Subject: Wesley 26 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It is set in Malaysia and contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a Chinese teenager and adult males, mostly Caucasian. Feedback encourages me to write more. Please send comments ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. Bill WESLEY Chapter 26 Wesley’s mother stopped him on his way to visit Chris. “You are spending a lot of time with Chris. Shouldn’t you be hanging around more with other boys instead of a man about the same age as your parents?” “I like being with Chris. He’s more fun than the boys in my class at school,” said Wesley. “Hmm. Your father and I aren’t sure it’s a good idea,” his mother went on. “Is there something about your relationship with him that you aren’t telling me?” Wesley laughed, partly because he was nervous that his mother suspected the truth. “It’s a friendship, not a relationship. None of the boys I like at school live nearby. Anyway I have been spending some time recently with a new neighbour, Azlan. Do you disapprove of that because he is Muslim?” “Of course not,” said Mrs Tan. “We have always said that all people should be treated equally, regardless of race and religion.” “But age is a problem?” Wesley suggested. Mrs Tan sighed. “Not necessarily. But…some men take advantage of boys. You know what I mean?” “I would tell you if he did anything I didn’t like,” Wesley responded. “If anything, I am the one taking advantage of Chris – getting him to take me places, like the cinema this afternoon. We just enjoy each other’s company.” “I guess the cinema is innocent enough. Be back in time for dinner.” Mrs Tan kissed Wesley goodbye. Wesley met Chris in the car park. “Mum thinks I spend too much time with you,” he told Chris as he fastened his seat belt. “She worries that you might take advantage of me.” “Seriously? She suspects something?” Chris looked worried. “Don’t worry,” said Wesley. “I think I have convinced her that we are just friends. Oh, I will need to check what is showing at the cinema in case she asks what film we watched this afternoon.” Chris tossed Wesley his smartphone. “Check now while I am driving, and don’t just look at the movie titles. Choose one and then look up who is in it and what it’s about in case your mother asks for details.” A short time later they pulled into the condominium where David lived. They parked in the visitor car park and the security guard phoned David before allowing them to enter the lift. David was waiting for them. “Come in,” he said. “It’s good to see you both.” Wesley smiled up at the 190 cm (6ft 3in) tall, grey-haired man. “Thank you for inviting us,” he said as he entered the apartment. A smiling, fair-haired lad wearing only red shorts came forward. “Hi. I’m Beau,” he said as he held out his hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you, Beau,” Chris said as he shook the youngster’s hand. “The name suits you as you are very good-looking.” Beau giggled and said, “I think you are handsome.” Then he shook Wesley’s hand and said, “And you are cute.” “How about me?” David asked. Beau laughed. “You know I think you are very handsome, Grandpa.” “I’m not really his grandfather,” David told Chris and Wesley. “But he is 13 and I am 67 so he thinks it’s more appropriate than Daddy.” “You could be my Daddy though,” Beau told Chris. Wesley looked at David again. “You are much slimmer and fitter than my grandfathers. Definitely ataköy escort much sexier too.” David laughed. “Thank you, Wesley. It’s always nice to receive a compliment with being asked.” He gave Beau’s bottom a gentle spank as he said this.” “Ooh, harder, Grandpa,” said Beau. “You know I enjoy a good spanking.” “He’s a kinky little sod, this one,” David said to Chris. “Don’t let him talk you into something you don’t want to do.” “I won’t,” said Chris. “Young Wes has some kinky ideas at times too.” Wesley grinned. “I just like to try new things.” “Well, I hope you will enjoy trying me,” responded David. “I’m looking forward to seeing you naked again.” Beau took Chris’s hand and led him towards the guest bedroom. “We will use this room,” he said. “Maybe you’d like to spank me.” “And we will use my bedroom,” David said, reaching down to take Wesley’s hand. “You undressed for Mack and I when we first met but I’d like to have the pleasure of removing your clothes today, if that is okay with you.” He left his bedroom door slightly open so that Wesley wouldn’t feel trapped in any way. “You can do whatever you want with me,” smiled Wesley. “In that case…” David surprised Wesley by lifting him up and planting a gentle kiss on his lips. Wesley smiled at David as he was lowered to the floor. “I liked that,” he said. “You can do