Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 23 This was surreal. “Hello, Phil,” I said, “this is unexpected.” Phil smiled. “I didn’t expect to see you either.” He placed covered dishes in front of Tim and me. He reached under the trolley and produced a bottle of wine in an ice bucket. “I shall pour,” said James, “thank you, Philip. Twenty minutes.” Phil left us to it. As soon as he had gone Bertie reached for the opened wine and poured a glass for James, and rather smaller glasses for the three of us under-age types. James ceremonially lifted the lid of his dish to reveal a lobster in a salad nest. Tim and I had never seen a lobster before – we didn’t even know what it was until James told us – and the fish shops in our part of Liverpool didn’t stock anything so fancy. “What is it?” said Tim. Bertie stifled a snort. “Now Bertie,” said James, “remember your manners. If they’ve never seen a lobster before how can they be expected to know what it is.” He turned to us. “We’ll show you how to eat it – it’s not straightforward.” The next two minutes were an eye-opener. James cracked the brute and deftly hoicked out the meat, laying it reverently on the salad. He then got things like nutcrackers and cracked the great big claws – “these are the best bits” – and stuck a tiny fork in to get the pink meat. Bertie then did the same to his, but he wasn’t as neat as James. Tim and I exchanged a look. We each picked up the tools they’d given us and tried to attack the lobsters. You will want to know that, like so many things that happened on Queen Mary, the first attempt wasn’t as successful as subsequent ones. I’ve never seen as much mess on a lobster plate as we managed to make. In the ensuing 80 years I have learned to become as neat as James was that day. When Phil returned to the devastation on the table he smiled. “Did you enjoy them?” he asked. It was clear from the satisfied grins on Mulloy faces that the lobsters, once we’d got inside them, and the wine, once it had got inside us, had both been delicious. “Let me clear this then,” he said, and set about sweeping it all away. When he’d removed every trace (apart from the many stains on the cloth in front of Tim and me) he reached under the trolley and produced five beautifully arranged plates of strawberries, together with a bowl of melted chocolate over a little flame. James looked at our faces and realized that this too was new to us. He reached for a strawberry, dipped it in the chocolate and popped the whole thing in his mouth. Bertie did the same, quickly followed by Tim and me. Phil wheeled the trolley away into a corner, then went into the bedroom, unnoticed by us. When he came back a minute later and sat in the empty fifth place he was as naked as the rest of us. What the hell was going on? “Well, now we’ve all had luncheon – I hope you enjoyed it, boys?” Two Mulloys said that they had enjoyed it. Bertie said nothing. James went on. “Philip is joining us because in the few days since we left New York we have found that Philip’s interests and ours are the same. We are paying Philip to serve us in the same way as we are paying you boys, so he will be happy to do whatever we want. Philip, before luncheon Bertie and I fucked Patrick, but neither boy has been allowed to ejaculate. We have one hour. I wish to fuck Tim, as I indicated to him in the lift. I shall do that as soon as we leave the table. Thereafter the four of you will do as you wish, and I shall observe.” He got up from the table, and we all did the same. “Leave the table, Philip. Do it afterwards.” Bertie, keen to get on with it and sporting a fine stiffy (he was the only one), led us back into the bedroom. “Tim, on the bed please,” said James. Tim had seen what James had done to me, and was looking forward to having ‘all that’ up him (as he put it to me afterwards), knelt with his arse awaiting attention. James knelt behind him and pulled Tim’s cheeks apart. “Very nice,” he murmured and without warning plunged in. Tim couldn’t avoid a prolonged ‘owww!’ but I knew that this was merely a reflex: Tim enjoys the last few inches as much as I do. “Mmm, you’re greased I see,” said James, “I do like a boy who’s well prepared. Let’s see how long you can last,” and he started to fuck Tim hard and deep. Tim’s prostate is more sensitive than mine and I reckoned he’d cum long before James filled him up. While this was going on Bertie, ataköy escort Phil and I were lying on the other bed. “I want you to fuck me,” said Bertie to Phil. “Me too,” I said, “but Bertie must go first.” That way I’d get a longer fuck, and Phil’s wink assured me that he was aware of the wisdom of my choice. “Come on then, Bertie,” he said, “climb aboard.” “Don’t you want me kneeling?” “God