any suggestions about what you want to see happen are welcome.

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