it some more.” “I intend to,” David responded with a wink. He then knelt down and began to undress the Chinese youngster. He smiled when he saw the rapidly stiffening cock straining Wesley’s briefs and then licked his lips as he pulled the briefs down and the rock-hard cock bounced up. “Just as beautiful as I remembered,” smiled David. Wesley turned around and then looked over his shoulder at the man. “Do you like my bum?” “I love it!” David reached out with both hands. He caressed the small globes in circular motions, then gently squeezed them before pulling them apart to gaze at the small puckered hole. “I love your little boy-pussy too. It looks almost virginal.” Wesley giggled. “It has been two days since I have been fucked. I am really looking forward to having your man-cock in my boy-pussy.” David ran the tip of his index finger over the rosebud. “That feels nice,” said Wesley. “May I undress you now?” Along the hallway, Beau had stripped off his shorts as soon as he had entered the bedroom and then immediately began helping Chris to undress. “I love men with big cocks,” he told Chris when he cupped the bulge in the man’s trousers.” “David said you like kinky stuff,” Chris said to Beau. “What do you like, apart from being spanked?” “I love having cum on my face and my body. That’s probably my number one favourite thing so I hope you’ll shoot off over me after the fucking,” replied Beau. “I love being pissed on too.” “I’m not into piss but I will happily cum onto your face at the end,” said Chris. Beau smiled. “I will be happy receiving your cum. One of my fantasies is to be at the centre of a bukkake scene at the club with everyone – men and boys – spunking off over me. Grandpa won’t allow it though.” “That’s a shame. It would be hot to see that,” Chris said. Beau smiled and dropped to his knees to pull the man’s trousers down. His eyes opened wide when he saw the outline of Chris’s cock. “You have a big one,” he said. He rubbed his face against the cloth-covered cock and then pulled the boxers down. “I like it,” he said, smiling up at Chris. Wesley was just about to discover that David was also well-endowed. The older man was chubbing merter escort up when Wesley pulled his boxer-briefs down and the boy couldn’t help licking as lips in anticipation. As soon as he had put the underwear to the side, he reached out towards the growing cock. “May I?” He stopped and looked up at David before his hand reached the cock. David nodded. “Do whatever you want.” Wesley wrapped his fingers around the veiny uncut cock and enjoyed the feel of it expanding. He pulled the foreskin back and bent forward to lick at the cockhead. As he licked at the glans and then at the shaft, the cock became fully stiff and reached an impressive 24 cm (9.5 inches). It wasn’t as thick as Chris’s but it was longer. “I love it,” he told David before taking the head into his mouth and sucking it. “I hope it’s not too big for your boy-pussy,” David said as he watched Wesley sucking and licking his cock. Wesley came off the cock long enough to say, “No, it’s not. I love having my pussy stretched by a big cock.” David smiled as he watched Wesley suck and lick his cock, tease his glans and piss-slit with the tip of his tongue and fondle his balls. It was obvious that the boy loved adult cock. Eventually Wesley sat on his heels and looked up at David. “Do you want me to fuck me now?” “I’d love to but I need to work on your pussy a bit first,” replied David. He pulled Wesley to his feet and then lifted him on to the bed. Wesley turned onto his stomach and spread his legs. He enjoyed the feel of the man’s large hands on his buttocks but made soft moans of appreciation when David’s tongue began to work on his hole. A few minutes later he froze when he heard a scream. That was followed by some loud moans. “What’s that?” he asked. “That’s Beau getting fucked,” replied David. “He always makes a lot of noise. I’m lucky that this apartment is well sound-proofed.” Wesley relaxed and hoped that Chris was enjoying himself as much as he was. He opened himself up to David’s probing tongue and then to the man’s fingers. “You are making me feel so good,” Wesley said. He knew that he was leaking lots of pre-cum. “Ready to be fucked, I hope,” said David. “I am,” replied Wesley. “How do you want me?” “Turn over. I want to see your face when I enter you,” David instructed. Wesley turned over, pulled his legs back and held them open while David found a tube of KY jelly and lubricated his cock. The man then applied some jelly to Wesley’s puckered hole. “Take me, David. Use my pussy for your pleasure,” Wesley said. A loud cry was heard from along the corridor. “That will be Beau spunking off,” explained David. “Sounds