no,” I said, “it’s far better if Phil’s on his back and you sit on his cock.” It was refreshing to be able to teach these upper-class folk something. Phil grinned. “It won’t work unless I’m hard though. Patrick, get your lips …” but before he could finish the sentence his cock was already in the warm wet welcoming mouth he’d requested, and it was quickly firming strongly. It wasn’t long before it was hard enough, and with regret I released it, whispering that I hoped it would be back there before long. “Oh yes, it certainly will,” whispered its owner. It wasn’t the longest cock I’d encountered at sea – 7 inches if I’m being generous – but it was by a long chalk the fattest. Phil was on his back and I showed Bertie what he had to do. “Face him, and sit on his cock,” I said. After a few tries he got it in the right place and as soon as Phil felt he was there he pushed upwards. “Aaaah!” from Bertie, “it’s so fat!” At almost the same time “aaaah!” from Tim as his cock at last poured spunk onto James’s bed. James kept going, but reached round to feel Tim’s wet cock still pulsing. He smeared what he could gather on Tim’s balls. Bertie beckoned me to get in front of him so that he could suck my cock. This was a different Bertie from the formal boy from before lunch: did lobsters always have this effect? or was it Phil’s cock unlocking his wilder side? Bertie’s tongue technique was surprisingly skilful, and I was enjoying the strange rather contorted coupling on our bed when James gave a roar, quite unlike the polite message which had greeted his coming inside me, and emptied his balls into Tim. The extra thrust pushed Tim onto his front, so that he ended up lying in a warm pool of his own recently-deposited cum. James withdrew. “Clean me, Tim.” Lucky Tim got his third ration of noble semen. James sat in an armchair in time to see Bertie reach his climax. It shot up onto my chest – five good jets – and ran slowly, warmly, down to stop just above my cock. Phil reached round and, as James had done with Tim’s, rubbed the cum round my cock and balls. He was close and with one final push upwards, shot his load into Bertie, glassy-eyed still from his own orgasm. I was the only one who hadn’t yet come, and I knew exactly where I wanted it. I squatted down so that my arse was in Phil’s face. An experienced fucker like him knew what was wanted and his hands separated my cheeks allowing his mouth to do what we both wanted. As soon as I felt his tongue on my hole I started to wank myself slowly, slowly. “Look Bertie,” I said, “slow is best.” He couldn’t take his eyes off it. Phil was still up his arse, cum was visible on my cock, the magic was still buzzing in his head. “Oh yes, Patrick, come on me, yes, yes.” I speeded up a bit and Phil’s tongue got me there more quickly than I expected. “Yessss!” I cried as the two-hour build up of my blue balls was finally released. I am not kidding – I felt nine pulses, and as I aimed them slightly differently I could count nine separate cum trails (OK, the last three were pretty feeble, but nine’s nine, after all) running down Bertie’s smooth chest. “Fuck,” he breathed. James was pleased. “Well done,” he said, “that was worth seeing. Nine eh! By Jove, Patrick. Go and join them, Tim, you’ve earned it, my boy. Now you four, you have 40 minutes. Get to it!” Phil said that he needed a good 20 minutes before he could fuck me. I’d just come, so had Bertie, and Tim a few minutes earlier. On the other hand all three of us were 14, and we’d all be capable of coming again in five minutes. Who would put it where? “Bertie,” I said, “when you sucked me off it was good – you’re a natural. Will you do me properly now?” Bertie applied his lips. “Why don’t I suck you off at the same time,” said Tim, and Phil made room so that the three of us could fit onto the bed. While this was certainly pleasing for the three of us, and it gave Phil valuable recovery time, I don’t think James was too thrilled. After all, a boy sucking another boy’s cock isn’t doing anything a voyeur is going to get turned on by. Apart from fucking us two (and presumably Bertie, for one 14-year-old arse is much like another) all he seemed to want was to see fountains of teenage cum shooting all over the place. Still, we would be doing that again soon with any luck. James’s thoughts must have been the same as mine, because he announced from his armchair that no boy was to come invisibly. “I don’t care where it goes, but I want to see it as you ejaculate,” he said. Bertie took merter escort his mouth off my cock long enough to whisper “he loves seeing me squirt.” “Where?” I whispered. “He likes it best on my face.” “Are you OK with us doing it on you like that/” Then Bertie endeared himself to me