like he enjoys being fucked as much as I do,” said Wesley. “He loves it,” David confirmed. “But let’s concentrate on you.” He inched closer to Wesley and lined his cockhead up with the teenager’s hole. “Ready?” Wesley nodded and David plunged in. Nearly all of his cock entered on the first thrust and a loud gasp escaped from Wesley’s lips. David thrust forward again and the remainder of his cock was buried inside the tight arse. Then he started to fuck Wesley with the long, forceful strokes. “This feels wonderful. You certainly know how to fuck a boy,” said Wesley. “I’ve had a lot of practice,” smiled David. Over the next ten minutes he varied the direction and speed of his thrusts, bringing squeals of delight from the boy. “I’ve been trying to hold back but I’m going to cum soon,” said Wesley. “I’m happy to hear that,” David responded. “It proves to me that you are enjoying yourself.” bahçeşehir escort Then he started fucking faster. Wesley whimpered and moaned before crying out and cumming hands-free. “Yes! Yes!” he cried. “So good!” Seeing Wesley shoot masses of boy-cream took David over the edge. He grunted and unloaded deep inside the youngster. Then he bent forward and kissed Wesley for some minutes. When he rolled off Wesley and pulled his softening cock from the well-fucked arsehole, Wesley immediately moved to suck and lick the cock clean. “What a delightful, well-trained boy you are,” said David. Wesley smiled. “I like to make men happy,” he said and then curled up beside David. The older man put an arm around Wesley. “You do a great job. I can’t imagine any man not enjoying sex with you.” “All gay bottom boys would certainly love sex with you,” smiled Wesley. “I hope we can get together again.” “I’d like that,” said David. “Would you fuck me on the stage at the club?” Wesley asked. “You really are a great fucker and I’d love to have other men watch me being fucked.” “I thought you would want Chris to fuck you on the stage,” said David. “I do, but not only him,” smiled Wesley. “Ideally I’d like every adult member to fuck me but that’s not going to happen. I really like the way you fucked me just now and it gives me an extra thrill to think of how much older and how much bigger you are. You are a real stud…even if you are a Grandpa.” David laughed. “Thanks for the compliment. I’ll think about it. Beau has asked to do something on the stage but I think he’s too young for it.” “I’m older than him and I have been fucked by several men already,” said Wesley. “If other members see how much I love adult cock, they might ask to fuck me.” David smiled. “Okay. I will try to work something out – but don’t tell Beau.” “I won’t.” Wesley smiled and moved back down to kiss and lick the man’s cock. When David and Wesley returned to the living room after showering and dressing, they found Chris sipping a cup of coffee and Beau sprawled naked on the sofa with cum drying on his face and upper body. “Is that…?” Wesley asked Beau. “Cum, yes,” the blond boy answered. “I love having men shoot off on me.” “Like in a porn movie,” Wesley grinned. “I do too but then I eat it.” “I like to have men shoot into my mouth but when it lands on my face or on my body, I prefer to let it dry there,” said Beau. “I’d love to go outside with cum on my face but Grandpa won’t let me.” “Mainly because I don’t want to be arrested for putting it there,” David explained. Chris laughed and stood up. “Thanks for a great afternoon. I’m afraid I need to get Wesley back to his parents now.” “Yes, thanks,” said Wesley. “I had a lovely time and I hope we can get together again soon.” “It was my pleasure,” David responded. “And it’s obvious that Beau enjoyed it too.” As soon as they were in the car, Wesley couldn’t wait to tell Chris that David had agreed to fuck him on stage at the club. “Well, it’s not absolutely certain but he said he should be able to work something out. He just doesn’t want Beau to know. It will be great if it happens. It will be exciting to have lots of men watching me suck cock and then be fucked. It’s a pity in a way that cameras are banned from the club. I’d love to have a video movie made of it.” Chris listened with amusement and then said, “I thought you wanted me to fuck you on stage.” “Oh, I still do…and I want you to be the first to do it,” responded Wesley. “Your cock is the biggest and everyone will be impressed when they see it. And hopefully the men will be turned on watching me be fucked by such a big cock. Please ask Mack or David to arrange for it to happen soon.” Chris laughed. “Okay but we will need to work out when you are likely to be free.” “Thank, Chris. You’re the best,” smiled Wesley. To be continued

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