by allowing the mask to drop. “Too fucking right I am. I love cum on my face.” Tim had heard all this, so the professionals knew what was required of them. No-one was sucking Tim’s cock, so he slowly wanked himself. “Twenty seconds,” I said suddenly. Instantly the three of us broke apart; Bertie lay on his back, Tim knelt on one side of him: I on the other; both Mulloy cocks fired at virtually the same moment; two silvery trails of good Catholic spunk criss-crossed on Bertie’s ecstatic face; two more silvery trails added to the first two. “Very nice,” said James, “he likes that. Who will clean him up?” Tim, who had had plenty already, generously said, “Patrick.” So I got my reward, all of it very familiar to me. Phil patted me when I had finished licking my lips. “I think I can just about manage now. Are you ready?” “Yes, I’m ready, Phil, I’ve been ready for you to fuck me ever since that meal the bell boys all had when you served us.” “Me too, and I think we have a lot to talk about too.” He lay down on his back and held out his hand. I got down beside him and whispered “let’s give them something to remember,” then I put my lips to his. He was a fantastic kisser, by far the best of the men I’d kissed on board. I couldn’t put my finger on what he did with his tongue, but it was softer and warmer and – oh, all the nice things that a tongue should be. He made me felt like I was melting. “Come on,” he said after a few minutes, “they want to see fucking.” I gave him another kiss and got on top of him. I knelt over his cock, allowing the tip to brush my perineum back and forth. His cock was wet with precum, and I could feel the slipperiness as the hot tip teased my hungry hole. I needed to be fucked so badly. When his cock was next touching my hole I lowered myself onto him, and very slowly allowed him to penetrate me deeper and deeper. His cock wasn’t as long as James’s, but its thickness and the way he used it proved yet again that skill outweighs inches every time. I knew that I would need him to finger me one day soon – the thought of Phil’s fingers getting to know my prostate was getting me much closer to coming than I wanted. It’s much nicer being fucked while you’re still on the way yourself. I leaned forward, glad that Phil was big enough and hard enough to stay well inside me while I bent to kiss him again. His cock was so hot and I was so wet inside that I imagined steam coming out of my arse. I looked over to the other bed. Bertie was giving Tim a blow job and, from the look on Tim’s face he was making a good job of it. “Go on, Tim, 69 him,” I said. A bit of shuffling saw them readjust and the slurping sounds were music to James’s ears from the look on his face. “Well said, Patrick!” Phil was gradually getting faster. I love being fucked that way: the imperceptible increase in speed builds up the waves of heat in my arse, and they spread into the rest of me. I could feel the tingle beginning in my balls and soon I knew that I would explode. Phil saw the change on my face and my skin colour and he knew I would start to cum in a few seconds. He speeded up, thrusting faster and faster. He had the incredible ability to go from long rhythmical fucking to urgent I’m-coming-in-five-seconds furious fucking almost with the flick of a switch and the last few seconds before my cock started to squirt were like being on fire inside. Phil’s cock swelled up and shot pulses of spunk into me, and at the same time mine flew up out of my cock onto his chest – in fact afterwards he found some on his cheek. I lost count of the number of his jets in me and mine on him, but there were plenty, believe me. The other two weren’t far behind. Groans from them indicated that the end was near and, obeying James’s instruction that spunk was to be on display as it emerged, cocks left mouths and aimed at the face in front of it. I don’t like cum on my face, and nor does Tim, but we were being paid and buggers can’t be choosers. Bertie’s hot stream coated my brother’s face (his eyes tight shut) while his own cock painted Bertie’s. James sighed. “That was good to watch, everybody. Patrick, your ejaculation was quite splendid. And you two were a delight to see. Now off you go, all of you, and shower. You too, Bertie.” As there wasn’t room for more than two in the shower, and even that was a push, Tim and I stood back and allowed Phil to get his hands on Bertie (though it might just as easily have been the other way round). When it was our turn we were very quick, and we were dry and back in our uniforms before Phil had finished clearing all the dishes onto the trolley and putting the table bahçeşehir escort away. James and Bertie had dressing gowns on – were they planning further adventures after we’d gone? James stood up. “Thank you all. Bertie and I enjoyed that immensely, and I’m sure that you did too.” He handed each of us �5. We all thanked him and Bertie and went to leave. Bertie came to the door and kissed each of us. “Thank you, Tim,” he said, “that was really special.” Tim grinned. “Yes, me too,” and we all left, Phil wheeling the trolley. When we got out I said to Phil that things were beginning to fall into place. “You served us boys that meal, then you brought lunch in when Corrigan and I were together, then you come to these two and they expect you to fuck. You must know about Corrigan and us, right?” “Yes.” “And you are part of the men for hire to passengers, right?” “Yes, but I’m not just part of it – I’m one of the two men who run it. I think you know the other one – Larry, in the pool.” More and more of the picture was now clear. “What about Ryan, you know, one of the junior chefs? And Gus, a steward on Deck 7?” “They’re not part of my group,” he said, “how do you know them?” I explained that they had visited our cabin for the night. “Doesn’t that tell you that they like sex with boys, rather than with men?” He was right, of course: I hadn’t thought of that. “But you liked fucking me, so you like anything with a cock attached.” Phil laughed. “Yes, but he has to have an arsehole as well.” Tim, who had listened to all this in silence, wasn’t going to let Phil go without making it crystal clear to him that he, Tim, had a cock and an arsehole which would welcome the attention of his, Phil’s, cock at an early opportunity. “That’s fine by me,” said Phil, and it was left like that. Phil took his trolley back to the galley while Tim and I mulled over everything that had happened. “I liked the lobster,” he said quietly. I didn’t think it was the only thing he’d liked that afternoon. It was now nearly 1445. Sam and Peter would be hard at it with their first clients. I decided I wanted to be in the cabin when they came back, just in case either of them had had any problems. Tim said he would go and try to operate as many elevators as he could to cover. He’s very thoughtful, as well as being cheeky to his big brother. The other thing I had to do was to see whether Larry, now established as being inside the tent, as it were, would care to receive visitors tonight. His would be the honour of being Charlie’s first adult fuck. I wondered about inviting him to our cabin, but the romantic encounter we had had in the pool – had it only been a few days ago? – would make it the right place for Charlie. I reckoned I had ten minutes before Sam got back. Luckily the pool was fairly quiet, and Larry was straightening the loungers. There was no sign of the other guy. I quickly explained what I was after, telling him that I’d come from a session involving Phil. “So you know about Phil and me?” “I do now. Did you know about us boys?” He told me that he knew that there was a plan to have a ring of boys, but he didn’t know that it was already operating, or that I was part of it. “I’ll tell you more tonight,” I said. He agreed. “Bring Charlie at 2230, like last time. The door will be unlocked, and I’ll be inside waiting for you both.” I thanked him and hared back down to the cabin. When I looked into Cabin 2 to see whether Sam was back I found Roger in bed. “What’s wrong?” I said – he looked terrible. His face was white and he was in terrible pain. He told me he had a pain in his guts. Why he hadn’t gone to the sick bay I’ve no idea, but I said I would go and get help. I ran to the sick bay and told them what was wrong. A nurse came running back with me, took one look at him and ran back. “Where’s she gone?” gasped Roger. “To get a stretcher I think. They’ll be carting you off to do whatever you need.” I didn’t tell Roger, but this was exactly how our brother had been when they rushed him off to get his appendix whipped out. I stayed with him, holding his hand – which he grasped tightly – until the nurse came back with a bed on wheels. They told me not to come, but asked me to tell Sir. I went straight there and told him what had happened, adding my guess about appendicitis. “Thank you, Patrick, you may have saved his life. It can be very dangerous if an operation is delayed. We won’t know for an hour or two. Don’t tell the others until we know, please. I will let you know what to do when I find out myself. You’ve done well.” Five minutes later I heard someone returning. I looked out and saw Sam. “Come in and tell me what happened,” I said. He sat on Tim’s bed and told me all about it. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 24 as Charlie clears another hurdle. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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